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  1. I'm biased because of how much I loved Matthew Hill as a recruit and kid (good interview) but it's still kind of a shame. I think he has the talent to be a consistent contributor at WR but it makes sense with all the guys coming in...
  2. "If you love Auburn, Auburn will love you back ten-fold" and he already is quoting the Auburn creed. Such a true quote though. Being a part of the Auburn community has been one of the happiest parts of my life.
  3. We only do 50/50 sure here lol welcome
  4. He's so sharp and so athletic. I think he won't impress as much because Owen Paoppoe has already shown us a lot as a freshman. I'm really high on this LB group of freshmen.
  5. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2020/07/meet-the-tigers-wesley-steiner-ready-to-chase-down-the-secs-best-qbs.html "Wesley Steiner couldn’t wait to get on the Auburn practice field and “lay the wood” on running back Tank Bigsby, much as his linebacker coach Travis Williams did to Bigsby’s running backs coach Cadillac Williams back in the day. The excitement in football lies in the challenge and the chase for Steiner, so he relished the thought of going up against the No. 4 running back in the class of 2020 and, later, some of the best quarterbacks and rushers in the SEC. “Th
  6. I'll take the rookie Wesley Steiner! I think he's going to be special.
  7. So students only game one. Then after that it'll essentially be the highest donors.
  8. Not in love with 3* rating but gotta love that 6'2"frame! Boom!
  9. I mean UNC would have been tougher. Not buying all the Kentucky hype but they usually play us close. Would love to stomp them after seeing how many places have them above us.
  10. Some things I disagree with Vitale about: Caylin Newton is already moved to WR so I would be amazed if he sees any reps at quarterback (other than maybe wildcat). Chayil in last makes sense, I believe he'll take a redshirt this year, but it seems like he might be more likely to get some snaps than Loy (considering getting Garnett playing time is more beneficial in the long run than Loy). I think DJ is RB1-a and Shivers RB1-b. While Tank is a tremendous talent, I don't think he's usurping our most consistent back over the last two years (especially with this pandemic eliminating
  11. https://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/sports/college/auburn/2020/08/14/auburn-football-offense-depth-chart-projection-chad-morris-running-back-offensive-line-competition/3371000001/ https://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/sports/college/auburn/2020/08/13/auburn-football-2020-projected-depth-chart-defense-special-teams-kevin-steele-gus-malzahn/3359050001/
  12. Hell yeah brotha! I've been going up and down 5 pounds for months. No wrestling practice is killing me.
  13. Weight Changes: Big Kat Bryant 247-250 (+3) DJ Williams 216-208 (-8) Ja'Varrius Johnson 163-160 (-3) Christian Tutt 190-192 (+2) Coynis Miller Jr. 312-315 (+3) Jamien Sherwood 204-220 (+16) Bo Nix 207-213 (+6) Owen Pappoe 219-222 (+3) Shedrick Jackson 198-201 (+3) Zion Puckett 208-205 (-3) Devan Barrett 195-200 (+5) Eli Stove 185-191 (+6) Trey Lindsey 178-200 (+22) Traivon Leonard 198-214 (+16) Jordyn Peters 195-200 (+5) Jacoby Puckett 176-183 (+7) Nehemiah Pritchett 162-177 (+15) Seth Williams 224-211 (-
  14. Update on a few things: 1. Regarding my mom: the chemo had no real effect so she'll be coming off treatments and hoping to enjoy some time where she doesn't feel miserable for however long she has left. Her being her she's more concerned about how it's going to affect everyone else than she's worried about herself. She told me she's 59 this year and that's 22 more years than her mom received. 2. Related to my job: I amicably left a job I wasn't really happy with and I'll be at a new school now. It's a charter school (don't boo me) and it seems to be a good fit for now. How this schoo
  15. Mizzou that's tough buddy Florida got the tough draw too
  16. Correct! As far as plays that stabbed my heart (in person) that was one of the most baffling. Dismukes was a legend but man that play was such a knife.
  17. This. I screamed "no" when this happened and my family told me to calm down that we had this... Could have won in similar fashion as we did the Oregon NC. My play would have to be one of two: 1. The kick return by FSU where we all but had the tackle before someone's hamstring had to explode. 2. I can't remember the game but there was a play where an experienced center snapped the ball when Nick Marshall wasn't ready and it lead to a snowball affect
  18. I still tear up when they show him in the highlights on the video board. One of the nicest and fun loving Auburn players I've had the privilege to meet.
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