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  1. I remember riding my bike to class in the early 90's and that the only obstacles on the concourse were RV's before game days. I loved the smell of the bbq mid day but I also hated it realizing I had 3 bucks for lunch so no bbq sandwich for me (mcdonalds all american meal.....small fry, burger and small drink).
  2. It looked like the game plan for all of the teams at the end of the season and tourney was to put Kes in foul trouble, shut down any open 3pts and frustrate Jabari. It seemed as though Green lost some confidence the second half of the season and did not handle traps/double teams well. Maybe it was me but I felt that when Green was hitting threes that everyone's game loosened up. I hated to see Kessler regress a bit but he kept getting snake bit with those cheap fouls. I know the defense kept us in every game but the passing has to be improved during the off-season. KD was feast for famine. His energy could snap the team out of a funk but he tried to keep delivering knock out punches and when he hit a cold streak for a number of games I think it messed with his confidence. Overall, the team stopped having fun because every team for the second half had us as the 'game of the year' and it wore on us. We just need to keep going in an upward trajectory like Duke did in the 80's and we will be right there.
  3. Just wanted to add that these guys have been getting every teams BEST and when you play/match to that emotional level on the oppositions home court it is a basic fact that there will be a slump in all aspects of the game for a period of time when you get this situation. The checkmarks for this team......#1 ranking, good chance to win SEC....have been an amazing thing to watch. Mentally those who have watched other conference powerhouses such as Duke understand that it is the preparation for the big dance at the NCAA tourney that is the end goal. I would even go as far as state the NCAA champions over the past 30-40 years have not won their own conference tourney when they are in a strong conference. The SEC is the toughest top to bottom this year even compared to the mighty ACC (basketball of course). This team is special and has that 'feeling' of being in control of the intangibles that you need to win it all. If all we can say for this year is, "We were #1 for the first time and won the national championship" I for one would be on top of the world!
  4. Just my 2 cents worth but if I was making a game plan the first action would be to put Kes into foul trouble early and then shut down the 3 pt game with man to man from beyond the arc. A pedestrian view of course. Our defense is the true strength. I would like to see our guys drive in the paint a bit more.
  5. This team is definitely special. BP pointed out in the post game interview how mentally and physically exhausted the team was from the past 1-2 week schedule. It looked scary for a minute in the game when we could not buy a bucket, Jab had a bit of a cold streak and with Kes in foul trouble but to see the team rally each other to the finish is the 'it' factor for this group. Win or lose, there is no quit in this team!! Arkansas will be a grind but we definitely have the capability for a solid win.
  6. From a civilian point of view I had to give a shout out for Roger McCreary. I feel as though he was significant in keeping the game from getting out of hand. He kept up with the receiver to a degree that he could have been his shadow.
  7. The defense is very disappointing tonight......
  8. I don't usually visit the political forum but decided to glance after reading 'Things I Think I Saw' summary of the game. To see a message like this is disturbing. Would this statement apply to those who refuse to take statins for high cholesterol and end up in the ICU for a stroke? As far as the vaccinations I can see the hesitancy by a large portion of the population after reading news stories such as the FDA voted against boosters for those below the age of 65. Being able to discuss items that are hot button topics are always going to evoke strong emotions but to hope those who are not of your mindset would die is pushing this beyond the extreme. At least we can agree on the statement WarEagle!!
  9. That must have been one heck of a halftime 'discussion' from coach H!!
  10. It is great to see Tank have a bit of patience to find the opening. It is a trait of great running backs.
  11. Hi all, First time poster, second gen Auburn grad and hoping my daughter is #3. Emotionally this season was tough with the talent we have and yes we want to compete for championships but let me step back from those emotions and look at some cold facts. To say we were not drained by our biggest rivalry game in years is a bit short sighted. Georgia and bama were BOTH doing very well this year. Georgia played the mighty unranked GT the week before. This is very similar to many sports such as when Duke beat Wisconsin in the basketball natty game. Wisconson lost that because they took out #1 Kentucky a few days before. Emotional drain takes an enormous edge away when you are closely matched. Yes Gus is frustrating at times but guess what.....he is a good coach and I hope we give him some stability for him AND recruiting.
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