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  1. “-- He didn’t anticipate throwing the ball 50 times. Going into the third quarter, it was pretty even, but the way the fourth quarter unfolded, that’s what they had to do. -- It showed him they have the ability to do some things through the air. But for them to be the best they can be, they need to be balanced, no matter what the defense gives you.“ Can one of you coaches explain why you HAVE to be balanced no matter what the defense gives you? My layman’s understanding is exploit what they give you and take the other when they try to stop what’s been working.
  2. Offer Sexton $2M to get Gus to take the next offer on the table.
  3. If Gus is actually asking for an extension or is irate that AD Greene said no, someone should look Gus right in the eye and ask him “What in the hell he has done to earn this contract must less an extension?” Really hope this is just a rumor!
  4. Do we really need another thread? Just add to any of the other hundreds.
  5. Will never pull for anyone over AU for any reasons. If we lose, Please let that spot be the 50 yd line.
  6. I believe LSU did the same thing earlier that year.
  7. The media is in here. Probably some of those stirring crap up.
  8. Can’t say JG is any better but if we have decent QB play and that D keeps humming, we win out. I know BN is tFr but dang.
  9. DJ! Where have you been hiding?
  10. At least he has some time to figure it out rather than running an injured back. He has an opportunity to grow and move forward from previous seasons.
  11. Praying for your family. Glory to God for James’s healing.
  12. We won’t get away with tight DB coverage like we did against aTm with the turds. If the DL doesn’t get pressure, it could be a long day with short passes and penalties.
  13. Those short passes have eaten us up all year and will do so against LSU and everyone else if they don’t find a way to control YAC.