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  1. Yes...I saw Cain as well and he looked impressive. I still think we came out on top with DJ. I am excited to see him get reps.
  2. If CBS doesn't get their act together with the camera crews and quit with that BS endzone punt return view I may throw a shoe through the TV! Gary could also be the cause.
  3. Totally agree! I think Ed O is a guy that you could meet at a bar, end up making a new best friend. The type that you'd offer to drive him home because he is too hammered!
  4. I am pulling for Both LSU ( I hate UF more and D. Mullen) . I am right now watching UGA struggle with USCe. Pulling for the Cocks
  5. I agree, but didn't we have backup O-Line in as well?
  6. I knew it!!!!! I knew I was not the only one thinking that Cord Sandberg will be AU's starting QB next season. Bring in the Lefty!!!!
  7. Dameyune Craig and Nick Marshall are tied for my number 2 behind the obvious Cam. NM14 was as composed as composed gets. Didn't realize what we had in him until well after his time here. D. Craig is and was one of my all time favorite AU players. I loved watching him. He was a leader on the sidelines. He took that 97 team on his back pretty much and almost won the SEC. Didn't see a stronger arm until NM came into town.
  8. I don't know that I have cheered so much for one player. I was more than stoked to see TD plant a QB tree seed in the swamp. I hope by end of year there will be several more seeds planted and other teams field crews have to cut down trees next year growing where QBs have been planted by TD Moultry.
  9. I am loving this. War Damn Bo and War Damn Krista and War Damn Eagle!
  10. Some good lists here. I am not going to post stats too much research. Just my list and a couple reasons why. This list is also based off of how I felt watching each individual play, not on talent alone. 1.) Bo Jackson- Nuff said 2.) Ronnie Brown- Ronnie was a beast. He would have probably been a Heisman winner in his own backfield, but being the selfless player he is he stayed and split time with another all time great. What I loved about Ronnie was his physicality and his hands. Dude was a beast out of the backfield receiving. 2B) Cadillac Williams- Such a joy to watch. Gave me some of my best AU moments. What an amazing privilege we had of watching this kid along with 2A in a backfield together. Trulely remarkable. 4.) Tre Mason- I almost had Tre number 2. I don't know that there has ever been a RB that I had more confidence in getting a 3rd and short than Tre Mason. Wasn't high on him until his JR year, but his fumbling disappeared and he became a legend in this ole boys eyes. 5.) Rudi Johnson- To me if we are going on talent alone, he would be further down IMO, but heart was all Rudi. He also came and rejuvenated an AU rushing attack that had fallen off a ledge under Tator Tot recruiting. Had a very good Career too. 6.) Kenny Irons- Purely electric. I think if you took Irons agility and combined with Ronnie Brown's get BO 2.0. Kenny was great. He made me feel like any given play he could take it to the house...because he often would. Never forget the LSU game. 7.) KJ- This one may be a bit more personal. Having seen KJ play in highschool and following him throughout his Auburn career and seeing him develop into a top tier RB was amazing. KJ had patience that very few ever reach. He also had a nasty one cut and would hurdle yo behind, too! 8.) Michael Dyer- Would have loved for him to stay at Auburn and on the right path. He was a talent. Great strength and acceleration and balance. I will always hold a place for him. 9.) Ben Tate- this is one I really took for granted while he was at Auburn. I honestly wasn't his biggest fan at first but his talent can't be denied. After he left Auburn I have since watched his highlights many times and shamed myself for being greedy while he was here. He was everything you want in AU RB. 10.) Stephen Davis- Would love to see S.D. in 2013 AU Offense. A combo of speed and Power There are so many more over the years that played significant roles for AU and for myself and my own viewing pleasure. I know alot of the great befor the late 80's I have only seen footage so I can't put them in my list because I can;t describe how they made me feel watching them. WAR DAMN EAGLE> Who is next to break into this list?
