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  1. He has shoulder inflammation from what I heard which is why he hasn't pitched since UAB.
  2. Some team may take him underslot in Day 2(Rounds 3-10), given he doesn't have that much leverage. Or a slightly above average deal in Day 3(just above 125 K). CBT apparently expects DD to leave.
  3. I swear I have seen Bliss, Howell, Scheffler and to some extent, Ward hit first pitch a good amount of times this season, and a good bit of the time those have not worked out well.
  4. Probably Horn/Wade will start, then the other of those two may be used up as well. If Auburn is in the game tomorrow, Greenhill and Anderson will pitch. Gray and Watson may also be available. Thankfully Tuesday is an exhibition game so Schilleci and Luttrell can be used then because our bullpen will probably be worn out. I'm not sure if redshirts can play in exhibition games but if they can, Sweatt can be used.
  5. He is working with the crew in Auburn that sets up tailgate tents across camps. Apparently he played for an indy league team after the college season, but got released. On a worse note, he got arrested this month in Opelika for marijuana possession. I just hope all is well for him.
  6. Also, Josh Anthony was supposed to sign with the Braves, but then the Braves ran out of money to sign him, so he came here. He was supposed to be another top JUCO guy Butch was supposed to lose. I'm glad we got Josh, but I wish things turned out differently for him at least collegiately. He had a 6 figure draft bonus ready to sign, only to get it taken away from him as well. Just wished he had an opportunity in the pros.
  7. Was Alex Speas a Butch recruit? And Ricky De La Torre(6th round Twins pick in 2017) is the only other high school guy I can think of that Butch has lost to the draft since he's been here.
  8. I doubt Glavine can make it he is in the 84-86 mph range with his fastball. There's just better pitchers ahead of him. And Chase Hall is a redshirt Junior.
  9. There are also two walk ons not added. Jackson Henderson and Harrison Boozer are their names, and yes, Jackson is the brother of Gunnar.
  10. Link attached.
  11. Yes, as he will be eligible immediately under a grad transfer, as he is graduating Auburn this winter. Interestingly other Auburn alums of note visiting Auburn are Hunter Morris as a coach with UT-Martin and Trevor Hillhouse as a pitcher for South Alabama. Kyler Deese apparently has a role with South Alabama baseball, but it is unknown if he is a coach or not.
  12. I think BT gives DD another shot at the rotation. If he scuffles again, he will switch DD to power reliever. I'd say we put Burns, then DD, then either Wade/Owen/Greenhill. I wouldn't mind putting Ryan Watson in the long reliever/spot starter role Mitchell had last year. We will need bullpen arms, and hopefully Owen/Wade, Greenhill, Watson, Anderson, and Hoerter can make up the bulk of the innings in the bullpen. Would also be nice to get solid contributions from the new guys like Kyle Gray. Probably am missing other guys. We probably may see Schilleci in the midweek games a lot more. I just don't want another Coker overuse situation like last year.
  13. Burns is a given at 1 I'd say. 2 is probably Davis Daniel if Butch wants to start DD, and 3 could be either Wade/Owen/Greenhill, though I believe it's more likely to be Wade. This could vary depending on Butch's plans with Greenhill and Daniel. The lineup is more of a question I'd say with Holland the only virtual lock on the field and lineup, as Auburn is replacing their starting CF, 3B, 2B, 1B and C. Apparently a close source tells me they are still planning to have Williams catch. Williams and Julien are basically guaranteed spots in the lineup but their positions are in doubt.
  14. CBT kicked off Kyler Deese for the 2017 season after his public intoxication arrest, though Deese had past incidents, if we're looking at how CBT may handle the Julien situation. Not been a good offseason Auburn sophomores on the baseball team. Hopefully this doesn't affect Julien because odds are he has a student visa and arrests don't exactly help that.