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  1. IMHO, it really depends on what the games look like. If we beat the teams we should, and look competitive in the games we shouldn't win on paper, then I could see 7-5 being the threshold there. I really think 8 wins is where I would lay my hat, though.
  2. His recruiting was decent, but way overrated. He failed miserably to recruit OL for his entire tenure here. He had one solid OL class in 8 years. He relied on WR/DBs to boost ratings that often times were over ranked due to playing at small schools and never materialized at the CFB level. He failed at QB recruiting. He failed to recruit to his system. It is what it is at this point. I will give you Gus was decent at recruiting, but not as good as many believe. As for Harsin and the current state of our program, I am in wait and see mode because that is the only way I can keep from being in total despair about it right now. I am hoping that success on the field this year will yield results on the trail. I actually think we end up with a better record than most so that is where I hedge my bets.
  3. I disagree with some of this. I think the OL was good enough in pass pro for Bo to give a good showing of what he was about last year and it wasn't great. Other than that it's a pretty good post. A lot going on in this topic... I see folks who hated on Bo since his FR year saying give TJ more time. I see people who thought said Bo needed more time, better coaching, better system, etc saying that TJ is not it. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I think we saw plenty enough of Bo to know what we were going to get in optimal circumstances. A kid who plays hard, is extremely athletic (sometimes to the detriment of the offense like when he bails early instead of stepping up in the pocket) , someone who will make some amazing plays and even some pretty good throws, but will also never be super accurate especially downfield. . Coach Hars and Bobo did improve him a lot in one year though and I give credit where credit due. I think if Bo stays healthy the outlook of the program right now is probably a complete 180 but hindsight is 2020. As for TJ, I have seen enough of him to know it wouldn't give me the good goosebumps if he is named starter, but I also saw how much Bo improved in one year with Hars and I have doubt that he could improve as well. Again, I don't think TJ will ever be super accurate either though just on what I have seen. Time will tell. I think ZC is our starter and I think he does a good job this season. He can win us some games.
  4. Prayers, E! Here's to a full and speedy recovery. I had mine done many years ago in HS after tearing it pitching. Best advice is do not rush your recovery. I was a young thundercat and as soon as I felt better I wanted to be back out on the field throwing footballs. Nope. Bad IDea. Shoulder still gives me problems.
  5. I fully agree with this entire post. The pass pro from our OL last year was pretty decent actually. Often times Bo would bail early and make it appear as if there was pressure when there really wasn't because he didn't know how to step up in the pocket. I also fully agree ZC is better than Bo throwing for sure and I think better period. I think ZC has the most potential on the team from what I have seen. I am still looking forward to seeing how TJ progresses and I hope he does and he and ZC push each other to the max.
  6. Well, compared to the rest of the world population then this would be correct. ZC has elite arm talent compared to his peers which is more telling.
  7. Or completely botching it ala Asa Martin.
  8. I'm curious to see how he feels out. He is a little on the light side and doesn't have game-breaking speed. I could see him getting 5-6 carries/catches a game this season and then next year being a 10-15 carry a game type of back. The good news is, hopefully we don't have to have a guy carry it 25-30 times a game anymore. Hopefully we keep the cupboard stocked and can properly rotate guys with the likes of UGA and Turds. I believe he is a good complimentary piece to Hunter and Tank.
  9. I think the development of ZC is a much easier task than that of Bo Nix as well. ZC definitely needs some help on footwork. I don't think he has that bad of touch honestly. He has an absolute cannon of an arm and is already light years ahead of Bo on the deep ball. I think a lot of people are sleeping on ZC because they just look at his stat sheet. aTm had one of the worst pass blocking OL and their WRS were worse than ours in terms of drops. IF Hars can get him out of making risky throws, but still keep some of that gun slinger mentality where he isn't afraid of taking chances then he could be really good.
  10. I agree with a lot of this. I think we have 6 games we SHOULD win period. Then I think there are about 3 more that are winnable. IF we win what we should and manage to take the 3 other winnable games, the momentum alone could boost us passed one of the 3 opponents who should murder us. I think we have a decent season. 8-4 or 9-3. Yea...Im pumping a little...but I have a lot more faith in our QB room than most here.
  11. Hey now....I grad-ye-ated the 5th grade.....you better don't question my smarts...cuz...cu...cuz... eryone here knows I are smart.
  12. Yea....my education apparently failed me in the math department when it comes to Eligibility lol.
  13. Says on the OP he has 2 more years. Can someone clear this up? Are you counting his Covid Season?
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