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  1. Yep...and Riley Quick committed to Bama for baseball
  2. Prayers that all goes well. Wishing you a fast recovery.
  3. Shelby will probably get plenty of support next year pitching somewhere else
  4. Agree. Next year looks rough with all we are likely losing this year
  5. There is no excuse for 2-13. Blame injuries or whatever you want. This is inexcusable how bad this team is
  6. Don't forget 0-2 in women's basketball and 0-1 in gymnastics bringing our overall grand total to a whopping 0-10. The pitching has gotten worse this year. No mental toughness. Hudson was a great player but obviously not qualified as a coach. A change has to be made. What is so crazy is that Butch was supposedly a great pitching coach. He needs to get involved ASAP and make a change in the off-season
  7. Have we beat Alabama at anything this year?
  8. There is no excuse for how lousy this team is playing. Sickening
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