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  1. If McGuire is our punter, we are in real trouble. Great kid, great kicker, below average punter
  2. This is a case where loyalty cost Bruce. Instead of going out and getting a PG, he said JM had earned it with his play. Paying for it big time now.
  3. Will be lucky to finish .500 in the league
  4. Defense had talent but was way too inconsistent.
  5. She needs to be gone today. Today's game is probably the most humiliating loss in program history.
  6. Probably the best game all year.
  7. McGuire is not a SEC punter
  8. McGuire is a solid PK. Not so much as a punter.
  9. No, hes used to we all should be by now.
  10. D is pathetic in this half
  11. D is getting absolutely torched
  12. And then a special teams screw up
  13. Dline getting dominated early
  14. Wish we could find someone that can shoot from the outside.
  15. Great let's do something with the Oline coach