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  1. Agreed, I'd love to discuss the actual policies of things and there's a lot of common ground here among those with common sense. Medicare for All - fine by me so long as the middle and lower class aren't being expected to pick up the tab more than they already are. Also, you can't take away privatized healthcare like some on the left have insisted has to happen. If people like their plans let them keep it (actually let them don't just say you will). Tuition Reform - Absolutely. College costs are ludicrous and unreasonable without taking out loans. I think if you remove "out of state" costs and make the colleges compete across the country for students. Costs will be driven down. There's more to do but this would be a good start. Community colleges are pretty reasonable and easily accessible as is. Oceans - Agreed, there's definitely funds that could be directed towards this instead of some wasted ventures. AGW - Agreed again but we have to somehow get the world on board and I'm not sure how that happens. China isn't going to play ball and a number of others won't either. Yes we can worry about ourselves but if everyone isn't on board then it, in the long run, will be irrelevant. It is obnoxious we have thousands of damns not generating energy that should be equipped to do so. Racism - This is where I nearly roll my eyes but avoid doing so. Yes, racism is bad and it should always be condemned when seen. However, the definition of racism has become so mangled and the false claims have become so numerous and frivolous. Racism is hate against any race by any member of any race or the belief that one race is superior to other race(s). Someone assuming a black quarterback is "mobile" or "athletic" might be ignorant or prejudice but it isn't racist. It feels like a lot of people have turned into the "Boy Who Cried Racism". Come on Baltimore was accused of systematic racism when the mayor, sheriff, and most members of their administration were/are black. Guns - Agreed but I think many people have a different definition of what is common sense. Typically I'm for less government control. Recently I was rather frustrated with Trump saying he wouldn't consider background checks while negotiating. That's as common sense as it gets and already the norm in a lot of scenarios. Bad guys will always get guns and it's not completely preventable but there are some things to improve these issues. What doesn't work is "gun free zones". Both parties need to understand they haven't been right on the issue though. Republicans are afraid to lose NRA support and Democrats, who have mostly monopolized control on California, still haven't limited the number of murders with guns. Honestly, 1 in 5 youth have serious mental illnesses according to most of the US groups that run similar studies. We have to do a better job normalizing therapy and improving identification of these issues. Most go 8-10 years before having any intervention from the time that the issues arise. What the country needs is the pendulum to settle in the middle "centrist" area and both sides have to stop praising their extremists. Far left and far right should be considered negative like it once was.
  2. Part of me wishes this thread could chill in the AU Football thread where our former players could get more attention and discussion. Anyways, happy to see Stidham carving out a spot and showing some potential. He really has a lot of similarities to Brady and should be living in Brady's back pocket. Very proud of Peyton Barber. Jamel Dean straight up balled out! Very happy Daniel Carlson didn't go down the Codey Parkey spiral of kicker failing. He's really had a second wind at Oklahoma and has been lights out. Lots of positive news especially for some lesser rated Linebackers.
  3. Agreed with all the above. I just want to add that, regardless of what else happens, if he loses to Moo State again he shouldn't be allowed back in Auburn
  4. Didn't say he did. Just saying on the staff's end not a great decision.
  5. Got you! Thanks E. Yeah, Smoke and Sherwood should do well for us but the added depth would be great.
  6. Here's what I think and I know not all of it will be popular 1. Alabama - I think that they'll be just as deadly and Tua should be even more of a force this year after a humbling in the NCG they'll be out for blood. 2. Clemson - Lawrence isn't going anywhere and their schedule is as easy as the American Athletic Conference. ACC is barely a P5 at this point. 3. Oklahoma - If Auburn isn't going to win it all I'd absolutely love to see Hurts crushing Bama in the NCG 4. Oregon - This could drastically change after week 1 if our Tigers can pull off the upset. The Pac-12 is deep right now and Oregon has a lot going for it. 5. Michigan - Harbaugh will choke one or two like always and drop from here. However, if he doesn't there is a vacuum in their conference they could replace OS 6. Georgia - They return mostly everyone but I think the Bama hump is just too much for them right now. Fromm is just barely above game manager status. 7. Ohio State - The talent there is still insane but Meyer usually leaves teams right as the collapse is about to happen. 8. Washington - Other than Saban, Petersen is the best coach in the country. He does more with less talent than the elites. 9. Iowa - Primed for a potential spoiler year and with a rather pmanageable schedule. 10. Texas - Still not buying that they're "back" exactly but they definitely have an upward trajectory. Unfortunately they seem to choke 1-2 games per year. 11. Texas A&M - Jimbo is building a monster in Texas no less and the SEC West is getting ridiculous. 12. Florida - The SEC East 2nd place finish should be easy to obtain. Franks is an average quarterback who can have mediocre days. 13. Notre Dame - One of the most consistently overrated teams in the country. They'll be good but not great. They haven't won a NY6 level bowl in decades. 14. Penn State - How about James Franklin? That dude has been such a pleasant surprise since his incredibly hard work at Vandy. 15. Auburn - I would maybe even put us lower with the big unknown at QB1. He could be the next Tua/Lawrence/Fromm type freshman or an average true frosh. 16. Utah - Relatively "meh" schedule where they could walk away with only two losses. 17. Michigan State - Always well coached and ready to play, just never capable to recruit well enough to compete for the big titles. 18. Wisconsin - Just like Utah they're some Midwestern team I don't care about who always seem to be ranked but not relevant. 19. LSU - Overrated and Burrow is at best Chris Todd level. 20. UCF - With McKenzie Milton they would be in the top 13 range. Unfortunately he's out for this entire season and his backup Mack Jr. broke his ankle... 21. Boise State - Could go undefeated or one loss with a rather easy schedule and above average talent. 22. Iowa State - Competitive northern team that will never win their conference but upsets one team every year. 23. Washington State - Who knows? Air raid is fun. 24. Stanford - Always stout. Likely gives UCF their only loss but the Trees will struggle against others in their conference. 25. Nebraska - Scott Frost is building up a sleeping giant.
