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  1. Yeah that’s where I saw it. Also looked and saw where he’s higher on UNC and Arizona
  2. Thanks for the reply. Didn’t know how many schools have a place for him if he reclassified.
  3. Springer announced top 5 that didn’t include Auburn this week.
  4. Anyone know about Puff Johnson? May reclassify to 2019. Would be a great addition!
  5. I’d love to see you give 3x your yearly salary for the facility.
  6. I agree. 4 seed is our ceiling. But from the potential 8 or 9 seed we were projected two ago that would be amazing
  7. So where are all the insiders and their picks on who we get tomorrow? Moore, MAR, Bell, Brothers and we keep Pickens is my take! Not an insider at all so would like to hear what they are thinking! Anyone?
  8. Hope no gets enough of a bump to get 5 star in the composite. And surely George will rise!
  9. Pickens and Bo did not get a 5 star. Have to play in the Army All American game to get a bump from 247.
  10. Lol been waiting for it to happen! Thanks for all the info on the updates for real though!
  11. George Pickens now a composite 5 star! Also dj Williams moves up to a 4 star.
  12. Haven’t seen any confirmation but everything I’ve seen makes it seem like he’s done. Would love to have him back
  13. Trez, hopper, dean, deloach. Was hoping for 3 with 3 senior starters leaving along with Richard McBride career ending
  14. I can’t believe how bad LB recruiting has went this year outside of OP. Everyone is talking about the OL but LB recruiting has been similar this year. Missed on everyone