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  1. More on our website and including an interview with Sonny Smith on our FB Page her is the link to Coach Smith's comments! Coach Sonny Smith: I broadcast the team returning live on the FB page.
  2. Also the average FEMA assistance after the 2011 Tuscaloosa tornado was only $3,545! The maximum grant available through FEMA’s individual assistance program for homeowners and renters who’ve lost homes and property has risen over time from $25,000 to $33,000, but the average amounts received by homeowners is far lower.
  3. I have had calls and emails all day about denials, I spent about 45 min on the phone with a lady in one of the hardest hit areas in Beauregard and she told me most if not all on one of the hardest hit roads have been denied, I've been emailed denial letters. One lady was told all she needed was a new roof but after 3 weeks of rain and moisture black mold has formed, she has a child with a severe lung condition! FEMA told her she would be responsible for any mold clean up but he saw none!
  4. We (East Alabama News) have reports that FEMA has denied claims for persons in Lee County, we will donate proceeds so those funds can be distributed to those who need them for the basics, hotel rentals, clothing, used cars whatever those in affected need to get somewhat of normalcy back in their life. We will work with local organizations to identify those in need so the funds go to the ones in need.We had a very successful work day on 3/16/19 with the mini excavator rented with funds from another gofundme and a generous donation from one of the hosts of the two-time award-winning podcast Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, Conrad Thompson. (Ric Flair's son-in-law) I Just had a lady email me with her FEMA denial, these are the folks we are going to help. Families will be vetted before funds are given. If you can't donate please share on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  5. I happen to be in the hospital with a nasty MRSA infection in my right leg, this looks to end my season, I have been in since Tuesday, on TWO strong IV antibiotics and still running a high fever of 103 this morning. Doctors will not listen to me, I have had this many times before, they need to cut it open and drain/ wash it out before I will get better. As some of you know I make my living taking photos at these games, and with Bama this week, the SEC Championship the following week then bowl season, I am kind of screwed. If any of you like what you saw and read above, we cover East Alabama News, Macon, Lee and Tallapoosa counties. Our site has exclusive articles not published in other places like Facebook. It only costs $3.60 for one month, 9.99 for 3 months and $18 for a 6-month subscription. You get emails when we publish an article and we publish a lot of information on the other Auburn sports besides football, basketball, and baseball. If you want real local reporters reporting on local issues try us for a month! I have set up an up a GoFundMe to help with medical expenses, medications and hospital bills which looks to be a huge one so far, if anyone wants to a make a donation it would be greatly appreciated if you can't please share the link on social media so that it can get more exposure.
  6. At the UT game I think I counted 9 or 12 plays ran, that was it, a high school team could pick up on the same 10 or so plays ran per game!
  7. Photos and story courtesy of David Dismukes of East Alabama News David is my Director of News Operations/Managing Editor. Read more about David at Tigers Ring Liberty’s Bell for Senior Day 2018 AUBURN, ALA. (Nov. 17, 2018) By David Dismukes, (EANN) – Different bells could be heard on the Plains today as the Tigers rang the scoreboard defeating Liberty 53-0 at Jordan Hare Stadium. The ringing is just what Auburn seniors wanted to hear on Senior Day as they played their last game on Pat Dye Field chalking up over 500 yards on offense. “Offensively, I thought they were pretty balanced. They didn’t have a turnover again; I think that is really big. And then special teams, the blocked punt was really good early. I thought (Anders) Carlson had an outstanding day. We asked him to kick a plus 50-yarder right of the bat, and he drilled it. He did a good job with his kickoffs, too. “We went out the right way. Any time you shut-out a team, that’s good. I couldn’t be happier with our team and what our seniors have accomplished,” said Auburn’s WR Ryan Davis (23). Davis, who set the school’s receiving record last week added another four receptions for 40 yards to his resume`. The Tigers were pretty balanced, according to Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn, “They didn’t have a turnover again; I think that is really big. And then special teams, the blocked punt was really good early. I thought (Anders) Carlson had an outstanding day. We asked him to kick a plus 50-yarder right of the bat, and he drilled it. He did a good job with his kickoffs, too,” Malzahn said. Auburn true freshman, Seth Williams caught five passes for 109 yards and a touchdown and recorded his first career 100-yard game. Stopping Liberty from crossing the goal line or putting the ball through the uprights was their goal. “That is what we came in thinking; that is how we practiced. It feels good when you work hard for something and you achieve it. Our No. 1 goal was to keep the zero on the scoreboard –all the way from starters to walk-ons, everyone had the same mindset.” That mindset proved positive as every senior set foot on the field. According to Malzahn, “I really appreciate our seniors. I’m real proud of those guys. We played very well as a team today. All of the seniors got to play, and I think that was really important defensively, to shut those guys out. I thought that was outstanding and had a score defensively early in the game.” The Tigers energy got a jump start early and were able to maintain it. “It was great. We jumped on them from the start. We got a lot of momentum and the blocked punt was a huge swing our way. We tried to keep it rolling as much as we could offensively. My hat is off to the defense for doing an excellent job,” said Auburn QB Jarrett Stidham (9). Stidham was 12-of-18 passing for 178 yards with two touchdowns, and he ran for another score. “Our guys came out, they took care of business. Being the last home game, I’m really proud of our other players for fighting to make sure that our seniors had a good experience and good memories their last time out there on that field,” said Malzahn. “That was something that Coach Steele and the defensive players have been talking about all week -- (it was) their goal to have a shutout. The last home game for our seniors, and they did it. It was really impressive,” he added. The Tigers travel next week to Tuscaloosa against No. 1 ranked Alabama in the Iron Bowl. The game is set to kick-off at 2:30 p.m. The game is scheduled to be broadcasted on CBS. David Dismukes is East Alabama News' Director of News Operations and Managing Editor. Dismukes has 30 years experience in both military and civilian journalism, serving as the US Army's Command Information Officer among other vital communications roles in the US military.
  8. I do not think so, David is from Beauregard, AL outside of Auburn. If im not mistaken Reese is from the Mobile area.
  9. I will be in the ATL Saturday, got confirmation from the SEC just a little while ago! I put my request in from the photo work room in Jordan-Hare after the game last night!
  10. Im glad to be apart of the team here at AUFAMILY.COM! Glad you guys are enjoying my photos, I hope to bring images of some fantastic moments in Auburn Athletics history!