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  1. Zeek


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  2. Zeek


    Must break into the top 30!
  3. Zeek

    Malzahn post game

    I bet Gus eats his waffles with no syrup, not butter, no toppings at all, and uses the fork and knife.
  4. Zeek


    I’ll echo what the intelligent posters have already said. I have no doubt Anders can sink 60 yarders. However, he was asked to do too much too soon. Hope he gets his psyche right and unless it’s 40 or less let’s go for it.
  5. Zeek

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    It would be awesome but it’s all about how we win. If he can show he’s learned from mistakes that’s one thing.
  6. Zeek

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    Yup, we should have 2 national championships over the last few years and I blame Gus for not finishing those seasons correctly.
  7. Zeek

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    I base it off his atrocious post season performances. Love you corch and I respect your opinion. Just think it’s time to let Gus enjoy the paid not to coach here house with Gene. A good coach with our talent in no way loses to Mississippi State and Tennessee. After 6 seasons I’m ready for someone new. The grass may not be greener but I already know I don’t like this yard.
  8. Zeek

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    This forum, like Auburn football, isn’t very much fun this year. I really enjoy both and I think that’s why I have such animosity towards Gus. Gus will never win the SEC again and I feel rather confident in saying so. It’s unfortunate Leath gave him such a ridiculous contract. However, we can’t afford his failures for yet another season. Tired of starting out in the top 10 and ending as a laughing stock. You know things are bad when bammers are hardly talking any trash. I think they’re bored with their own games. I think we take a young energetic more alpha male type coach. Give him a one year deal to prove his salt. Only extend it to two more years if proven. Then, if he can sustain success for three straight years start looking at a longer contract with heavy incentives. Protect ourselves a little bit better with how the buyout is structured. We shouldn’t ever have to worry about whether or not we’re going to reach a bowl game. Expect better, demand better, and don’t settle.
  9. Zeek

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    Out of likes but +1 to you my friend
  10. Zeek

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    Call me a whiner if you want but I’m not pleased with how we closed out this game. Essentially started to burn clock at the start of the fourth. Didn’t get a backup qb any playing time. Didn’t keep trying to score and defense allowed a touchdown after an awesome job preventing one all game. Ending games that softly is what leads to games like the 2013 NC debacle. Play every drive like it’s the game winning drive. Score 100 if they’ll let you and allow 0 points if possible. If I’m Gus and I’m fighting for my job, which he is, I’m making a statement by scoring as much as I can. Was really hoping to see more diversity on offense that first drag route was awesome. We’ve wasted Ryan Davis’ senior season.
  11. Zeek

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    Extend his contract to 14 years. Gotta lock him down.
  12. Zeek

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    Looked like Driscoll tweaked his knee and Whitlow might have tweaked a hammy... I kid I kid
  13. Zeek

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    OL - not good that Driscoll is hurt. Troxell isn’t great right now and truly looks like a freshman. Glad he got some playing time and we looked better as a unit. Yes it’s against a bad Ole Miss but Southern Miss tore our OL up with a three man front. Improvement. RB - Asa and Kam should transfer. Boobee is the back of the future if he can stay healthy. Shiv is a great change of pace back. Mail is a goal line battering ram and pass blocker. Glad Boobee is only a freshman and sad he won’t hit 1,000. WR - some bad drops but overall good play. The chemistry and or timing with Stidham has just never formed. Schwartz, Hill, Williams, Davis are our best 4. Slayton is good but inconsistent. QB - I’ve said this before but he’s like Tom Brady. If he feels safe in the pocket he’s a completely different guy. Still needs to calm down. When QBs overthrow touchdowns it’s usually because they’re gettin too excited to make a play.
  14. Zeek

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Right there with you. Elite coaches keep scoring in a game like this and aren’t okay with giving up all these plays on defense.
  15. Zeek

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Pikachu, Cam Newton, Bass fish, and smoothies on the title card