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  1. Or maybe....just maybe....we have 4-5 guys that are all bringing unique skillsets to the position and will all be splitting carries.....I for one would rather have 3 good guys splitting reps than one workhorse RB that is worn down by the end of the year and unable to finish. Also I think that is quite presumptuous to say anything is obvious as to what the coaches think.
  2. He was the most efficient back on the roster last year. I do not see him being a 3 down back getting 20 carries a game, but I could see him being first on the field every game and getting 10-12 touches (including receptions) a game which I think he needs. He is very capable of housing it any given time.
  3. Didn't think of that. Pretty cool fact. Also son of an AU legacy QB as well. I dig it!
  4. Yes...I think D line is going to be like our LB in 2019. We had lost DD#57, Tre Williams, and Old man Atkinson which was a great group for a couple years and the new guy came in and just busted heads. It was an better unit. I think the Dline , while not holding any true star power, will be a very good 2 deep unit. If one of Derick Hall, TD, or Big Kat can provide that speed rush fromt he outside .....WATCH OUT. Also, I kinda figured Zevian Capers would be playing same spot at Seth, but Hudson is listed there. I find that interesting. I think Capers will have a good year. I also bel
  5. So what are your biggest shockers or surprises on the depth chart? I know this doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot but still some interesting things on here. I was most surprised about Wooden at DT. If he did indeed gain more weight as I read somewhere, then I think he could be a force from the interior. He will be able to play inside and out. Probably be really good in passing situations to give us an interior rush. Jaylon Simpson starting at CB is a bit surprising. I knew he was talented but I expected Pritchett. I think Domio is hurt or has been hurt. I wonder if that is the case
  6. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2020/09/two-auburn-defenders-out-indefinitely-after-surgery.html I swear I heard reporters talking about OC Brothers and battling for the 4th LB spot, but this sounds as if he has been out all Camp.
  7. I think they messed up on Jay Hardy's measurements. I think they put Handy's weight and height instead. I thought Hardy was 6'4 pushing 300 lbs.
  8. Im going 31-13 Auburn. Close game until 4th. Auburn scores twice in the 4th to run away.
  9. Will do brother. Knoxville is a great place....and the Tenn Homers aren't too bad hehe. I will pray for your parents.
  10. @AUsince72 I have been praying for you. Many people do really well with Hollistic treatments. Keep us updated. What part of Tennessee are you headed? I apologize if I missed that. I am from southern middle TN (between Lynchburg, TN and Huntsville, AL ). Have a lot of family and friends all over the state as well. If you need anything or any help moving...whatever it may be...do not hesitate to ask. We have to look out for one another. We will keep you and your family in our prayers. Best of luck. War Damn AUsince72 and War Damn Eagle.
  11. Kid has pretty good foot work, a good arm and quick release. I like him. Need to see more.
  12. I like it....we weren't too far off in several stats
  13. I thought it would be fun to predict some stats for the UK game. You can do as few or as many as you wish. Team or Individual or both. Doesn't matter. Let's also get a final score prediction. Here are my predictions: Final Score- 31-13 AU- Game is much closer than the score. AU leads at half 21-13 and then pulls away late with a couple TDs. Total yards: AU- 516 UK 332 Bo Nix- 21/29 268 yd 2/1 - 4 carries- 21 yds S. Shivers- 12 carries 78 yds, 3 catches 38 yds 1 TD DJ WIlliams- 9 carries 46 yds 1 TD Tank Bigsby- 5 carries 52 yds M.A.R.- 4 carries 19- 2 rec
  14. I didn't get that from the clip at all......interesting take. SMH
  15. I love this thread already and can't wait to see everybody's thoughts! This is tough because I have 2 freshman guys on each side. Defensive Freshman- Ladarrious Tennison. I think he will be a big contributor on defense in the backup role behind Tutt as well as a special teams nightmare. Offensive- my go to is Tank because I think he is just too talented to not see adequate PT, but my true pick is TE Brandon Frazier. I have had a hunch every since he committed (and it is on record) that this kid would turn out to be one of the most important recruits of that class and have the bigge
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