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  1. Keneche Udeze (Vanderbilt) has emerged as an alternative to T-Will he had some NFL experience before battling leukemia and he has worked with DL/Edge/Strength & Conditioning before Aaron Moorehead (Philadelphia Eagles) has emerged as another WR name to watch. Five years as an NFL WR and he's spent time in the SEC as a coach previously. Philly firing their HC has freed him up as a candidate. PM and a few other message board staff members have been floating these names. Udeze might be a step down from T-Will but his work with both Edge and OLB players is interesting. Ni
  2. Stidham was from Texas in case you never heard an announcer comment on that
  3. You just like him cause he's from Texas 😃
  4. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Auburn-Tigers-Recruiting-Confidential-Bryan-Harsin--159336433/ Good read for anyone with VIP Transfer running back from Texas is a real possibility and Tank is on-board and willing to help recruit him A bunch of other stuff on other guys but I'll just say I like where we're heading.
  5. 4* 2022 RB NR 2022 JUCO OT he's 6-9 360 pounds 3* OG from Texas 3* Safety from Georgia
  6. Yes, tweets and other things you can share will still embed but I can't upload pictures or use the source button anymore. The only way to do images is if you have a URL link to an image or it's previously uploaded by yourself. I assume mods and admin still have the same setup that they usually would.
  7. I know how to E. Done it before. I don't think the option is there anymore for my account. Think it's a part of the change to sponsor benefits. Can't upload images the way I used to either. Will do about the link. That was just a mistake of me posting the wrong link for him. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Auburn-Tigers-make-the-pitch-to-touted-tight-end-target-Oscar-Delp-159304335/
  8. At this point they're more like a pre-season NFL game for the younger guys to show out and the coaches to see what they have.
  9. I just quit judging our players with the crap-show of a staff and inter turmoil going on in our program. It's hard to gauge kids who aren't being developed for their flaws when lord knows what's been going on behind the scenes. After a drop or two it was all too predictable that he'd become a glorified fair catcher.
  10. Me personally I've always felt the same. 1. His blown coverages are glaring but equally noticeable is how hard he hits and how well he makes open-field tackles. 2. Declaring for the NFL Draft was a head-scratcher. Maybe he just wanted to see interest from the NFL which is fine. 3. Transferring is a personal choice and I understand when it happens. Could be a number of factors. It's likely he weighed other teams' interest and also met with coach Zac & Mason before ultimately deciding he might be better off staying on the plains. Love to have him back. He does conc
  11. Just wish we could have kept Sherwood too. Would have been a clean sweep of keeping the secondary. Still, getting McCreary/Smoke/Tutt and everyone else back will be huge for coach Zac and Mason.
  12. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Auburn-DB-Christin-Tutt-withdraws-from-transfer-portal-159322767/ Declared for draft. Changed his mind. Decides to transfer. Has now withdrawn his name from the transfer portal. Before the ugly comments I'd love to see this crazy story end with him playing another year for AU. If anyone can fix his coverage issues it's coach Zac and Mason. He's a great player in run support.
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