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  1. Malik is the Hero we need, Bo is the Hero we deserve. I think this speaks volume to the coaching ability of Hugh vs Gus.
  2. I think the thing that bothers me the most about this staff (minus the roster management and beta play calling / game planning, is unless you are a Freshman RB who fumbles under Gus, there is no accountability. I don't recall the last time I saw a player get benched for poor play. I always believed even if the player sitting is no where near the caliber of the guy on the field...it can still do a world of good for BOTH players and the team to jerk him out of the game and put somebody else in. Just to let the team know that if you do not do your job, I will find somebody who can. Every pos
  3. Maybe Vegas sees the same. He is not known for playing well against good teams on the road. We need the hero called "Home Bo" but the hero we get is Road Bo.
  4. I have always found that argument to be flawed as well. I mean, based on that, any and every game could be narrowed down to one team playing well and one team not playing well. I ultimately am a believer that when it comes to two teams with similar talent, there are a handful of plays that determine the outcome. Usually 4-5 max. Win those plays..win the game. When its a game like this one and one team is favored by 25, you need a little more help from the Grid iron Gods. If you go back throughout history though, nearly every NC has at least one game where the argument could be made
  5. So guys and gals, tell me how the team looked? I been reading the thread. Sounds like Jaylon and Powell did well. What are we seeing potential wise in this team?
  6. I heard that. I want Tank to play, but only if he is 100%.No since in taking further risk.
  7. Honestly, Bama's Defense is not really as bad as people say. No where near it. They have a lot of talent at very position..NFL talent. They have been sneaky good the last 3-4 games. They are a top 10 scoring Defense in the country I believe. If they still used that 2008-2009 Offensive philosophy this Defense would probably be among the very best across the board. Their offense scores at will so the Defense is out there A LOT!
  8. So sorry for your loss. I lost my father on Aug 2nd this year. It has been so hard. My mom is also battling cancer that isn't going to go away. Please people do not take a minute for granted.
  9. They held him back to get bigger stronger for Freshman Ball at West Canaan!!!
  10. I think AU comes out swinging if everyone is healthy. I think we throttle UT building everybody's hopes up thinking we can contend with Bama for the "epic" beatdo...I mean showdown to follow lol
  11. I would love to see him back because I truly believe it would be the last chance to see him don the O&B. I wonder if and when he does come back if he will automatically start. That may seem like a dumb question, but is he still in shape? Papp and Rabbit have stepped up in a big way. Who gets demoted?
  12. My biggest quarrel with Gus ^^^^^^^^^ It drives me nuts that we hear the same crap year over year. We are a work in progress. We are a young team. Experience will make us better. I think if Gus had come out in some of those pressers after USCe loss, UT loss , etc. and said "You know...we got out coached. We failed miserably and it starts with me as the HC. I failed. We are not a good team. We got our ass kicked. Whatever it looks like. I would love to see him say that sometimes.
  13. How many teams have ever gone completely unbeaten in the SEC? How many times has Alabama lost a game and went on to win a Natty? I know, I know. Alabama never lost to an unranked USC team or unranked team period, but the premise of the argument is still intact. To say that teams need or do not need a wake up call is purely anecdotal. The fact is...it is extremely hard for any team to go through the SEC without an L. The frustrating thing about AU under Gus is that it more times than not that L comes from a team we should throttle.
  14. Honestly...If a kid is good enough to get drafted, I never think it is a mistake to leave. You are not guaranteed anything in this game and one play could end your career. Even if you go on to get a great job making $150K a year, that is no match for even the league minimum. Get signed ...play 3-4 seasons if you can...live frugally...and then you have enough money to invest, live on interest and never have to worry about money if you are smart.
  15. I think Seth has a good enough reel to be a mid 2nd rounder if he continues to make plays throughout this year. I think it would definitely help to come back, but I do not see that happening. Flash has upped his stock this season. I think he is 3rd round on speed alone. I could Jamien Sherwood being a mid 3rd rounder. He is a big physical specimen at S and alot of NFL teams would love him IMO. Fact is....every Draft eligble player we have would probably only help themselves by coming back, but I will never fault a young man for going pro. Take Hamm...He could be an undrafted free a
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