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  1. My biggest concern is the running game. Bo doesn't need to be our leading rusher.
  2. Texas top 10? Why? Because they're "back" again or because they should have lost to unranked Texas Tech?
  3. New week, new prediction thread. What say you?
  4. I'm reevaluating how this season might go and I'd like to discuss the state of the league. The reason for my pessimism isn't so much based off our game (saw a lot of good) but what I saw in other games. Georgia - week 2 is too early and stupid for this match-up. But hell the last decade or so we've been awful against them (especially in Athens). They didn't look great against Arkansas but their defense still looks suffocating; considering our offense didn't look great after the scripted early drive this is a little concerning. I would say the good news is their QB sucked but the ba
  5. He needs... 426 more completions 827 more passing attempts (MY GOD STAN WHITE THREW THE BALL A LOT) 5,241 more passing yards 35 more passing touchdowns Just for reference!
  6. Out of likes to give you a positive affirmation of understanding where you're coming from so... 👍
  7. I get what you're saying but if we're looking statistically that becomes a huge discussion. Then you have to take out some of Worms' big runs to be fair. Same with Tank, take out his longest run (only 6 yards) and his average looks even worse. I'm only defending DJ because the tweet mentioned was saying he should NEVER see the field again. That's incredibly dramatic. All of our backs are good... our blocking blows.
  8. Tank had 6 carries for 15 yards. If Bo is our leading rusher it's not a good game of run-blocking.
  9. Starting a new thread for this. For those that haven't seen the threads before, I simply keep track of where each player stands in terms of All-Time Auburn players. Here is the format: Player Name || Stat (where they were ranked -> where they are ranked now) Passing Yards Bo Nix || 233 Completions (14th -> 13th) passed Loran Carter || 404 Attempts (14th) || 57.7 Completion % (14th among QBs with 100+ attempts) || 2,775 Passing Yards (16th) || 19 Passing Touchdowns (16th) Rushing Yards Shaun Shivers || 131 Rushing Attempts (90th -> T-85th) || 686 Rushing
  10. He had 400 yards last year as a freshmen with 4.8 yards per carry. Fix the run blocking before judging any of the RBs. Plus we didn't even see MAR.
  11. Bo Nix 16/27 233 yards 3 touchdowns (who would have thought a few years ago we'd be talking about nearly 250 passing and 3 TDs and talking about room for improvement). Here's the stat line I don't like. Here is how our rushing broke down: Bo lead the team with 5 rushes for 34 yards Shivers was 2nd with 6 carries for 29 yards DJ had 8 carries for 21 yards and a TD Tank had 6 carries for 15 yards Those are ugly numbers. Only thing I like is no fumbles (a problem with Bo last year) and equal carries. Receiving Leaders: Seth Williams 6 catches
  12. I'm going to be a little melodramatic and selfish. It shouldn't matter but I'm just glad we won in the first game I've had to watch without my my being here AND in the game honoring coach Pat Dye. I needed this win today and I'm glad we didn't give them a garbage time touchdown at the end. This is clearly Chad's offense. He clearly called the plays and they were new ones for sure. With that being said, he's not perfect and I'm sure the system is far from fully installed. Regardless, we're finally seeing Seth used correctly. We finally saw Schwartz and Stove catch passes on real
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