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  1. I would say we still have basketball but we got out bid for 5* Phillips. Auburn ain't broke but we sure are cheap lol.
  2. Agreed! Nothing wrong with a player being a bit of a project. His ceiling is high.
  3. His lawyers gonna run with that technicality lol
  4. Literally one of the best things that could have happened. Hella drama and we're not in any of it lol.
  5. Brian Burns was an edge type player at 6'5" 218 lbs. it's possible but rare. Agreed though, a major point I made was that he had to pack on the pounds. He needs at least 20 before he can be consistently successful at any position other than maybe nickel which I don't think he has the coverage skills for. He is a project.
  6. Jimbo just had a press conference absolutely launching bombs lol
  7. https://barningknight.substack.com/p/meet-the-new-tigers-powell-gordon?sd=nfs The series keeps marching on! What do we think about Powell Gordon?
  8. It is really just a common sense change. I am sure it will be abused in some way or another but teams are still limited to the 85 scholarship limit. What it does is save teams that have absolutely hemorrhaged players. Instead of using up spots that are meant for high school & juco players you're essentially removing the cap for incoming transfers. Auburn in particular benefits from this after losing somewhere near 20 players to the portal; regardless of what role those players played they still have to be replaced. You need depth, practice squad members, etc. Right now Auburn sits at 78 scholarship players. There is some debate whether or not Jacob Quattlebaum will receive one or not since that was a promise made by the previous staff. Let's assume we're at 79 for now. Auburn can add six more players without having players roll over to the 2023 limit of 25 new "counters" or scholarships. Both high school players and college players were being hurt by these limits. TL;DR Auburn benefits from this though I'm sure others will abuse it.
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