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  1. That Cause clause should be kicking in right about now!
  2. If you're not calling Uncle Earl during a workout, you AIN'T doing it right! πŸ˜„
  3. Don't know the details but MAYBE we dodged a bullet.
  4. For the love of God, we've got to keep these legacy players in house! If nothing else... " ANYWHERE but bammer"!
  5. Freeze and Caddy were in the B'Ham area. Coach Thornton was in the Charlotte NC area. Marcus Davis was in metro ATL. That's just a few. Don't think we have to worry about cruitin' with THIS staff!
  6. Niebuhr says he actually signed Dec. 21st. Made it official today. Crime doing work!
  7. "Great fit" for the new staff but not the old one....πŸ˜†
  8. Need to go back and watch the game against them this season, to see how he held up.
  9. Let the worm go and spill the beansπŸ˜‰
  10. RA, IMHO has a high upside in this offense. At the end of the day it's up to Freeze and Montgomery to bring out the very best in him and put him in a position to succeed... Something Harsin and Kiesau DIDN'T do.
  11. This has been posted a few times; one way or another. For some reason, most of us refuse to acknowledge all the facts....
  12. Had been wondering about James for a while... HUGE news! Especially with both having draft potential and transfer rules.
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