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  1. Loving the fact that the receivers are running multiple routes and not just specific to their skill set. Makes all the difference in the world to make defense account for Schwartz on an out route or underneath route
  2. True 😂😂 but better than trying to force it and losing 4 yards
  3. It’s making Gus sick to his stomach to watch DJ become the guy at Rb lol
  4. Imagine Shivers taking that 3rd pass instead of Kam and turning it up field 👀 idk where they said Kam was a change of pace back I do not see the speed or agility at all.
  5. And the Ole Miss player is the one down on the field lol
  6. I don’t post often but when I do it means I’m quite frustrated lol
  7. No need for that stupid 3rd down play when you’re hitting easy 5 yard throws left and right.
  8. Quick out? Nice. Probably won’t see it against Georgia at all lol
  9. A slant instead of a corner post would have been an easier throw there lol considering nobody was playing up on Seth at all.
  10. DJ Williams has two 40+ Runs against LSU and can’t even get a snap On the opening drive Lololololol. Typical.
  11. Even worse is he does that same sequence 9/10 times on 4th down too 😑
  12. This ^^^^ we killed Georgia and Alabama in 2017 with drag routes and crossing patterns then they just disappeared and we haven’t seen them since.
  13. Same plays different year. Trash playcalling.