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  1. Fastest guy I have seen in person on a football field. Just a blaze of speed. Loved some Dmac but hated playing him.
  2. I don't think Gus' was RB. I would say he recruited WR very well. He signed some good RBs over the years, but there was a good 3 year drought between KJ and Tank where RB recruiting fell off (or maybe RB development...I guess it is subjective lol)
  3. Bobby Bouchette was the meanest SOB I ever seen play the LB position, and I believe he was a walk on. I would have loved to seen him suit up on the plains. GOAT.
  4. I would love to see this kid in Mason's D. He could play a hybrid safety/OLB with a little weight.
  5. Speaking of that peace....She was in really bad shape all day yesterday and just looked so pitiful and then that final 30-45 minutes she looked just so peaceful. She went out with a smile on her face. I can only imagine where she really was.
  6. Updated the OP. The fight has ended. We lost a long time AU fan this morning and I lost a mother. Thanks for all the prayers and supports from everyone here.
  7. If kid can put together another 70+ tackle season and 12+ sacks I think he will definitely hit 4 star status. End in that 90-91 range. I think right now his grade is just about right.
  8. I think 05 was the one I am thinking about bc like you said we were coming off an undefeated season and that game just hurt. Just absolutely deflated me. It had to be that one because I remember Megatron and he wasn't at GT until 04 I don't think.
  9. I am glad you mention Georgia Tech.Was it 03 or 05 GT game where they had Reggie Ball and Calvin Johnson? I think we lost both. 2012 Iron Bowl was worst I have seen in person.
  10. I like the kid. I think he would be a great compliment to what we have now and the fact he has SEC experience along with 2 years left...yes. I wonder if e do go after him if having DC DM would help at all.
  11. Let me call them. I will get back to ya. @auburn4ever Keith said AU will give him an eval.
  12. If he has another season like he had and continues to show out at camps and 7v7s, I think he could easily end up a top 150 4star guy in the 93ish rating.
  13. My 6 year old nephew has more credibility than Rivals and ESPN. I showed him has tape and said "if you had to rate him 1 to 5 ...5 being the best what would you rate him?" ..."He said probably a 4.5" There you have it. Arjay says 4.5. I'm sticking with him.
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