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  1. Tank is now 16th in carries passing Ontario McCalebb, 16th in rushing yards passing Kenny Irons, and 15th in rushing touchdowns tying CAP and others.
  2. Robby had moved up 7 spots in completions (51st) passing Neil Caudle, up 9 spots in attempts (51st), he is 49th in passing yards, and stayed the same in passing touchdowns.
  3. Can we opt out of that game in Athens?
  4. Wesley Steiner might be worse than Jake Holland.
  5. Under Gus and Harsin we literally always give up points going into the half
  6. I hate when defensive coordinators don't call a timeout when their defense is obviously getting shredder and needs to regroup.
  7. You have to think if we hit a play-action on the first play next drive it should be wide open.
  8. Need to get robby some easy completions. They're selling out on the run.
  9. Wooo! Finally kicked in for me. I have wanted this for a long time.
  10. Auburn South Carolina LSU Mississippi State Georgia Ole Miss Kentucky Baylor Oregon USC Texas Oklahoma Ohio State Alabama Tennessee Arkansas Clemson 51
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