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  1. Zeek

    Rivals & 247 BUSTED!

    So we know the first 3* are based solely on size lol
  2. War Eagle, only need 10 more linemen! I kid...
  3. Zeek

    Interesting Transfer Portal Article

    Now this would be interesting lol
  4. I knew there was a reason I didn’t remember much about him.
  5. Our 5* Players Byron Cowart - Bust for us Derrick Brown - Solid Michael Dyer - Solid then Bust Tray Blackmon - Bust Montravius Adams - Drafted Cadillac Williams -Drafted Christian Westerman - Bust for Us Carl Lawson - Drafted Roc Thomas - Bust for us Owen Pappoe - we'll see Calvin Ashley - Bust Tre Williams - Solid Trovon Reed - Drafted but still an overall bust for us Bo Nix - we'll see Ben Obamanu - Drafted Jason Campbell - Drafted Lemarcus Rowell - Bust So, not counting this year's class, we have had 3 five star players since 2015 with a "success" rate of 1/3.
  6. Zeek

    Interesting Transfer Portal Article

    They're college students first, right? Can't all college students transfer more-or-less at will? Let the kids go where they want.
  7. Zeek

    Calvin Ashley Transferring

    Good luck to him. Hopefully something clicks for him elsewhere.
  8. Some of y’all would take lemons and make piss. Hell yeah I’m excited about this get! Picking him up doesn’t negate gettin an OT in 2020. If anything when kids commit it frees you up some of your focus to the uncomitted. Let’s get another Guard and 4 OT’s so these people can relax! War Damn Eagle.
  9. QB - A+ We only wanted one specific guy, we got him, he's awesome, he's a legacy, and he's upstanding man who didn't play any games. Not much more we could have accomplished here without wasting a spot on a 2nd QB. RB - A DJ and MAR might have instant impacts. However, out of spite, I'm not giving the "+" because we got both of them relatively late in the process. This lead to an obnoxious amount of derailments in threads about us not having any RB's and all the other schools having all of the RB's and blah blah blah. Not that they were invalid points but boy did that dead horse get beat. WR - C- We found a monster in the slot (JJ) but anytime a 5* flips away from you it's painful. We may be thankful in the future that we didn't have to deal with a headache but we could also watch him burn us for years to come. Regardless, as E already pointed out, we didn't find our big bodied receiver we were aiming for in this class. Hope the door hit GP on the butt, had we known sooner we could have already been on the hunt for our backup plan. TE - A+ We wanted two, we got two, they stayed unwavering in their commitment. Now if we use them properly is a different question but I'm pleased with the two that we have. OL - F+ Missed on a lot of targets. Didn't hit our desired numbers. Definitely didn't instill confidence in Grimes as a recruiter; even if he were the best developer in the country he would need to recruit much better than this. Utterly disappointing position which should have been easier considering the need for it. DL - A+ or A- It's out of the staff's control but if Moore isn't academically eligible than we lose some points here. Outside of that one worry, this is a tremendous group of players and I really think Derick Hall will be a sleeper for us. Tremendous group. LB - B Numbers are there but I really thought we'd find two absolute stud LB's to pair with OP. Secondary - A I think we have 5 guys we'll see in rotation throughout the season that will contribute early. Excited about this group and some of the FROSH we already have on campus at the position. So overall a B-ish. Had the OL recruiting been less horrendous and if we could have picked up one more stud LB I think it's an excellent class.
  10. Zeek

    2019 Transfer Portal Thread

    Even better
  11. Zeek

    2019 Transfer Portal Thread

    6'2" 202 on his 247 profile
  12. Zeek

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Well that's probably it so I'm out War Eagle and welcome to the family young men
  13. Zeek

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

  14. Zeek

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Same No clue, it's always dragged out