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  1. Good grief ! Some of you need to take a chill pill and enroll in a sense of humor school.
  2. Classic Gus football strategy. It worked 3 times during the season five years ago, it's gonna work now.
  3. Impressive ! When will they arrive on campus ?
  4. I expect (hope) Rivera will be back. Seems to absolutely love the game.
  5. Garcia got game. Expecting great things from her.
  6. Because those aluminum bats are expensive !
  7. If the program is in the same shape 2 years from now, I will agree with you.
  8. Really impressed with Garcia. Think she is going to be a star for us. Yarbrough pitched a great game.
  9. I will be pleasantly surprised if we make a regional appearance this year.
  10. Next weekend should be interesting. We are playing some really good teams.
  11. Good that the younger players got some experience. Probably going to need them.
  12. I listened to the game. Sounded like a non-motivated team with some issues, or maybe just a lack of talent. When I was coaching, one inning of poor play almost always resulted in a loss, and was a sure signal that I wasn't doing my job preparing the team to compete. Hopefully the team will come together and improve as the season goes on.
  13. I agree, ellitor. While I have not yet become a CMD fan, his 5th and 6th year will be the telling points.