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  1. I can almost see the yellow font...😂. He recruited one or two his first couple years here as well.
  2. I would think that if Davis gets the nod over Bo then Gunner would understand he has a shot. CBH would obviously be willing to do it again I would think if Gunner is better.
  3. It is a mistake if they can learn from it. If they choose to stay stupid then I agree they should never be in a position of leadership. If they learn and overcome it they can be better leaders knowing the pain and hurt it causes.
  4. Mikey, I agree with this. However, in the past we have zeroed in on the local guys with no alternative or solid back up until it was too late. I don’t agree with using resources frivolously but if it means AU has a legitimate and talented recruiting class I am good if he keeps that guy from OR in the running with the guy from P’cola. First one to sign. Maybe I’m wrong but fill the cupboard where you can until you have the luxury of turning them down.
  5. I think the key word here is ‘hold’. I know they all do it but my goodness.
  6. I agree. Unless they use this co-‘title’ to justify more pay than just a single position coach. Not sure how that works just a guess. Should have finished reading other comments. 😁
  7. So if they hire Rhett for the HC will he hire Gus as the OC. 😁
  8. Intentionally leaving room for transfers that couldn’t make the starting lineup where they are? That should be a red flag IMO.
  9. For some reason I didn’t even think of KS. 👍🏽
  10. It’s not the 3M that bothers me. It’s the crazy buyouts. I have a problem with paying anyone that can’t perform...
  11. I agree but who do you get to come in at this point for less money. IMO he has more talent than he did at Ark. Not sure the answer but Gus is not.
  12. If I had my way, I’d fire Gus tonight offer Chad the job at a better pay than he’s getting now with the opportunity to prove his self next year and earn his way to a permanent position. Stop setting up these ridiculous buyouts. Let the guy earn his way into security. Unless the guy you want is willing to come. But even then, no crazy buyout.
  13. So, I’ll show my ignorance. If we don’t extend his current contract and He decides to walk AU has to buy him out? Am I reading this correctly?
  14. He’s under contract. I don’t get this annual extension. If he wants to walk then don’t let the door hit him. Let him walk and save the buy out.
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