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  1. I think when you look at the monster of a defense UGA has it's really just depth. It's not that their starters on defense are that much better than ours (some positions they are) but they can rotate more frequently without near as much of a drop off.
  2. Removed Mykel Williams. He's an UGA commit.
  3. He has one more year and would be a fool not to use it. He won't redshirt. A theme from this staff is that the best guy doesn't necessarily start. It's more about the effort and consistency at practice (being on time and such).
  4. Lord knows I'll accidentally leave someone out but these are the players we're still pursuing: 5* DT Mykel Williams - USC Commit - long shot but has given us a lot of praise after his visit he will have a new coach 5* S Kamari Wilson - looooong shot but he is really tight with Smoke Monday apparently and wants to get on campus for a visit 4* WR Darrius Clemons - would be floored if we didn't land him (early enrollee I believe) 4* DT Khurtiss Perry - roller coaster ride of a recruitment. Personally, I think he's all Bama if they show enough love. 4* CB Laterrance
  5. Let's look at how many points have been scored against us Akron - 10 (good game with a trash TD) Alabama State - 0 (good game) Penn State - 28* (I think we can farely say 21 without the fumble) by far our worst defensive performance) Georgia State - 24* (felt like more of a side effect of an inept offensive performance) LSU - 19 (only team to hold them under 21) Georgia - 34 (not great but again they had us in positions to compete) Arkansas - 23 (felt like a solid performance against a solid offense) They've not been an elite group like we project
  6. Would love for LSU to bring that cancer in to their program
  7. Never felt like we should have dropped out with two losses coming from top 10 teams. Hell, Penn State would be Top 3 right now if Clifford doesn't gets hurt and pulls that game out.
  8. Kicker Rankings: Anders Carlson 4th in extra points made 4th in extra points attempted 7th in exp percentage (minimum 100 attempts) 2nd in field goals made 2nd in field goals attempted 3rd in field goal percentage (minimum 100 attempts) 3rd in points scored by an Auburn Tiger
  9. Current quarterback rankings: Bo Nix 2nd in completions 2nd in attempts 59.2% completion percentage 5th in passing yards 6.8 yards per passing attempt 6th in passing touchdowns 36 career passing touchdowns to 15 career interceptions 2.4:1 ratio 246 career rushing attempts for 850 yards, 3.5 average, and 16 rushing touchdowns TJ Finley (Auburn stats only) 55th in passing completions 58th in passing attempts 53.1% completion percentage 53rd in passing yards 8.6 yards per passing attempt 50th in pas
  10. Current wide receiver rankings: John Samuel Shenker 89th receptions 96th receiving yards 220th receiving touchdowns 12.2 yards per catch Shedrick Jackson 105th receptions 101st receiving yards 138th receiving touchdowns 12.9 yards per catch Kobe Hudson 116th receptions 106th receiving yards 140th receiving touchdowns 12.6 yards per catch Demetris Robertson 128th receptions 119th receiving yards 84th receiving touchdowns 13.6 yards per catch 2 runs for 43 yards an
  11. Current running back rankings: Tank Bigsby 44th rushing attempts 34th rushing yards 5.7 average 40th rushing touchdowns 19 receptions for 147 yards averaging 7.7 yards per catch Shaun Shivers 61st rushing attempts 48th rushing yards 5.1 average 56th rushing touchdowns 26 receptions for 119 yards averaging 4.6 yards per catch and one receiving TD Jarquez Hunter 146th rushing attempts 87th rushing yards 8.6 average 114th rushing touchdowns 8 receptions for 42 yards averaging 5.3 yards
  12. I'm sure they'll hire a big name and keep most of their kids but this has to help with guys like Citizen, Talon, and Ausberry.
  13. This Arkansas game is definitely a major deal in my opinion. I don't think it can hurt us terribly but a win here definitely shows that we have a solid staff and we're improving over the course of the season.
  14. It's happening IMO Some thought that he would be the other commit this week and not Eston Harris (who originally planned to announce at the end of the month) The question is will he play OG or DT? Knowing our staff they'll probably try him at both.
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