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    So what's to come?

    I agree with most of what you said. However, i think the coaching is the best it's been for years. This game came down to execution IMO. The online looked better at times but I believe kim has reached his ceiling and unfortunately it's not high enough. JS biggest criticism had always been his ability to stand tall in the face of pressure and I saw this multiple times in the game. He is solid enough to get us there but not without the running game getting better. On that note I think we are starting to see a shift with boobie, he looked much better especially with the blocking he had, or didn't. Only thing with him there are times when it looks like he is about to break it and ashoestring tackle brings him down. He needs to work on balance but he has great potential she throw in worm, Kmart and I think asa or joiner will emerge as the year goes in and we will have a good RB combo but it all depends on what e do with the Oline. I'm not bashing Gus and here's why....one yeark we say we need we need a RB by committee, r next thing people are upset that we didn't just pound one guy, one minute he is criticize for playing too conservative in the 2nd half against lsu last year, this year her came out and tried to keep foot in the gas.. But our players just didn't execute. Yes we got some bad calls ... Some were warrant though...looking at their long td catch....if deshaun Davis was two inches taller that's an interception. Football is s gave of inches lol. I think we still have all our goals ahead so everybody needs to calm down. Last year we had 2 losses and we were right there in November...have faith Auburn family. One more thing, a question, I've been thinking about Iggy, he is going to be a great corner but he had a lot to learn. Didn't dinson play nickle last year, what if we moved a more experienced guy like dinson to corner..and had smoke or Sherwood start at safety until Iggy gets his footing? Those frosh safeties look great. Just a thought...I know the coaches obviously have a reason for it so and that's why they get paid millions sand I bust my rear to make ends meet and pay my cable bill so I can watch and every now and then go to a game. Just one fans thoughts WDE
  2. Tigerpro2a

    Pregame Sights & Sounds - AU vs. LSU

    Has I was straight tripping at the blonde after those two.... She was eat up with it hehe. Young man he's a few things going for him
  3. Tigerpro2a

    Things I'll Be Looking For: AU vs LSU

    I think our running game starts to take shape and get a brand.... Just not sure yet what or who that looks like. I also think that NCM is going to go off in this offer... Just a hunch. I've been watching him since high school and waiting on him to have that man vs boy game that really shows his skillset...I think we get running and get some pace going then when Cookie monster goes and loads the box and plays man to man Studham and NCM take the top off.. Maybe wishful thinking IDK....I just have a feeling. Also think we see Ryan Davis have a big game
  4. Tigerpro2a

    2019 4* RB Mark-Antony Richards

    I really like reading your posts. You seem to have a grasp of our recruiting. Any updates on RB targets? Gary? What about tye Edwards? I watched his highlights and love him. Do we not have any interest there?
  5. Javaris Johnson continues to impress me. I can see him dearly in very nicely in that Ryan Davis role in our screen game. Pickens it's a freak but I hope his attitude gets better. I think we have a great wr room and look forward to the future
  6. Tigerpro2a

    SEC West rankings

    I would go this way 1a- bama.... The defense is suspect at this time especially secondary but the offense is lighting it up ... But given competition they should. I'm interested to see tua against a good def. Didn't he have a couple picks in tthe NC against Georgia? From what I've seen he is going to turn the ball over some... He had thrown up some prayers but receivers made him look like a God...jury still out 1b- Auburn, with as little bias as I can be I think our defense is going to be top five in the country. We all know how good our front 7 is but I'm really impressed with the secondary and how they are coming along. I think our running game is going to take shape as always, and with Studham at the helm, this offensy is going to be legal. 2 Ole miss.....I know I'm going to catch some grief lol but this far..I have them at 3 behind AU/Bama. The reason is simply their offense. It is legal and I don't know if Auburn it bama can hold them under 30.... Yes their defense is horrible but it can only get better. I think their offense is good enough to carry them through a lot games. Remember in 2010 and 2013... We didn't have a great defense... Mediocre at best... We had some great players but unit as a whole want great but we were great offensive and just good enough defensively. 3 MSST .....I know they haven't been that great yet but I feel like if Niki fitz gets his passing game fine tuned a little more they will be a tough out for anybody. I think they will upset some people. Defense is pretty solid especially the dline. 4 TAMU ....I know they showed up against Clemson but I still am not sold. I think they take a step forward from last year... But still a ways to go. This is still way too early lol. 5 lsu .... Defensively fill if stars and solid but still not sold on Joe burrow and company in offense... Mainly I think ensminger is their biggest offensive problem 6 Ark.....I think they stay in a few games and show improvement but it will take Morris a couple years to get the right players for his system It's going to be fun watching this season.... I'm sure I'll be reaping this post by then lol. Fun anyways
  7. Tigerpro2a

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    I just downloaded ESPN app hopefully it will let us steam it
  8. Tigerpro2a

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    Where do you steam it from
  9. Tigerpro2a

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    No I just have Xfinity. Sec1 and sec2
  10. Tigerpro2a

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    I don't get why network can't get a decent schedule.... We will miss the starters Anywhere to watch online?
  11. Tigerpro2a

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    Looks like game may be delayed sure to ole Miss.... Any idea if it will start on time it on a different channel
  12. Tigerpro2a

    When and when not to look for the ball.

    I wish Chris Davis head Jammed Kelvin Benjamin at the line in 2013 and we would have a Natty under GM
  13. Tigerpro2a

    When and when not to look for the ball.

    Terrific explanation. To me it seems we need to work on reaction to the receiver when going for the catch. If there DB had lost position in the receiver and is paying the receiver not the ball... They have to watch receivers head, eyes, and body to know when to react...Iggy did a terrific job on the endzone fade break ups.... Looked like an all American... The I think it was j David but not sure on one of the deep balls we reacted and ripped way to soon causing a PI call. Overall I was fairly pleased with the dbs especially getting beat at the line and still being in a position to make a play...... Plus...JB was dropping teardrop dimes...... Perfect pass beats perfect coverage every time
  14. Tigerpro2a

    What do you want to see in week 2?

    Freshmen. Wrs rbs lbs dline....I want to see some of the studs we brought in... But only after we see our starters hang a 42-0 on scoreboard and look untouchable as they should
  15. Tigerpro2a

    2nd down and distance

    Exactly. That's why I don't think so much of bad play calling as I do execution from New oline and getting no push. Their nose tackly was a beast.