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  1. Hope he gets 1500 total yards on the year. Curious to why one would transfer to a school and follow a coach that didn't play you. I understand he will probably be the most talented player on the field, but still...that little lingering doubt. Malzahn must have promised him 1st string.
  2. Love it. Been playing 2014 since its release...just uploading new rosters from Operation Sports each season. Wish it was 2K and not EA, but I'll take it.
  3. I've accepted that their schedule isn't that different. It's how we perceive it. When they play ole miss, nobody gives ole miss a chance When we play ole miss, we stress cause we know. Same thing with other common opponents.
  4. There will be very serious competition when he gets to campus. Probably redshirt and then split a few special reps his freshmen year.
  5. Once per decade speed players and it was all wasted
  6. If he has the drive to learn.
  7. I just feel his personal views will match up well with the Auburn family. He wants to go somewhere not driven by sales and promises. Harsin and cadillac can deliver that.
  8. Tutt has taken some brutal hits for Auburn and delivered some electric stuff at times. The man is welcome at Auburn in any capacity his entire life.
  9. Would it benefit Pegues, or would it even be possible, to lose enough body fat to be a true Fullback? Is a true fullback even used in Harsin's system? Kid is an athlete, and I expect that to be a very interesting move as to how Harsin uses him.
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