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  1. Picked last in the SEC West. Hardest regional. Traveling 2500 miles to the super, CWS with 7 guys with the throw up/crap bug. Still playing.... WDE!!!!!
  2. It doesn't bother me if you question approach, but your post seemed to question their willingness and desire. Maybe I misread what you intended.
  3. Mikey, you suggest our team does not have "good hitters." These are the same young men who scored 51 runs -- the most EVER in a 3 game regional. Six of the starting nine are hitting better than .280. Clearly, they are good hitters. "Ready and willing to hit every good pitch." Really. You. Don't. Think. These.Young.Men.Were.Willing.To.Hit? "You've got to try." They were not trying? Good heavens. Guessing right and hunting pitches are huge parts of hitting and not hitting. When you guess wrong or don't get the pitch you are hunting for you look foolish. You get caught looking, check your swing, swing and miss, you lose the ballgame. With two strikes you are taught to look fastball and adjust. Even that approach has you guessing fastball. This is the hardest game ever played. When the opposing pitcher is on his game, it is even harder. Teams playing this late in the season have 2-3 guys that when they are on, the other team looks embarrassing. I wish we could all be just a little bit more supportive of our guys.
  4. These comments ... embarrassing, inexcusable... You people have no idea how difficult it is to barrel a baseball particularly when a pitcher has good placement, movement and speed changes.
  5. The one hour and thirty minute drive is ridiculous, but even though CBT did not need any additional fuel can't you hear him saying -- "Men, no one not riding on this 1.5 hour bus ride and our fans respects you. Everyone projected you last in the west. You were made a 14 seed. They made your regional the toughest in the country. Well, guess what men, you didn't finish last in the toughest conference in baseball. You scored 51 runs in the toughest regional including 21 against the alleged best staff in college baseball. You just won the first game of a best of 3 series. If these west coast folks think a disrespectful 90 minute bus ride to the hotel at 2AM in the morning our time is going to adversely impact you, then I hope every stinking one of them has a front row seat for the beating you are going to put on their disrespectful butts tomorrow night. Men, our motto all year has been "prove it." You have and you will because you believe in Auburn and love it.
  6. Weather Underground says weather will be fine tonight. I hope they are correct.
  7. Gabe is from my hometown -- the Circle City, Dothan, Alabama. Not surprisingly, we have 2 Dothan boys on our pitching staff and both are studs. WDE.
  8. Not long after Butch came on the scene, my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting with him in his office for about an hour. He told me about this kid on the roster who had amazing stuff. Butch claimed he could potentially be the #1 pick one day if he could get over a forearm issue he was having in his throwing arm. A short few years later, he did and he was. War Eagle Casey Mize. We can't wait to see you dominate again.
  9. I have never heard of this... 27 times the amount of water in the Mississippi River? Good gracious.
  10. Agree Mikey. I think we were a field goal underdog and wound up winning by 2 touchdowns.
  11. 100%. CBT gets it!!!! Let's go!!!
  12. We just got back home 30 minutes ago. We = my sweet bride of 31 years and my 2 girls (yes my girls are avid AU sports fans) were fortunate enough to be able to go to the Plains Friday-Monday (from B'ham). It has been a long time since I got in bed past 2AM 3 nights in a row and didn't grill out for 3 straight nights (ribs are smoking now). My personal observations -- Plainsman Park may be middle to low in the SEC but boy she sure looked beautiful this weekend +. Something about the parking deck in left and hundreds of folks hanging there, South Don standing tall in right with the hitting lab right under her. 100's of fans behind the fence in right center. The immaculate clay infield. The greenest grass in the world. She simply looked beautiful. Former MLB star and UCLA player dad, Eric Karros, couldn't have been more complementary of our facilities, fans and program. His opinion matters. I stopped another 30 something year old UCLA guy yesterday before the cancellation and asked "tell me about your experience" and he replied simply "man I love Auburn." This was as they were getting beat 9-0. I"ll be honest, I sometimes take us for granted. The games -- we absolutely freakin dominated. 51 runs, 59 hits, 1 error. Come on man. Against FSU and UCLA. Come on. Our staff-- if you have a pitcher do you want Butch and Huddy coaching your son? If you have a hitter -- Gabe and Karl? And add to it the kind of men that they are. I love BP and what he has done is unreal. But think of this, Butch has 11 scholarships, no Hope scholarship, no Vandy foundation. He literally has one hand tied behind his back, yet we have won 9 straight regional games. I think this will be 4 out of the last 5 super regionals for us... The fans -- our fans are unfreakingcrazygoodunreal. Mike the helmet guy needs a 6 figure NIL deal. I have no idea how his voice survives 4 consecutive days. That man believes in Auburn and loves it. The stands were so crazy loud. Mason had 8 straight strikeouts last night in part because the batters had a chainsaw in their head every AB. There had to be 700 people in the parking deck and another 350 in the outfield. Because of these things I believe in Auburn and love it. War Eagle. I got to check my ribs.
  13. I love Auburn, Butch and baseball. Thanks for what you do PT!
  14. Morning boys and girls -- left the park around 12:30 and got back to b'ham around 2:30. Leaving in 45 minutes headed back. Admission is FREE today. Anyone can walk in for FREE. So come pack this place for Butch and these Auburn players. If you didn't have a ticket yesterday, you can sit in any seat that isn't taken by a ticket holder. Please come show these guys how much we appreciate them.
  15. I should have said Crowell is their best "reliever" arm.
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