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  1. AUSRB

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    Two best hitters up and couldn’t bring the run home. Auburn down by one.
  2. AUSRB

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    8 and 9 hitters came through with back to back hits to score a run now 5 to 4 with runner on 3rd with one out.
  3. AUSRB

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    Our 8 and 9 hitters have got to do better.
  4. AUSRB

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    Bottom of 4 Auburn down 3 to 2.
  5. AUSRB

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    After 3 Auburn down 3 to 2.
  6. AUSRB

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    I’m getting audio and my live stats are showing the UAB game from the other night. LOL.
  7. AUSRB

    Softball Plainsman Invitational

    Thanks on the media info, I thought I was the only one having problems. Their pitcher today ended the game with .61 era, didn’t realize she struck out 12, she must be pretty dang good.
  8. Auburn signs pitcher Lexie Handley to the 2018 class. She is a lefty transfer from the University Akron where she spent two seasons.
  9. AUSRB

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    I was not aware of Moseley’s surgery but Aspyn Godwin a catcher, is recovering from ACL surgery and will have a chance to play if she has recovered by fall.
  10. AUSRB

    Women's College World Series

    I’ve watched most of the games and have to somewhat agree with your assessment. However #21 for Washington has made some slaps and bunts in the tournament . She’s also a great base runner, might be the best I’ve seen all year. I’m sort of torn on the slapper issue and never liked seeing more than one in the lineup. The new stepping out of the box rule certainly has changed the effectiveness of the slapper and if the umps start calling it on a consistent basis the slappers will either have to adapt or go the way of the dinosaurs.
  11. AUSRB

    Softball: The Future

    Looks like Carsone might not be able to volunteer coach, if I interpret this correctly. However there could be the possibility for her to be in a salaried coaching position. NCAA Legislative Proposal 7: Passed In baseball and softball, to increase, from three to four, the limit on the number of coaches who may be employed by an institution and who may contact or evaluate prospective student-athletes off-campus. Further, to specify that an institution may not utilize the services of a volunteer coach in baseball or softball.