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  1. We will have much bigger issues if, by the time the season should be starting, we're still not able to gather in groups. There is currently talk that our school system might not be meeting in person for the rest of the school year. Thankfully, the governor has already clarified that (if we return at all) students won't be expected to take the state standardized tests.
  2. Well they’re looking into it for winter sports... I wonder which of our guys would return if they were able to do so? With talent we have coming in their starting spot might not be guaranteed.
  3. I watched that man come in from the flat and make an open field tackle when he didn’t know he was supposed to be on the field. He good.
  4. DB feeling a little salty about his combine numbers?
  6. If I were a recruit I would 100% legitimately do a top 129 or so and literally only leave 2 teams out. Alabama and Georgia.
  7. Hello new guy, nice to have you and thanks for the posts.
  8. Analysis of our guys Prince Tega Wanogho (Offensive Tackle) Jack Driscoll (Offensive Tackle) Arryn Siposs (Punter) Derrick Brown (Defensive Tackle) Marlon Davidson (Defensive Lineman) Nick Coe (Linebacker) Javaris Davis (Cornerback) Noah Igbinoghene (Cornerback) Daniel Thomas (Safety) So it's an uphill climb for a few of them but I'm excited to see how their reports shift after the combine. Thomas, Driscoll, and Davis can only go up from here IMHO.
  9. Coe wasn't doing what was expected from him on and off the field... at least that's what I've heard.
  10. Derrick Brown measurements: Nick Coe measurements: Marlon Davidson measurements: Jack Driscoll measurements: Prince Tega Wanogho measurements: A blurb about Marlon Davidson who is fully transitioning into a Defensive Tackle for the draft (blurb comes from CBS Sports): Negative bit about Driscoll's measurements (overrated criteria IMO): Article on Arryn Siposs' decision to leave early: Article about why Prince Tega W won't be working out until a few weeks before the draft:
  11. Probably trying not to jump more than necessary right now? Nice to have a game with a little less drama but I would like to see us separate ourselves a little more from lesser teams. Feels like we're starting to see some dividends from our commitment to rotating the bench into the game. We have some fun young bucks.
  12. Agreed, it's exciting we're becoming a program where 1-and-done is going to become more and more common.
  13. I would love a scenario where he stays and plays with Cooper/Green. Now, in no way would I advise Okoro to do that.
  14. Goodwin is a good bit smaller but I like both!
  15. What a massive kid with deceptive speed. I like his vision and he’s got some solid run blocking in front of him. Would be an excellent compliment to Tank in the future.
  16. Works for me, TWill has been a home run hire overall and a great recruiter. Just need our LB’s to look a little better in coverage this year lol.
  17. Domio and some of our other secondary players should be better at forcing tour overs than what we’ve seen recently. We have 3 receivers who could have signed anywhere in this class. Gained absolutely critical interior OL depth. Zy Walker is a huge pickup for a depleted DL. Wesley Steiner has the potential to be as good or better than Owen Pappoe. Those two together will he the most athletic LB tandem we’ve seen in a long time in terms of ability and drive. He won’t beat out Britt yet but he’ll have meaningful reps preparing for the future. Defense will take a step back this year so offense is going to have to make up for it.
  18. Well I sure don't respect that stupid a** decision. My God, what in the hell goes through your head to say anything other than "yes sir" to an armed police officer. Honestly, with that level of assault he's lucky he wasn't shot.
  19. I'm excited about the concept even though I definitely wouldn't be able to afford whatever they charged and most of the time it's too hot outside for me to mix in drinking. Plus it's loud, it's way worse to spill than soda, etc. However, if the university benefits from it any way than I'm a supporter. Maybe it could help offset ticket costs and make season tickets affordable for a teacher again? No? Okay.
  20. Pulled hamstring from my understanding and will be out for a bit. Nothing structurally wrong I guess.
  21. I wish we'd boat race Bama but I guess rivals are always hard to handle even at home. Good game and another gritty performance even without Okoro towards the end of the game. Hope Okoro is okay. I've never been more frustrated with officiating in basketball before. There were times they were obviously flopping without contact and they would hit us for a foul but Austin Wiley can get tackled and the refs don't even glance at it. Props to whatever fan yelled so loud I could hear them over the BSPN announcers drooling about Bama who, I assume towards the refs, said "DID NICK SABAN GIVE YOU BUMBS A CHECK OR SOMETHING?!"
  22. Zeek

    XFL Thread

    That's what I'm saying! I enjoy it but getting more free time on the weekend after its over would make easier negotiations with the Mrs.