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  1. I’m not upset about this call...it’s the no-call on Williams mugging Slayton that angers me. The refs should have been consistent with their calls.
  2. RIP Dixie and prayers for his family
  3. Interesting...I thought from watching it on tv that Schwartz had to slow down to catch it. Glad to hear it was the opposite. Thanks for your perspective!!
  4. WDE! Beat the Hornets and get better in the process!
  5. Very impressed with both of these young men and I love that they are playing with the proverbial ‘chip on the shoulder’!
  6. The QB at that school in western AL has already been anointed by media types as the next Heisman winner ??
  7. Us 51 Them 13 Our freshmen get lots of playing time and we get tuned up for the faux tigers! WDE!!