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  1. Imagine them two then pulling in Mondon and Brooks 👀to go along with hunter at DT. Stud at every level! Potentially 5 five stars. Longshot but a possibility.
  2. Still whiffin?? We have a top 10 class in the NATION lol. Come on man
  3. Kentucky seems to be trending for anselem I wonder if that would change things for them
  4. Why does he post ‘college’ announcement if he is planning to go pro? Seems weird to me
  5. When will he sign? Assuming it’s different since he’s reclassifying
  6. For sure. Cooper and Thor give you two 5 star players that will be here more than a year! Can’t forget Thor was #12 before he moved to 2020. This class will be special either way. Just got my hopes up with Green
  7. Have a link to that? Just saw today he was doing a virtual visit so just wondering. Thanks
  8. Anyone selling tickets for the game next Saturday? Ended up getting some last minute for the uga game and would like to go back!
  9. Anyone have any tickets for sale? Not sure what forum to post in! TIA
  10. I am seeing where they say he got a Georgia offer. Big for us I would think. Maybe that means they think they are losing Jones? Also seen where they think the van Pran guy may go elsewhere so who knows.