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  1. Auburn a sleeper in SEC West

    I would love for us not to be ranked to start the year. That's what we need.
  2. 2019 4* ATH Jaylin Simpson

    Well yes, I'm looking into the future once he starts hitting a college weight program!
  3. 2019 4* OT Wanya Morris

    I'm nervous to post because I may be missing a joke here E style but it was a Tennessee beat writer for this particular article.
  4. 2019 4* S/WR Jashawn Sheffield

    Ah thank you, regardless we should have some more buzz around this guy!
  5. 2019 4* S/WR Jashawn Sheffield

    You know that we're spoiled at wide receiver when a 4* has us as their #1 and we're not even on two pages of discussion about him. This kid is a solid talent.
  6. 2019 4* ATH Jaylin Simpson

    For real, a 5'11" football player should be anywhere from 195 to 230 in his position. Time to bulk up bud!
  7. 2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Not that I can remember. I'm curious the reasoning behind that. It may be an assumption but it feels like we might be momma's favorite! Really hoping we can get a recruiting win here; Cain seems extremely special to me.
  8. 2019 4* OT Wanya Morris

    I can taste the salt in this dude's writing. Didn't know that Tennessee fans needed to preemptively make excuses to why they might lose a recruit. The Clark comment was simply disrespectful to Clark and Auburn both.
  9. 2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    The more I mull over what I've read on Clay the more I'm agreeing with WDE. It just doesn't seem like he's legitimately interested. I would guess he is a silent commit that just wants to enjoy some attention when he announces. Hoping I'm wrong but I'm ready to focus on prospects looking to commit a little sooner and with a little more shown interest our way.
  10. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    Yes please! I'll take both in a heartbeat let's keep taking talent out of that state! Gotta get that attention and make Auburn feel bad when he commits elsewhere. I'm usually pretty positive but the insiders here seem pretty convinced that Webb would be a pipe dream. Us accepting a commitment from another center likely doesn't bode well. I really want to get Dean bad. At the very least I don't want him to go to the turds. I like Emery...but i LOVE Cain. There is a huge difference in their ceilings. Please football gods up in heaven it would be amazing to get both. If we got the prospects in that article I wouldn't care too much how the rest of the class filled out! No problem! I love this stuff and anything to try and make things a little easier for the AU family.
  11. Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    Chandler Cox obviously Dude can spin lol
  12. Auburn a sleeper in SEC West

    When haven't we been the sleeper in the West? Honestly, we're always that pick so long as Saban is at Alabama.
  13. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    OP updated, a few players no longer have offers and a slew of players now have new offers or positions. I'll go through later and update who has visited.
  14. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    Anything that gets the ball rolling some more! I'm in the boat that I love who we have so far but we drastically need to get some momentum going.
  15. Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

    This is a great post but it's not too connected to what I said lol Simply saying I can't stand doing the "hurry up" offense and our first play after a big play is a HB dive for 2 yards everytime. It's painfully predictable.