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  1. I literally just fell out laughin at that.....that is right on cue....not that i would know either hahahaha
  2. Oh man I just watching that the other crazy....he was the lie.....if i ever need help covering up a crime....or plotting one lol.....hes the guy im going to
  3. Seems he was just too soft in real life to ever crack the line up. In all honesty wish him well if he does indeed transfer but honestly with his past contributions how much of a loss is it going to be? I hope he gets all hsi issues worked out and does well. Good luck CA
  4. Welcome home to Jax State or NW sothern part of Wyoming Technical college for Aviation and to teach me to futboil
  5. Heres my 2 cents worth....I know Slayton was our deep threat and was a good blocker on the edge....but Seth Williams was the best WR IMHO last season. I think he has enough speed and good enough on 50/50 balls to be a deep threat....I think he is great across the middle....but I would have Swartz running deep....I just dont know how many DBS can keep up with him....We also have Hill, Jackson, McClain who may get more reps now and is a big bodied guy....and maybe Pettway? We will be ok.....we will be fine at the WR spot
  6. So with the exception of no elite OTs and really no OTS at all...I think we have a few good OGs and C in Bell/Jones/ and then J. Osbourn at G or maybe developing to a OT....this is a great class....247 has us at 11.....we have fewer commits then any of the top ten....we have a higher per player rating than 6 of top 10.....I really like the class.....if we had signed 2 OTS it would have been super.....but here are my hopes....we 4-5 spots left for tx's....i hope we get pettway from arky to fill the GP void....nd then i hope we get 2-3 OL transfers....that may end up working better than had we signed 2 low rated OTS because they already have some coaching/playing experience at college level and would be further along for 2020.....Im optimistic....but JB needs to go
  7. Funniest post ever about mickey
  8. Would be a major get off we pull Henry
  9. 247 says 1 minute 30 sec for Bell sure its not exact
  10. And I remember just a few short months ago we were all on here so upset about the state of our RB Crootin and now we have to just eat it because i think we hit 2 homeruns
  11. Congrats
  12. I was just reading where the Turds had a couple big time commits flip...AU not the only one to lose out ....that gives me some solace on GP