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  1. I believe he has been "hittin the sauce today". First step as admitting you have a problem.
  2. I guess he forgot Bo lit up all of the best defenses as a true Freshman and as a sophmore.
  3. LMAO You use the word absurd towards me when you make an absolutely bogus claim about my assumptions? Have you even read my posts or this thread? I have not made any claim that he WILL take over Bo. I even said I expect Bo to start. Why would Coach Harsin be targeting him period if he didn't see something he likes and thinks is valuable? I can't with you. I know you love to disagree with the board, but I can't even take you serious anymore when you say stuff like that. Read what people write man.
  4. Are we going for full capacity this season? The thread title says 2022, but the article read like 2021.
  5. Ok mainstream media. Make sure you show the full quote and not just pick and choose so it fits the narrative you want.
  6. Well said. I think best case scenario is TJ comes in and pushes some, but Bo actually gets better and plays to the level of his 5 star ranking and we have TJ as a solid backup and for the future.
  7. I agree. That is why I said I honestly don't think any of them are ready to start. Bo, DD, Finley...none. I wasn't debating his level of play. I guess sarcasm goes over your head. Obviously Coach Harsin see's something there that he likes and believes he can work with. I will trust him over you. Sorry. Also, you saying "everyone is dead set on Bo being a failure is very disingenuous. I have not seen many people at all say anything remotely close to that. What I have seen is people point out Bo's poor play and lack of improvement. Ultimately....I think the new staff can do a much better
  8. But but but....he wasn't good at LSU. He couldn't even beat out those guys. LMAO
  9. I am not sure where you are trying to go with this. Finley is leaving a better QB room than we have period. Regardless how he played. Bo has played poorly. That is a fact. Not an opinion. Nobody in this thread is saying he will never be good, but he has yet to be. It's not like we are bringing a kid to a QB room with an established QB who has actually been good to have to beat out.
  10. Regardless who he was behind, we don't know all the inner workings of that team and locker room. He could have gotten himself in the dog house with his coach. He might not have a good grasp of their offense. Who knows what all has transpired. Yes he fell way down as the season progressed. So did Bo Nix last year. I blame a lot of Bo's decline on coaching. Who is to say TJ was getting the proper coaching he needed? The point is when a player transfers to a new staff and team, sometimes they can flourish in a new environment I use Burrow for an example because he was doing nothing at OSU.
  11. Yea, but the point still stands. He was a Heisman caliber QB riding the pine. As for looking at different stats....I said after his 1st start. His first start he was 17-21 for 265 and 2 TDs. Then he came in to JHS and got humbled. I don't think anyone is saying name him the starter right now, but he should absolutely come in and be given the opportunity and I think he has every bit of what is needed to win the job. Will he? I have no clue. Can he? Absolutely.
  12. Sometimes that isn't always an advantage. I believe in this case it to be one though. Gus is a master of convincing kids he didn't develop the first time they committed to him to give him a second chance. Blows my mind.
  13. This kid gives me mad Tyreke vibes. Any of you all seen the show POWER? He looks and sounds a lot like him.
  14. And through that a quality PAIR of backups will be ready to go in for whoever does win the job.
  15. He should absolutely come in and compete right away. I am not saying put him 1B with Bo in Fall Camp, but let him and DD and Bo start close and see who flourishes and separates themselves. Do we forget the kid looked pretty dang good after his first start at LSU? He was a TFR and then had a rough game against a decent Defense. Where was Joe Burrow on OSU's deoth chart? Asking for a friend. That argument that players who transfer shouldn't be able to compete on a new team because "they weren't good enough to beat out the players on the other team" is completely flawed. There a
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