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  1. Yeah last year was right at .91 and it was great. Just hoping lol
  2. Took our composite average from .9029 to .9004. Hoping to finish the class above .915
  3. When does the composite update to show the rivals rankings?
  4. Anything on Jabari Smith? Saw some thing Georgia now
  5. I would love to see some basketball recrutining info too. Would be a huge addition! Thanks for coming by
  6. Saw it on one of the players snapchats where they said he will land on his feet wherever he lands next
  7. I meant Ian Jackson. Should have clarified that
  8. Does bama pulling in black shire help us with Jackson or Lawson? I know it was hinted that we were working on Lawson already
  9. Does anyone know when the next round of recruiting rankings come out? Jboy seems to think we have a couple who jump up big
  10. We need to start a duke scoop thread with screenshots before he deletes them lol.
  11. Ehh idk looks like Eli just the ‘hype man’ but makes me think badly of jboy lol. Love the podcasts though. Eli tweets everyday acting like he has inside info but can’t give any details
  12. Seems like both those guys along with Ramone are chasing attention claiming to know wat more than they do. I know jboy has connections but the Eli and ramone not so sure about
  13. Wasn’t jboy saying this was going to be a big weekend and expected a commit? Hope it comes tomorrow!
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