  11. Well, I agree about that but we also had a massive lead on MSU. Believe me, I want to see a lot of DJ, I just worry about Gus and his trust issues. As for Joiner, I don't have an issue with giving him adequate touches. I think Joiner could be deadly. I like the thought of DJ/Joiner as 1A 1B and then Kam and Worm as change of pace guys.
  12. This is a pretty presumptuous statement. I think most of us fans see DJ as being the best option based on very limited PT. I think we will see alot of Kam and I predict Malik Miller gets more carries. I think Gus will use DJ some and his role increase, but history as shown Gus has major trust issues with Freshman RBs (exception Dyer). I see us running Kam into the line multiple times until we bang our head against the wall. I hope to see a plethora of guys from Kam, Worm, Harold, DJ, and Malik all getting reps but I just don't see it happening. Hope I am wrong.
  13. I was reading the post the tRant about Boobee being injured. He is very well respected around other fan bases. Many people from other fan bases say they love watching him and he is one of the best backs in the league. I know we all can be super critical of our team and players. Sometimes we take things for granted as fans I.E. Nick Marsahll. We miss ya Boobee...get well soon. I am excited to see DJ and some other guys get touches though!.
  14. Yes Boobee RS his first year on campus.
  15. I agree with this. If I was CGM, I would run 4 and 5 wide sets with S Williams, W. Hastings, A. Schwartz, S. Cannela, and Matthew Hill. You could do a lot of damage with an air raid Offense with that group. Not bad on the backups either.
  16. We live in a society where everything is offensive. Most of the time the people stating it's offensive aren't even the demographic that would have a claim to the offense taken. I do not understand the world we live in. Drives me insane. Everybody needs a reason to be offended. We have forgotten how to laugh at ourselves as a society and as a people. We also think that if we don't talk about something then it goes away. We have a lot of nasty stuff throughout our Country's young history, but each of those things has made us what we are today.
  17. I don't expect to see MAR in any capacity other than maybe some limited Special teams. He came in with an injury and will definitely redshirt.
  18. I would agree in the past, but Gus has been very good for the most part this year of doing the exact opposite. Don't bring that Busch League Gus Hate here. He has his due but this isn't on GUS
  19. Can I nominate this for post of the season!!!!! LMAO I just busted out laughing while at work!!!!
  20. We didn't run the ball great. Yes we had a few good runs on that one drive but as we got into the RZ the field condenses and UF's defense has less ground to cover. Makes it tougher. I thought the play calls weren't bad. Twice on that one drive that resulted in EZ interception we had the perfect call just no execution. Seth was open on the slant and Bo threw 5 yards behind him. Then Sal was open if the ball was thrown with a little touch and higher but bad throw again. It sucks it ended in TO because at least we could have gotten a FG, but a FG would have only meant we lost by less. JMO
  21. I agree with everything in this post. I was and am still very upset about the loss, but I expected us to lost one to Texas AM or UF so we are right on par with expectations from myself, and ahead of many on this board as you said. Just last week so many people on here were talking crazy and now they are hurting and need to point blame, when all off-season they said 9 or 10 wins with this schedule and a tru frosh QB would be a major win. The playcalling has been good as a whole for the entire year I think. This was not a poorly called game. It was poorly executed. It also wasn't Gus' best called game either but he called plays to win the game. I believe UF's Defense to be elite. I also believe that LSU,UGA, and Bama Defenses are not what they have been, but are definitely better than what we have faced minus UF and possibly Oregon (so hard to tell about Oregon due to PAC12) I think our Oline has improved tremendously from last year. I also think there is room to continue to improve personally. Many think that the OL has peaked. I think if we call plays to counter our weaknesses, like we have most of the season, then we will be ok and Defense will put us in every game.
  22. No one is blaming the Defense for the loss. I havent seen a single poster in this thread say this is on the Defense and they are the reason we lost. I also don't see anybody excusing the Offense at all.