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  1. Miami uses the Ibis because it is the last sign of wildlife to leave before a hurricane. I agree it is a reach, but that is the reason they chose the ibis
  2. I grew up in Trussville and its not nearly as big a REC town as some people think. Tyson and Quick were always going to go to UAT, no matter what. There is a decent amount of Auburn there
  3. Good kid but was probably only going to be a backup. Not a huge loss for Auburn. Great opportunity for him to go find a place where he can play
  4. Its going to take a minimum of a decade to rebound from this debacle. Should go ahead and cut the losses. Every day Coach Flo stays at AU, it sets even farther behind. We have been passed by every program in the conference. Even UAB has a better program than Auburn right now
  5. Time for Greene to actually start making some decisions. If you're not going to try to win, dont field a team.
  6. This just isnt a smart basketball team. Low basketball IQ
  7. Pathetic effort all the way around
  8. Wow. That shut me up. Great second half effort
  9. A jr high girls team can outshoot these guys from 3
  10. Teams shoot well against us because we dont guard
  11. Kid is a legitimate player. Surprised he didnt have any offers. Lucky to have Sawyer at AU