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  1. LMAO you beat me to it....I literally just opened this post and quoted it from the OP then was going to scroll through some and boom...6 minutes late. Ya know....Great minds and all.....
  2. Well said. They remind me of Vandy at the beginning of CJF's tenure. They had to learn how to win games. Vandy would be super competitive in a lot of games and then just lose it in the end. We are in that spot. We have lost so many in the second half that it has become the expectation. We have to learn how to win again...of course this is assuming we get the talent and staff to do so. God help us.
  3. When I envision meeting Golf at the Stadium....I get mad Seamus vibes
  4. @AUBwins @kennypowers @WFE12 @maryland tiger Thanks to all of you who helped share links. I am up on Youtube. War Eagle guys!
  5. Im so pissed. Dish Network hasn't renewed their contract so we can't get ESPN. What a joke.I may be cancelling with them. Sounds like we have been playing ok so far?
  6. Wow.....I didn't realize the level of collapse in the second half was that bad. That alone should be fireable with the fact that we lost nearly all of those.
  7. Fleck has done fairly well at Minnesota, but I don't think he would be the right choice. He seems like he would be another Harsin to me. Recruiting a bunch of "hardworking 3 stars" that are going to outwork everybody. That model doesn't work here. We need the elite talent. Maybe I am wrong.
  8. I know it was JH, but the point still stands. It is always possible for any team to win...however unlikely.
  9. If I was a betting man there is no way in hell I would ever bet on us to win this. With that being said, there is always a chance that things go one way or another. The football bounces funny. Would anybody have believed we would have had a shot to beat Alabama last year? Did anybody think App St would beat Michigan years ago? Or Texas AM this year? What about MTSU? It's why we play the games. I predict 55-12 UGA lol
  10. Lane is a great play caller. Mo mistaking that. He transformed Saban's Alabama teams. He can recruit fairly well, too IMO. I don't like some of his game day decisions. I.e. Going for it on 4th down. That is a big part of why we beat Ole Miss last year. With all that said, I would not be upset in the slightest if we fired Harsin and hired Lane. One, I think he is definitely a splash hire. He has name recognition and I believe he could recruit better at AU than Ole Miss and he has done well there IMO. I don't know that he is the coach to get us to being a perennial 10+ win team and SEC contender, but I think he can dig us out of the black hole we are in. He would have us in a good spot for the next coach when he bails for coeds in whatever other school comes calling in a few years.
  11. Can I change my crush to Prime Time Deion Sanders?
  12. I don't think that 4-8 is best case. I could see us finishing close to last year in the 6-6 or even 7-5 possibly. If I am guessing...I would say 6-6. I just think that last week was awful on all fronts, but I don't think we will play that poorly every game. I think we will find a groove against the weaker teams and maybe somehow shock a decent team. The bad part of this is it will make the decision to retain/fire CBH a lot more difficult even though the writing is on the wall.
  13. To my knowledge yes we did, but we didn't want to let him coach the bowl at bama.
  14. This is true, but we all cling to that 1% of hope ever so tightly. I know I do. Truth hurts.
  15. He denied the Vaccine. How easily we all forget
  16. This is a bad take. Sorry. If you are only looking at TDs-INTs then yes...statistically in that category it doesn't look as good, but you know that stats don't tell the whole story especially not when cherry picked. Overall his stat sheet is improved in virtually every other category that he can control. Setting the stat sheet aside and looking at the actual on field product, any one with knowledge of the QB position should be able to see the clear improvements he has made. On the play below...TJ does a great job of stepping up in he pocket to avoid he pressure from the inside. Had a little room to tuck and run but kept his eyes downfield and made a great throw with touch right over the defender. We didn't see this much last year. He would have more than likely been sacked at best.
  17. He is talking about Coach's podcast I believe.
  18. So I have to disagree. Anyone saying TJ does not look any better. I completely disagree. He has most definitely improved. I think the issue is he had a LONG way to go before he was ready to be a starter in this league (if ever) and yet CBH thinks he is the best option we have. That is where the problem lies. He has improved on his accuracy. He has improved on his Pocket awareness. He has been much better at stepping up into the pocket as opposed to last year just being a statue. He still makes some bone headed throws sometimes that lead to turnovers.
  19. So I do fully agree with have some prerequisites. The only one I don't think is an absolute must is former or current P5 HC. Yes that would be a huge addition, but I would settle for the right P5 OC or G5 head coach if all the other boxes are checked. My main wants would be SEC Experience. This tops the list. I agree Number 2, Elite recruiter Number 3, an Offensive minded guy with a proven track record of top 10-25 offenses throughout his career, however long it may be. Number 4- A guy with strong ties to the NFL as well. Whether former player or Coach. I want someone with a track record of getting guys to the league. Those 4 are my first 4 concerns, period.
  20. For sure. Honestly, I remember an interview I saw (maybe an article) with Harsin when he was discussing his Offensive philosophy and he said something along the lines of: "We do not run an offensive scheme. We run Plays. We have a lot of different plays we run" That line stuck with me and not in a good way. This isn't 14 year old me taking the CPU to the woodshed in year 12 of my Dynasty with Eastern Tennessee Technical on NCAA 14. Just running random plays. Offenses need an identity. They need a scheme. Even with Gus, there was some method to his madness. It just didn't work anymore. I just found that an odd statement.
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