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  1. ATOTiger

    Run Game Effectiveness Against Washington

    It looked like washington made some adjustments at the half and we just plowed a head with few changes. All in all it was a good win, but it sure did not feel like good one
  2. ATOTiger

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    I thought the NCAA banned TE passing, Aren't they restricted to blocking only? Maybe that was just an Auburn decision???
  3. ATOTiger

    End of July Recruit BBQ

    Is the lack of any running backs for 2019 and only 1 for 2020 a concern? We seem to have a decent target list, but no visitors seems odd.
  4. ATOTiger

    Official Postgame thread

    This was the worst o line performance, second to the Clemson game. Bad play and poor ball handling by JS and you end up getting beat when we should have owned them. Darius James played like a freshman. The guy was an absolute revolving door. Herb Hand had better put a line together next year or Gus needs to dump him.
  5. ATOTiger

    It’s Gameday

    is Matthew playing? Only saw him out of pads on tV
  6. ATOTiger

    2019 4* TE Hudson Henry

    I have no idea why a receiving tight end would come play for us. They are totally underutilized at AU.
  7. ATOTiger

    UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    They are so cute when they talk tough.