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  1. Surprise - CAP Bust - Jovon Robinson Disappointment - Mario Fannin Underrated - Kenny Irons Underutilized - Brad Lester One More Year - Caddy
  2. I want to see what Turbo can do for significant minutes.
  3. As a team, we are not very good. Individuals have talent but not a team mentality nor the skills at PG to operate as one
  4. We really are not very good as a team.
  5. I wouldn't hand the ball off to Boobee in any meaningful moments. Not until he washes the butter off his hands.
  6. At least he'll have the balls to call out the Updykes and other teams on their bull****.
  7. Bo Nix check boxes: Beat thUga 4 times- 0 for 1 Beat Updykes 4 times - 1 for 1 Win in Baton Rouge - 0 for 1 Win SEC Title - Win National Title - SEC Fresh of Year - CHECK SEC Player of Year - Win Heisman - Let's enjoy the ride...I bet he checks the majority of those boxes in the end.
  8. Gotta pay for stats input these days. Good for him though
  9. Don't like seeing it but love the memories. Next time use the fire hoses
  10. If you are still here, your son became an Auburn legend today.
  11. There is zero reason not to play balls to the wall today, and Gus might do so successfully, but he will inexplicably abandon it.
  12. Bubble screen, dive, deep ball...that's about it.