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  1. I couldn't wait on these any longer. Needed some fun to clear the air and clear my head from all the turmoil. Alright Fam....let's make these the best ever. https://lsusports.net/sports/fb/roster/
  2. Where was this reported, or was it on camera, or is it pure speculation? Asking for a friend.
  3. I have been saying the same thing. There has to be a good reason that CBH, knowing the impacts full well, pulled the trigger now instead of waiting. I expect we never have any more information than we do right now so speculating and concocting Conspiracies will be on full blast.
  4. I dont see how you start Bo. If you start TJ and he struggles, Bo can go back in and all is well on the home front. On the other hand...if you go with Bo after TJ saved that @$$ and you have to yank him again that's it. TJ has to be your starter moving forward. IT makes more sense IMO to start TJ for that reason alone not including the fact that he seemed like the better option Saturday.
  5. LOL I guess you didn't see where I said that in my post. I agree though with everything you said. Bryles knows how to scheme to maximize their advantages and hide flaws. Odom is a very good DC. They have no where near the talent of us, or the team they just beat Saturday, but you said it best....THEY GET SH$T DONE.
  6. The biggest reason for Arkansas' success IMO is OL. Arky has a much better OL and the HC is a beast of an OL coach.
  7. Well yea....that would be the norm. I would also think CBH would have waited to fire a position coach until the offseason if it was not scandal or conduct related, but that was not the case either as you know lol.
  8. I was wondering if anyone else noticed the field. Man...what is going on?
  9. If he were to make wholesale changes mid season.....I don't know how I would feel about that honestly lol. It is a conundrum to me. On one hand....If they aint getting the job done then find somebody who can and if its bad enough you feel you can't wait until end of season then ok. On the other hand....what an awful look for a first year HC at a top 15 CFB program.
  10. A lot of logic in this post. I would add, Harsin has to be aware of the recruiting impact and potential locker room impact. I just can't, in my mind, make sense of firing if it was specifically based off the play of the WRs. I almost feel like there had to be something else. Something that we may never know. BTW, this is not a shot at Corn. I like him. He seems like a high character guy. Could have just been a bad fit. Who knows. It is done though. I hope Coach K can get this room whipped up into shape and I hope that Coach Corn lands a good gig somewhere.
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