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  1. Arkansas just got done with their North End Zone expansion project at DWR Razorback Stadium last season. They went from 72,000 ➡️ 80,800, but since the bleachers on the roof of their South End Zone aren’t being used anymore, their capacity at Razorback Stadium is now at 76,212. Also, some of their club seating on the east side of their stadium was taken out to add additional suites - Speaking of additional suites & club seating, in my opinion, they’re definitely needed at Jordan-Hare. Neyland Stadium up at Tennessee is also about to be in the process of renovating their stadium again, except they’re gonna downsize to about 100,000 in capacity. Williams-Brice Stadium at South Carolina is about to do a big renovation project. They’re currently working on the Floyd Building on the north side of the stadium - They’re planning to add concessions on the north side where they may start selling alcoholic beverages. Their south, East & West sides of their stadium will have new premium areas. Their seating capacity won’t be affected at all. They’re also adding a “2001 Club” in the southwest corner of Williams-Brice & working on a master plan for their stadium which will include more suites & possibily a seating expansion.
  2. 90,500’s a good number to be at. Personally, I’d like to see JHS at 93,000-95,000. Actually, JHS has been at 87,451 since 2004.
  3. I want that renovation at the North End Zone to happen, too. I just wish that North End Zone upper deck in the renderings was bigger & connected to the West & East upper decks. I also wanna see a state-of-the-art football-only facility get built.
  4. I’m all for doing 1-5. Recruiting nationally is a great idea. While recruiting in-state, Florida, Georgia & Mississippi’s good - The Carolinas, Texas, California, Ohio, the DMV area, Louisiana (mainly down in NOLA-Baton Rouge areas), Washington, & Hawaii are also where some of the top elite prospects in the country are at. Meanwhile, I’m also for a massive North End Zone expansion & a state-of-the-art football-only complex.
  5. To be honest, I’d rather have Bob Stoops as the HC. Give him FULL control of the program.
  6. Well said. I agree that JHS should not reduce the capacity at all. I’m on the side of not only expanding the stadium, but making the stadium even louder, & lowering the ticket prices.
  7. Who knows? Meanwhile, they’re also about to renovate the suites on the east side of JHS. Odds are that the North End Zone project is probably gonna start up after the football-only facility gets built.
  8. Oh yeah. ? I remember that game. Right now, I’m not even sure if they’re still gonna go through with razing/renovating/expanding the entire North End Zone or just replacing the scoreboard in the North End Zone with mini Aubietron. I’m hearing it’s not gonna be that much of an increase in capacity. My guess would be in between 88,000-91,000. Although, I would love for the capacity to go up to 95,000-97,000 if they would add a lot more than what is proposed to the North End Zone. I also want to see a food court type of development/marketplace in one of the end zones that’ll be open year-round to everybody. Add in something like Dreamland, Eugene’s Hot Chicken, Steel City Pops, a Tiger Pride store, etc.
  9. Turning the North End Zone from these.... ....into these would be awesome. ?
  10. I’d love to see some palm trees outside of JHS. That would be awesome. ??
  11. You’re welcome. Sometimes when I walk alongside the South End Zone, I envision the southeast corner of the stadium fully built in a similar way like the southwest corner, the video screens actually added to the back of the Jumbotron & some sort of “Walk of Champions” area at Tiger Walk Plaza. Not sure if all of that will happen anytime soon, but I think it’ll be really interesting to see.
  12. Here’s a walk-by from a couple of hours ago....
  13. I’m all for getting Jordan-Hare’s capacity up in the 94,000-96,000 mark. For the North End Zone: I really want to see a full North End Zone upper deck that connects to the East & West Upper Decks, 2-level 12-28 seat skyboxes, 2 corner video boards on the northwestern & northeastern corners of the stadium, a North End Zone “Touchdown Club,” w/ chairback seating below the skyboxes, a North End Zone upper concourse (Eagle’s Nest, concessions, restrooms, terrace seating, etc.), elevators & escalators, a “NorthZone Club” at field level, & bricking the exterior on the north side of the stadium. I think lowering the playing field 3-5 feet would help the people sitting on the bottom rows of the lower bowl see the field better. Why not do that?