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  1. These kids will not quit. So proud for them and CBT. Huge AB by Venter. This could get us rolling again.
  2. Offensively 2 of our returning players are about 20 basis points away from last years BA (Davis .19 off pace, Jarvis .20 off pace) and 2 are about 12 basis points away (Estes .11 off pace, Anthony .14 off pace) while Holland is 106 basis points better .209 vs .315. Here differences might combine for about 10 additional hits. (We really miss Todd’s .376 and 37 walks at the top). I believe the main difference is last years Friday and Saturday starters went 15-6 and averaged 8 and 7 innings per start. This year our Saturday starter is averaging 4 innings and has won 2.