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  1. Updated. Tank is up to 403 yards on the season but this game definitely hurt his momentum towards 1k and his average as well. Also marked his first fumble of the season. Jarquez is up to 382 yards on the season. This marks the first time he carries were in the double digits (10) and it was his worst performance in both yards and average yards per carry. The run defense of Georgia State really made Auburn look silly yesterday. Kobe Hudson is up to 197 yards. Shed has 176 yards. John Samuel Shenker has 134 yards and 11 receptions.
  2. It really was supposed to be a ******* fade...
  3. Very concerned about Mike Bobo at this point. He has not called a good offense to Bo's strengths. Watching Florida right now and Mullen does a phenomenal job calling a solid game for a QB with a lot of issues.
  4. He definitely hasn't called the offense to Bo's strengths.
  5. Maybe Zakoby makes that much of a difference but we definitely got right in the second half.
  6. Who? TJ? Nope. @cole256? Nah literally never we're bros.
  7. I just don't want to see him starting anymore. The team looked visibly different when TJ went in the game.
  8. Done with Bo. Defense adjusted well but I'm sorry whatever scheme we're using in the red zone is trash. Too many wide open receivers with no defender in their area code. Play calling is ass when Tank only averages 3.3 yards per carry. Looks like some receivers can get separation... they were just on the bench. Careful on the TJ hype train. He may be the better option for this offense but there's still a lot of growing needed there too.
  9. I'm tired. I fought hard. Really I believed down until the end. I am done with Bo Nix and I think the change had to be made. Was TJ great? No. He had a good number of over throws and a pass or two that looked very turnover-able. But his connection with guys like Capers and Canion brought a different element to the passing game. He has more velocity on the ball and his decision making was largely sound. We lose some mobility with him for sure (his acceleration isn't great but when he gets up to speed he's decent). Maybe the team needed something new? Maybe there's more behind the
  10. TJ, predictably, doesn't look better. Under pressure he's sol with his mobility
  11. Bench Tank? Lol they're selling out when he's in the game.
  12. **** it bench Bo and some OL too. Tank hasn't made it to the LOS untouched yet.
  13. Oh look their coach knows how to take a timeout to help his defense settle down.
  14. Why have we thrown it 10 times to only 8 runs and none by Hunter?
  15. None of this acceptable right now. OL getting their ass beat on run plays. WR not getting any separation. DL let a slow ass white boy run for like 50 For some reason Bo is staring down one WR every play. We better wake the **** up.
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