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  1. If beating Ole Miss in the final minute saves your job, we are in a world of hurt.
  2. Its not just current recruiting, it has been going on for years. Malzahn builds up recruiting points by signing 5 wrs a year but continually flops recruiting oline talent. He depends on transfers and JUCO oline players, and that has dried up. So yes, recruiting has had an effect on this years win totals.
  3. This one is all on Gus. And it won't be the last this year either
  4. Agreed. This is more the game plan Auburn needs for Bo to be successful. 30 attempts vs 50
  5. Please stop bitching about the refs. They just cost Ole Miss an obvious TD
  6. The players on defense are weak. Lousy strength and conditioning
  7. Lol to the people that think Steele is a good DC
  8. The refs aren't the problem. Stop it. This team just sux
  9. No promoting internally....the program needs a clean break and a fresh start.
  10. Hiring Gus Malzahn was the mistake. Everything since is just compounding the problem
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