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  1. I talk with him a lot on Twitter and I'd be surprised if he's wrong. Pretty cool dude.
  2. I would like to as well but there would have been at least some mumbling/discussion if that were the case.
  3. Yeah there's already a 247 article talking about Matt Luke visiting an UGA recruit tonight Chad Morris it is.
  4. Man anything other than Morris at Luke would be disappointing
  5. I’ll say he may have been underused here. So glad to see him killing it!
  6. Would love to see him mentoring Bo
  7. This. It would be pointless because Gus already said he's not giving up play calling. Unless we used Chad like a passing coordinator (similar to LSU's strat)
  8. Tremendous idea. Kill two birds with one Luke. Recruits loved Luke and he had a solid OL. We know Gus isn't giving up play calling.
  9. Well, Walker becomes even more important now. Really need another DT in this class and I hate missing on Thomas to a program like Tennessee.
  10. Whelp, he can have fun wasting his career up there and meeting a new coach next year. Like I said above, it's just an objectively worse destination for a DT.
  11. Yup, even if they wanted to change sometimes you get locked in because you recruited the personnel for a specific playing type.
  12. So, the biggest positive I keep reading about Pittman is his ability to recruit. Does his departure from Georgia help us with anyone?
  13. Yeah, we don’t typically boot kids though. There’s a reason though we’ve continued to recruit a few OT’s.
  14. From what I’ve heard I think this is true but there are some trusted reporters saying it’s not finalized yet