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  1. " You can't teach someone how to hit. It's a gift." What you can do is improve their mechanics (maybe), and teach them to recognize a rise vs a curve vs a change-up, and use the strengths that they have at the plate.
  2. Probably explains Clint Meyers "pitch to contact" approach with the talent he had on the team.
  3. Kind of sounds like members of Congress -- all hat, no cowboy.
  4. We certainly need the pitching. Hope she becomes an ace for us. Although I hated to see her leave, I think Taylon made the right decision for her career.
  5. Don't see any way to dismiss the fact that coaching was involved if Taylon is going to OK. Whatever one's feeling are about Gasso, her teams win.
  6. While I am sure it is true, this was a really dumb thing to say to a reporter, especially after whining about the transfer portal. If the coach is not committed to the school, how can he expect players to be committed to the school ?
  7. Thank you, MaKayla, for your ability, perseverance, and contribution to Auburn softball. Hopefully the appeal will be granted. If not, thanks for the memories and know that you have a bright future ahead,
  8. The coach at JMU has them in the super regionals this year................Might be a good hire. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Sure hope Martin plays one more year. IF Dean is the pitching coach that he is reputed to be, next year we should have a battery of pitchers that are top tier. Just gotta figure out what went awry with the bats after mid-season.
  10. Tigers just weren't there tonight. Thanks to the seniors for all the good memories. Congratulations to The Arizona team.
  11. Looking at it from a pure Mass X Velocity view, it would seem to me that a pitcher is at much greater risk of suffering serious injury from the ball than a catcher, and all catchers wear headgear. A barreled-up softball can leave an aluminum at a much faster rate of speed than a pitcher can react, given the short distance from the plate., and most hitting coaches strive to teach batters to hit line drives right back where they came from. I guess pitchers know and accept the risk, but no child or grandchild of mine would.
  12. Excellent game ! We can beat Arizona, we can beat them twice, if we play at our maximum ability. Gonna have to score at every opportunity to do that though.