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  1. Gus is a terrible/horrible coach. He needs to be fired tonight.
  2. The last 7 years with Gus. How can anyone be upset that the students left or anyone that booed? I want to know why people keep showing up and supporting this foolishness. I heard someone post that Gus has killed their love for Auburn football. That hit home for me because I thought it was just me. I can't even stand to look at Gus on the sidelines and I definitely don't watch his interviews. Prince had a song that went: I can't love you because I hate you and I can't hate you because I love you. sigh 2019: 7-2 (8-4 or 5 projected) 2018: 8-5 2017: 10-4 2016: 8-5 2015: 7-6 2014: 8-5 2013: 11-2
  3. Will be posting more. Get used to it.
  4. This generation is soft as baby powder. Why are football players worried about what someone is or is not doing in the stands? Feminine dudes.
  5. Big Kat plays more like a little kitten. That dude hasn't done anything since he came to Auburn.
  6. One word to describe Auburn foootball: Highschoolish
  7. You do quit if you have been lied to and embarrassed on national TV by a grown/adult man. How would you like it if Gus grabbed a child of yours on TV like that? As far as being old school, Who cares what you are? You are out of touch with today's athletes. You are not as smart as you think and the way you post you show your close resemblance to bammers. Your little attempt at humor failed miserably.
  8. Go away with this foolishness. This isn't just about this year. Nobody is against Bo but he has stunk up the joint.
  9. I'm sorry but who was on the sidelines last Saturday? I don't remember seeing anyone from the BOT but I do remember seeing Gus choke like he did in the National Championship game. Talk about delusional.
  10. It is really a shame that Auburn has so much talent, is seen as a quality program yet Gus can't get out of his own way. I don't ever want to pull against Auburn and I won't but I want Gus gone NOW!
  11. Grimes fell asleep while in a recruit's home? No way that happened! 😊 Wow! How do you come back from something like that? lol
  12. I'm just here to get to my 50th post.