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  1. Whatever you’re right it’s always Bo.
  2. Man I’m glad this OL will be gone soon. Their run blocking is piss poor.
  3. He’s literally running every play as he should. They’re just **** tarded plays.
  4. Gus, Bo isn’t an infant playing pee-wee ball. We can throw downfield.
  5. Some dumb play calls. Throw down field.
  6. Anything other than a touchdown on this drive and it’s panic button time
  7. Man we allow some of the easiest passing touchdowns on the goal line I’ve ever seen
  8. Man Tutt murdered our momentum
  9. These officials are a ******* joke. The screen only worked because of a massively flagrant hold on a pivotal player. Then they call that a TD?
  10. How is it a false start when we’re obviously just adjusting
  11. God we should be embarrassing this team. Come on.
  12. Huge momentum killer by Tutt. Felt like our offense was about to come out and grab a commanding lead early.
  13. pretty big deal for our purist approach
  14. Serious from what I’ve seen. Georgia Tech coach just chose to not make a big stink out of it.
  15. Word is Minnesota was caught filming practices last year before their bowl game
  16. My biggest takeaway is looking at his build like I said above. Super-lean for an OT even though he’s not too much lighter than most. Extremely impressed with his build.
  17. He’s seriously lean for his size. He looks like he could be a damn linebacker (build-wise)
  18. Not saying this is the case but I’d like to talk about this. There’s no guarantee he wouldn’t have been another Michael Harris. Where I wrestled in college none of us were state champions in high school and all were under-recruited for various reasons. We beat the absolute crap out of a lot of teams more highly touted than us and our warmups would make a D1 football player puke his brains out. Scrappiest team I’ve ever been on and without the chips on our collective shoulders we’d have never developed the way we did. There are two Olympic wrestlers from that team now and a few alternates. What I’m getting at, in short, is that sometimes a player only develops because they were overlooked.
  19. We’re a 7 point favorite for what it’s worth
  20. The 2010 season is still so amazing. I stayed home all day that day and watched ESPN even when it started to loop. The intro video made me cry and reminded me that no matter who won someone had to lose. I almost hated that it had to be Oregon of all teams but I never doubted it was ours to win. Kodi Burns getting a touchdown at receiver, Nick Fairley dominating their OL, Cam playing through injuries, and Wes Byrum finishing it all off after winning so many for us. I only wish I could have gone to the game in person.
  21. Zeek

    Gophers OC

    Usually we, as fans, hear things well after teams/players. Was likely in the works for some time.
  22. I’m going to cheat a little to include an extra team (the 2009-10 Auburn Tigers). 1. 2010-11 Auburn / Undefeated National Championship with a Heisman winner and some of the most thrilling games I’ve ever seen in person. If we had an average defense we would have been one of the most dominant teams in the history of college football. Damn was that defense opportunistic though! 2. 2013-14 Auburn / Honestly, with the miracles and everything else that went into this season it almost tops the above team. Unfortunately, we took our foot off the gas and let the Creminoles have a NC. Still, Nick Marshall is the second best quarterback Auburn has ever seen and people need to start respecting that! 3. 2019-20 Auburn / with the Minnesota game still to play this season could slide down a peg or two. Still, this is one of the biggest “what-if” seasons I can remember. We’re a few plays away from being undefeated in the playoffs with a freshman quarterback. One of the best defenses we’ve seen since 2004 and one of the grittiest teams we’ve had. 4. 2017-18 Auburn / ten wins but filled with disappointing moments and lackluster performances (UCF and UGA). Nothing was more disappointing than crushing the mutts and then letting them get us when it counted the most. Still, Stidham was fun and most of us didn’t realize just how much of a talent Kerryon Johnson was/is. 5. 2009-10 Auburn / bad losses coming against Kentucky and Arkansas but two scrappy performances against UGA and the Turds. The game against Northwestern was one of the most enjoyable bowl games I’ve been to and Ben Tate was a bammer. 6. 2016-17 Auburn / if we had an ounce of an offense this could have been a special year. Still, the defense was tremendous and we were in a lot of close games. We got hosed being paired with an Oklahoma we had no business playing but it was still a stout team. 7. 2018-19 Auburn / we lost to freaking Tennessee but the offense did show some life and the defense showed what we could expect. If we had an OL it could have been another ten win season easily. 8. 2014-15 Auburn / we murdered LSU and had some competitive losses. Nothing to write home about but not a complete failure of a season. 9. 2011-12 Auburn / 70th in points per game and 79th in points allowed. We weren’t particularly good at anything. 10. 2015-16 Auburn / we lost to Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Mississippi State in the same season. If not for an easier bowl game we likely have a losing season. 11. 2012-13 Auburn / our only D1 win was New Mexico State. Perfect example of a coach losing a team completely. We laid down and died against both UGA and Bama. As Tigers I look forward to the ROARING 20’s
  23. Zeek

    Gophers OC

    Everything I’ve seen on Twitter implies he won’t be there. He must have heard DB and MD are playing.