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  1. Regardless, they have really fallen behind 247 in recruiting stuff. They need someone like E in charge.
  2. Speaking of coaches I can’t stand, there’s no way in hell Tennessee finishes #9 in recruiting this year without there being some seriously illegal (Regarding NCAA) things going on.
  3. You play the best 5 and figure out the best combination. Tackles move inside to guard all the time when they transition into the pros (it’s typically easier so long as they have the bulk). Brahms is probably a lock at Center. Zierer could be a legit starter, Troxell could be legit, and Hamm could be legit but they’re all at the COULD stage. My hope is that Grimes throws out seniority and plays the best 5.
  4. I think it comes from focusing on B George. Once we moved on from him things with Reed heated up quick. Which means our recruiters must have done a great job staying in contact and building a legitimate relationship. Tremendous get and in the long term better overall for the program than a JUCO stop gap solution
  5. I imagine that’s a win for them!
  6. Just got out of wrestling practice... we got Reed?!?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOTHER FFFFFFFF NNNNNNNNNN HOOOOOO BAY BE!
  7. Now we need to get Mikey on them about the OL and true pass rushers lol
  8. We should do have one spring game where they call one team AU and the other UA
  9. Ugh, our DT recruiting needed him bad
  10. Technically, no. Realistically, yes. The only time we have 3 LBs out is when it's an obvious run situation or the team is an I-type formation or other "strong" formations.
  11. Combo coverages are allowed... right? lol
  12. Yup, though it would be nice against RB swings (we're super susceptible to) or even chipping the drag/slants coming across the middle (where we're typically not covering)
  13. Technically it's a LB/DE hybrid where, depending on the front, the player is on the line or off. Typically, we're almost always using the Buck as a pass rush specialist.
  14. JJ Evans is in... with that all but Buskey are in without a flip (outside of Hardy waiting until Feb)
  15. Part of me would like to see our Buck be more of a true hybrid. But, if we can get another Jeff Holland type pass rusher I'm down.
  16. If they can improve on pass coverage
  17. Not sure but he visited us twice in November and once last January But can we get some momentum with Walker tho??
  18. It's amazing how many kids sign during this. They should just change the name to National Signing Day and name the later one as "Late Signing Day". We'll have at least 20 done (with JJ) and maybe 23 if we land all three targets (looking like 2 out of three). We'll only have 2-3 spots left and that's not including Buskey.
  19. I'll be happy if we land Height. If we get Height, Reed, and Walker I'm not coming into work tomorrow lol.
  20. TE is the only position we've recruited him for. Personally, he should stay there and be one hell of a HB/TE hybrid. He's very very athletic at his size.
  21. I just hope our visit is second. It's crazy how often the last official visit seems to win out when a kid is on the fence.
  22. I thought Walker and Height were at noon
  23. 3 hours and 7 minutes until noon E! Though, coaches love to drag those events out.
  24. Some seemed surprised by Pegues weight lmao we've gotten too used to slinder CJ Uzomah and Sal Cannella's playing "TE"