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  1. They are sold! Thank you for the link though.
  2. Anyone have any tickets available for Kentucky tomorrow? Got out of work and wanted to try and make the drive over and avoid the stub hub fees. War Eagle!
  3. Perry, mba and story on the DL? Am I missing someone? Maybe woody?
  4. Doesn’t ausberry have a younger brother who is also a highly rated guy next year? Great get no matter what!
  5. He is not coming to AU. Heard from someone close to him. I’m not an insider at all and hope I’m wrong though. All bama
  6. Would be a big pick up even if we win the battle from MC leaving.
  7. What happened with the Merry Flipmas? Did anyone ever say? Also would love to know your thoughts on how recruiting May finish this year along with 2023.
  8. I may have missed it, but is there a reason he hasn’t been playing?
  9. Anyone have tickets they are looking to sale for the game? Not sure if this is the right spot! Thanks!
  10. Think he was committing to the army all American game
  11. Think I read where they would take him and lose another if they had the option
  12. Yeah last year was right at .91 and it was great. Just hoping lol
  13. Took our composite average from .9029 to .9004. Hoping to finish the class above .915
  14. When does the composite update to show the rivals rankings?
  15. Anything on Jabari Smith? Saw some thing Georgia now
  16. I would love to see some basketball recrutining info too. Would be a huge addition! Thanks for coming by
  17. Saw it on one of the players snapchats where they said he will land on his feet wherever he lands next
  18. I meant Ian Jackson. Should have clarified that
  19. Does bama pulling in black shire help us with Jackson or Lawson? I know it was hinted that we were working on Lawson already
  20. Does anyone know when the next round of recruiting rankings come out? Jboy seems to think we have a couple who jump up big
  21. We need to start a duke scoop thread with screenshots before he deletes them lol.
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