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  1. I my best Gus voice " We're a run first play action team. We will have a good week of practice....we just got to execute batter. We're going to win championships. Auburn has a bright future."
  2. Thanks @ellitor for clearing that up. With all that info, I find it funny as hell now. I also think how mad I would be if we were on the other side of this.....but not so much at Jay...but our Coaching Staff. My do you miss that? LOL> If I was recruiting players especially players committed to another university, I would check that list every day to make sure my time and resources aren't wasted.
  3. Here is my question about this..... Once the LOI is signed it doesn't have to be reported obviously.....but when does it have to be placed into the LOI database online? It seems like I remember schools have 14 days to submit a player's LOI to the I guess if he signed Dec 18th....then it would have been in by Jan 1st. Follow up to that would be....Once said LOI is submitted to the NCAA compliance dept or whoever it goes long until they upload his info to this LOI database that coaches have access to? I feel like there is a little merit to both sides of this coin. If I was a UT fan....and knowing everything I could understand why they are upset if his LOI wasn't in the database until Saturday which i what some of them are saying (have no idea if any validity to that...just speculation of angered UT fans). I also understand from our side being upset that a pissy UT beat writer ruined his moment. I wonder what type of communication JH had with UT staff and what he said to them. Was he vague and just said he hadn't signed just to protect his cover to reveal in his moment with his team? If so...I have no issue with that. On the other hand...if he went out of his way to mislead other schools....I am not a fan of it even though it happens all the time and we have been on the wrong side of that coin many times. All in all....I am ecstatic we can cross him off the checklist and can't wait to see him in the Orange and Blue. War Damn Jay and War Damn Eagle.
  4. Which Portal options would you be referring to? I remember going after a guy or two in the portal....they didn't choose AU. So Gus worked with what he had.
  5. I would love for Rodney to get this guy on his unit. Man of man. Come on home son.
  6. We looked like crap tonight and honestly we haven't played near our best Bball all season and still managed to only lose one game. All of you freaking out need to chill and take a step back. Sometimes a loss can be a very good thing for a team. We have a talented team. we are what 15-1 with a ton of room for improvement. War Damn Eagle.
  7. I think it is much more a recruiting problem than development. OLine is hard to evaluate. Therefor you need to bring in numbers at every position. Not 9 guys over 3 years. It was pathetic the rate at which we recruiting OL for the past 4 years.
  8. Much appreciated man. War Eagle. Dad is a Vandy fan though lol. He did not attend, but he ha always been a die hard Vandy fan. Them winning the College World Series came at the perfect time!
  9. I feel ya.. Sorry about your father. My father was sent home with Hospice just before Christmas so we are in a kind of waiting game I guess. My mom was an AU fan and older siblings were and I remember listening to radio game during the 93 season is when I became a fan. Went to my first game the next year and never looked back. I was an AU fan before I was a college football fan.
  10. I thought I read multiple times that we were getting Bro. Jones' final visit?
  11. Same here JDub. As long as I have been walking I been living and breathing AU sports. Through the good times and bad...thick and thin. I always will. I had a nephew that was raised in an AU family. He married an AL grad but he himself grew up an AU fan. At the age of 25...he decided he was an Alabama fan. Gave away all his AU gear. I asked him why and his answer was I got too tired of being stressed over losing. I wonder how many other fans of that other school are just like that. I know pre-Saban bama fans were a lot more tolerable.
  12. So I appreciate where you are coming from with this....but in all fairness....lots of people were praising a lot of guys on NSD over the years. Jeremy Johnson? Byron Cowart? Calvin Ashley? Roc Thomas? T.D Moultry?Just to name a few. Kat was a big time get on the recruiting trail and I think he has the potential to make it to the NFL, but I am not naive in thinking he was even close this year. He does the tools and ability to be able to improve his stock drastically though. I am not hating on him. I love his effort...his motor...his size.....his name....But he has not met that signing day hype just yet.
  13. I am seeing this now. They have lost a ton to NFL and Transfers and still have a better cupboard than we do....that is crazy but makes me happy....let the hedges burn.