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  1. I feel like I heard this once or twice last year...
  2. Yup! Gatewood has my bet for the guy to get the initial nod.
  3. BAH GAWD - WWE commentator voice I really like our group of WR's and RB's. If managed properly our offense could be fun again.
  4. Alphabetical order... Ole Miss Oregon I agree, when we got our most recent commit my first thought was Ashford is probably out of the picture. Which is a shame, I've liked Ashford for a while now.
  5. Joke because he has two Ivy League offers.
  6. If the OL is average by SEC standards we should be a 9+ win team. Matthew Hill actually being utilized as more than a blocker is exciting. DJ Williams might be RB1 before it’s all said and done. All 3 quarterbacks looked better than I thought they would. My personal preference is Bo Nix but a lot of us want the True Freshman scenario that others have had lately. Gatewood is my next choice and there’s not a huge margin between the two; Gus is likely to go with GWood if he believes it’s a coin toss decision. Like someone else said Williams, Hill, Schwartz, Stove, and I think True Freshman JJ will be a rough group to defend.
  7. Idea for A-Day with so many mobile QB's... put flags on them? Play wraps? Two hand touch? There needs to not be many running plays because we need to see some serious reps by each and every qb option.
  8. Looking at our roster I could see the depth not looking great. I'm sure part of the problem is the usual lack of creativeness in routes and pigeon holing a kid into being used for one specific purpose. Should have a 4 WR set with the following layout Seth Williams Will Hastings (speed slot) Sal Cannella (Big Slot/TE) Anthony Schwartz Matthew Hill Ja'Varrius Johnson (small but insane) Tyler Fromm -or- Luke Deal McClain That starting 4 should be enough of a matchup nightmare if they're running legitimate passing concepts. Schwartz should be used exactly like the Chiefs use Hill: deep drag routes, streak if 1-on-1, quick digs, etc. Seth Williams should be a go-to guy and be 1,000 yard receiver. Hastings and JJ could be speed guys in the slot zipping by a linebacker. Cannella or anyone who is a true blocking/catching threat could be awesome closer to the red zone. Some of it might be getting timing and chemistry down with the qb's.
  9. After we do a 4 qb rotation against Oregon
  10. Yeah Gatewood willingly rotated out at quarterback so his backup could get a college offer as well.
  11. So the Pearl Arena? Or do we call it "The Oyster" with the "Pearl Court" inside???
  12. Occasionally on our first drive
  13. This is the part that really sucks for the team Agreed, we should have an extra spot opened up for the next recruiting class. At the very least maybe a "transfer only" spot if we have to compromise. Wish the best for the kid, I too was really excited for him. It's odd that it's both his sister and his mom are having medical issues at the same time. Virginia Tech is almost 5 hours from Chesapeake, UVA is about 3-4, and Duke is about 4. So, if he's playing D1 ball he's still a good trip away from being at home unfortunately.
  14. I really want Ashford The update on the OP is awesome, thanks for sharing E. OL is a must - captain obvious More LB would be nice. Getting a RB earlier this time would be nice lol