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  1. Glad you mentioned the payee.
  2. The old question”Does it come naturally or do you practice?” Guess he’s just practicing...
  3. Mr. Jones, if you are reading this and you truly cannot get AU out of your mind, then AU is where your next home is supposed to be! Don't fight it!
  4. Read the first few comments and thought I had stumbled onto the Turds board. Man these folks are unreal!
  5. My thoughts exactly. Couldn’t like each one of these questions enough!
  6. Seems like it would be hard to maintain relationships with HS coaches if they only cherry pick. Not a recruiting guru so it's more of a question than a comment.
  7. just looking at the first page on that link, Ok has 24 4/5* on D and 25 4/5* on O (9 OL). AU has 23 4/5* on D and 20 4/5* on O (7 OL). Pretty evenly comparison as far as recruiting. Those other 2 4/5* OL would be nice to have for depth. Lot of variables go into performance but the truth would only come out if we played. I'd be up for watching another game this year.
  8. Recruiter for starters. Can figure out the other stuff in the off season.
  9. Asa lost his 2d red shirt year??? Poor kid, happened two years in a row.
  10. Already two other threads started. Late to the game
  11. UCF played THAT game with more heart than our guys had on the field THAT DAY! They just plain wanted that game more than we did.
  12. Thank you. Was just thinking the same thing.