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  1. The last two weeks just feel like NFL preseason. Boring as hell, correct mistakes...if we don't handle TAMU well, then I'll start to worry.
  2. 75% completion percentage for Nix 7+ yards per carry for the backs. Boobee on the bench with a ball duct taped to his body. DJ WILLIAMS
  3. Auburn Georgia Kansas State Tennessee Alabama Southeastern Louisiana Colorado State Kentucky Texas A&M LSU Missouri 37
  4. Sprained AC joint. Our next week back for A&M is my guess.
  5. We keep feeding fumble fingers. No DJ Joiner. This is garbage.
  6. Gatewood? Did Gus basically say screw him?
  7. Looks like a sprained AC joint.
  8. Was about to post a very similar thought.
  9. Screw the Football Only complex. Spend every penny on a new clock. Every year this happens.
  10. Off topic, but Matthew McConaughey just took the tiger head off of Lee and chucked it. Amazing. I hope the LSU fan base melts down hard core.