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  1. Hspoprn

    Softball: The Future

    The main strength of Draper was her speed on the bases. If she got a base on balls, odds were highly in favor of her stealing second, resulting in a RISP. With power hitters, sure you give them the green light occasionally with a 3-0 count. Doesn't make much sense to do it with slappers/speed players though. They have one mission -- get on base.
  2. Hspoprn

    Softball: The Future

    Thanks. Wish we had gotten her. As noted in a previous post somewhere on the forum, it is almost impossible to teach a player how to swing the bat at this stage of their career. It is, however, the responsibility of the coach to instruct them WHEN to swing the bat, and when NOT to swing the bat. Draper getting the go-ahead to swing at pitches with a 3-0 count is the coaches responsibility., and was simply foolish. If she ignored a "take" sign from a coach, she should have been on the bench. Teaching batters to not swing at pitches that bounce in the dirt before the pitch reaches home plate is also the coaches responsibility - Practice sessions and a little bench time works wonders for this ( see post re: Rivera -- If she is taught plate discipline, she will be an All-American). Will be watching with interest how well Dean recruits, and what the off-season brings.
  3. Hspoprn

    Softball: The Future

    Since we are discussing the future of the program, does anyone know if Savanna Sikes is still going to sign with us for the 2019 class? I can only find 3 players so far who are definite commits, and she is not among them. Supposedly she (Sikes) hit 2 homers against Barnhill in High School.
  4. Hspoprn

    Softball: The Future

    Never coached at the college level, but coached many years of travel ball and H.S. ball. Athletes, like all humans, resist change, particularly if there is turmoil associated with change. Clint came into a program that previously had low expectations and rapidly taught the players how to win. He EXPECTED them to win, and convinced THEM to expect to win. He was a genius, the players immediately bought in to his coaching style, and the players were hungry for success. Dean came into a program that had become accustomed to winning, and winning big games. There was turmoil on the team because of the situation with Corey and the departure of Clint. Dean has a different approach to the game, does not have the name recognition or the "it" factor of Myers in the sport, and has not yet shown the ability to "connect" with the players. He may turn into a great asset for the program, or he may not. Let's face it, JMU is not in the same universe as the SEC in sports competition Hopefully he is a fast learner and a better communicator than he has shown so far. Unless/until he gets the support of the players by demonstrating that he knows what he is doing, and having them trust that he knows what he is doing, the program will continue to spiral into mediocrity. Examples: Carlson often shaking her head at Dean's pitch calling sequence during the regionals. Martin seemed, via her body language, lost and frustrated by the end of the season. Both are premiere pitchers, and Dean is supposed to be a pitching guru. The point is, I don't think that he ever gained their trust, regardless of what they may have said in interviews or what commentators might have said. If players don't trust and respect the knowledge of their coaches, seasons seldom turn out well.
  5. Thanks, WarTiger, for the play-by play. Maybe we can get a hitting coach and some power-hitting recruits for next year. Thank you, Kaylee Carlson, for your wonderful years at Auburn !
  6. Surely there is someone with some pop in their bat that could pinch hit for Draper........
  7. Seems like this team went on auto-loop at the end of the season.
  8. What inning are we in ?
  9. Keep on complaining !
  10. Hspoprn

    Softball vs. florida state

    Question for the rules guru's: I noticed that the FSU batters were in the back of the box against Carlson, and their back foot was frequently outside the box towards the catcher when they made contact with the ball. Should this be an out under the new batting rule?
  11. Hspoprn

    Softball selection show

    Any way to watch the game ?
  12. What was the objective, other than placing an unrealistic burden on the home plate umpire, of this rule anyway? IMO both rules are ridiculous, and will never be called consistently by the umps. At what point does a home plate umpire divert his vision from the strike zone to the batters feet? The obstruction rule, just like the "stepping out of the box" rule, is ignored by some umps, over-called by others.
  13. Auburn left 12 runners on base, including multiple baserunners in five different innings. Sound familiar ?