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  1. Never have understood why people thought players(OL) would be better. If they have sucked for 5 years, the 6th year wasn't going to make them better
  2. Auburn football has become extremely boring over the last 5-7 years. Stale, unoriginal offense. Deion may be exactly what is needed to breath life back into this program.
  3. The biggest JABA coaching hire happened the day Gene Chizik was hired. The clown was 5-19 and about to be run out the door at Iowa State. Not only did we hire him, we paid his fxxxxxg buyout. Doesn't get worse than that
  4. 1000% Tennessee and Heupel. Had been a dumpster fire for decades. Very little to no talent and what talent they did have is now starting at Oklahoma, Bama or somewhere else. This isn't even a comparison.
  5. Love Andy as a person, but he is brutal broadcasting football
  6. Both of these coaches should be fired on the field
  7. Very close to the situation at Thompson HS and know for a fact he has spent virtually no time on their campus
  8. Can't wait to hear how Schmed was a step up from Mason.
  9. Glad we had all the improvement over the off season some of you guys keep talking about. If not, we'd be in real trouble
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