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  1. Honestly, I don't necessarily agree that any one of those 4 has to happen for it to be successful year for CHF. IF we play sound, competitive football and look competently coached all year as well as improve from Game 1 to Game 12 and have a better record than this year I will think it is a success and headed in the right direction. Just way too many intangibles to put that kind of price tag on success. The flip side of that is all the folks in here saying only 1 of those is possible...I also disagree with. We are AU. Yes...the roster is in bad shape, but it's a new age in CFB with the portal and NIL. I am just taking it one day at a time with Freeze. I think ultimately this is a 3 year deal before we are really in a place where we are primed to make noise. I think we improve next year with the help of the portal and Freeze salvages this class.. In year 2 we likely see a big uptick in recruiting and probably make some noise in the season but lose 3-4. Then 2025 we will be primed. Just my thoughts, but what do I know?
  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. DD was one of my favorite AU players to come through in the last decade easily. He was not the biggest. He was not the fastest. He was not the most gifted.....But damn the man had heart, courage and a fire lit in him. Would have LOVED to have him on the field this year.
  3. I am late to the thread, my apologies for I didn't see it. This one hits a soft spot for me as my Dad was a stroke victim (multiple strokes) and I know the battle that goes into recovery. I hope and pray your friend has limited damage and is able to make a full on recovery. My dad had a really bad one the first time and the hospital handled it poorly. 8 hours waiting just be told they can't treat stroke patients and sent to another hospital. As everyone knows the key to strokes is getting treated quickly. So he had some minor temporary paralysis and lost nearly all his speech. The aphasia was terrible, but he made about a 90 percent recovery in 8-12 months so no matter how bad your friend can get better. God works wonders. I will be praying for your friend and his family and for your guys as well.
  4. Well...we know LK used to the alias "Joey Freshwater" when macking on coeds....I would like to thank CHF used an alias for the professional pleasure mates.....maybe Bosley Jenkins?
  5. Of all the millions of sperm cells.......This guy was the fastest?
  6. Rhode Island OT transfer Ajani Cornelius offered by AU. https://247sports.com/Player/Ajani-Cornelius-46084823/college-289282/
  7. J. Lee pretty much confirmed it is mutual. I think CHF likes bigger WRs. We already have Ja. Johnson and Jay Fair, similar mold and style as Hopkins. We need more Camden Browns! (who I expect to be a beast under CHF)
  8. From what little I am finding from Keith, it appears more of a Freeze thing, but that's only my speculation. He said "mutual parting of ways". So who knows. I don't think it is that huge of a loss. He fits the same mold as at least 2 other WRS on roster right now.
  9. I like Mcnamara, Altmyer, and Card. Any of the 3 would be good additions, but if Brock enters we should put 100% into geting him.
  10. Per Keith Hopkins no longer expected to be in the class along with DL Harkless
  11. Per Jeffrey Lee Harkless no longer expected to be in the class. Mutual parting of ways inbound
  12. Care to elaborate who you are speaking about?
  13. CHF said he has ALWAYS called the plays but based on some of the text he has received about the job he may be open to bringin in someone who he deems as or more capable as himself so they can help each other. I think some are reading too much into what was said.
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