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  1. I don't remember us ever doing it. Think it's supposed to look like our helmet/shoulder stripe aka the "Power Stripe".
  2. The Haley Center is the biggest "meme" on Auburn's campus.
  3. It's wild what these total morons at the NCAA enforce and what they don't. Bama is literally running a mafia size scam with millions in illegal benefits going to players and recruits meanwhile we're worried about some arbitrary coaches on the road during spring bull**** lol. LSU's basketball coach is on tape talking about paying players? Nah, that Cooper kid has a dad who is an agent. A player with a dying relative wants to transfer? Nah. A star quarterback wants to transfer for no legitimate reason and wants instant eligibility? Bet. They are literally one of the most incompetent ag
  4. It could be interesting to see how this goes. Harsin has targeted a LOT of 3* players but really early in their evaluation process. I'm curious how many will rise in the rankings; if so it really vindicates him and his staff's evaluation abilities.
  5. My lord Bryan Harsin can talk and over explain lol. He's wildly different from Gus who would have just said "some good stuff, no doubt, things to work on but we're improving."
  6. Yup we've had some awful games with slipping while the other team is fine.
  7. He can have WAY more impact and NFL Draft stock at that position. His top end speed was never going to allow him to be much more than a short yardage player. Back in the day of I formation fullbacks maybe offense would have been the place for him. Plus, if any position group can afford to give up a player it's the TEs. 6'2" 300 is a solid DT build. Not sure how strong he is but I hope he thrives there.
  8. Zeek


    Joko has 3 years to play if I remember right!
  9. Zeek


    The younger linebackers are the ones I'm really hoping to see shine. Steiner and Riley are supposed to be big time.
  10. Malcolm Johnson is supposed to be the real deal too.
  11. I think he might be... not sure but I knew at some point
  12. Who do you think will lead the team in receiving yards? Touchdowns? Yards per catch? Catches? Just trying to find something to discuss during the dry season!
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