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  1. My son and his friend want a men's trip. WAR DAMN EAGLE!
  2. Sabear is getting old. His stock is now trending down. He's in coast mode. Lost his fire.
  3. Execution and lack of penalties being called. This is a very beatable gawga team. They won't get far. That's what pisses me off most. Very beatable.
  4. Flip flop it and you've got a winner. Maybe geaux beau geaux
  5. LSU v Auburn has had way too many crazy endings to feel comfortable after we scored. I was just ready to feel dead inside.
  6. Being a second half team may get exhausting. What's up with Tank? Anyone see anything on the field out of the ordinary from him?
  7. If DD doesn't get put in soon, he should transfer. 1 and 2 both suck.
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