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  1. This ^^^^ we killed Georgia and Alabama in 2017 with drag routes and crossing patterns then they just disappeared and we haven’t seen them since.
  2. Same plays different year. Trash playcalling.
  3. Yes I mean just in general thank you for the assist lol. They handcuffed Ryan Davis the same way instead of continuing to run those slants and drag routes. Those disappeared in 2017 after the Alabama game. Like you said gotta do something different with them and be versatile with the play calling if just to make the defense think twice lol.
  4. Agree with you 100% on the personal stuff. Like never letting Schwartz run anything but speed sweeps and deep posts so the defense knows exactly what’s happening when he steps on the field.
  5. Huge stop by the D. Offense needs to assert themselves now or not at all.
  6. Gus is burying Bo, and our defensive line is getting worked. This is disgusting to watch.
  7. From what I could see in the throwing video Bo and Joey didn’t look too far off from each other but what do I know lol.
  8. These announcers are dense AF. Dude just said we made it to the national championship in basketball 🙄
  9. Trash calls. Gonna have to keep pitching amazing and pray for one big inning.
  10. Can’t hit the ball if you never swing the bat.
  11. Finally got a strikeout. Owen just needs to find a rhythm with his pitches and he’ll be fine.
  12. A couple of Owen’s pitches that were called balls were called strikes for UNC’s pitcher. Gonna have to fight through that.
  13. We are so close to playing an incredible game if we can just clean it up a little bit offensively.
  14. Boy these refs lol let’s just close this game out as clean as possible and get ready for UF tomorrow.