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  1. Arkansas is terrible, as bad as Illinois and Pitt and Kent State is even worse which illustrates that Penn State's response is struggling against App St. means nothing just like Auburn's response to Arkansas. As referenced in my first post, Auburn struggling against USM is equivalent to Penn St's struggle against App St. so why beat a dead horse. But hey, as long as the coach is as outraged as you, results don't really matter do they?
  2. They've smashed some really bad football teams in Illinois, Kent State, and Pitt. Meanwhile Auburn smashed Arkansas. Look some people would be happier with the ra-ra hype personality that Franklin is, but let's be honest, he'd have about the same success that Malzahn has been able to muster and the majority of this board would turn him eventually.
  3. Very strange to see so much desire to bring in Franklin, a coach who loss a one point game in his toughest game of the year and struggled to beat a team far beneath the caliber of his own team recently. Sounds an awful lot like another coach this year...
  4. In a very limited sample size, Sharp and Ashley did seem to get more push on their drive blocks than Prince and Discoll. As for pass protection, the strip sack was horrid on Sharp's part. Brahams has had zero improvement at center, less mistakes than Kim, but less effective too. It's been interesting overall this year that this unit does not seem to be cohesive in the sense that Driscoll and Prince have been solid in pass pro but both unable to generate in drive or push on running plays while Horton and Harrell have ok at sealing and creating small pockets on running plays but have struggled picking up blitzes or just losing to a bull rush on passing pro. The center spot has been pretty crappy all around
  5. You mean transcendent, transcendental means spiritual. Unless you meant he has holy powers that could elevate our offense.
  6. Might not be a bad thing. This mix of Chip and Gus's offenses go together like peanut butter and mayonnaise.
  7. These two pretty much sum up the situation imo. All 4 players probably came into the season a bit tentative about their playing time or how they were being used, and as soon as things went south and they were still frustrated, they are looking for a better opportunity elsewhere.
  8. Great points and very insightful 1- I hope Kam goes back to hitting the hole as quick as possible instead of attempting to be patient and pick a hole. That style doesn't really work for him. 2- As for the second point, the faceguarding comes with the territory of playing bump and run coverage. Can't afford to turn your head when defending go, post, or any deep routes in man coverage and risk your WR gaining even more steps on you. 3- Agreed 4- Moultry might make a better LB than Buck/DE, but I'm not sure he has the lateral quickness to play LB and he'd be behind the curve if they moved him now. So, I'm not sure what would be the best to do with him?
  9. I was very surprised that we didn't utilize the slant to slot more too. The way UW was aligned on most 1st downs, it was wide open.
  10. It's possible, but if you notice Washington had dropped to a cover 2 man on third and long situation for the majority of the game and pre-snap the safeties positioning were a dead giveaway that's what they were doing again, so I tend to think they called it expecting that. Marquell Harrell was the unsung hero on that play anyway because he got his seal block and then got to the next level and to occupy the LB.
  11. Pretty well, he executed a couple of really good reach blocks in the 2nd quarter that I remember. Actually the whole interior of the line had a really nice game. The tackles...were ok. Prince and Driscoll were good in pass protection, but Prince still struggles with letting guys cross his face in zone blocking patterns. Also Dricoll got ZERO push in his drive or zone blocks. I'd say he was the weakest link on the entire offense. As for other areas, corners were very good, Browning just put it in the perfect spot a couple of times. Front 7 was amazing as was expected. I don't know what the coaches saw in fall in camp, but Marshall's one punt was as bad or maybe worse than his horrible efforts last year where as Siposs had two nice punts. The first two point conversion effort was wide open, I have no idea Willis didn't throw the ball. I liked the play call on the second one, Washington just made a good play staying home.
  12. I thought that Griffin kid was visiting this weekend?
  13. Couple of questions for someone who knows more than me, first, does the staff plan to take 1 or 2 more DBs? Second, does Auburn like McCready as a CB or S, and which do they prefer between him and Cam Taylor? Ok, I guess that was 3 questions, sorry.
  14. Kid reminds me a lot of Jalen Hurd, and to a lesser extent, Bo Scarbrough. All 3 big, extremely athletic players who are poor cut backs and are not as physical or aggressive as you like for their size. I agree that he (as well as Hurd and Scarbrough) project much higher as TEs than RBs. But, like a lot a guys, he wants the ball in his hand and will probably head to Ole Miss to get it.
  15. Arkansas must be out of their mind. I love Gus, but Gus has proven at Auburn he must have at least equal to the top SEC programs or superior talent at the QB position and O-line for his scheme to work. He will not be able to recruit that kind of talent at Arkansas to contend for anything. Sure he will get to consistently win 6 or 7 games a year with maybe a 8 or 9 win season every 5 years, but if you are paying him $7 million a year you expect a lot more than that. I guess they did not learn their lesson with Bielma who was not able to convince major OL talent to come to Arkansas, so his system failed. Honestly, I'd offer him a one year extension at $5.5 a year and say take it or leave it.