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  1. That game was bad for Auburn fans’ blood pressure around the world! My post was in humor.
  2. I don’t know what he actually responded with, but “attacking anyone on the basis of skin color is wrong, no matter who it is” would be an acceptable answer as well. I yearn for the day that race is not brought up by anyone, for any reason and instead we all take the humanist approach. (Likely won’t ever come!)
  3. This is my only hope. As far as gays rights, trans, etc... that should never have government involvement in the first place, IMO.
  4. @Salty Tiger I was referencing @homersapien. Felt like he was joking when bringing up her race. Accidental misquote! My apologies. Thank you for the warm welcome! My objective is to bridge the gap between both sides. When I reach the threshold of posts to be able to start my own thread, I’d like to start a conversation of the dangers of playing political team sports. Hopefully we can all find things to agree on.
  5. I get the humor. ? Seriously, both sides have their idiots, whether it be a temporary trait or a chronic one. She just happens to be one associated with the left. If there’s one thing I wish we could all agree on, it is the death of identity politics. Individualism is what we should all strive for, in my humble opinion.
  6. Wonder if he could play safety. Could use some one with his size and speed as a last line of defense if he is physical enough. Hopefully he can put it together as a QB though.
  7. Realistic Prediction: Let's give the football to the other team: 24 Tell 'em bout it Joe-Joe: 14 Even though we are solid against the run, I think because of LSU's talent, they'll find ways to score at least one on the ground. All it takes is one missed assignment for them to take advantage with their speed. I think we will leave a lot to be desired with our running game this go around, but we will just do enough to have the most points on the board. We seem to be strongest when running behind the right guard and right tackle, and I believe LSU will take that away from us. Dreamer's Prediction: Auburn: 55 LSU: 0
  8. Being fair, we were offsides on that pick 6... Refs missed it. Wish we’d play more focused
  9. War Eagle from the Dannelly Field Air Show! Hoping for a shut out today!
  10. Guy is a buffoon. I enjoy listening to Joe Rogan podcasts on occasion. He and Alex are friends and even Joe readily admits the guy has snakes in his head.
  11. So you don't believe something in the water is making the frogs gay????? I jest of course. Hopefully you don't consider Ben Shapiro fans as a part of that group. Would love it if he ran for office.
  12. This issue has me torn... On one hand, it is a serious dereliction of duty by the anonymous source in the least. On the other, it could be some one that has legitimate concerns and they are willing to be a martyr for the greater good. If this came to be from an individual with nothing to gain and everything to lose, I believe that would be the best case scenario for finding truth. If this was publicized and the result is a political springboard, it will be very questionable in my opinion.
  13. I know the Clintons are a wealthy bunch now, but weren’t they pretty broke leaving the WH? I could be misremembering, but I thought I recalled a bankruptcy and the selling of WH items/furniture. Or maybe that info was false? Either way, I want them away from politics as much as anyone. It’s hard to believe all the oddities and scandals surrounding one family. Current administration seems to be trying to catch up, though. We need stability and integrity from our leaders. Here’s to hoping both sides put their best people forward next go around.
  14. That's a misquote. I never said that.