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  1. Oldmactech

    Peach Bowl Game Report Card

    Curious that Brock Huard (sp?) was giving away our runnng back spacing tendency (runnng backs line up deeper for runnng play I think it was). I assume he got that tip from UCF at practice. Of course almost immediately we brok tendency. We seemed to play "heavy" all day like maybe they all stayed up too late eating Waffle Fries from CFA. Why not give Malik a series or two?
  2. Oldmactech

    Georgia Game (SECCG) Report Card

    Turned back into a pumpkin. Pretty good year nonetheless. Seems we should have given Cam and Miller some carries earlier in the year maybe they would have been more ready for prime time. Pretty obvious GA knew we couldn't run the ball. (Kinda like last year when they knew we couldn't pass the ball.). Needed a big play/big body receiver (Kyle Davis?). Maybe not realistic but maybe give Malik Willis a series or two to change things up- after all his redshirt is burned. War Eagle
  3. Doesn't it seem like we ran a similar mix of plays as against LSU? Run up the middle, throw deep. Only we connected on a couple. Not many intermediate throws. Woulda been nice to see Malik in a bit toward the end for a taste of big boy football. Good win though.