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  1. • North End Zone Lower Bowl Renovation: Raze & rebuild the lower bowl in the North End Zone with more seating (18,000-22,000 seats), “Touchdown Club North” [chairback seating in the lower bowl & an indoor heated & a/c hospitality area with a full cash bar & buffets that offer a variety of food], & a “NorthZone Club” [heated & a/c lounge w/ ~2,500 chair-back stadium seats, restrooms, multiple flat-screen HDTV’s, etc.] • Skyboxes: 2-level luxury executive suites split evenly between 2 floors (25 on each floor ranging from 12-28 seat boxes) • North End Zone Upper Deck: Upper deck concourse that’ll link with the East & West Upper Decks, terrace seating, restrooms, 2 corner video boards in the northeast & northwest corners of the stadium, ramp/elevator towers, concession vendors, Eagle’s Nest • Brick the exterior of the North End Zone • Add in elevators & escalators
  2. I hate FSU, but the city of Tallahassee is actually awesome in my opinion, especially with the growth of their Downtown. A friend of mine who’s an FSU alum & lives in Tally says they don’t want GM down there either.
  3. Florida doesn’t have one, but they’re about to either build or already in the process of building a football-only facility. I agree, we gotta get with the program & build this state-of-the-art football-only facility before our facilities end up at the bottom of the SEC. That’s what I don’t wanna see.
  4. What’s wrong with putting 2 corner video boards, an upper deck connecting the East & West upper decks, an upper concourse, field club seating, & skyboxes in the North End Zone? To be honest, I’m not for putting another big jumbotron on that side. I’m also not a fan of losing seats either.
  5. Like College Station, Athens, Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, Gainesville, & Knoxville, Auburn’s a growing city now. Over 65,000 people & growing isn’t a small town anymore. When you run out of room to build stuff, the only place that’s left to go is up. Auburn’s also looking to becoming more pedestrian & bike-friendly throughout the entire city.
  6. I agree with Brandon on this!!!! Auburn has gotta step up with its facilities in all sports. We can’t be behind when it comes to this facilities arms race that’s already in effect for years. I for sure don’t wanna see the facilities ranked last in the SEC either. We’re on the right track with Auburn’s Equestrian facilities & Auburn Arena, but I also want these to happen: • State-of-the-art Football-Only Facility 🏈 (Thank God that’s finally happening 🙌🙌) • Jordan-Hare Stadium North End Zone expansion 🏈 • Renovations to Martin Aquatics Center (Auburn Swimming & Diving) 🏊‍♂️ • Jane B. Moore Field Expansion (Auburn Softball) 🥎 • Plainsman Park Renovations & Expansion (Auburn Baseball) ⚾️ • A Baseball Facility ⚾️ • Auburn Soccer Stadium Renovations & Expansion ⚽️ • Renovations at Hutsell-Rosen Track • An on-campus hockey arena (or perhaps a civic center in Downtown Auburn) for Auburn’s Hockey team 🏒
  7. I agree that we should have a president that puts a lot of emphasis on academics, but I disagree about shrinking the enrollment - I think that would be a bad move. I actually don’t mind the campus being built up & enrollment at AU being over 30,000 students at all.
  8. Meanwhile in Troy, they’re serving alcohol in in their stadium. Ladd-Peebles Stadium, where South Alabama currently plays at, sells alcohol in the stadium during home games & during the Dollar General (or whatever it’s called) Bowl. By selling alcohol in both of their stadiums (in our own state), both Troy & South have a nice revenue stream going on. I don’t drink all that much, especially in the daytime & especially during the beginning of football season at day games when it’s very hot, but I’m actually not against alcohol being served throughout the rest of Jordan-Hare Stadium when it comes to a revenue standpoint. That money could potentially go towards keeping JHS up-to-date, expanding the North End Zone, better Gameday experiences (?), security upgrades, etc. I also haven’t forgotten that fans & some students are already sneaking alcohol into Jordan-Hare anyway, plus it’s already being served in our suites. I also have a cool idea: Recovery areas. Let’s say I had too much to drink, I really don’t trust myself driving home & I’m lit like a Christmas tree. I can go to that area & sober up, charge up my phone, drink water, eat some snacks, whatever. Alcohol wouldn’t be allowed in those areas period & you have to turn in your keys. The attendants will give you your keys back when you get ready to go home.
  9. Arkansas just got done with their North End Zone expansion project at DWR Razorback Stadium last season. They went from 72,000 ➡️ 80,800, but since the bleachers on the roof of their South End Zone aren’t being used anymore, their capacity at Razorback Stadium is now at 76,212. Also, some of their club seating on the east side of their stadium was taken out to add additional suites - Speaking of additional suites & club seating, in my opinion, they’re definitely needed at Jordan-Hare. Neyland Stadium up at Tennessee is also about to be in the process of renovating their stadium again, except they’re gonna downsize to about 100,000 in capacity. Williams-Brice Stadium at South Carolina is about to do a big renovation project. They’re currently working on the Floyd Building on the north side of the stadium - They’re planning to add concessions on the north side where they may start selling alcoholic beverages. Their south, East & West sides of their stadium will have new premium areas. Their seating capacity won’t be affected at all. They’re also adding a “2001 Club” in the southwest corner of Williams-Brice & working on a master plan for their stadium which will include more suites & possibily a seating expansion.
  10. 90,500’s a good number to be at. Personally, I’d like to see JHS at 93,000-95,000. Actually, JHS has been at 87,451 since 2004.
  11. I want that renovation at the North End Zone to happen, too. I just wish that North End Zone upper deck in the renderings was bigger & connected to the West & East upper decks. I also wanna see a state-of-the-art football-only facility get built.
  12. I’m all for doing 1-5. Recruiting nationally is a great idea. While recruiting in-state, Florida, Georgia & Mississippi’s good - The Carolinas, Texas, California, Ohio, the DMV area, Louisiana (mainly down in NOLA-Baton Rouge areas), Washington, & Hawaii are also where some of the top elite prospects in the country are at. Meanwhile, I’m also for a massive North End Zone expansion & a state-of-the-art football-only complex.