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  1. Congrats to the gophers. The were the better team. I think we just got a window and not next year. Our D kept us in the game this year. Our O could only produce 17 points. (Way to go you offensive genius). If our D slips any next year, our O will have deliver. I am needless to say concerned.
  2. I was headed to my hunting camp this afternoon around 12 and the auburn busses were headed north with a bunch of police cars leading the way. War pat eagle beat Purdue. Please!🙏
  3. So now Asa is leaving, and out current RB recruiting is a void. I see this entire situation caused by crappy coaching and idiodiic administration resulting in a huge cow patty on the plains. Thanks Leath and Malzahn for your incredible incompetence.
  4. I am absolutely frustrated with Auburn University and the Coaching staff. First and foremost, the product we fielded was not acceptable. Our fans and players expect better. If this is what Gus can produce, he needs to go. The university is being absolutely idiotic the way they are handling the coaching situation. They need to s!@t or get off the pot. If they believe Gus can get it done let him run the show and hire who he needs. If they are not going to let him run the show then make separate with him. This walking Dow the middle of the road is going to result in a total disaster for our team. I have only had season tickets for 6 years, but if they are going to manage the program in this manner, I expect a reduction in cost because the are selling us empty promises and no hope for success in the near future.
  5. Made Me Look!!!!!
  6. I can not see any upside for Gus to accept this? Why would he just not say buy me out if you are not happy. He is under everyone's heat lamp and unless he can go 10-2 or better he will be gone next year.
  7. Way to depress the heck out of me!!!!!!!!
  8. It seemed to me that we kept Stidham in way too long. We have very little experience going into next year. Looks like we are being set up for another "we are very young" excuse, when we should be developing talent at every opportunity.
  9. How much of JS performance failures are him, WR routes, Line play and poor play design (Coaching). I have never played QB so I do not know the expectation. It appears there is so much blame to go around that it primarily falls in those camps.
  10. At what point do our recruits see the poor results and begin to look at their alternatives? Does anyone know specifically any recruits that are actively looking elsewhere? I am most concerned that this performance continues, we develop a gap in recruiting and the next coaching staff will have a real hill to climb from diminished talent.
  11. It looked like washington made some adjustments at the half and we just plowed a head with few changes. All in all it was a good win, but it sure did not feel like good one
  12. I thought the NCAA banned TE passing, Aren't they restricted to blocking only? Maybe that was just an Auburn decision???
  13. Is the lack of any running backs for 2019 and only 1 for 2020 a concern? We seem to have a decent target list, but no visitors seems odd.