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  1. Boy these refs lol let’s just close this game out as clean as possible and get ready for UF tomorrow.
  2. Who knew they could blow the whistle against Missouri? Lol
  3. Referees are carrying Grant Williams lol and I wish Okeke or Spencer would send a Schofield shot into the student section to s*** him up.
  4. Ole Miss just throws them up and they go in lol.
  5. Okeke gets shoved out of bounds and no foul call lol.
  6. Gotta force some turnovers here. 14 for Auburn and only 4 for LSU,
  7. Lol here come the phantom whistles
  8. It’s also unreal how we went from being automatic on under the basket out of bounds to it being automatic against us. I miss forcing teams to call timeouts constantly when they throw it from underneath.
  9. 2 different occasions we’ve had a 2 or 3 possession in a row stretch of turnovers that keeps us from being up 20
  10. This is painful to watch. It’s like every lesson that could be learned from our losses gets thrown out the window like they never happened lol.
  11. We just give games away and it’s so unreal to watch 😔
  12. We just can not afford those 2 or 3 lazy defensive series in a row and give them easy baskets like we just did 🙄🙄 kills our momentum every single game.
  13. Should have been an And 1 on the dunk with the body foul IMO but what’s a body foul anymore? Lol