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  1. Here's the thing about being top paid head coaches. It better translate to wins. Highest paid coach better be 1-3 consistently. 2nd highest should be 2-4 consistently. 3rd highest should be 3-5 consistently. etc. etc. Malzahn should never have us ranked below 9 at any point in the season.
  2. You know who's not patient? Recruits...other schools...fans...donors...etc. Let's throw every penny into Dabo Swinney.
  3. Most Auburn season ever. Here's the end. Make FG and save Gus for now or miss and recognize the plummet and fire him.
  4. Seth and Bryce Brown. Clutch... but when things don't go their way, they pout and loaf.
  5. You know why coach goes Boom? He is legitimately happy a play worked.
  6. Pence is just a disgusting human-being.
  7. It's not a personality...the dude is a ******* psychopath.
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