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  1. theallseeingfan

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Regarding Gus's propensity to dictate to OC's decisions, I would have to assume that HF being a former Head Coach would mean that he'd be able to enforce/influence his own philosophy with much more success than his would-be predecessors (Lindsay, Lashlee, etc). If this is the case I believe our offense could be immensely successful with the skill we're bringing in. Of course, OL play/depth will have to improve as well. Everybody else in the business seems to get passes when they 'resurrect' coaches' careers, why not us. Unfortunately, it is about winning, otherwise we wouldn't be having the conversation. If we can positively influence young men's lives along the way that's great. So Gus if you're reading this, I say hire him 😉
  2. theallseeingfan

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    I was watching game day this morning and another name got brought up- Kyle Whittingham from Utah. He has done such a good job. Every year, competent, competitive, physical teams. I don't hear his name get brought up often, maybe it's a west cost v east coast thing.
  3. theallseeingfan

    Coach Ryan Russell

    That's fair. But looking back to the UGA and Bama games last year, did it look like we were behind them in strength and conditioning programming? My point (and opinion) is that what we're seeing this year with regards to on field results has way more to do with bad schemes & talent/recruiting deficiencies at certain (and very important) positions, most notably the OL.
  4. theallseeingfan

    Coach Ryan Russell

    Nothing personal, but your assumption is 100% wrong. Russell brought new science and training modalities into Yox's old school approach to S&C. I know bc of the struggles we're seeing on the field the tendency would be "I'd give anything to have Yox's old training style back", but believe me when I say Coach Russell has more knowledge and understanding of how individual human bodies work/perform than Yox by an exponential value. The bottom line with this particular discussion (OL) is that you can only do so much with DNA and our OL's DNA isn't up to par. That's a recruiting issue not a training issue. Russell has one of the more solid, science based training programs in the country. He uses a "phase" system where players can only advance to the next phase of more dynamic lifts by testing out with strength & speed in specific movements based on what they should be able to do with their body weight. Our problems are 100% schematic, which is to agree with some posters noting that although we stink, we have a pretty solid culture with kids that have character. It isn't our S&C program, with the exception of the OL it isn't talent, it isn't lack of program standards and values, it's our Head Coach's (in)ability to adapt his offensive scheme, and overall decision making, with the players he has available. And since that is the essence of being a good coach, GM is failing.
  5. theallseeingfan

    Who would replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    If we fire Gus after the season: 1. Bob Stoops - he is the only viable candidate with true HC experience at the biggest level, knows how to win and keep a program running. Also, coaches with time off come back refreshed, hungry and with new perspective that can help a lot. 2. Lane Kiffin (with an aggressive DC in the mold of Manny Diaz or something like that, although I don't prefer Diaz personally) he can secure our '19 Offensive recruiting class, turn Bo Nix into a star, continue to crush recruiting, etc. If he could round up a stellar Defensive staff or even just keep the guys over there that we have, this seems like fireworks to me. Soooo much energy. 3. Matt Campbell (Iowa St.) only concern is not knowing the valuable recruiting information it would take to compete with the powers. But he seems like he can absolutely run a program. Positive reinforcement/energy type of guy. Still young but has experience winning big games. Just my opinion
  6. theallseeingfan

    Southern Miss look-a-likes

    Louis CK
  7. theallseeingfan

    First offensive play of the season

    *first time caller long time listener* I'd like to see us pump the stay screen out to RD and have our blocking receiver NCM release down the sideline and hit him for a big gain. Thanks for taking my call I'll hang up and listen