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  1. correct me if im wrong. but October is technically part of fall right? that's how ive always understood it Summer in Alabama is late April-September! and Fall is Late September-December! if they are expecting another surge of this virus in Fall/Winter you can bet the first time a player. or coach coughs/sneezes even if its at halftime! they will shut it down just like everything else! that said im seeing a lot of consensus that we probably wont know the status of college football till early july! so who knows what things will look like by then
  2. yes rumors are that's why they were reportedly looking at a summer kickoff. but again it was proven to be nothing but a rumor as Dodd and Hurt both could get no confirmation from anyone they talked to! I realize that the virus is scary. but I doubt seriously a summer kickoff would even happen or be discussed for these reasons 1. pre-season practice would have to begin as early as late April/mid May and based off of Trump extending the guidelines to April 30th with a June 1st date to open everything back up we know that's probably not gonna happen! 2. all games would have to be played at night as much as folks in the south love Football I cant imagine anyone sitting inside JHS or BDS on a hot June/July afternoon in near 98-100 degree heat risking heatstroke just to watch Auburn and Alabama blowout a cupcake 78-0 3. this would most likely mean a shortened season (which may happen anyway!) but instead of Auburn/Alabama Auburn/Georgia Alabama/LSU or even Ohio State/Michigan happening in November those games would probably be held in late July/early August and where would that leave bowl games and championship games! well im guessing that would place them in mid August/early September
  3. so don't know if anyone has heard but the last two days Friday and Saturday there were rumors floating that CFB would kickoff its 2020 season in summer months July, August, September. the rumor was quickly shot down by CBS Dennis Dodd who said he spoke to a high ranking "College Athletics Official and that there had been no discussion regarding the 2020 season at this time" bammer homer Cecil Hurt also claimed he spoke to a few college officials and they also they have not heard any discussions of a "Summer kickoff for College Football" so basically with that said just based off that it sounds like CFB folks are in wait and see mode like everyone else right now and probably wont really start making decisions untill mid-may/early june! also IMO while I feel its unlikely everything will be closed past May/June I do think there will be folks forced to make adjustments to their schedule and CFB will probably be one of those
  4. also if season is delayed! I have to wonder would that mean conference game only season? and no "non-conference?"
  5. read on another board there was talk of mini camp being held in may if they get the all clear on ESPN radio today! that tells me for now PTB feel atleast 95% we will have football! "For now" and "IF" are the headlines though
  6. When will we hear an announcement on the status of College football 2020 season! IMO Most likely Mid-May/Mid June
  7. fauci has kind of ignorant tone IMO, but I do like the way him and birx have handled this
  8. University of Florida professor Ira Longini says "U.S. death peak for Coronavirus is three weeks away" Longini said it may be possible to "Isolate the vulnerable and allow many to go back to work" Longini is a professor for the Center of Statistics and Quanitative Infectious Diseases at the University of Florida the CDC confirmed Longini works with them on Covid19 modeling
  9. no but a peak would mean we survived the worst part and cases would start dropping so we could open stuff back up
  10. All the teens flocking to the beach for spring break set us back! 8 weeks sounds right along with the April/ May timelin im.hoping a slight chance before Easter. But probably a week or two before memorial day is most likely IMO
  11. ohio gov mike dewine, Louisiana gov. Arkansas gov. boston gov. ny. gov are all talking about best case is april/may timeline, ex fda chief scott gottlieb and business insider journalist morgan Stanley both agree with that timeline as well! so that would most likely mean nothing would open back up till late may or early-mid june IMO best case is two weeks before Easter cause I know lots of churches will be wanting to host Sonrise service in three weeks Easter is a big holiday event for churches
  12. TBH if peak is during the next two weeks then some of april would be included because this upcoming week is the final week of march after that you only have two days left in this month! didn't want this to turn into a coronavirus/politics thread but since its already there the UK is expecting their peak somewhere around Easter and if not Easter then possibly May/June, and Australia possibly around August. if our peak comes in the next week or two you have to figure so would Italy
  13. a lot of folks are predicting the peak for the u.s to be april/may
  14. alabama now has 78 confirmed cases Dr. Deborah Birch said the number of people diagnosed in the U.S. will most likely dramatically increase during the next four-five days as it is a five-six day run of tests during a 24-48 hour span and that curves will not be stable till sometime next week" some of these cases have active a few weeks prior to testing some could've already passed idk. but ^ there you have it from a task force member
  15. well I just made it political now by giving congrads to ivey