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  1. Putnam has to be a take. He is going to start somewhere for more years than he doesn't. Yes, he is another OG/C, but you can't pass on his talent IMO.
  2. Coaches get hot on the recruiting trail. Mikey has been around long enough to know. Is he stubborn? Well yes, but if something works, run it until the wheels fall off! That has been my motto! It has paid off more than it hasn't.
  3. Like an OT perhaps? Or some DL? That will tell the tale.
  4. In the words of soon to be Ex-Felon Martha Stewart..."Good Things"!
  5. Nothing I have heard, other than he should be at BCW. Would be our highest rated signature at CB ever IIRC.
  6. JOKING of course! I love you, you big feathery bird you!
  7. You kill me acting like you have knowledge beyond the rest of us. Just STOP! I hate to be rude, but you make it tough.
  8. If he makes it to BCW, I like our chances. I think he makes it to BCW, by the way. Just a lot of positive AU vibe with him now. The next few weeks will tell the tale.
  9. He is much more physical than most think. He does not go down easily.
  10. I like where we are with Booth right now. If he comes to BCW, yikes!!
  11. This looks good for us. I hear that staff feels pretty good. His having two years is a big deal. I think he gets every opportunity to win an OT spot this year.