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  1. I love the back shoulder throw to Seth on the first drive of the game.....perfectly executed.....If Bo and Seth can do that routinely.....they will be hard to stop!
  2. This i s the REC at it's finest here. Turds dropping big Bucks. They knew Bruce was about to go on a run and win the whole damn thing.
  3. So I think this could definitely help a lot of teams and hurt a lot of team. Ultimately....its going to be back yard / park basketball. Best team wins.
  4. I love AU unis. I think the we have the best home and definitely away unis in the country. I do see some cool alternates for other schools and I am kind of in the middle. I fall in the younger generations I am 35, but I lean more towards tradition and old times. The problem I see is right now we are a traditional school. I wouldn't mind seeing something different once or twice a season either, but then Pandora's Box is opened. Where would it end from that point. Suppose AU comes out with something to mix it up...and the fans hate it...then AU comes out with another one. Next thing you know we turn into Oregon and never wear the same look twice ( exaggeration). Some fans would be perfectly happy if that happened. I am just rambling at this point in time...I have no point lol.
  5. Wife gave me a framed print for gift of all!!!!
  6. My number one wish other name better OL for a dominant Speed rusher. I want somebody that puts fear into opposing Tackles. I am in agreement with wanting to see a RB that can take it to the house from anywhere. I would like to see our DBs get their heads turned around more but I know with the technique we teach and our scheme that unless they are in perfect phase that is unlikely. I would like to see a dangerous kicker from outside 40 yards. THROW TO THE TE!!!
  7. I agree....I thought DJ was a solid back and will only get better. He wasn't in great shape this past season due to injury. I think he starts as RB1. I think Worms touches will increase. I just feel like Worm has not been utilized properly. I think Worm could be deadly between the tackles. We do not seem to use him that way. I am also intrigued about MAR and Tank. I think we have 4-5 guys that will all contribute to a very good backfield.
  8. Why can we not make frigging Free throws. All season long
  9. The announcers are smitten over UK and Richards. It makes me sick
  10. Every time we shoot a 3 we end up with zero points on possession. Why are we not driving the lane?
  11. I can't watch the refs take this game from us. without them we are leading by double digits
  12. My god. How much is UK paying these Umps
  13. Are you kidding me on this!!!! He didnt even touch him
  14. oh sorry I will stop didnt realize that