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  1. AUEagle14

    Baseball vs Florida Game 2

    Yeah, baby!
  2. AUEagle14

    Auburn Players Drafted

    16th round by the Braves
  3. AUEagle14

    Auburn Players Drafted

    Luke Jarvis 25th round to the Marlins.
  4. AUEagle14

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    UGA/Duke has already started.
  5. AUEagle14

    NCAA's Men's Golf Championship Stroke Play

    We are in the semis! Congrats, guys!
  6. Great play, Will, and a very needed DP.
  7. And Holland returns the favor!
  8. AUEagle14

    Baseball at FL Game 2

    And there goes India! Great pitching, Tanner.
  9. AUEagle14

    Baseball at FL Game 2

    Venter has looked very smooth and natural at 3rd. Maybe he can handle the sun better, too.
  10. AUEagle14

    Baseball at FL Game 2

    Oppo that cleared the fence by plenty. Powerful and beautiful!