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  1. Some personal demons you might want to consider working out.
  2. South Carolina Auburn Florida SMU BYU Navy Mississippi State Georgia Washington Oklahoma Kansas State Michigan Kentucky Arkansas Baylor Florida State NC State Tiebreaker: Total Points in Kentucky at Ole Miss - 78
  3. All I know is LSU is working on a massive product/deal that will turn NIL completely on its head. LSU will be top cat in college football NIL recruiting for a LONG LONG time.
  4. 2-4 week recovery assuming everything is healing as it should, and he's not out hitting home runs with tennis rackets. Not a small injury...AC joint never really heals 100%...will have to make some adjustments in his mechanics. Could be the season depending on how Robby/Geriner comes along.
  5. Doesn't matter. We'll fire them in a few years anyway and continue the madness.
  6. I hate CBS games so freaking much.
  7. Omari one of the quickest freshmen I've seen In a while
  8. Sounds like a bunch of personal observations and translations from the bleachers.
  9. Nah...just the positive side of my D.I.D.
  10. Given we have zero control over the situation, I'll choose to back Harsin. As long as the players believe in him, I may as well. Board is overrun by negativity. Auburn fans...we think we're something special, but we're a disease at times.
  11. Didn't say it was a good showing. Check yourself.
  12. Other than tank and shenk... all Harsin's guys that signed, freshman mostly, beat an SEC team. Defensive side the vets gave them what they needed. All new guys touching the ball and getting the W. Bright side? I think he's the right coach. I just don't think he'll get the time to show it.
  13. Perhaps our biggest problem in football isn't Harsin...perhaps it's impatience. Time will tell...if we allow it.
  14. O Line calling plays and managing player reps etc? OL is a huge peoblem...but you can't be happy with clock management, personal decisions, play calling, and lack of awareness. Harsin may be a great coach one day, but auburn isn't a place for young coaches to grow. They should be established in all areas at this point
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