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  1. You have to go in believing Nix will not get hurt no matter the play. Just run the mother ******* offense.
  2. You could see later on the game, Marlon Davidson was also feeling done things that we feel toward the offense.
  3. You gotta think, even players are tired of same s*** different day from playcalling and execution.
  4. Here's actually not a great coach... Just a master recruiter
  5. Absolutely zero excuse to lose to this team at home. Game
  6. Absolutely zero excuse to lose to this team at home.
  7. Defense and special teams is going to have to score.
  8. Sorry folks...was really mad earlier. Don't actually wish injury on others, but man I hate this. Prayers to tua as well
  9. Muschamp beat these ass holes...muschamp This is not a great thuga team, yet here we are. Fire Gus today
  10. Welp, I don't usually give up early, but ballgame.