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  1. Does Dan Dokich do anything other than complain
  2. Let's move Purdue to the SEC West and Bama to the Big 10
  3. There was a Bama guy on the sports station here in Mobile last week, saying very good thing about Williams. He was hoping that Williams would consider Bama
  4. Let's hire Bruce Pearl to coach our football team
  5. Supporter and P.A. Announcer for Vigor here. You can follow me on Twitter with game updates Voiceofthepack1
  6. Defense- Daniel Thomas, Smoke Monday Offense- Asa Martin (if he is still there) Prince Tega and Seth
  7. The perfect game coupled with Bama playing significantly below their talent level. We cannot have any turnovers, limit 3 and outs and find a way to keep Bama off balance on defense. If that doesn't work get the Tide starters to socialize with the MSU spirit squad.
  8. I want to see this game but on the other don't want to see it. As much as I love Auburn, I have been a big fan of Duke basketball since the 80's. I wish their was some way that both teams could win.
  9. This guy will get better and better
  10. True but he is making an observation now and he seems to be pretty spot on.
  11. Whose offense has been worse, Auburn or MSU?
  12. That's why I want to see what Ashley can do. At this point Troxell is definitely not the answer