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  1. These announcers are dense AF. Dude just said we made it to the national championship in basketball 🙄
  2. Trash calls. Gonna have to keep pitching amazing and pray for one big inning.
  3. Can’t hit the ball if you never swing the bat.
  4. Finally got a strikeout. Owen just needs to find a rhythm with his pitches and he’ll be fine.
  5. A couple of Owen’s pitches that were called balls were called strikes for UNC’s pitcher. Gonna have to fight through that.
  6. We are so close to playing an incredible game if we can just clean it up a little bit offensively.
  7. Boy these refs lol let’s just close this game out as clean as possible and get ready for UF tomorrow.
  8. Who knew they could blow the whistle against Missouri? Lol
  9. Referees are carrying Grant Williams lol and I wish Okeke or Spencer would send a Schofield shot into the student section to s*** him up.
  10. Ole Miss just throws them up and they go in lol.
  11. Okeke gets shoved out of bounds and no foul call lol.
  12. Gotta force some turnovers here. 14 for Auburn and only 4 for LSU,
  13. Lol here come the phantom whistles