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  1. Excited for this kid, I assumed we’d take a third WR with height and I was hoping he’d be the one. Good pickup.
  2. Good pickup and I’m glad to see more OL in this class. I think he’ll develop just fine. War Eagle!
  3. The Georgia scavenger hunt keeps popping up in comments from recruits. We need to get creative with something too. A football facility would be so nice to have.
  4. BOOM!!! Awesome, though expected, pickup! Hope it’s a domino effect throughout the class.
  5. I’ll keep it 4* for now lol I think he’ll get it soon
  6. Fixed lol forgot I created this thread
  7. All of this is true. When I worked at Universal Studios Orlando they stressed how most of their profits came from food and alcohol but mostly alcohol. That’s an idiotic decision for sure. Not having this ******* thing being built yet is beyond inexcusable. Facilities aren’t the only factor in recruiting but dangit they’re important. Hell, I’m still disappointed in our locker room when compared to some other programs.
  8. https://247sports.com/Article/Auburn-Big-Cat-Weekend-Desmond-Tisdol-Javion-Cohen-Jeremiah-Pegues-132460616/
  9. My understanding from KN is Taofili is our #1 priority but Tank is high as well
  10. This kid should be solid for us at OT. Some already have him as a 4* FWIW
  11. Thank the lord, the midday games are usually entirely too hot for the Mrs. and parents p.s. I'm excited to see Woody Barrett playing in JHS
  12. Not confirmed yet at least. KN said there are some guys that have asked him not to reveal their presence until they're already on campus.
  13. Minor update moving two athletes to their projected positions. I'll do a major update after BCW is over.