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  1. Bobo and Story would be my guess Ja'Kobi too but I don't recall when he's announcing.
  2. Sheesh not many lol. Bad with faces. Ben Leard, Yox, and Trovon Reed were all there for sure.
  3. How many of the guests can you name?
  4. Yeah, kids almost never go to a school they decommitted from (barring a coaching change).
  5. Pitt and Auburn are the two to watch. Pitt likely the favorite for now; they're doing a really good job selling him on staying home and the NIL possibilities in Pittsburg. If we can get him to visit again we should have a chance. 4* Edge player.
  6. Woooooooo! War Eagle! USA! USA! USA! If you're an Auburn local go roll them trees!
  7. Goes with the article that Paladin just posted above. BCW strikes again!
  8. 5* OT from Washington Gonna have to play the long game here
  9. 4* CB Marquez Dortch Staff has been working on him almost since day one.
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