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  1. https://twitter.com/CrosbyBaseball/status/1526237542760185864?s=20&t=4eorgTHMwy0yeFfa0-hGyQ https://twitter.com/CrosbyBaseball/status/1526237544496627712?s=20&t=4eorgTHMwy0yeFfa0-hGyQ https://twitter.com/ProspectsLive/status/1526217950075596801
  2. Former coaches. 5/7 of the Bama staff are former Auburn baseball employees.
  3. Want to shout out Isbell and Sheehan for doing well recently. As we saw with Horn in 2019, even if you're cleared, it still takes time to recover from TJ and I will wait a couple months post clearing to see how these guys are doing in the season from recovering from partial TJ
  4. Well can't say it's the worst bunt call from Auburn I've ever seen. I've seen them ask Conor and Steven to bunt. At least Brody has been a decent bunter.
  5. We've got to work the counts better considering Bama will get to our bullpen early. Edit: We went to our bullpen earlier than expected...
  6. Judd and Will Holland were great at that kind of bunt. Been a while since I've seen one done well.
  7. The Athletic's Keith Law has ranked Ike Irish 53 on his top 100 board and Sonny Dichiara at 40. Also thinks Zach Crotchfelt could be a 4th rounder if he wants to sign, which is a big if.
  8. I feel like it's an issue to the regular TV networks trying to appeal to the casual audience, not just SEC network sadly. Interviewing the potential first round draft pick or controversial figure in college baseball falls under that. If it wasn't for my free trial of Apple TV, I wouldn't watch their MLB games because of their broadcasting. That being said, I'm glad Costas is back again doing MLB games, as he's a guy who is definitely invested in the sport.
  9. Oh it started way before that regional walk off. In Game 3 of the 2019 series between Tennessee and Auburn, one of the players for Tennessee hit a go-ahead HR and was jawing at Greenhill. And that was before Tennessee was considered a good team.
  10. I think the scholarship cap proposal was supposed to be for all equivalency sports, don't quote me on that though.
  11. Yeah and also nice for teams not to be reliant on guys who don't have a financial motive to leave teams due to money. OK state has Robin Ventura and Matt Holliday on staff as student assistants.
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