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  1. Im holding out on us having a good season defensively ....sending 2-3 out in first round of draft ....at least 1 anyway.....and some of these guys backing off commitments and pulling a pickens but in reverse and coming back to Auburn....a man can dream
  2. loving watchng Nix......cant wait for the new #10 Nix to take the reins
  3. Im not even going to check bc I think we have less than 0 chance to land him......please God let me eat crow
  4. What hell is he talking about? Who broke laws>>?
  5. As I mentioned in previous posts, I am far more concerned with our Defense in this game than our offense. I think we will have that pass rush come in a form of R. Jubinor or a highly improved TD Moultry. I just have a feeling about those guys. Plus Nick Coe and the rest of our Dline. I think this will be biggest test of the Defense of the season minus Alabama and possibly aTm
  6. I was watching Finebaum today and going over how difficult our schedule is, which it is BRUTAL, however, people are saying they cant even see how we get to 8 wins....Its these years when Auburn has came out of nowhere and shocked the world.....Every year I remember being highly touted preseason we dissapoint, but let us have low to medium expectations and we have a chance....I like it....I think we will set a tone against Oregon....Oregon i think will be more a testament to our defense than our O
  7. This really isn't good. We don't have near the depth and we cannot afford losses. SMH
  8. This is the approach I have as well. Just didn't really execute on the delivery of such position. I will and will forever be excited about Auburn football in the Preseason. I will support whoever is at the helm until they aren't because I want to win. I think we as fans have been unrealistic a many a time. I also think that media hype has given us unrealistic expectations as well. When all the Jeremy Johnson hype train was going...he pretty much already won the Heisman before start of season....and he had very little meaningful playing time. I was skeptical and it turned out i was right. I just think we should all be supportive of our players and coaches but yes give criticism where its due but we can do that and still support the Auburn Football team and the staff.
  9. Very nice post. I'm not a Gus Basher, Nor do I live and die to support the Gus Bus. I support Auburn and I want them to succeed regardless of who is at the helm. I think Gus has actually done a decent job with all things considered and whats happening next door. I still think he is a young HC learning on the jobb but I do shake my head at the bone headed mistakes he has made. I am super happy to have him calling plays again. One thing you left out, and correct me if you didnt I do apologize, is that Gus is coaching for his life again. This is a good thing for Auburn. Not complacent. This will have him pulling all the stops I believe. I think if we can play good enough and pull a nice win against Oregon to start the year, and then not play down to competition but really tune up over the next 2 games, we could have a magical season. Here are what I think our strengths will be from top to bottom. #1- Dline- need I say more #2 WRs- I think We have one of the best WR rooms in the nation and I think with the speed and skillset of our guys it will help whichever QB is at the helm #3-secondary- We have a lot of experience at the 2 deep. We lost J. Dean but we moved J. davis back to corner, I think Tutt will fill in the nickle nicely, and Noah will be an AA. Safeties are legit with dinson and thomas, and Sherwood and Smoke provide great depth with little drop off, this may be the #1 by midseason as far as strengths #4- tie....RBS and Oline- this was our major weak points last year. I think the Oline improved throughout the year especially on Pass blocking but all around. I think they will be a good Oline not Great but good and with correct placycallig and a vast group of playmakers good can be good enough. RBs have a lot more experience and We have some newcomers who will contribute I think we have several different guys that will play a major role. #5 LBS.- im listing this as a strength because I believe they will be. I know we lose our starters but think about 2016 when we were in same spot. We met D. Davis then. I think the group we have now is more athletic and has more ability and potential than the great group they are replacing. I think O. Pappoe becomes a starter by midseason and a fresh AA. and LBs turn into a force. #6-low expectations from media, We are not preseason top 10 which kills us every time. #7 QB. I think which ever guy starts will have a some growing pains but both have the talent and potential to become amazing AU QBs and i lose sleep dreaming about the future.
  10. This could be a Huge get....oh my....I'm taking this kid is legit.... Please come to the plains.... look at what we are losing after this year.... Playing time available
  11. Agreed....I think Boobie is coming along nicely and showed flashes last year.....and I think that one of either DJ/MAR/ is another 3 down back in the making and then we have Worm and Kmart for situational change of pace.....and maybe Worm turns out to be 1B and the other 3 down back...or even premier back....I could see it.....but I really think DJ is going to blow some peoples minds...and we havent even seen MAR yet....I think he is special too....I like our RB room probably more than i have in Gus' Tenure
  12. some plays ive watched and i think with the right playcalling and Oline he could be a heisman candidate and sometimes i feel like we are playing a Hand me down back, no offense intended. I think a lot of it is just him developing as a RB. Coach Dilly said he was without a doubt most improved so Im excited. I think he can be a stud
  13. Noticed pappoe in for a few...made a tackle
  14. This one always gets me pumped....i dont remember the song name or who sings it but man it pumps me up
  15. I literally just fell out laughin at that.....that is right on cue....not that i would know either hahahaha