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  1. It’s been a crazy wrestling season and getting ready for baby #2 to arrive lol. I appreciate it!
  2. i have always been a fan of getting a QB early in the process. It typically makes it a lot easier to get everyone else on board.
  3. It's time to shift our focus to the 2024 class. Auburn has all but wrapped up the 2023 class barring some Spring Transfers which we'll discuss individually as they occur. Here is the official recruiting thread for the 2024 class. For now, I will just keep a list of commitments and visitors until it becomes more clear who we're targeting at each position. Commitments: 4* QB Walker White | 6'3" 225 lbs. | Little Rock, AR | 2-03-23 4* S Jayden Lewis | 5'10" 165 lbs. | Anniston, AL | 2-01-23 4* NB A'Mon Lane | 5'11" 180 lbs. | Moody, AL | 7-30-22 Visitors: NR S Tre Brown | visiting 2-28-23 | Auburn leads 4* OT Jonathan Daniels | visited 1-29-23 | Auburn vs Georgia 4* LB Myles Graham | visited 1-28-23 | Florida Commit 4* RB Brandon Hood | visited 1-28-23 | Penn State and Michigan State lead 4* S Travaris Banks | visited 1-28-23 | Alabama and Ole Miss lead 4* RB J'Marion Burnette | visited 1-28-23 | Auburn leads 4* CB Zion Ferguson | visited 1-28-23 | LSU Commit 4* LB Zavier Hamilton | visited 1-28-23 | Auburn leads 3* OT Jac'Qawn McRoy | visited 1-28-23 | Auburn leads 3* ATH Tevis Metcalf | visited 1-28-23 | Auburn leads NR Bobby Engstler | visited 1-28-23 | South Carolina leads NR LB Joseph Phillips | visited 1-28-23 NR OT Eagan Boyer | visited 1-28-23 NR ATH Kahnen Daniels | visited 1-28-23 | Mississippi State & Ole Miss lead NR K Coleman Franzone | visited 1-28-23 NR LB D'Angelo Barber | visited 1-28-23 | Louisville leads NR OT Kobe Williams | visited 1-28-23 | Southern Miss and Troy lead
  4. Great pickup but man 2025 feels so far off lol
  5. Zeek

    Top 5

    I'm terrible at this because my memory is trash but some dudes I would have liked to see give it one more season: Peyton Barber Jeff Holland Shariffe Cooper Sammie Coates Tre Mason - he absolutely should have left but with hindsight maybe another year sends him down a better trajectory.
  6. You know the drill by now. I'm going to take a deep dive into the additions, departures, and remaining needs for the 2023-24 Auburn Football Roster. A lot of this is my opinion and strictly based on observations and a few years of really tracking these decisions and movements. Please let me know if I leave a player off; there are always a few that slip through. Quarterback Robby Ashford (RS-SO) Holden Geriner (RS-FR) Hank Brown (FR) - 2023 signee Sawyer Pate - Walk On - JR TJ Finley - transferring after he graduates in the Spring Zach Calzada - transferred to Incarnate Word... lol ***Auburn is looking to add 1-2 more QBs after the Spring*** Running Back Jarquez Hunter (JR) Brian Battie - transfer from USF Damari Alston (SO) Sean Jackson (RS-SO) Jeremiah Cobb (FR) Justin Jones - Walk On - SR Luke Reebals - Walk On - RS FR Tank Bigsby - entered the NFL Draft early Jordon Ingram - entered the transfer portal *Auburn is happy with its current RB room and won't add anymore* Wide Receiver Ja'Varrius Johnson (SR) Malcolm Johnson Jr. (SR) Nick Mardner - transferred from Cincinnati Koy Moore (JR) Landen King (RS SO) Tar'Varish Dawson (RS SO) Jay Fair (SO) Camden Brown (SO) Omari Kelly (SO) Daquayvious Sorey (FR) Trent Mason - Walk On - SR Jackson Billings - Walk On - JR Jake Kruse - Walk On - RS SO Colby Stafford - Walk On - SO Whit Johnson - Walk On - SO Ze'Vian Capers - transferred to WKU Dazalin Worsham - entered the transfer portal *Auburn would like to add one to two more receivers in the portal after the Spring. Realistically I expect one unless a big name pops in and we're able to land them* Tight End Luke Deal (RS SR) Tyler Fromm (RS SR) Brandon Frazier (SR) Rivaldo Fairweather (JR) - transfer from FIU Micah Riley-Ducker (RS FR) Camden Etheridge - Walk On - RS FR John Samuel Shenker - out of eligibility *Auburn seems content with this room. I think with three seniors there is a chance we could add one more if the right name was available* Offensive Line Kameron Stutts (SR COVID YR) Avery Jones (SR) - transferred from ECU Gunner Britton (SR) - transferred from WKU Tate Johnson (RS JR) Jeremiah Wright (RS JR) Avery Jernigan (RS JR) Dillon Wade (SO) transferred from Tulsa Colby Smith (RS SO) Garner Langlo (RS SO) EJ Harris (RS FR) Izavion Miller - JR - JUCO Signee Connor Lew (FR) Bradyn Joiner (FR) Clay Wedin (FR) Tyler Johnson (FR) Evan Richards - Walk On - RS FR Cort Bradley - Walk On - RS SO Thomas Kirkham - Walk On - RS SO *Auburn would like to add 1-2 more guards and 1 more tackle depending on how Dillon Wade translates* Defensive Line Marcus Harris (SR) Elijah McAlister (SR) - Transferred from Vandy Lawrence Johnson (SR) - Transferred from Purdue Justin Rogers (JR) - Transferred from Kentucky Jeffrey M'ba (JR) Jayson Jones (JR) Zykevious Walker (JR) Dylan