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  1. I agree with everything on the list Daniel Carlson having a 69% touchback rate seems like the most Daniel Carlson thing ever. What a bro.
  2. Zeek

    2018 Official Prediction Thread

    We’re not losing to Washington boys. War Eagle
  3. Sorry, 20-22 commits not ranking lol
  4. Zeek

    Kickoff game announcers

    I would buy ESPN+ if it meant I would literally never hear even another second of her terrible commentary and disturbingly atrocious voice.
  5. Zeek

    2018 Official Prediction Thread

    I bet you're fun at parties
  6. Zeek

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    I'll take on Smoke Monday. Such a cool nickname and a phenomenal talent. War Eagle I really thought Sip would still be available but the AUssie punter is just too good to pass up I suppose
  7. I love a 5* as much as the next guy but it's understandable when we don't get one. Right now I'm really aching for a stud RB regardless of stars. It's odd that such a good place for RBs hasn't seemed to be able to pick anyone up yet this year and I'm not sure who we even lead for at the position. Some might have been very encouraged by Pappoe and Nix. It doesn't seem like it's going to be the overall class, based of recruiting sites rankings, that some were hoping for when our momentum initially started for this class. I do, however, believe that the current group of kids put us in top 5 range based off our own coaches' evaluations; assuming of course we fill the remainder of our spots with wants and not settles. Lord knows I feel guilty for guessing but I think we might finish somewhere between 20-22. It seems like Graduate Transfers are really changing the recruiting game.
  8. BOOM!!! We needed a big CB addition to this class and boy is he one big cat to land! Takes a lot of sting out of the Booth miss and I can't wait to see what he does here. Solid size for a potential nickel CB and that should mean a lot more potential to start early. Love the name! Now if we can get a big time RB and OT this class will really fill our needs!
  9. Zeek

    Mark My Word 2018

    Agreed with the first one Legatron had it in the bag last year if he hadn't had a few missed ones that were very unusual for him
  10. Zeek

