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  1. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Coach Malzahn's coaching tenure here at AU, this is a great family of great people and I do believe they all truly loved AU and touched a lot of hearts while they were here. Please lord bring Kristi back to 100% and give strength to her all those around her.
  2. Don't bring him up!!!!! This thread bout to go for a ride lol....next thing you know we will all be in a heated debate about how bad the LB depth is while OL depth is solid because we have Bill Taylor!
  3. A lot of baseless claims going on here and there. "Coach harsin is hard to work for" "Derek Mason was over Harsin's crap so much he would rather give up his buyout and quit" "D Mason and Bobo were forced on CBH" I don't believe there was some big fallen out between CDM and CBH. I don't believe that CDM was forced on CBH either. My best conclusion would be that CBH hired a very well respected coach in Derek Mason because of his success as a former DC, his experience as a HC, and his ties to the southern recruiting lands. I believe CBH knew he was going to have to have some faces and brains familiar with this league and this part of the country at least until his foot was in the door. I don't believe CBH ever expected DM to be a long term solution and that is why JS was brought along. There were some really great defensive performances and some not so good ones throughout the year. I would say after the season CBH analyzed everything and talked with all of his staff and players to decide what direction he wanted to go in. There could have been some things that they didn't see eye to eye on, I am sure. My best guess being CBH likely wanted more responsibilities for his DC in waiting and maybe CDM didn't like that? All conjecture at this point on my part. At the end of the day, I believe it was a mutual decision between the two to handle it in the manner it was handled. I think it is crazy to say that CBH is PIA to work for when he has a large portion of his former staff travel plum across the country to follow him.
  4. Never directed anything at me? You replied to me, directly lol. Name Calling? I never called you a name..."toughen up, buttercup"....it's a figure of speech. You say I sound like a preteen, but yet here you are going off about a joke and making a big ordeal about nothing....Pot meet kettle. I hope you did ignore me...one less poster that can't take a joke.
  5. Was just looking back on some of the 22 recruits highlight films and man I am pumped. We picked up a stud who I am predicting now will be a 1st round draft pick when he leaves AU. He has all the talent needed, just a little raw in some aspects. His name is Jeffrey M'Ba...chicken pot pie M"Ba...dubie dot bah..M'Ba. This kid is freakishly fast and explosive for a 300+ lb gentleman.
  6. that's what we needed was the lead and a Cambridge Jam!!!
  7. As skeptical as I may have become in the last 72 hours, I am with you. It would be a massive middle crootin finger to many.
  8. Yea I am with you on that to an extent. I just want a DC that mixes it up. Man, zone, Man -Zone combos, etc. I remember Saban's early Defenses at Bama were so difficult because they mixed up so much and did a great job of disguising what they were doing.
  9. Question for....well anyone...With Shmedding being promoted to DC, do we expect to run the same type of Defense? I don't know what he ran at BSU. 3-4? 4-3? 1-1-9? lol. I know we have brought in a lot of bodies for a base 3-4 and more zone coverage type of DBs so I hope we keep it the same for the time being.
  10. Yea I would agree with this as well. In my best recollection, it was the "heralded" Offensive line with multiple 4 and 5 star guys that were the biggest problems.
  11. Nick Eason was a proven NFL coach known for his teaching abilities and relationships with his players. Jimmy B is a guy that has a mixed rep as far as coaching with is best stint being the 3 years or so he spent at UK. Zadarrius Smith is his biggest success I would say. Juco 4 star guy he signed with UK, played 2 seasons and was later drafted in the 4th round. Jimmy had multiple 1 year stints which could be for a variety of reasons. He was fired from Syracuse after 2 years. First year he was DL coach, then he was named the DT coach before being let go after that season. HE left Colorado and went to UT where he was fired after about 4 games I believe? IMO, anyone who is not a least a little concerned after this hire is being a bit blindly naive. Especially after the wait we have had for this hire right in the middle of trying to finish the class. This makes me think we were turned down by numerous people. Seems like a fall back hire in a big way. I hope he does huge things and I will support him, but it has me concerned.
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