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  1. Maybe for some! Of course I’d like Auburn to win, but it has no bearing on anything unless it is a playoff game. I suppose an argument could be made for momentum and hope. Perhaps if we had lost to Purdue last year, we’d be staring at a 5 or 6 loss team. No way to know for sure!
  2. Pure speculation on my part, but everyone has their own convictions. Maybe one of his is to finish everything that he starts. As for my opinion, it’s a mixed bag... Pros: 1. He is using one more opportunity to demonstrate selfless leadership to those expected to fill his shoes. 2. He is demonstrating integrity to his future employers by being a team player instead of simply focusing on himself. 3. Being a premier, prominent college football player in this position is an opportunity to show recruits that Auburn has coaches that they will want to play for. Cons: 1. The obvious risk of injury. 2. Taking playing time away from the future on the interior line for an exhibition game. 3. The bowl game he is electing to participate in is pointless, meaning that all Auburn is having to play for is pride.
  3. This seems too real. Are you a time traveler, my friend?
  4. Really good win for the good guys. I predicted a loss on this one, and I am so damn happy that I am wrong! War Eagle, everyone!
  5. I just don’t think we are ready for this type of game yet. I sincerely hope I am wrong (please baby Jesus), but I have us losing 24-13. I believe we are pretty evenly matched talent-wise, but they will have the better game plan.
  6. I agree with ya. I am more scared of A&M than I was Oregon, though.... And our boys stole that one. I have not seen drastic improvement yet from week to week. Hopefully, potential will start to be realized against the Aggies. Side note on Kent State and unrelated: The combination of Gatewood and Joiner in the backfield is scary. I hope it will be used often moving forward.
  7. That one, Descending, Invincible, and Culling Voices have been on repeat all day at my desk. Very pleased with the result of a 13 year wait.
  8. I am getting married this year during the Samford game. If I have your luck, Malzahn will be in a world of hurt!
  9. Auburn - 24 Oregon - 21 For the most part, we play pretty vanilla. I believe that late into the 4th, Oregon will be up 21-17. We march down with 3 minutes left to get the go ahead score. Our defense holds and we walk away with a W. Fans walk away from the game with cautionary optimism looking forward (like almost every other year).
  10. What games ya play and on what platform? I’d have to warm up the ‘ol thumbs
  11. You're seriously awesome. Thank you! Glad to hear that about our 6'6", 235 lb QB. Hope he takes the reigns and makes it his for a year or two.
  12. Do we know what time the scrimmage is supposed to be held?! I am overly excited about the intel we get from it as well. The season needs to go ahead and start!
  13. Are you sure about that? There may have been practices without media viewing windows or interviews. I seem to remember some one posting a practice schedule before camp started that indicated that players would get one day off a week since practice began. However, the schedule could have changed and you could be right!
  14. Thank you for the intel! Joey being the guy has been my gut feeling all along. However, I would not be disappointed with either one getting the nod. I just want Auburn to win, and to win often.