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  1. Bad decision but I wish him luck. War Eagle.
  2. I keep seeing tweets about him deciding to either give up football or track.
  3. **** Gus. We have to stop letting Iron Bowls determine what we do with a head coach.
  4. If we’re going to lose 4 games every year just say **** it and pay some $1 million coach
  5. PJ Fleck would do miracles here.
  6. We wasted Derrick Brown’s time. Might as well have left last year.
  7. Defense acted like they were trying to tackle Bo ******* Jackson out there. Absolutely pathetic. We lost to a bald quarterback that was headed to Western Michigan and two of their backup offensive linemen. Fire Gus. No exaggeration. He should be fired tonight. This is not acceptable. Fire him fire him fire him fire him.
  8. What the **** did we even just show our seniors who stayed this year and played in the bowl game? Fire Gus or this program has no future.
  9. Can we please fire this b****? I’m tired of being ******* embarrassed every ******* bowl game. 4 losses again.
  10. **** Gus wasting this team and making us a national ******* embarrassment again
  11. ******* embarrassing. They’re eating the clock and killing us.
  12. A 3 and out are you ******* kidding me
  13. Can we just opt out of bow games
  14. Seriously though why do we ALWAYS give up points within the last two minutes of the first half.
  15. Exactly! Instead you let Minnesota run into the lockeroom jacked up about that tackle and with all the momentum in the world.
  16. Why let the time run out there? God I hate Gus.
  17. We should have boat raced this team. Defense looks like ass and all of our offense is failed runs and behind the line passes.
  18. Obviously out of bounds and no control. We absolutely love giving up scores before halftime though.
  19. Linebackers gotta step up
  20. 3rd and 6 we let an inside run pick up 10
  21. Mayun I tahell youz wat dat dere Bo nix iz duh pwoblem