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  1. I feel kind of sorry for Bo. Yes, he is a legacy player with skills. Choosing to play for Gus was probably not in his best interest if he wants to play pro ball. He has shown that unlike Stidham, he can at least throw the ball away while running for his life. Stidham is now the back-up QB for the Pats. Hopefully Bo will survive to play at the next level also.
  2. Who is the special teams coach ?
  3. Consider this: There aren't many things more boring than watching a UAT football game these days. The outcome is certain 99% of the time. Watching an Auburn football game, on the other hand, is a roll of the dice, no matter who they are playing, and no-one can predict the outcome of the game, which makes things both exciting and frequently heart-breaking. The only thing predictable in an Auburn game is the play-calling. Would we really prefer a tiresome certainty over the thrill of uncertainty ? It's an awesome rush to hit the Yo at a craps table, even if it rarely happens.......
  4. This would require exceeding the 3 plays currently installed in the running game. ..................
  5. Which begins with whoever calls the plays....................
  6. "You're Myyyy, My Brown-Eyed Girl.........
  7. The offense that Gus brought to Auburn has gone the way of the wishbone. It worked until opposing DC's figured out how to defend against it. I'm pulling for my Tigers, and waiting to see if the coach of the Tigers has changed his stripes.
  8. Start drinking vodka martini's, with one olive, at exactly 10:00 a.m.
  9. I'm pretty excited about this hire. Might be a good succession plan.............
  10. Someone educate me about this rule. The way I read it, the pitcher can take the signal with her stride foot behind the rubber as far back as she wants, but must also be in the pitching position ( pivot foot in contact with the pitchers plate). ????????