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  1. Who's the last Auburn commit that made it to the 18U team? I know Steven Williams made it 15U and Tanner Burns, Mike Bello and John Spencer made it to 17U
  2. 48 guys on the fall ball roster https://auburntigers.com/sports/baseball/roster
  3. He would be in the 2019 class where 2020 would be his first season. I think he was the highest ranked recruit Butch got to commit with the #12 ranking(but sadly not go to campus), so this year would be his draft year theoretically.
  4. Beau Bryans has decided to go to JUCO instead of Auburn.
  5. He was coaching an Auburn camp so I'd assume so. https://twitter.com/WarEagleBeaches/status/1550284965287526403?s=20&t=PXUNqBx2gjI0DtDUtZ2Q7A
  6. Howell is coming back. Like our OF depth for next year, plus Ware can be a defensive replacement for the corner infield spots as well.
  7. Hate to break this to you, but Mullins apparently requires Tommy John surgery anyways so Butch was already not counting on Hayden for 2023. https://twitter.com/tylermilliken_/status/1549468015502266369?s=20&t=GTF7aKZuJkyMsc-b-t5lkw
  8. I'm sure Butch has gone after the top prospects, but even with our recent success, we're not as popular for top recruits as a few other SEC schools or even Texas in recent memory for example. Butch is trying to get us up there and to his credit, we're doing better. And yeah, Auburn lost Slate Alford last year to MSU because they could offer him a scholarship and in-state waivers. And from personal experience with some MSU baseball players from Alabama when they were in high school, they weren't book/test smart but still got the in-state waivers.
  9. Well Sheehan is coming back. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Auburn-baseball-gets-big-news-with-the-return-of-Tommy-Sheehan-190531056/
  10. Sonny and Burkhalter have already signed. Rambo and Skipper plan to go pro. https://www.trussvilletribune.com/2022/07/20/q-a-with-hewitt-trussville-grad-mlb-draftee-carson-skipper/
  11. Apparently we missed this for next year. https://twitter.com/willcannon20/status/1491196638136012801?s=20&t=5zU8rxCU-ZKdib-O29THdA
  12. Yeah we had very good recruiting classes coming into the 2018-2020 seasons and did well to keep most of the guys. Apparently Gunnar Henderson really wanted to come to Auburn, but I'd never blame him for taking the money. Besides Gunnar, most of the recruits that left either in JUCO/high school to the draft haven't really done well in the pros sadly. I remember last year Butch got questioned if he wasn't getting top guys because he was playing it safe and not spending effort on top recruits, people forgot that Wade and Burns were top 50 draft prospects, and not to mention him bringing Bliss, Williams, LaRue, Barnett, Daniel and other guys here who were questions to go pro out of high school
  13. He was. Probably it was more playing time that he foresaw he wouldn't see. I mean he wasn't gonna surpass Foster/Rambo/Moore, not to mention the other backups like Land and Farquhar. Maybe it's just exploring his options like Garrett Wade who is considering to return here. He hasn't played much this summer, batting .053/.308/.211 in 19 AB's with 6 walks and 7 K's, 1HR and hasn't played since June 7. He still hasn't announced a new transfer location.
  14. BA has us as the biggest winners of the draft in terms of colleges. https://twitter.com/CrosbyBaseball/status/1549764005815676928?s=20&t=M3O_XJm26_bmGe_aBK9Wwg
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