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  1. I'd say Stephen Davis gets that honor. Thanks to Papa Bowden's son.
  2. Bo will start, but with a very short leash. Think it's NOW or NEVER for him in Death Valley. If he doesn't perform well, Harsin may as well look to the future.
  3. Definitely set the tone for the Defense in the second half. Can we give the man the Butkus Award already?!
  4. Actually wanted LSU to win. Simply to have the game anywhere but the SEC Network(LOL) Both teams DEFINITELY look bad. Not very confident we break the streak in Death Valley
  5. Let's get this one over with ASAP, then turn the page to LSBoo.
  6. NO. The astronomical buyouts that AU has put themselves under over the last 20+ years.
  7. Said a week or so ago that if we lose Hunter or DD, we can pretty much kiss any hopes of this signing class goodbye!
  8. Terry Bowden had a $600k buyout. Senator Elect Tuberville's buyout was well over $5M Steven Leath was paid $4.5M to exit the building. Now Gustav has a buyout, anywhere from 21.5M- 30M. Make this make sense to me!
  9. Oregon has lost two in a row. MAYBE Cristobal has been busy trying to get his new AU staff together... (Maybe/Maybe not)
  10. THIS is what I'm sick of! Blaming other programs for being so good and NOT blaming our own administration for being mediocre. Do the Bamas and UGAs and Clemsons and OSUs "cheat"?... HELLZ YEAH but not anymore than AU does. Our problem is and has always been consistency. Sick and tired of these lightning in a bottle seasons every 4-5 years.
  11. If Tutt isn't making a play within 5 yards of the LOS, he's pretty much useless!
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