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  1. Only sport I watch anymore. Hard to say it, but I hope Bammer wins it. As AU1947 said, we need the money.
  2. I've been watching the tournament, even after AU lost the play in game. Some really good players in the SEC. Some really good coaches also. You expect great pitching at this level. The great teams now have some players in the line-up with tremendous power at the plate. If I was an opposing coach, I would walk Hemphill from the school whose name will not be spoken every time she stepped to the plate. Every time. She hit 2 homers last night that are probably orbiting the earth right now !
  3. Wish I could say that it was an interesting season, but it wasn't. I love the sport, and these girls deserve better. Hope Perry and the young lady from S.C. are alright.
  4. Do we have a play-in game for the SEC tourney ?
  5. As steel eagle stated, Dean deserved a couple of years to recruit his players and implement his coaching strategy. Four years later, no progress except for an exceptional pitcher in Lowe and potentially a stellar pitcher in Penta. I've always supported the team, it's the only sport I watch anymore, and will continue to support the team. Dean, on the other hand, has shown nothing in the skills that it takes to coach at this level.
  6. Happy to see Punta wearing the face protector. Didn't learn a lot from this game other than confirming that the hitting woes continue. Should have been a run rule game.
  7. Either Tissier was not in the "runners lane" on the bunt and was thought to have impeded the throw from the catcher, or the umpire thought that the ball hit her foot/ankle as she was running. That's the only two reasons that I can think of.
  8. Player preparation is the responsibility of the coach. If Dean was insinuating that the players were at fault, I'm done with him. That coach from the school that will not be named but had the nick-name of Bear said (paraphrasing): "If we do something right, y'all did it. If we did something wrong, I did it."
  9. When Dean arrived, I adopted a wait-and-see attitude towards him. No doubt he can coach pitchers. There was a time when 1-0 games in D1 softball were kind of the norm. Not anymore. Yes, you need really good pitching, but you also need really good hitting these days (check out some top-rated SEC batting high-lights). Seems like base running speed has been replaced by the speed of the ball going over the fence. Since he has recruited the pitching, maybe he will recruit some power hitters for next season.
  10. Game preparation and performance is always the responsibility of the coaches. Great coaches accept that responsibility and own it.
  11. Dean seems to be grasping at straws by shuffling the line-up, trying to find any player(s) that can hit consistently. Doesn't seem to be working.
  12. Is it just me, or is Dean starting to sound like Malzahn ? "I thought the top of our lineup did a nice job," said head coach Mickey Dean. "We just have to put it all together. Our defense was shaky at the beginning. It was a tough day for the pitchers. We gave up seven walks and a home run. We've got to be sharper there."
  13. Questions for the interweb coaches: 1. There is a saying "You cannot teach a player how to hit. They either can or they can't." Y'all think this is true ? 2. Have we failed to recruit many players that can hit, or do the players that we have need a better batting coach ? 3. Although we seem to have shown a bit of improvement, would a better ability to bunt help the team ?
  14. If you can't hit the ball put of the infield (other than a few can-of-corn pop-ups ) small ball is about all that is left. I think the only reason Perry is in the line-up at this point is because of her defensive skills.
  15. Unless we start hitting the ball, it's going to be a disappointing season in SEC play. Don't know if the hitting talent is just not there, or if it just hasn't been developed. Still hoping the team improves as the season progresses.
  16. Glad to see FSU added. The team needs all the experience against top competition that they can get. IMO, while patience will be required, and there will be some growing pains, this team has the potential to be special (provided they get the proper coaching).
  17. No power against premier pitching, no small ball game. Gave extra outs on errors to a top rated team today. We appear to be stuck in the middle this year. Hoping the freshmen develop rapidly as the season progresses. I think we made some progress in this series. Rivera's bat seems to be waking up. Any ideas regarding Perry's inefficiency at the plate ?
  18. We have a few things to work on, but all in all, not a surprising result. There were some bright spots, and some glaring incompetencies that need fixing, such as the seeming inability of Packer to put down a bunt, the ability to get the ball out of the infield (or at least put the ball into play) with RISP. We'll get better.
  19. Side note: I sure wish Penta would wear a face protector.
  20. Schmidt has a cannon for an arm. Threw a strike to second base from the left field wall !
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