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  1. Sure hope Martin plays one more year. IF Dean is the pitching coach that he is reputed to be, next year we should have a battery of pitchers that are top tier. Just gotta figure out what went awry with the bats after mid-season.
  2. Tigers just weren't there tonight. Thanks to the seniors for all the good memories. Congratulations to The Arizona team.
  3. Looking at it from a pure Mass X Velocity view, it would seem to me that a pitcher is at much greater risk of suffering serious injury from the ball than a catcher, and all catchers wear headgear. A barreled-up softball can leave an aluminum at a much faster rate of speed than a pitcher can react, given the short distance from the plate., and most hitting coaches strive to teach batters to hit line drives right back where they came from. I guess pitchers know and accept the risk, but no child or grandchild of mine would.
  4. Excellent game ! We can beat Arizona, we can beat them twice, if we play at our maximum ability. Gonna have to score at every opportunity to do that though.
  5. Tough Loss. Well pitched game by both teams. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda......... Maybe we will get to play Arizona again in this regional.
  6. CWS bracvket 2019.pdf Trying again. Computer illiterate trying to post Regionals bracket. Thought it might be fun if we could make our picks on this site. Any help appreciated !
  7. Great game defensively, and we scored enough to win. We're going to have to put more runs on the board in order to beat Florida, IMO.
  8. Well played game. Keep it going, Tigers !
  9. Looks like lots of rain. Don't know how many, if any, games will be completed today. Anyone know if the tournament will be extended if the bad weather continues?
  10. Seems like that ship may have already sailed., at least for awhile. I also hope that Dean can turn things around, but don't see that happening. Hope he proves me wrong. The crash in offensive production is kind of baffling. One example: First half of the season, plate discipline for Rivera (probably the most athletically gifted player on the team) was much, much improved from last year. Last half of the season, her bat looks like a helicopter blade flying around at the plate---"Swing hard, you might hit it" approach. The million dollar question is: Is it coaching or have the players just said to heck with it ? WDE ! Get things together and win the SEC Tourney Tigers !
  11. Desperately looking for something positive : Veach and McCrackin hit the ball well today. It seems that Dean is a pitching guru about like Gus is an offensive genius...........
  12. I would not describe the way that we are playing as mediocre. I would describe it as terrible and inexcusable. IF, and this is an IF, Dean is as bad a coach at this level as he appears to be, expect a lot of transfers after the season is over, loss of recruits, and a continued downward spiral in performance. The team is cliff diving, not playing softball. I feel really bad for the seniors. They have experienced going from the penthouse to the outhouse. Maybe it will be a life lesson for them. It is easy to coach from the couch; however, a well coached team gets better as the season progresses, even if they lose a star player. Our team is on the opposite path. If the talent was not there, we would not have been so successful in the first half of the season. This leaves either some sort of inter-team turmoil, poor coaching, or both. Hopefully the team will do an about face and pull things together for the SEC tournament. As things stand right now, if we go to a regional we will be crushed.
  13. Welp, the team does not simply have a flat tire, the wheels have come off of the offense. Can't bunt and play small ball, can't hit for power at this point. For whatever reason, we appear completely lost as far as hitting is concerned. Like all other sports, softball is a game of strategy. If a player is not a good bunter, it is on the coaches to teach them how to bunt. It is an essential part of the game, especially when the team is down by one run and has players on 1st and 2nd with no outs.One of the most disturbing things to me is that our batters seem to have lost all confidence at the plate. If they get the bunt sign, their eyes glass over and feeble attempts are made to put the ball on the ground and in play. If they get the hit away sign, it is either a pop-up, a routine ground ball to the infield, or they watch strike three go over the middle of the plate. Harris and Swindle pitched a good game. I have been waiting on Coach Dean to exhibit some control of the team , willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. This team is spiraling out of control. I coached softball for many years, travel ball and High School. If the girls don't believe in you or trust you, they won't play for you- just like in any other sport. Unless we get some confidence at the plate and the ability to execute, I am beginning to wonder if we even belong in a regional. Come on Tigers, let's turn this thing around and win the SEC tournament !