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  1. Auburn scoring anything over 28 will shake the foundations under the head coaches office in both Tuscaloosa and Athens because scoring more than 28 against Auburn is going be almost impossible. LSU spanked Miami because LSU has SEC speed and Miami does not. Comparing that game with Auburn against Washington is irrelevant. That being said AUBURN 27 LSU 10.
  2. Great analysis and I have also noticed the tight ends are staying close to home and are not involved in short and mid-range receiving. I thought it was a compromise between Malzahn and Lindsey to add blocking protection for Stidham who, lets face it, has not performed well under pressure in the past. He will surly get an equal to or stronger pass rush from LSU than he did from Washington. Keeping the tight ends close to home also speeds up the hurry up and will keep LSU from using their depth substituting. Malzahn almost certainly has a play or two in his pocket for the red zone that will involve the tight end slipping into the end zone that LSU hasn't seen. We will know early if the hurry up is affecting LSU like it did Washington if LSU is hit with defensive substitution penalties. A couple of 12 or 13 men on the field infractions will force Orgeron to play straight up man to man which I think will be advantage Auburn. I also look for Malzahn to pour it on and not let LSU back into the game like last year in Baton Rouge. With that in mind I have taken Auburn to beat the 9 1/2 point spread and expect LSU to collapse in the fourth quarter with the noise and Marlon Davidson and Derrick Brown spending the game in their backfield.
  3. Secondary need some extra work on execution and this team will be just fine.
  4. Thank's for the edit, you are correct. Like him or not the results speak for themselves.
  5. In the spring of 1984 a Colonial Bank limousine pulled up to the 50 yard line at what is now Pat Dye field and the occupant got out and met a head coach and the athletic director. No names are necessary because this meeting never happened and all of the participants would deny that it did. The occupant of the limousine looked around and said the funding for the expansion from 72,000 to 85,000 would be forth coming with one condition. You will bring in the best acoustical engineers in this country and design this renovation to make this the loudest SEC football stadium in this conference even if it cost us some seating capacity. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT MUCK UP WHAT THE OCCUPANT OF THAT LIMOUSINE REQUIRED.
  6. You have all provided very good reasons why you do not think it will ever happen, and I agree it would at best be a long shot. The one thing a group of obviously very knowledgeable college football people haven't said is he would not be a perfect fit into Auburn's offensive scheme. If we all can see that and know that, you can bet Malzahn and more importantly JH and his father who is a high school football coach sees and knows that also. I can't see someone with his talent regulated to the bench behind a younger player or hoping to get into a few running plays behind two or three 5 star running backs. Auburn might be at the bottom of a list of 4 or 5 schools he would consider transferring to but if he truly has NFL aspirations I think he's gone. So, what the hell, it might as well be us.
  7. I don't think he can stop him. There is no such rule in the SEC that prevents a player from transferring from one school to another. The SEC uses the same criteria as the NCAA. That rule only requires the player to sit out one season like Stidham did at the High School he practiced at before coming to Auburn.
  8. Time to start the ultimate rumor. There is no doubt that Jalen Hurts will transfer from Alabama now that Tagovailoa has shown he is the better all around quarterback. Many will say Hurts will head to either Texas or Houston so he can be close to home. However those two schools are similar to Alabama in that they use a pro-set drop back passing offensive. There is only one other school besides Georgia Tech that uses a run first, run, pass, option offense and that's Auburn. Jalen Hurts would be a perfect fit into Gus Malzahn's offense. For those who say it can't happen you need to remember Kenny Irons transferred from South Carolina to Auburn, Cam Newton came indirectly from Florida, Nick Marshall came indirectly from Georgia, Trey Matthews transferred from Georgia to Auburn. Jalen Hurts transferring to Auburn would be perfect for him and perfect for Auburn. He would have to sit out a year while Stidham has his breakout year and heads on to the NFL. He plays his last two years of eligibility in 19 and 20 while Patrick Nix learns the offense and gets ready to replace him. He also gets the chance to beat Alabama and get some payback for all those bammer's that treated him so badly.
  9. Well said. Need line depth ! Line depth ! Line depth !
  10. This was done quickly for 2 reasons that are actually the same thing. Reason number 1 is recruiting. Auburn may sign their best class ever if the new coaches at Florida and Florida State do not change some minds quickly. Reason number 2. Recruiting at Arkansas has become almost impossible with the emergence of all the Texas schools that are keeping the instate talent at home.
  11. Smart was the defensive coordinator at Alabama when Saban tried to get the substitution rule changed so he would have time to change the defensive scheme. Spurrier called it the Saban rule and personally fought against it with the NCAA. Smart learned from his old boss Saban that if you can't win fair and straight up try to change the rules and officiating to your advantage.
  12. Absolutely no doubt the crowd noise played a part in Alabama's collapse in the fourth quarter. Because of the rush they moved Hurt back 2 or 3 yards deeper in the pocket to give him more time to throw. There line could not hear Hurt clap the snap cadence. Their solution was to have Hurt hand signal the snap to the running back who then clapped it to the line. It worked until they tried to change the play at the line causing snaps that Hurt wasn't ready for. If you were at that game and you are hoarse this morning pat yourself on the back and THANK YOU ! WAR DAMN EAGLE !!!!!
  13. Sounds like an old USSR misinformation campaign. Practice like everybody they have will play. The hamstring pull could take a while though depending on the depth and location. They are the kind of injury that if not fully healed can come back worse than the first time. If Alabama wants him in the playoffs they won't take a chance on him reinjuring it.
  14. Those numbers show the game plans will be obvious. It will be the same as Georgia. Stop the run, and that includes Hurt forcing him to pass. Run Johnson up the middle forcing them to stack the box and when they do sweep Stove around the ends. Their corners will have to move up to help their weak linebackers giving Auburn receivers one on one. If Stidham is on, game over. Auburn wins 35 to 24. There game plan will be the same. Stop Johnson, forcing Stidham to pass out of the RPO.