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  1. Offense Needs to Change

    At the very least some crossing routes and slants. Not a whole lot to ask for...
  2. spring practice primer: Quarterback

    Only took two replies!
  3. Michigan's O-Line coach left... Not our main competition but it doesn't hurt.
  4. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    Alright, updated up until the CBs I'm driving to Jacksonville so I'll be a minute
  5. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    Updating the OP Committed players are ORANGE Players who have visited Auburn or been visited by Auburn are TEAL I'm making the distinction of who has visited to start to narrow down our "realistic" targets. If they take the time to come to Auburn, or if we take the time to visit them, then there has to be some level of actual interest. ***I'm actively making this update so some recruits names might not be teal yet even though they have visited***
  6. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    Agreed, that was an awesome show of dominance and a reminder of who won the Iron Bowl last!
  7. 2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Why do you think that is?
  8. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    Also on the move for Texas 4* CB Erick Young With such a short time table we need to try to be one of the teams he actually visits! I'm sure @bigbird will be happy that we're looking for a Texas pipeline!
  9. 2019 Recruiting Thread Big visitor today! Jaylen McCollough is a 5* Safety from Powder Springs, GA standing at 6'1" 200 lbs. ... ...
  10. Looking at the Total Offense rankings we finished #26 #64 Passing Offense #26 Rushing Offense T-36th Red Zone Offense These numbers aren't terrible but I definitely feel like we should be higher in all of these categories if we are supposed to have an "Offensive Mastermind" as our head coach. So the question is, what can we do to be better than we are? The first struggle is defining what type of offense do we run? It's not a Zone-Read anymore with Jarrett Stidham at quarterback but it's most definitely not a spread with such low passing numbers. So we're instead this weird amalgamation of ideas that just hasn't gelled into what I would call a "system". I think we could look at Lincoln Riley and his offense that he ran at Oklahoma as a blueprint for something we should aim for. Regardless we have to aim for some type of identity on offense and work towards it.
  11. Malzahn's contract details

    Exactly, I'm just never going to be confident with Gus going into a new season each year. All I can hope for this season is that he really, truly, completely, and utterly hands over control of the offense to CL. What exactly does Gus provide for the team? Excellent recruiter? No. Innovative Offense? Not anymore, we don't use the hurry up unless it's to dive up the middle and we're painfully obvious with our play calling. Red Zone offense alone is alarming. Defense: Thankfully Steele has morphed this group into a serviceable and dominant force (something it hadn't really been since Tommy T left) Special Teams: Until recently they were doing great...Hoping our Aussie punter can help here but the return game has to improve our KR and PR never have an ounce of blocking to return with in the first place. Motivator? No way Awesome interviews or Public Relations? Hahahaha Player Development: Our only truly successful QBs have all been transfers with Sean White coming the closest to serviceable. There isn't a QB who spent their entire time under Gus that has been a stellar player. Cam, Nick, Jarrett all were transfers. Jeremy Johnson, Jonathan Wallace, Kiehl Frazier, Clint Mosley, Kodi Burns, Brandon Cox and a slew of QBs who never started. Why do Auburn QBs get in off-field trouble all the time? I'm just not seeing where he earns 7 million dollars per year regardless of performance...It would take a starting teacher a little over 205 years of work to make how much we're giving him for a year of football...We need contracts where coaches wins determines their pay To go off on a tangent, a local high school coach here gets 80k per year and has won 4 games each of the last 3 seasons...That's 20k per win against homecoming level teams!
  12. Are we headed in the right direction?

    That's very true but it almost makes you wonder why we would pick him up in the first place if he wasn't close to his ceiling yet. I honestly hope he does grow into being a great coach but I think parts of his inherent personality will keep him from being what we need. But hey, I could be wrong and I'd love to be because it doesn't look like we'll get anyone new until, at the earliest, I'm breaking into my early 30's.
  13. Football Only Facility

    That is simultaneously funny, interesting, and oddly awesome. Maybe I should be their barber...but I'd be terrible about leaking stuff onto the board here...
  14. Class superlatives

    Asa Martin really is a stud. I'll be surprised if the Whitlow hype really stays and AM doesn't get some decent playing time. Running Back is going to be a battle to start this year and I bet we see some transfers.
  15. Are we headed in the right direction?

    I have to agree with you. Just don't think that Gus will ever be that coach who can keep a team at 10-12 wins consistently. We're going to keep seeing dips and falls intermittently under him. We recruit well enough to stay relevant but not well enough to break into the "elite" category that everyone wants to be at each year. Honestly, Gus would be better off going to a school like UCF and taking it from a small-mid-tier program to a consistent conference champion and occasionally nationally relevant program. Really could see him making a move to a school like that after Auburn and staying for a long, long, long time. If he wants to go back home to Arkansas I could see him returning to Arkansas State if it isn't too awkward...