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  1. im assuming the op is suggesting brown and Davidson will sit out the bowl game or not play much in preparation for NFL
  2. seems like folks are also split over Wisconsins bowl fate if they stay competitive against Ohio State they are possibly in NY6. but if they get blown out looks like they are headed to Citrus. Gator or Outback
  3. the crimson turd fanbase reportedly traveled well last time they were in that game when it was called the Capital One and they beat down on Sparty
  4. we deserved this especially BO flash those smiles guys
  5. don't know how reliable jerry palm of cbs is. but he has LSU in playoffs (duh) Georgia in sugar. Auburn in gator. bammer in in citrus. florida in outback. perhaps we are still in contention for NY6 guess we'll see
  6. have to hold em to atleast a FG if anything on this drive
  7. I like what ive seen. but weve gotta make plays on O and cant allow open looks against waddle
  8. if we lose I don't see it being close considering everything bammer has to play for
  9. im not really sure where this logic is coming from davis and dale are reportedly questionable. but id be shocked if saban didn't play both of them for atleast the first half and when was the last time we gashed a bammer team in the iron bowl while saban was there? we may win but to think we are just going to run at will against them with our o-line is laughable as much as it pains me to say it! I hope im eating crow late Saturday evening
  10. that Alabama D isn't as depleted as folks are making it out they still have have playmakers on that side of the ball that's what makes Saban such a damn good Defensive minded coach! those thinking we are going to have a big day running against them are in for a sad awakening im afraid as much as it pains me to say they probably have another 2nd or 3rd string guy on that side of the ball! that is just as talented as some of those injured first string guys! we may win and I sure as hell hope we do. but lets not fool ourselves into thinking we are playing hoover high
  11. by that stat then unfortunately that means our O-Line may be what costs us the game