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  1. its a logo that says 150 with a football in it....
  2. I don't mind the slogan "Ride for the Brand" I actually think it is fitting for this year. Auburn Football needs to build it's Brand back. Repair the Brand. We have lacked Offensive Identity, or Identity period for a couple years so I think this season is about repairing the brand. Getting back to Our style of play. Physical fast Defense and hopefully and Offense that runs fast as lightning and doesn't let up. You know I have to say and I know it has been said by others, but I am really proud of the young men we bring to Auburn under CGM. I really like these kids. Sal is a kid that I feel like I could talk to all day just because he has that smile that just lights up a room and he looks hard but he is a very humble cat and I dig it. I really like the leadership that "Pops" aka Cord is bringing to our team. He has invaluable lessons for these young men. Very good video series.....Glad Pappoe caught him a fish lol.
  3. We did get some but we are far from having enough!!!
  4. Some that I dont agree with. I think Tega should be higher. Not a bad list and definitely well represented by the SEC. Dang it seems like T. Etienne has been at Clemson for 10 years. Is he drawing Social Security benies yet?
  5. Yes very good one. Also the 07 one was amazing
  6. Maybe it's because of the success but 2010 is a favorite of mine. Like to hear from you all.
  7. I agree. It seems like the 2 best seasons we have had in 10 years...everything turned after beating aTm....also, the 2014 season turned from being Natty contenders to 8-5 after the aTm game. We need revenge on Jimbo. I hope the Aggies are undefeated when we go there.
  8. Very good point gmac and McLoof
  9. So I am sitting here at work, bored out of my mind rewatching some classics of AU Football when I started thinking of this. We all know about JABA. We all have felt the tear at our heartstrings probably your entire life of the Football Program. We all want Auburn to be excellent in every aspect, including Football. I was talking with a friend of mine who is an Alabama fan and he made a joke about how Auburn wants to storm the field every time we win an iron bowl. I told him that it's because we are always the underdog and it's a big dang deal to us. He said he couldn't relate because For the past decade, Alabama hasn't been an underdog to Auburn. This got me thinking..How would it feel to always be favored to win. Now obviously I would love to win a National Championship every other year, play for the other, and average 12 wins a season for a 10 year stretch. I'd love for Auburn to land the Top recruiting class year in and year out. Do not get me wrong I think we would all love this. The truth is we don't do those things. We haven't done these things. I don't know if we ever will with this Staff or any other for that matter. We are probably the most unpredictable team when it comes to Football year in year out. We have preseason Natty aspirations and we finish 8-5 at best. We go 3-9 and have very low expectations out of a first year coach and we almost win a Natty. JABA right? So as I am thinking on this I take myself back to the Kick Six. That moment was truly one of the happiest moments of my life. I hosted football party with my wife and had my 2 older brothers and wives, my mother, and a couple friends over to watch. When C. Davis #11 hit the sideline I lifted my oldest brother up off the ground ( he's a good 275 LBs lol) and took off running until we both tumbled down. We yelled so loud we scared the dogs off. It was pure joy. I know every Auburn fan knows the feeling and could tell me exactly where they were and what they were doing when that happened. We later went to the bar and celebrated all night Truly one of the best nights of my life. 2 weeks prior I was working late and listening to RIP Rod and Stan when the prayer happened. I almost lost my job over my reaction to that. Another one of the best moments in my life was Jan. 10th, 2011. I was alone in my Studio Apt in Las Vegas. I had called my brother back when earlier in the season to talk ball. I remember asking him if he thought Auburn would ever win a Natty in our lifetime. He said "I don't know but I sure as hell hope so". (We both are still pissed to this day about being snubbed 2004). So on Jan 10, 2011, after Wes Byrum sealed the deal and Auburn won it's first Nation Championship in over 50 years....I literally cried. All by myself...in my lil 1100 sq ft apartment. I bawled my eyes out. Then I yelled for a long time. Woke the neighbors. What an Epic moment I bring these memories up because they are at the pinnacle of Auburn Successes. After the conversation I had with my friend about the iron bowl, It made me realize that one thing that comes from JABA is it makes the experience so much more when we do win. I mean think about the final 4 this year...and Baseball. Same thing. They were epic runs. Of course I hope the success continues, but that's not my point. Especially with football. When you are the underdog it makes it mean so much more when you achieve greatness. I have never seen Alabama fans get as excited as Auburn fans over anything. I mean they are so used to winning. I am sure someone on here can tell me how many times in Saban's tenure that they have not been favored to win. It isn't many. How would that feel to always expect to win. To always have the better players, the better facilities, the better staff. To always be the team that should win? Would the kick six have been as epic had the roles been reversed? Prayer at Jordan-Hare? Camback? 2010 BCS? I just don't think so. Do you think that if Auburn was expected to win every game, that it would take away some of the thrills we have enjoyed as members of this Roller coaster ride we dare call Auburn Football? I truly hope that this staff can get things together and Auburn can go on a run like we have never seen before? I don't know if that happens with this staff, or even the next, or ever. I hope so. I do know, however, that I absolutely love Auburn, and will continue to Love Auburn and Auburn Athletics until the day I die. I will root for our players, our staff and our University. I will bang my head in the hard times ( JABA ) but I will embellish in the good. I will soak in every single detail. The sounds, the sights, the smells, and the euphoric feeling that we as Auburn fans get when we beat Bama's Aspirin. So until that next epic life changing Auburn win.............................War Damn Eagle
  10. I don't know if KB ever sees the field as a LB....I have a feeling he turns HBack....I do like KB though
  11. ^^^^^^^ This. I am really impressed with our LB crootin over the last few years. We have Pappoe who is a freak, and now Steiner...who is a freak...and both are extremely intelligent young men and good people. Take those and add in Trenton Simpson and Cam Riley, with KJ Britt and Wooten this year, with McClain, OC Brothers My GAWD!!!!!!
  12. Some AU Targets and commits. Get to see Javion Cohen a few reps...he looks good. Like what i see.
  13. I was looking at his 247 page....does Arkansas really have 17 WRs on roster? That's what it says if you look where it shows who is his recruiter for each school and how many of his position..CCM really going spread lol
  14. I noticed that, too. BTW.....I will fight you on the ending of GOT...major BOOOO