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  1. This. Most of his picks against Florida came from missing a Safety who was sitting in a zone tracking Bo’s eyes. On to the next one.
  2. It was miserable. Their “move back you suck” chant for every penalty and negative yard play had me violently annoyed.
  3. Someone said the live feed camera at Toomer’s
  4. Big part of what happened at Florida. Defense got caught looking flat for a big TD and then we had a 3-and-out. After that the crowd and momentum was theirs.
  5. Lastly... Or like a serial killer who wears other people's skin around Walmart looking for canned boiled peanuts
  6. That's what we call "a face for radio"
  7. My go-to line about Sean White and some other QBs we have had on the roster. This OL doesn't do a tremendous job opening up running lanes especially in short yardage situations. Go watch how many times we got forced into a 3-and-out because we couldn't convert the 1-2 yards. Any excuse for this OL is thrown out the window whenever you have 5 starting seniors. That being said, they haven't been the target of my complaints lately. Play calling in the Swamp was worse than if you rolled dice and picked whatever play you landed on.
  8. Raw > SmackDown but I do love New Day Still not a fan of Roman Reigns
  9. Zeek

    XFL Thread

    John Franklin III - Dallas Robenson Therezie - Tampa Trovon Reed and Ryan White - St Louis Chris Davis - Seattle
  10. Zeek

    NBA Thread

    If only the Orlando Magic could be relevant
  11. Zeek

    XFL Thread

    LB Tre Williams to Los Angeles Wildcats. Kind of a shame more of our D guys haven’t come off the board. Some teams are really missing out.
  12. Reminds me of smoke with a little more “umph” behind his hits.
  13. Zeek

    NFL Thread

    Haha I always forget about the NFL thread here. Beginning of the year I would have said Saints, Steelers, Eagles
  14. Zeek

    NFL Thread

    My division winners: AFC North - Baltimore Ravens Ever since his college years the statement has been "man if Lamar Jackson actually had talent around him he'd be great." Well, he has a decent level of talent around him and he's taking the NFL by storm this year. Will defenses solve the LJack formula or will he be a terror in a currently struggling division; Steelers have no healthy qb, Bengals need a new qb, and Mayfield is in the sophomore slump HARD. AFC East - Patriots Easiest pick to make each year. They have an insane defense this year which is bailing out Tom Brady's aging and lack of talent at the receiver position. Gordon hurting himself stopping a pick-6 has made their skill level apparent and it's not strong. The Antonio Brown signing makes more sense when looking at their current group of pass catchers. Fortunately, Tom is still the GOAT and they actually have a slew of serviceable running backs. If they don't win the whole show this year it'll be because of their injury plagued OL and weak OT play. AFC South - Texans Watson is still playing behind a sub-par OL and that has to be a priority in the off season. With a decent OL he's a top 10 if not top 5 quarterback in the league. Their defense isn't as stellar as it once was and the buzz around JJ Watt has faded; paired with the departure of lazy-man Clowney. They still have a solid defense and some talent at the receiver positions which help them compete with the gunslingers of the NFL. AFC West - Chiefs I hope Patrick Mahomes keeps this same level of play going through his entire career and stays healthy for 10+ seasons. This dude is fun to watch and it's baffling that he wasn't a bigger name in college football. Andy Reid still hasn't shown he can win the big game but I think the Chiefs have meticulously built an extremely well built roster. They could use some help on defense but we, as Auburn fans, are well aware that sometimes a high octane offense means giving up a handful of points on defense. Not really any hot takes for the AFC as I don't picture any of the current divisional winners dropping their lead. Teams to watch that aren't going to win their division include the Jaguars and the Bills. The Bills have looked good so far and the Jags are consistently on the cusp of being a decent wild-card tier team. When does Foles make his return? NFC North - Vikings I'm not a Vikings fan after the way they handled Carlson. Still, the Packers have a roster in desperate need of a rebuild. Their defense is serviceable but Rogers has been struggling at times and isn't getting any younger. Their receiver talent after Adams isn't great and their run game isn't impressive. The Vikings roll as far as Kirk Cousins can take them. He's been the butt of jokes but he can turn it on and really make the Vikings look like contenders. NFC East - Panthers Kyle Allen has really resurrected the season for the Panthers who started (0-2) and looked like potential tanking candidates. I do believe Cam will get the starting job back once healthy even if Allen hasn't lost a game yet at that point in the season. Their OL is sub-par but the DL has lead the league in sacks and pressures. Linebacker Shaq Thompson is finally looking like the guy they drafted him to be and Bradberry/Jackson/Cockrell have looked solid at corner. Safeties aren't great but their defense can be a force when not going into conservative-zone-coverage mode. CMC is a legitimate MVP candidate. The Saints are the real competition here and how Bridgewater performs really determines who will win. NFC South - Cowboys Dak has bad days but ultimately has an amazing OL and a star running back as well as some athletic receivers. The Eagles have been in a constant funk since their Super Bowl appearance and Wentz still hasn't been able to return them to their dominant form. It's likely the Cowboys take the claim of the division and have to pay Dak stupid money to stay with them. NFC West - 49ers Might be the best team in the NFL. They have done a tremendous job rebuilding the cluster trash fire that the program had become.
  15. Zeek

    XFL Thread

    The "OL" round of their draft is over so I don't think Golson or Young will make it (unless there is supplemental picks later on that I'm unaware of). Next round is "front 7" so DL and LBs. I think it's odd they'll only take 10 players each in that round considering usually you would want at least 8 DL if you're running a 4-3 or 8 linebackers in a 3-4. It'll be tough managing some of these rosters and it's so odd to me to have 71 players. I wonder why that specific number. My OCD self would set it at 75 for a nice number.