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  1. We don't need to give them any bulletin board material! I would have thought Kirby would show some type of sportsmanship but after showing THIS to his defense....
  2. I just hope whomever the next HC is, he's smart enough to keep Coach Ike!
  3. Landen King has asked for a redshirt. I just hope he doesn't enter the portal as his next move.
  4. Scout's honor, if one/both does, I'll post pics
  5. If either commits to AU, I'll shave my head and goatee....😅
  6. Mid week game SMU(Rhett Lashley) vs UCF(Gus "BOOM Malzahn) Interested to see how the two fare against one another.
  7. Bragg played well....when he wasn't getting held! He's no Leota though. More than anything it kills an already thin position, as far as depth.
  8. That just MIGHT be it. Great offensive mind(IMHO) but just not sold on him as our next HC
  9. I wonder which one is cheaper... Two Men And a Truck or UHaul😶
  10. I honestly think he could do wonders with Ashford/Geriner. He is relentless in the portal. I think he's an upgrade from what we have atm. Wouldn't be upset with the hire. Maybe I'm stuck on the "fit". Regardless, a change needs to be made. We just need to get it right this time. With Bammer and UGA doing their thing and expansion coming, we're trending in the wrong direction.
  11. IDK what it is about Kiffin that just doesn't jive with me. Freeze Sanders Grimes
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