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  1. Watch Gus come back in 2019. as basically a lame duck coach
  2. Marcello just entered an update but I cant see because im not a VIP member and im not about to pay for that.
  3. Do powerful Auburn people reach deep into their pocketbooks again and pull out the money for Malzahn’s buyout or do they allow their football program to lose millions more than the cost of the buyout while losing more games?
  4. I will never defend gus. he is the worst coach in the sec. I do not know how all of these fans can rationally defend him.
  5. The spirit of Jeremy Johnson is possessing JS
  6. They’re just waiting to feast on our offense
  7. Mississippi state has one of the best defensive lines
  8. The punter is the hardest working player on the team
  9. Mississippi state’s d line can’t wair to feast on this joke of an offensive line
  10. Oh boy it’s going to be a looong season
  11. I’m still bitter over the lsu game. I know this sounds harsh but I’m just not that impressed that we’re beating up on s***ty Arkansas. The moment we play a ranked power 5 opponent and beat up on them, I’ll be happy.