  7. I've always been fine with doing this for backup quarterbacks if they are going to be allowed to run a diverse set of plays. He has to be viewed as a passing threat when he comes in to the game. If he only comes in to run the daggum zone read then you're telegraphing exactly what's going to happen for the defense.
  8. This. Again, if he survives this year with 9 I think 9 is the minimum for the following year as well.
  9. Being able to play this year would be absolutely wild. Especially considering he's still got 6 candidates. Though, it's probably fair to say Grambling and Maryland should be crossed out if he really wants to stay in the big leagues on top tier teams. Starkville is trash. Kentucky was okay last year but I don't think that would be a great decision either for him considering their current trajectory is likely downward. Should be us vs. Florida for him but I wonder why he's leaving in the first place. We've got some great corners so if he left for playing time it might not be a stellar decision. Honestly, this looks like a wasted freshman year to me. He would have been better off red shirting than making roughly one tackle per game and a single pass deflection.
  10. Agreed, that was an absolutely pathetic defensive game for us. They ran three plays and we did nothing to stop them, absolutely pathetic. Now the LSU game is one I lay at the feet of the refs. We shot ourselves in the foot a few times but the refs absolutely r**** us on national television and there's nothing we could do about it. They made damn sure LSU got within a chip shot of field goal range.
  11. I think 8 saves his job if the 4 are competitive games but I won't be pleased. 9 with this schedule and a true freshman at quarterback would be a solid showing if the offense is clicking. If the defense is carrying the team while Gus is 100% running the O then it's even more apparent he shouldn't be a part of the future for Auburn football. 10+ is what should happen with this roster and it still wouldn't guarantee anything for Gus; by that I mean that if next year he's back in that 6-8 win range then having one good year doesn't save him. I personally have a hard time finding 9 wins. Tulane, Kent State, Mississippi State, Florida, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Samford are games I expect to win (putting us at 7 wins). Though most would argue Florida should be a "toss-up" game I really think we win that one by more than 10. My two "maybe" picks are LSU (we should have clapped them last year and we definitely should this year but we haven't won at their stadium in forever) and Oregon (you never know with the first game, I'm still surprised by the Washington opener). I'll be floored if we beat Georgia, Alabama, or Texas A&M. Of those three TAMU is the most likely but I picture Gus being out coached despite having two warm up games before playing the Aggies.
  12. - Agreed. - Agreed. Dude is a fiery competitor. If anything he’ll get the Cam treatment about “pouting”. - Gatewood isn’t far off from Bo. He’s a solid passer and a decent runner. While he may be a step slower than Bo he’s more of a tank for short yardage. I don’t think either is a Nick Marshall level running threat but both are serviceable. - Knowing Gus it has something to do with ball security and consistency. - Agreed, I don’t think supporting Bo and Joey is mutually exclusive. - True, but anyone can be wrong or right regardless of position. We’ve had practice information be inaccurate before and evaluations proven wrong. I get the battle that happened over this topic and it’s just a matter of personal preference. Marcelo isn’t loved by all. - Don’t want to be that guy but I still don’t believe Malzahn should be our future option moving forward. Imagine if we had Scott Frost right now with this team. Our offense would be insanely dynamic. Pretty sure he needs 8 or more wins to stay; I believe 8 is too low but can’t see him getting canned so long as the losses are competitive. Regardless of what happens it would be tremendous to keep this recruiting class together. We have a good core and a good group coming up (OL is going to be a tough spot).
  13. Very excited for Bo. Seems very comfortable rolling out of the pocket to escape pressure and his acceleration is insane.