    2018 Official Prediction Thread

    Auburn vs. Washington - I think our Defensive Line alone is almost too much for Washington to handle. Our offense will likely be "finding its identity" over the course of the first three games so I don't see too much scoring for our Tigers. Washington will be ready and Auburn will be, well what we always are game one, flat and concerning. Still think we have enough talent alone to pull out this one with a two TD lead and an amazing defensive performance. Also, baby Legatron knocks a ridiculously long field goal through to pad the lead more. Auburn 24 - Washington 7. Auburn vs. Alabama State - This is where I hope our Freshmen will get one of their five games. After the 1's have established utter dominance I say let the young pups loose and keep the NFL/Award hopefuls in long enough to pad some stats. Great game to establish the Running Backs. Auburn 56 - Alabama State 17 Auburn vs. LSU - Man I'm still bitter we didn't break our Baton Rouge losing streak last year. We were a way better team than LSU and I'm still salty. Oh well, I think we thump them at home this year. They don't have a Fournette or Guice and I'm not too concerned about their passing attack. Our defense should suffocate them and our offense should start to turn the corner. Auburn 41 - LSU 14. Auburn vs. Arkansas - I very earnestly believe that Arkansas is going to be hot garbage this year. Gus really enjoys putting it to Arkansas and I'll enjoy watching our offense continue to thrive. I'm going big here ladies and gentlemen. If it gets bad I would love for this to be our Freshmens' second game of live action; going against an SEC team even in trash time would be awesome. Auburn 54 - Arkansas 10. Auburn vs. Southern Miss - This is the third game that I'd aim to get our Freshmen heavily involved with. It'll be nice to have this before the Moo State game which could be difficult. Snooze, there's no second coming of Brett Favre at Southern Miss this year. I want a shutout dangit! Auburn 63 - Southern Miss 0. Auburn at Mississippi State - I just don't see the Moo State hype. Without Dan Mullen this team takes a huge step backwards even with a solid amount of returning talent. We do oddly seem to struggle with them at times but I can't see us stumbling too much before a long stretch of SEC play. Auburn 38 - Moo State 24. Auburn vs. Tennessee - Smells like a blowout to me. First year with a head coach that I'm not even sold on in the first place; not to mention it's at home. I do think that Tennessee has some good athletes and a decent enough foundation to keep it entertaining at the very least. The Vols get a touchdown in trash time to make it respectable. Auburn 42 - Tennessee 21 Auburn at Ole Miss - Copy and paste my answer about Arkansas. Only difference is we embarrass them at their own stadium. This would be my fourth game that I would allow Freshmen to get some valuable time playing. Auburn 57 - Ole Miss 14 Auburn vs. Texas A&M - If this game were early in the year I think we blow them out. However, Jimbo should have the Aggies in decent shape by this point in the season. Our defense struggles a little against his offense and our offense gets caught looking ahead a little. Auburn 31 - TAMU 24 Auburn at Georgia - Absolutely hate having Georgia and Alabama away in the same year but it's time we ended this dumb streak in athens. We're the better team, we're the better fanbase, and I'm tired of losing to them when we shouldn't. I really believe their QB battle is going to hurt them more than benefit them and they haven't not had Chubb there in what seems like twelve years. Kirby Smart takes one on the chin at home. Auburn 38 - Georgia 21 Auburn vs. Liberty - Final game for Freshmen to play and maintain eligibility. much need breather going into the Iron Bowl and it should be a nice scoring fest after playing so many SEC teams in a row. It will be nice to take a breather so to speak. Defense doesn't try too hard because the offense has this one covered. Auburn 49 - Liberty 21 Auburn at Alabama - I like our odds against Hurts and one half of football game does not a Heisman candidate make. They lose a lot of experience from last year and I think it's fair to say they won't be as good this year. Harris is a beast at Running Back but if there is any front 7 that can slow him down it should be ours. It being away is definitely a downer but I think we pull through. We maintain control of most of the game but the Turds get some dumb flee flicker play on us to make it close. Auburn 28 - Alabama 21 We rematch with Georgia in the SECCG again because the East is poop. This time we thump them to prove a point. Final four in the playoffs 1. Auburn 2. Clemson 3. Penn State 4. Oklahoma We thump Oklahoma as payback for our terrible bowl game against them. Penn State upsets Clemson (but Clemson wasn't ready because they don't really play anyone). Auburn handles Penn State similar to how we beat Oregon; the score will stay close but we will simply out play them. JS wins the Heisman Damien Harris gets the RB award that I can't currently remember the name of. R. Davis breaks 1,000 yards and NCM is a big play machine. K-Mart leads the SEC in touchdowns but not yards
  11. Zeek


    Georgia South Carolina Florida Missouri Kentucky Tennessee Vanderbilt Auburn Alabama LSU Texas A&M Mississippi State Ole Miss Arkansas AuburnAuburn 520
  12. My bad burn it and start over lol I was trying to look at all of it on my phone last night so I don't doubt at all that I messed up.
  13. 24/7 updates on rankings for our guys and targets Jadon Haselwood up eights spots from 11 to 3 Owen Papoe stayed at 10 Nakobe Dean up 5 from 20 to 15 Clay Webb up a whopping 27 spots from 47 to 20 George Pickens up 12 from 52 to 40 and still a 4* on their composite Bo Nix up an insane 54 spots from 98 to 44 and still 4* on their composite Zion Puckett up 49 spots from 155 to 104 Jaren Handy down 31 spots from 78 to 109 Keiondre Jones up 69 spots from 207 to 138 Mohamoud Diabate down 88 spots from 56 to 144 JALEN CURRY UP 354 SPOTS from 508 to 154 Jashawn Sheffield up 2 spots from 172 to 170 Derick Hall down 81 from 119 to 190 Derrian Brown up 114 from 345 to 231 Not complete but a teaser at least lol
  14. I’m completely making assumptions here E but could it be the size that he lacks is limiting him in the rankings? It would be fair to call him a “tweener” of sorts with his weight. Auburn does extremely well with those kids and he’ll undoubtedly put on 10-20 pounds with just a few months of college weights and nutrition. Also probably doesn’t help that he’s in a very deep Georgia class of athletes. Then again my track record leads me to believe I could be completely off base and nothing I said sways it one way or the other. 🤷🏻‍♂️