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  1. So, I’ll show my ignorance. If we don’t extend his current contract and He decides to walk AU has to buy him out? Am I reading this correctly?
  2. He’s under contract. I don’t get this annual extension. If he wants to walk then don’t let the door hit him. Let him walk and save the buy out.
  3. If you watch the replay, you’ll see his finger move backwards as the ball hits it.
  4. This is TOTAL BULL! There’s not one person on this forum that would not love to see CGM or who ever the coach of AU is succeed. We have been watching the same lame performance with the occasional exception sprinkled in. Reading through your barrage of posts lately I would suspect you are either 1) new to watching CGM coached teams, 2) related to CGM or 3) media trying to stir up crap. CGM has had how many years and how many O coordinators to put a consistent product on the field? Besides, if $7M a year isn’t enough to motivate a man to perform and fix the problems, NO amount of fan fare
  5. The evidence is the product on the field. His coaching directly reflects his recruiting approach. When he misses in HIs 5* recruit or his choice he has no back up plans because he held out for so long. His approach to the game has been consistent throughout his tenure at AU. If his game plan is working the game goes well for him. If his game plan is not working he has shown NO ability to consistently make appropriate adjustments. He is either so stubborn on proving his way will work or he is really in WAY over his head.
  6. Just got on and see AS and SW. is Eli Stove playing?
  7. I’m in NW Fl and there’s a slight breeze here as well today. 😁
  8. Glad you mentioned the payee.
  9. The old question”Does it come naturally or do you practice?” Guess he’s just practicing...
  10. Mr. Jones, if you are reading this and you truly cannot get AU out of your mind, then AU is where your next home is supposed to be! Don't fight it!
  11. Read the first few comments and thought I had stumbled onto the Turds board. Man these folks are unreal!
  12. My thoughts exactly. Couldn’t like each one of these questions enough!
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