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  1. This is horse crap. If this so called superbooster is going to do this then do it and shut up about it. Stop letting stuff get to the press. It hurts recruiting more than anything and it only hurts players morale if they pay any attention to it (even if it is from their families). We've seen this goat rope before. Let's play the season and see how it plays out and then if said booster wants to do something, have at it.
  2. We've all stated that Gus is a man that prides his team on character. I think if JG did this, Gus might sit him in the next couple of games and put in Cord. May not matter to some, but it might to others. With that said, I would love to see what JG could do putting the ball in the air to make the teams respect his run and pass abilities.
  3. I think our D lives up to the hype and Nix settles in. I also think this game has been circled on AUs schedule. AU-24 aTm-17
  4. Was thinking the same thing as I was reading the posts.
  5. Sounds like an AU article from a couple years ago.
  6. AU-16 OU-14 Early season mistakes by both teams.
  7. did you forget the yellow font???
  8. This would be good. However Gus isn’t known for pulling a QB in a burner game. Based on history, I would expect him to get Bo as many snaps as possible to get him experience ASAP and ready for the bigger games.
  9. I will find it offensive if it is a handoff straight up the middle.
  10. I get what you are saying. Maybe they improved and showed it that game. But hold their own just because they scored more on a team than their average, that’s holding their own. If you are in to morale victories, score.
  11. 52-21 Uat. Don’t think our OL or DL held their own against them. That dog won’t hunt.
  12. This happens all the time. You take a job based on a salary. If you don’t like the salary go to a different job. Your employer’s salary has no effect on your salary. You get paid to do a job. These kids agreed to go to the school for an education and a chance at the next level. If that’s not good enough, stay out of college, wait your three years and try your luck at the NFL. All that to say, you do what you have to do to get where you want to be. They should be dropping the prices of admission and fill the stands at every game. Sorry for the rant. Good for Daboo. He’s changed the culture at Clemson and that’s why kids want to play for him.