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  1. War T Eagle

    Official Postgame thread

    When people say our team lacks excitement or drive or fire I always think
  2. War T Eagle

    Official Postgame thread

    Did you see who just beat us? You really think we are in the conversation? Lol I don't want to hear anything about winning the West this offseason. The Gus Bus got a flat tire.
  3. War T Eagle

    Official Postgame thread

    Gus is what he is.. a mediocre coach who comes around and does something good every 4 years like the Olympics just in time not to get fired, then goes back into trash mode. We overpaid. Plain and simple.
  4. War T Eagle

    FINAL: Auburn 26 Alabama 14

    Do you hear that sound? That's the sound of Bama fans canceling reservations at Atlanta hotels. Lol
  5. War T Eagle

    FINAL: Auburn 26 Alabama 14

    Back to the Gus Bus! Lol I can't say anything bad about Gus. He took down 2 #1 teams in a month and has us in the SEC championship game. Time to eat my Crow.
  6. War T Eagle


    Haha I guess.
  7. War T Eagle

    Grade Our O Line

    The o-line looked fantastic last night. The RT struggled against the speed rush some but all in all you couldn't ask for much more than they did last night.
  8. War T Eagle


    Such a pleasant person lol.
  9. War T Eagle


    Maybe. Maybe not. Gus coached an awesome game yesterday. That doesn't make the last 3 years magically vanish. That said War Eagle. His comment after the game was hilarious.
  10. War T Eagle


    Yeah. Jj getting fired makes him more vulnerable and his coaching the last couple of years had been predicable because he's been too stubborn to adapt his coaching to his player's talents and instead he tries to force players into his system. Gus is probably going soon unless he turned over this new leaf permanently. The talent pool may be prohibitive this year, but I certainly don't think he's done alot to convince us he really deserves the position next year, maybe only that he's not as bad as the worse options available right now lol. The lsu loss was unacceptable. I don't know any other word for it. One of Gus' biggest weaknesses as a coach,that if he could fix, could change everything: it is his inability to coach players up and take them to the next step of development. Here's to hoping we stomp Bama and Gus gets me back on the bus.
  11. War T Eagle


    Gus coached a great game today. It was very non gus like in play calling. While I am not a Gus fan and wanted him gone last season I give him props today. That said... He has to Win the iron bowl or he hasn't earned his HC job for next year imo.