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  1. I am sure it is disheartening for a player to hear boos in the stadium regardless who they are directed at. I also know from personal experience it is difficult to hear all the time how your coach should be fired. One thing Gus does is earn the respect of his players. When you respect your coach you have their back. That's why an AU team has never quit on GUS and I honestly think if he were here 20 more years with the same scenario we could still say the same. With that said, we pay money for a product. We invest in this product. Some obviously way more than others. Even if it isn't monetary you have your heart and soul and time invested. So every single fan has a stake in this program. I respect everything that CS said and understand where he is coming from. Honestly the only other way to voice your opinion for change is to not watch or buy tickets. How would that make the players feel? Nobody shows up at the games...articles start turning up about Auburn's TV viewership ratings being among the likes of my local High School....I mean who wants that. Ultimately...I see both sides and I will never disrespect a player who is giving his all for Auburn. I may voice my opinion on their performance, but that is as far as it goes. I love each and every one of them. I believe AU fanbase is among the most passionate fans in the country and therefor make it a double-edged sword. I honestly wish GM had gotten it right. I am sure not one single fan wished him failure when he was hired or at any point since he has been here.
  2. This is an understatement...that often times I forget because I am just a small drip in a massive lake. It is crazy how much money is involved in this sport ...just that we know about.
  3. I wouldn't mind CKS in terms of an Interim basis, but are we really going to put out that kind of buyout money to fire Gus just to hire CKS...? I honestly want a new coach, but I would rather hit a homerun. IDK....he can't do worse. Who knows lol
  4. I thought I read somewhere LSU had extended Brady just recently?
  5. Friggin click bait got me in a walking slumber this morning!!!! BOOOOOOOO
  6. Who was the coach when you first identified as an Auburn fan: Terry Bowden What was the cause of you identifying as an Auburn fan: I was born into an Auburn family for the most part, but I remember the 94 UF game is what really got me into Auburn. I was around 10 years old. I then went to the my first Auburn game the next year at JHS and that hooked me. Seeing that Eagle fly...I'll never forget the feeling because I still get it everytime I go to a game...When I walk into JHS. It's truly special. What is your all time favorite Auburn moment or memory: That is a tough one. Honestly this one may be different than many of yall. Honorable mentions first: Camback-wow....I had just asked my brother during half time if we would ever win another natty in my lifetime. An undefeated season going down the drain...then Cam to Lutz happened. 2010 BCS- watching the game from my lil studio in Las Vegas by myself...Byroms kick went through and I cried for a minute, yelled for few minutes,....then talked to my brother on the phone about the question I asked him during Camback...he said "i guess you got your answer" 2002 Iron Bowl- Tre Smith....first time I had been to BDS. I went with a van full of Bammers and enjoyed every thrilling minute from the kickoff until the kicked me out of the van lol. My favorite moment honestly was probably in the 2013 BCSCG. We were driving late in the game and Tre Mson broke that long TD to take the lead. I thought it was over. I was so happy. 2 National Championships within 4 years...the start of a dynasty....The end of the Saban Era....Auburn becoming a bohemoth Giant..I honestly felt Life as I have always known it as an Auburn fan is about to change. It was a couple minutes of sheer Utopia. If you ever want to know my worst Auburn memory, see everything that happened after my best.
  7. I was about to say....that one from Brandon Marcello about the defense quitting raised a major flag with me....that defense has not a quit at all this year and BM is not dumb enough to imply such.
  8. So I lost all my credibility as a coach with you now!!!!!!
  9. This....not realizing this or being in denial about this is the reason I still rode the Bus up until LSU game. I finally had an epiphany and it all hit me. That is why he get's paid $7 million a take responsibility for these things. If he was volunteering to coach for free...then it's a different scenario, but he signed a monetary contract for services that include having the knowledge and intestinal fortitude to put a winning product on the field without fail and without excuse. Of course the players take have a bit of responsibility and are being given a scholarship and soon to be money for their skills, but it is on the coach to manage and hone those skills. The coach should know where weaknesses and strengths in the roster are and should address them.
  10. I think the biggest issue is just Gus being Stubborn. I don't remember when it was in the UGA game but it was a 3rd or 4th and short...and we were in wildcat (which I hate) and the UGA Def had 8 guys to the right side of the line. They were stacked and banked on Boobee faking the JEt to the left and keeping it right...I was way will we do that...all the while knowing that was exactly what we would do and the exact result which was Boobee running and dancing in circles for a loss of about 8 IIRC.
  11. I was just talking about that last week how has been better this season. I also want to thank you for posting any articles you find, regardless of the source. I appreciate any info posted regarding AU.
  12. Honestly, I use the same screen name for nearly every type of forum I frequent. (makes it easy to remember..I do use different passwords though so do not get any ideas lol). The name Tigerpro2A is pretty self evident. Tiger..because...Auburn..Tiger..yea you get it. Pro 2 A is from being an avid Firearms enthusiast and Constitution absolutist. I have had people ask me if it had anything to do in reference to Tua at that other school I guess because of the 2a..,,made me laugh...I said I would have added "hater" or "overrated" to the end if that was the case, even though I think that young man is exemplary human being and great football player.
  13. So sad to hear this. We never know God's plan for us. When he takes our loved ones early then we know they have fulfilled their obligations on this Earth and are being raised for a higher calling. I can't imagine what these families are going through, but I hope God that you give them strength, and courage during these trying times. Take all the pain and sorrow in their hearts and fill their hearts with light. Let them rejoice in memories and the promise of being reunited with their loved one.
  14. I do indeed like that post and I am more happy to see passthebiscuits posting again. Check your PMs.
  15. No I didn't, I had to put some distance between myself and AU after the game so I needed a day to cool down lol! I will check that out though.