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  1. Not sure it's ever truly amicable lol
  2. Correct! Not sure why the list I was looking at didn’t have him on there...
  3. Each remaining NFL playoff team has exactly 1 Auburn player so someone is getting a ring Chiefs - Devaroe Lawrence | DT Titans - Daren Bates | LB 49ers - Shon Coleman | OT *on the IR technically Packers - Montravius Adams | DT
  4. I just hope Aaron Rodgers gets knocked out next. Just don't like that guy and I'm so sick of these State Farm commercials; they're not funny.
  5. These headlines alone are enough to set off an alarm in even the most casual fan's mind.
  6. You're probably right but my God it's the world of sports and coaches being dismissed mid-season isn't a completely foreign concept. It happens a fair amount. Why waste time, talent, and development when the ship is already sunk? Maybe an assistant on the team proves their worth but something needs to be done. Auburn is competitive in almost every single sport in which we compete; so a (6-9) record and being absolutely embarrassed at home by Alabama BY NEARLY 30 POINTS. Something has to be done and the sooner the better.
  7. Part of the reason, to beat a dead horse, is that it is so close. Some kids want to get away and nothing will change that. Very good get for Central though.
  8. Big if there! Just looking at his coaching history he hasn't really stayed in the same spot for more than 2 years in a while.
  9. Statistically speaking, it's not a bad guess. If I had to find 4 losses it would be the obvious ones (Turds, Mutts, LSU) and a loss in the bowl game.
  10. Has a Super Bowl ring with the giants as a coach
  11. I know I should remember but I literally cannot find his background. It keeps just going to Jeff Grimes when I try to search him.
  12. Literally couldn’t recruit any worse than we have.
  13. Used to be a head coach, only 56, NFL experience, and SEC experience as well. Might be a solid pickup might not. Hard to judge his recruiting abilities since Ole Miss has been such a s*** show lately. Maybe some solace in the idea that the OL coach many wanted hired him as an OL coach. Should be a fair vote of confidence right?
  14. I don't usually say good riddance to recruits but Pickens is a cancer that I'm glad we don't have. Regarding Ross I would have loved to have him but sometimes you miss. We have more talent at the receiver position than we've had in decades. Now, how they're being used is a completely different conversation. Schwartz is plenty talented and not being used. Seth isn't being used near his potential. Hill has been given virtually no chance outside of blocking.
  15. Lol good riddance to Pickens and Ross was always a long shot. A receiver, quite frankly, is better off in Clemson’s system.
  16. 4* 6'5" 205 lbs. LSU receiver is an immediate transfer option (though not a position we'd likely take) 4* OT from Texas A&M / Diesch but it says he's 100% ASU; he's an immediate transfer 4* OT from Stanford / Devery Hamilton is an immediate transfer 4* OT from USC / Clayton Bradley is an immediate transfer Some 4* OG's as well
  17. Our division is ******* ludicrous Orgeron Saban Kiffin Fischer Malzahn Leach Arkansas need to move out
  18. As long as we don’t repeat ourselves and go back to the previous OL coach lol
  19. As long as we don’t repeat ourselves and go back to the previous OL coach lol
  20. Yes please! I love helping these guys come to the light side of the force. With that being said, we really need an OL coach before we're able to pull a kid like this. Must not have gelled with Luke or something I don't know.
  21. Didn’t recruit well, two years in a row without 1,000 yard rusher, and two quarterbacks in a row who suffered from happy feet due to a lack of trustworthy blocking. We have looked WEAK in the trenches offensively. Not sure why at his age he doesn’t just retire and the “looking for new opportunities” thing is almost insulting to the general public as if they don’t know the truth.
  22. Zeek

    NFL Thread

    I'm not particularly impressed with most of the NFL hires so far. Panthers - Matt Rhule could be a great hire but he's far from a guarantee. I think his reputation as a re-builder is likely what sold the Panthers on going all in (7 year contract loaded with incentives). Decent hire but most of the Panthers fans seem rathe unpleased. Still, better than Rivera. Cowboys - Mike McCarthy is an interesting hire and it might be successful considering the Cowboys already have a decent starting roster to build upon. Signing Dak and handling the cap space will be an uphill battle and working under JJones has to be miserable considering how involved he tends to be. Giants - Joe Judge... man the Giants are a terrible franchise. This isn't a pretty hire by any means. I guess he's young and coming from a program everyone wants to duplicate but this isn't the home run they were hoping for either. He apparently is far from being a "player's coach" which could be interesting. He at least has some tools to begin working with but having Gman as your GM isn't a great thing. Redskins - Rivera will be more of the same for the Redskins. 76-63 is not a promising record and he mostly leaned on Cam to carry his career. The guy is boring, out of touch, and an excuse artist. The Redskins really just need to change names and move to London for a complete rebuild. Browns - It's odd that McDaniels seems to be the hottest name out there (receiving the most interviews) but now he's the last realistic big name out there with only one real vacancy left. Nothing has happened yet but it would be very interesting to see him go work with Chubb/Mayfield/OBJ/Landry at the Browns.
  23. I bet we lost to Minnesota because Gus was looking ahead to A-day.