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  1. Rudi Johnson back in 2000
  2. Was able to get his signature on a football when I worked out at the same gym with him and his wife back in the late 90's up in Atlanta. Nice folks. Gone too soon.
  3. It's amazing but not unexpected with these kids. I can't blame them for trying to get what they can. They didn't write the rules and a there is better than average probability that this kid will not be able to produce in the NFL so grab something when your stock is up. Do I think it's ridiculous to pay a college QB 13 million before he has achieved anything, of course. The portal and NIL has decimated a player's dedication to one team. I predict some sort of salary cap before this gets up in the stratosphere. A player that can demand that kind of money and more should be able to be a one-and-done or straight to the NFL but the NFL has no interest so far in a large scale feeder league (AAA or AA in baseball with teams in most major cities). I fear this situation is an unstoppable force against an immovable object.....
  4. QB recruits are noticing the uptick in our OL emphasis. Good results are coming soon.
  5. Harsin was a micro-manager to the nth degree. I understand coaches wanting to direct the overall ship his way but he went to the extremes in not trusting most of his staff. We are definitely not done in terms of pulling a high caliber portal player but we are not paying high 6 figures for a skills position. DL and OL were the big ticket items and rightly so. If anyone needs proof, we had a heisman talented running back that was essentially wasted and had to do his job with not much help (look at his yards after contact and compare to yards overall if you are wondering). HF is very much getting input and listening to the assistants. It's going well so far, good attitude in the locker room and positive energy by all of the assistants. Even the board and moneymen are optimistic.
  6. Interesting hire with Auburn connections. Quick rise through the ranks and smart (earned a Master’s in education from Auburn in 2017). His Auburn teammates thought quite a bit of Davis when he was voted team captain in 2016. Each team he went to, Hawaii then Georgia S, had a marked improvement in WR recruiting and overall pass yardage. Hawaii was averaging 300ypg. and 328ypg at GSU. in passing. This in itself does not mean he is going to automatically knock it out of the park but any coach that leaves a place in better shape than when he got there has my vote. He has a high ceiling and if he stays here longer than 2 years I will be surprised because I will put even money that his next stop will be as an OC in a smaller region.
  7. I am not sure people truly understand how divided behind the scenes we have been for the past 5 years. Factions were cancelling each other's efforts out resulting in little to token results. As scary as it sounds we should be glad to have had the Harsin era because that extreme horror resulted in everyone, and I mean everyone, uniting behind one idea. A smart and detailed president which resulted in a great AD hire. We initially thought LK was the real deal but luckily his ego got the better of him. HF is working double to prove he was the right choice. I will always believe Caddy was the beginning momentum for the great recruiting improvement which HF is going to ride to new heights. The one thing that just floors me is how useless the NCAA really is and how much bama blatantly gets away with and yes there are so many payoffs going on with literal bagmen. War Eagle and Merry Christmas all!!!
  8. That is very true. I keep stating that all of this will not level out until the 4-5 star players go from HS to a feeder league but as you stated, they already have one (I think these places have things called....classes.....not sure what that's all about).
  9. It is definitely the wild west in college now. I have had numerous conversations on what it will look like and my prediction is that it will reflect the NFL in having a salary cap because it will become a bidding war (people wonder how we pay 10+ mill a year for coaches in college). I personally think there needs to be a more organized feeder league (put a feeder team together for every NFL team) similar to the minors in baseball where all of the 4-5 star talent who just want to play football can go. Once the high end players are removed then I believe college player payouts will even out/calm down. It is no fun because watching those uber talented players light it up will become a thing of the past.
  10. Harsin achieved the 'Peter Principal': The Peter principle is a concept in management developed by Laurence J. Peter, which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to "a level of respective incompetence".
  11. We need to open the checkbook and get every one of 'em. It's the wild west in college now.
  12. I will have no problem with a younger more talented line. Definitely a good thing to have a high ceiling built for the type of offense HF is going to implement instead of an oft injury plagued and mismatched talent line. I want the depth we had in '12 with an upgraded talent level. Yes, '12 was a bad year but that depth helped in '13 &'14.
  13. I don't think Deion is a fraud or anything other than a coach learning the ropes and moving up. Do I think he would be successful at Auburn? At the moment no but in the future maybe. Him going to CU to get some more seasoning as a HC at a more difficult level than JS is exactly what he needs to do to show if this is just a flash in the pan or there is anything to the hype (I usually ignore the hype and go with boring stats). I absolutely wish him well on his coaching path.
  14. Liberty League. Of course I am not a nerd......superman/batman......never heard of em'. 😁
  15. Living around LSwho fans has made me see that Kelly was the diamond hire. Why you may ask? It's because the obnoxiousness of the fans went into overdrive this year. It is much nicer down here when they are loosing😁 Kiffin would have been a good hire for us because of his ability to coach but his downfall would have been the ego the size of Saban's without the merit.
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