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  1. Someone check on our Director of Mind and Mood.... Make sure he hasn't overdosed on bird seed!😅 @bigbird
  2. A 6th place SEC WEST finish AND the infamous "solid season" comment, is what got Gus fired. No way you bring him back after that! He wasn't fired too quickly, we just went with the wrong hire.
  3. That's why I used the " "... just quoting another poster. Welcome back anyways👌
  4. Always enjoyed 23's takes on the program BUT with the direction this thread has turned... He might be "run off" again 😒
  5. An injured Bo is equivalent to a healthy Finley...or vice versa
  6. If Rattler can't be successful at Oklahoma......
  7. DEFINITELY a pattern I don't want to see repeated.
  8. Tank and Worm played hard. I liked what I saw out of Deal & Shenker(when given the opportunity.) Totally agree that no one on O was great!
  9. It was more than enough blame to go around. I hate to name players BUT Bo, Shed, and Hudson had horrible games! Robertson was non existent most of the game. Just a BAD overall performance on O. Need to hit the portal hard for WRs and OL
  10. All the while, not giving up a TD🤬
  11. McCreary and Simpson definitely played stout today
  12. It just seems that his one mistake leads to one or three more! He doesn't seem to be able to move on to the next play.
  13. No matter how much Bo and the Oline has improved, we still aren't good enough to hold our own against a quality Defense!
  14. 23-19 Aubie! Backyard Bo scores late and the D seals the deal with an INT!
  15. DEFINITELY going to need the light to come on for Steiner, Riley, Willis, Brown. OR hit the TP aggressively...
  16. I honestly don't know if it's the system or the players not being in the right position but I'm fed up with it! I know it's year 1 but DAMN!!
  17. Plus the fact that Kiff is trying to get Corral the Heisman.
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