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  1. Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    Then give them the boot! Fountain is being underappreciated at Georgia right now. Bring him back.
  2. Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    I think everyone who has eligibility should return or they're foolish. Dear God someone get us a punter though.
  3. Report: Malzhan staying

    Exactly, I don't think each win is worth $1 million
  4. Report: Malzhan staying

    Shhhh ESPN will quote you out of context as an admittance of guilt
  5. Report: Malzhan staying

    We'll, as I was saying in another thread, there's not really a good replacement if we let him walk. Here's hoping we can go an off-season without losing s stellar player to off field issues. Everyone on our team with any eligibility left should return. If that's the case we're an O-Line and some secondary depth away from being stellar.
  6. Malzahn wants to be loved/paid

    One thing I'll concede in this discussion. I'm openly not pleased with Gus and I don't think he's a long term solution. I don't think he'll ever win a championship game again in his life. He chokes. However, the current pool of coaches that we could REALISTICALLY get is very shallow. My wife is a Gator fan so a number of weeks ago I started looking into realistic options of a coach for an SEC team. The best I could see would have been a gamble with Chip Kelly who doesn't want to come play against the big boys, or a gamble on Scott Frost who is as "proven" as Gus was coming into Auburn. He's a gamble no matter how much you like him. Our best option might have been Jimbo but that is possibly a lateral move from Gus.
  7. Malzahn wants to be loved/paid

    11-1 choked in a Championship game we should have won by 50 points and forever put an asterisk on the season of miracles. 8-4 I was fine with it at the time. This is where, if I remember correctly, we started trading field goals for touchdowns and looking inept in the red zone. 6-6 Inexcusable at Auburn especially with our recent recruiting classes. Two years removed from a National Championship being .500 is embarrassing 8-4 Terrible coaching in this season and a complete mishandeling of Sean White. Never adjusted to his skill set, offense was as predictable as a 6 year old playing Madden, and I had to watch players straight up quit against Georgia. 10-3 (up) wasted the best roster we have had, from top to bottom, since maybe the undefeated Cadillac/Ronnie team. Lead the team completely unprepared into the Georgia game and got embarrassed by an opponent who should have been a stepping stone to success. People on this forum have been vehemently critical of coaches like Richt who consistently won 10 games but choked when it mattered. Well, we're inconsistently anywhere from 6-6 to 11-1 and we have choked at every opportunity to be great. It's one thing when you don't have the talent. It's one thing when you don't have the funding, it's one thing when you don't have the support of the school, but we don't have an issue with any of those categories. So what's left? We have been out coached in critical moments for years. A first time head coach in the SEC flat out prepared his team to flip the script by almost a 60 point swing
  8. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    My main point is Bama had zero quality wins
  9. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    How? I see no logic in it. No wins of any value and not division or conference champions. UCF has a better resume *being hyperbolic*
  10. College Football Playoffs Announcement

    Ohio State just got hosed
  11. Stidham - Will he stay or will he go?

    Literally my thought for years now
  12. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    Exactly, he doesn't deserve a penny more than what he already has. If he's ungrateful enough to want to leave at this point, let him go.
  13. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    Let them have him. He can continue to choke away Championship games somewhere else. He owes us a NC and an SEC Championship that he essentially lost for us. These kids weren't remotely prepared.
  14. Pathetic and embarrassing