Brooks (RS SO) Tobechi Okoli (RS SO) Enyce Sledge (RS FR) Quientrail Travis - JUCO Signee Keldric Faulk (FR) Darron Reed (FR) Brenton Williams (FR) Wilky Denaud (FR) Stephen Johnson (FR) Marquis Robinson - has entered the portal again... Colby Wooden - entered the NFL Draft Derick Hall - entered the NFL Draft *Auburn would like to add 1 DL if there is a potential starter level player in the portal* Linebacker Cam Riley (SR) Wesley Steiner (SR) Eugene Asante (SR) Desmond Tisdol (SR) Kameron Brown (SR) Austin Keys (JR) - transferred from Ole Miss Demario Tolan (SO) - transferred from LSU Robert Woodyard Jr. (SO) Powell Gordon (RS FR) Jake Levant (JR) Terrance Love (FR) Jonathan LeGrand - Walk On - SR Joko Willis entered the transfer portal *Auburn would like to add one more LB after the Spring* Defensive Backs DJ James (SR) Nehemiah Pritchett (SR) Jaylin Simpson (SR) Keionte Scott (JR) JD Rhym (SO) Austin Ausberry (RS FR) Kayin Lee (FR) Jacorious Hart (FR) Colton Hood (FR) Tyler Scott (FR) Tony Hunley Jr. - Walk On - SR Mac McClinton - Walk On - RS FR If I'm Auburn I feel like I have improved at the following positions: RB - losing Tank is hard but I have to think the average has increased with Battie and Cobb joining the room. Those are two legitimate backs replacing one departure. TE - this could be considered a "hot take" but I think we improved with the addition of Fairweather and the loss of our security blanket. I have felt for a while that Deal, Fromm, Frazier, and Ducker could contribute but JSS has absolutely monopolized the targets. OL - we have quite frankly sucked here for some time. Adding eight bodies to the room (most of which with multiple years of eligibility) is undeniably a win. Jones, Britton, and Wade are all likely starters with Wright as well. Auburn just needs a 5th and 6th man to step up to see a vast improvement here. DB - really didn't lose anyone and added four athletic freshmen for depth. Still expect to see a solid post-Spring addition. Positions where we stayed mostly the same: WR - didn't really lose a major contributor but didn't really add any. Sorey is athletic but has been playing horrendous competition in high school. Mardner is a solid addition but we shall see how it works out. QB - we definitely lost depth but ultimately Robby proved to be our best option out of the three. Hank Brown and Holden Geriner have upside but no proof of concept. We desparately need a starter from the portal after the Spring. Positions where we got worse: DL - Derrick Hall and Colby Wooden are going to be incredibly hard to replace. We have bodies but a lot of guys that haven't met their potential yet. LB - we were blessed with OP and McClain now we're sort of left out in the cold. I don't like most of our options here. Tolan is unproven while Keys can provide at least some leadership there. I think the staff has done a great job filling out a terribly managed roster. Still, there are a lot of guys coming in with talent but not necessarily results that you can point to for the future. What they can manage to do in a short amount of time will be interesting. The news for any more additions will likely be slow until after the Spring game. It's time for me to do my homework on the 2024 class.
  7. It's mostly a gut feeling but I think Air would be phenomenal in Freeze's offense.
  8. Our fourth transfer from an SEC school this cycle. They’re stopgap solutions but at least they’re a solution. This plus Token adds much needed depth to the LBs. If we can win 8-9 the high school kids will come too
  9. If we sign a transfer portal QB I expect them to be our starter. We will see.
  10. It’s amazing the difference a staff can make
  11. Avery Jones - started all games at ECU playing Center and can flex to RT as well Brian Battie - USF RB with lots of speed but not much size. We will see how he is used. Nick Mardner - 6'6" WR from Cincinnati Lawrence Johnson - DL from Purdue DeMario Tolan - LB from LSU that Auburn almost landed out of high school Marshal Nasili-Kite - DL from Maryland Gunner Britton - OT from WKU starting potential Dillon Wade - OT from Tulsa starting potential Rivaldo Fairweather - TE from FIU and a player we're very excited about Elijah McAlister - Edge from Vandy that we're hoping to get Eku Leota type production from with limited eligibility left. We also managed to get Zykeivous Walker (DL), Tar'Varish Dawson (WR), and Landen King (TE) to withdraw from the portal. More to come but I'm pleased with the process so far. QB is the big question mark but the staff isn't panicking and being selective on who they really want. It's hard to determine how it will pan out but I don't currently see a clear cut name.
  12. We have seen what a real OL coach can do in terms of bringing in offensive talent. Also, OL want to play for a successful offense; they know Freeze has a better track record than most of the guys we have seen here.
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