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  1. C'viewTiger

    Clemson v Notre Dame

    Agree,at one time they were supposed to have a significant impact. Committee changed that.
  2. C'viewTiger

    Clemson v Notre Dame

    Just goes to show Conference Champ doesn't have as big of an impact as it once did.
  3. C'viewTiger


    Merry Christmas everyone. Be safe and have a blessed day with family and friends.
  4. C'viewTiger

    Get On Board

    Feel better??
  5. C'viewTiger

    POSTGAME THREAD: AU 21 Bama 52

    I agree with this. However, Hurts had a choice to transfer as an underclassman and sit a year or grad and transfer and potentially start. The latter also giving him the chance to learn from a coach he trust. I don't know what his situation truly is but he definitely didn't make a bad decision as far as being able to play if he decides to transfer.
  6. C'viewTiger

    State of college football after Week Two

    Still not on the a&m boat. You can bet they spent all off season prepping for Clemson. If they keep playing this way I'll believe that JF turned that team around.
  7. C'viewTiger

    Week 2 SEC Slate

    Not sure USCe has enough to pull the upset but think they will expose just how much the pups lost last year.
  8. C'viewTiger

    Things I Think I Saw: AU vs Washington

    Most of the good DBs read the receivers eyes. When the receiver sees the ball coming he's focusing and you can read his eyes. At that point, a DB should be turning his head.
  9. C'viewTiger

    Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    I'm going to be optimistic here: AU 31 MO 17. Just feel like the receivers and the line really try to overcome the lack luster performance from last week. Besides, it's week 4 and time for the O to start clicking.
  10. C'viewTiger

    A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    I understand this and agree to a point. A comfortable lead with the O hitting on all 8 cylinders yes, put him in. If JS and the receivers are out of synch, I say leave him in and work the pass. I know the prob with that is we would just run the dive play until the clock expired. I agree MW needs work but from what I've seen, JS could use some tuning up also.
  11. C'viewTiger

    Receivers want to be best in the nation

    I thought the entire team looked lackadaisical. I just felt like they were in water or moving at half speed.
  12. C'viewTiger

    ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    I hope his post game waffle house meal tonight is in a to go box.
  13. C'viewTiger

    ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Going into the half 7-3 against Mercer. Someone should be at Gus's house packing his stuff NOW!