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  1. Bout that time bout that time... bout that tiiiiiime
  2. I've been watching local teams play lately. Trying to learn more and understand more from other teams approaches. Watched a team get blown out 40-0 against a prep school from Tallahassee (I think). They (the prep school) played incredibly dirty and chippy against a team filled with... well let's say a lot of privileged and unathletic kids. It eats at me watching players push off the pile, clap in the other teams face while they're on the ground, and just generally act like punks. However, the aforementioned privileged school seemed to have a major problem. They don't have whatever tr
  3. No sweat, just summarizing what has been out there for everyone. I'm usually off (which lights the bat signal for E to clear things up).
  4. Auburn 20 Kentucky 10 Defenses do better compared to offenses when given less time. OL needs to gel and LT needs to be determined.
  5. I'm aware. I was joking originally about how interesting it is (since it's obviously not a very discussed position). But now that I've had to explain it I have lost it lol.
  6. That's plenty of size. Probably looking for more of a pass rush and a guy who can move outside too.
  7. Just going to make a thread for my thoughts on coaching as I'm getting deeper into it. Today was my first game as an Offensive Coordinator. We were supposed to play a few times before but we've had a bunch of hurdles. We won 38-0 but most of it just felt like our players were on a different tier than the opponent. I have no clue if I actually did well or not. Here are some pros and cons before I watch the film. Pros: 1. I think I did a good job meeting one of my goals. We were pretty balanced with the run and pass. 2. No delay of games or false starts on offense.
  8. All things dealing with the starting holder are interesting. Most crucial spot on the team behind long snapper.
  9. Captain obvious, "Mims would be a huge get." Would be fire to pick him and Scoob up.
  10. Multiple slants completed in the same game. And three completed intermediate passes.
  11. 35-21 Most of their points come from their QB extending plays. Our offense looks amazing on the first drive but then stalls for a few before finding some consistency.
  12. Sunday is the start of the week so here we go! What say you? Who? #8 Auburn vs #23 Kentucky What? First AU football game of the year! When? 11:00 AM CST Where? Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL Why you should watch? First game of the year, ranked SEC game, and tone setter for this weird game. Will Bo Nix be improved? How will the OL look? How will the DL look? Does Chad Morris really have control of a different offense? Will Smoke and Sherwood take the next step? Things of Note: Auburn is 26-6-1 against Kentucky currently holding a 2 game win streak.
  13. Swing points. If you lose another one you're 5-5. So what I'm saying is you're one game (win or lose) away from being .500. Three losses would be understandable with the weird season. But honestly we shouldn't lose to LSU, Kentucky, or A&M. I think UGA and Bama are the only two we shouldn't be favored in.
  14. No matter how you sell it being one game above .500 is not acceptable at Auburn.
  15. If changing staff keeps buying you more time he'll be here forever lol
  16. I think, even in this weird year, that's a fireable offense for Gus.
  17. Yeah I'm just miffed about them getting dudes we wanted. Gooch was someone I really liked but I think local pressure got to him.
  18. We're getting closer so make your votes known!
  19. Really good snapshot from 247 https://247sports.com/college/auburn/LongFormArticle/Auburn-recruiting-snapshot-2021-class-overview-151557104/ So here it says up to 8 or 9 meaning that we would sit at either 21-22 which would be a pretty small class but reasonable with players opting out this year and there being so much uncertainty (not to mention how much the last class was loaded up). I'm agitated to see us behind Tennessee & Texas A&M considering we've had a lot more success in the last 2 decades than those programs. We always seem to come through in the end but Ten
  20. As discussed in other threads Jeremiah "Scoob" Williams will be announcing October 10th Here is the link to the 247 article sharing when he will announce
  21. Total Spots (roughly 23) With 13 commits we're looking to fill the remaining 10 spots to round out the class. Here is a positional breakdown of commits and prospects. Quarterback (1) DONE Dematrius Davis || 4* Dual-Threat || 5'10.5" 200 lbs. || Houston, TX Running-Back (1) DONE Armoni Goodwin || 4* || 5'8" 190 lbs. || Trussville, AL Phil Mafah || 4* || 6'1" 215 lbs. || Loganville, GA || Committed to Clemson Lovasea Carroll || 4* || 6'0.5" 189 lbs. || Bradenton, FL || Committed to Georgia Tight End (1) DONE Landen King || 3* || 6'5" 220 lbs. || Humbl
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