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  1. What games ya play and on what platform? I’d have to warm up the ‘ol thumbs
  2. You're seriously awesome. Thank you! Glad to hear that about our 6'6", 235 lb QB. Hope he takes the reigns and makes it his for a year or two.
  3. Do we know what time the scrimmage is supposed to be held?! I am overly excited about the intel we get from it as well. The season needs to go ahead and start!
  4. Are you sure about that? There may have been practices without media viewing windows or interviews. I seem to remember some one posting a practice schedule before camp started that indicated that players would get one day off a week since practice began. However, the schedule could have changed and you could be right!
  5. Thank you for the intel! Joey being the guy has been my gut feeling all along. However, I would not be disappointed with either one getting the nod. I just want Auburn to win, and to win often.
  6. A couple that I am aware of that are more affordable than cable: PSVue, Sling, YoutubeTV, and HuluTV. With some of these apps, there is no limit to how many devices can access the same material at one time. To make the most affordable decision, trustworthy friends going in on it with you and everyone chipping in would be the best option. However, I am sure if you browse hard enough on the web, you could find someone streaming the game for free. These sites are usually not secure and leave you susceptible to viruses.
  7. My belief is that abortion should be an option if the health of the child or the mother is at risk, or if there is a situation of rape or incest. Abortion for the sake convenience should not be an option. No one can definitively say for certain when life begins, so should we not err on the side of caution? Additionally, as adults, we should accept personal responsibility. This especially includes the men who fathered these children. Men who do not fulfill their fatherly duties, should be sterilized. In cases where people are unfit to take on the responsibility to raise their own children, local communities need to step up desperately to shoulder their “fellow man’s” burden. Posted above is my moral argument. My political argument is that government has 3 main responsibilities: national security, protection of individual liberty, and protection of life. In this case, two of those functions may be conflicting, and arguments can be made for each side. I have enjoyed reading each of your posts and opinions. @McLoofus I am so sorry for what you and your wife had to endure, I’ve been through a very similar experience.
  8. I haven't kept up with Oregon at all since we played them for all the marbles. Do they have a solid defense to go along with their always decent offense? Should be an interesting match up. While not being blinded by the glorified scrimmage that is A-Day is a sure challenge for me personally, I do like the promise that Auburn has on both sides of the ball even when trying to remove the orange and blue glasses. Hopefully, the coaching staff will not squander it this year.
  9. That game was bad for Auburn fans’ blood pressure around the world! My post was in humor.
  10. I don’t know what he actually responded with, but “attacking anyone on the basis of skin color is wrong, no matter who it is” would be an acceptable answer as well. I yearn for the day that race is not brought up by anyone, for any reason and instead we all take the humanist approach. (Likely won’t ever come!)
  11. This is my only hope. As far as gays rights, trans, etc... that should never have government involvement in the first place, IMO.
  12. @Salty Tiger I was referencing @homersapien. Felt like he was joking when bringing up her race. Accidental misquote! My apologies. Thank you for the warm welcome! My objective is to bridge the gap between both sides. When I reach the threshold of posts to be able to start my own thread, I’d like to start a conversation of the dangers of playing political team sports. Hopefully we can all find things to agree on.
  13. I get the humor. ? Seriously, both sides have their idiots, whether it be a temporary trait or a chronic one. She just happens to be one associated with the left. If there’s one thing I wish we could all agree on, it is the death of identity politics. Individualism is what we should all strive for, in my humble opinion.