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  1. Tore mine playing high school football. Didn't have surgery. Continued to play with little pain. 15 years later I am paying for it severely. Hindsight, I would have had surgery. Dr said I could take a chance and let it heal on it's own and it could be perfectly fine. My mistake.
  2. I was happy to see Bo keep it a couple times last night. I think Bo has not only shown he is more than capable of being a good enough running threat to keep Defenses honest, but to make them pay here and there as well.
  3. I could not agree more. That's what I am saying. I just don't get it. I run through possible reasons for this in my head and try to think outside my own box and I come up with: A- Joey can't pass. If this is the case, I don't get how it was such a QB competition to begin with. I don't get why he is still a QB and not a TE or somewhere more useful. Rule that out. B-He doesn't want to put anymore on film than he has to and once we have a decent lead he wants to keep his simple passing schemes close to the vest. If this is the case though, I think most would agree the lack of development hurts a hell of a lot worse than teams being able to see our back up QB throw screens and Go routes. C- doesn't want to run the score up. Only 3 that I can come up with, and none make sense to me.
  4. Yes! Sal is much improved in his hands and route running, but I am more impressed with his perimeter blocking improvement. We need to get him targets in the redzone! Man...he is the surprise of the season thus far. Excellent job. Yes Derick looks like he will be an impact player one day and I was so stoked to see J-Hand out there. He looked good. I definitely see him being and inside guy over the years. He seems to have some grit too. other honorable mentions for me- Bailey Sharp-stepped in for Tega and did a good job. I would also throw in the entire back up OFF Line.
  5. Again...Kent St....yes posters...we know who we played, but all in all I thought he did rather well for his first start.
  6. I am curious about one thing. Does anybody know how many 3rd and medium or 3rd and long situations we had with Joey in the game? I just wonder if we had many obvious passing downs? I don't get why we don't throw. Maybe it is something in his old high school DNA about not running up the score...I just can't think of any other logical reason. Like, we get a good lead, reserves come in, and we just go vanilla run plays and kill clock. If that is true, and I know it is a stretch, but it pissed me off. There is no such thing as running the score up. If the other team doesn't want to be embarrassed....then STOP US.
  7. Agree to disagree. Many coaches teach the D-Linemen to react to the lack of force when they read screen and turn their pursuit to the HB. If it is too late then hands up. Not to just continue after the QB when they are leaving their LB against 5 OL
  8. I am not posting to talk about the competition...I was more implying I like what I saw out of the backups.
  9. I see we have common interest....as DT is my man crush as well! Cheers Mate!
  10. Yep, and of course I know we are talking about a much inferior Kent St. team but still happy to see. I think we get a great measuring stick this week. Tamu's Defense is nothing to laugh at.
  11. So I haven't yet had a chance to go back and re-watch the game yet, but from first glance I was actually somewhat pleased with the back ups on OL. I thought Bailey did alright filling in for Tega. Then, in the second half I saw some good things from several players on the back up squad. The interior seemed pretty decent. Thoughts?
  12. I said the same thing! I figure he saw it wide can open and thought what the hell and took it and daddy Gus had a power Trip.
  13. Another Tide super recruit entering portal. https://www.si.com/college-football/2019/09/13/antonio-alfano-transfer-portal-top-alabama-recruit
  14. I have been with Xfinity for 3 years and never looked back. ATT has come by 12 times in last 2 years trying to get me to switch...this is why i will not....well this and the fact I work for Verizon.
  15. Yes I am convinced as well......Definitely some facial recognition software going on.....if not...then you would be the best person to give a police sketch artist details for a sketch