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  1. This coach knows the lay of the land. Future is bright for AU!!!!
  2. LPTiger


    Lac first NFL contract was 5 yr $30MM with $13MM guaranteed so he has seen that kind of money before.
  3. That is disappointing. I really appreciate Stan's passion. I bet he wants to start enjoying gamey with his family.
  4. The Waysider's breakfast is one of the best in Alabama. Their biscuits are AUsome.
  5. I don't in any way condone what Freeze did years back. I do very much appreciate the second chances I have been given in life and the folks who gave them to me. I always strive to make them proud. We should all be willing to give folks second chances. Raise your hand if you have never failed to chin the bar.
  6. The biggest question mark for me was his time at USC. Pete Carroll had the program rolling and in LK's first year he won one less game that Carroll the year before. No big deal. Second year he improved a little. In his 3rd year they had 13 ALL CONFERENCE players returning, 18 starters returning and a returning QB. And, he loses 6 games. I understand losing games in a rebuilding year, but this was year 3 and he nearly a1/3 of the conference's all conference players. And, he tanked at the end of the year. And, he was fired. His SEC wining percentage at Ole Miss is .56 i.e. just above .500. Take away 3 victories over Vanderbilt and he is exactly at 11-11 in the SEC. He is 1-2 against us!!!! What is his best SEC win -- a 2021 win over a 6-7 LSU team?
  7. 2012 USC. This was Kiffin's 3rd year at USC. He returned 18 starters from a 10 win team and 13 all conference players. The Trojans were preseason #1. But, for the first time since the 1964 Ole Miss Rebels, the preseason number 1 finished the year unranked. Kiffin was 7-6, lost 5 of his last 6 and finished the year with 3 straight losses. He was fired the following year. 2018 Florida Atlantic. This was Kiffin's 2nd year at FA. In 2017 he was undefeated in conference play and won 11 overall. In 18, he was predicted to win his division. He finished 5-7 overall and 5th in his division. He lost 4 of his last 6. 2022 OM. Following another 10 win season, Kiffin would drop 4 of his last 5 games, one by 25 points, and one by 15 after scoring 21 4th Q points after the game had been decided. He was favored in 2 of the games and the 3rd was a pick-em.
  8. If Kiffin loses tonight he will have lost 4 of his last 5 games. Can Cohen hire him at that point?
  9. Incorrect. Cohen became AD in Nov of 2016. Freeze resigned in July of 2017. I don't know if Cohen provided any info negative to Freeze.
  10. If social media existed in the 80's, I just can't see Coach Dye (1) checking his twitter account and (2) taking the time to respond to a rumor.
  11. Negative. Freeze won 10 in 2015.
  12. It feels weird that we fired a guy who beat 8 head coaches in 1.75 years and then hired 1 of the 8 he managed to beat.
  13. There are real concerns about how LK fits at Auburn. For him to be successful, he has to change some of his ways. He needs to put Auburn ahead of Lane,. Regardless, whether we agree with the hire or not, we all need to get behind him 100%.
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