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  1. I know a lot of Physical Trainers and students in that area at different universities. A good number have flat out told me they wouldn't work at an Under Armor school if they can help it.
  2. Well the bio says the university of... Clearly that means it's not us since it's Auburn University 😆
  3. The scoreboard looks better like that than it does now
  4. Agreed! That high school scoreboard is ridiculous. It doesn't even need to be big just put something more modern there.
  5. IT GETS THE PEOPLE GOING All of football was behind in this logical step of switching to LEDs. They're just superior and if you replace a bulb in your house without one you're silly.
  6. Neat! Now cover up the back of the jumbotron
  7. They have Fairchild they can flip off
  8. I know Georgia has an easier time in the East usually but I'm not letting them sniff my top 10 this year. They're losing to all 3 of Auburn, Alabama, and Florida this year book it. Rest of their schedule is cake.
  9. Zeek


    She’s doing alright! Getting some energy back but she’s getting her port put in tomorrow. Treatments starting soon. The Mrs. and I are good pregnancy tests keep saying no but we’re going to head to the doctor later this week. I think I already found my new job just going to have to make sure salary/benefits are worth the extra little bit of driving. The house has had a lot of visits but no buyers yet (we’ve had THREE fall through from people not getting their stuff done right ahhhh) We’re looking at a new place I’m in love with from the pictures/walkthrough video. We’ll see it needs some love and the wife wants move-in ready but I think she might come around based off its potential. Lots and lots going on man!
  10. Zeek


    Prayers my man. I really believe they can make a difference even if we don’t know how. War Eagle forever.
  11. Cutting is easy the other two are hard. Cut - Nick Fairly He's the least consistent and would disappear at times waiting to make a big play. I'm not hating on him but he just didn't have the same motor. Can't lie his NFL career has been largely disappointing as well. Bench - Derrick Brown I debated this but simply put Rocker was more decorated. Brown's NFL career could change this but for now he has to sit behind the DL GOAT for Auburn. Brown's play really reminded me of the presence Fairley had but it was even more consistent. Listen to the analyst talk about how they can't watch any tape involving Auburn without noticing Brown. One talked about trying to watch tape on Herbert and he couldn't focus on anyone but Brown. He's phenomenal and was quite frankly robbed out of at least one national award. Start - Rocker Two time All-American, Outland Trophy, and Lombardi Award. He's also had a fantastic coaching career which started at Auburn high school. His NFL career was rather disappointing but his college career (if that's what it's based off) was phenomenal. Maybe I'm just deferring to the older player but this group is real strong. FWIW I think Derrick Brown may go down as the Auburn GOAT at DT over time.
  12. I think DDavis will be fun at quarterback.
  13. Agreed, especially without getting true OT's
  14. TBH I think having a top 10 defense consistently is enough to not care if he does either lol.
  15. I don’t think that old of a dog will be changing