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  1. bars should've been the last thing to reopen unfortunately I saw this coming. death counts will be the main header to watch for july and august as that area is staying down for the most part. however cases and hospitalizations are definitely being stubborn though china is reportedly back under lockdown due to a cluster of new cases. but does anyone really believe the commies in china? how do we know they ever saw the end of current cases
  2. most states are saying "shutting back down is a last resort" im thinking most are gonna halt any further phases until another two-three months while making masks mandatory. New York was going to allows theaters, and malls to reopen in mid-july but has Cuomo has now backtracked and saying they likely wont reopen till August, September or even October north Carolina and texas both have said they wont be moving further for awhile I don't think Ivey will make Alabama shut back down. but rumors are tougher restrictions will be put in place some are suggesting that means restaurants go back to curbside and churches possibly go back to online and drive thru I just hope it doesn't mean barbershops have to close back down I just got my haircut last Friday Lawd hope my if I have to wait till labor day for another
  3. Montgomery just issued a mask ordinance. I look for it to possibly be statewide when alabamas stay at home order expires
  4. im tired of folks acting like this thing is over and that its all back to normal because it isn't. alabama is nearing 30k cases and we probably wont see the peak until atleast another month I saw pics of some highschool buds of mine on facebook last night everyone of them huddled up a bar with no mask and they weren't bothering with six feet either
  5. I hope not because I don't think our economy can afford another two-month lockdown. but if cases keep spiking Alabama may not have a choice Montgomery, Mobile and Jefferson are all at 2,000+ cases other counties are following behind those three slowly was watching local news channel last night I believe it was WAKA they said Montgomery is considering tougher restrictions and that rumors are tougher restrictions/guidelines will be put in place for the entire state once the stay at home order expires on July 3rd. What that means is anyones guess
  6. some states are now others maybe still a few weeks away! if you believe worldometers the U.S. is hovering right around 1000 cases at the moment so if that trend continues we should be at or near the hundred range by sometime in July if not by the end of this month the death average will most likely linger for awhile for states that have hotspot cities IMO example Alabama - Montgomery and Mobile
  7. hopefully we will have a tribute to coach dye during the first home game in three months from now
  8. it was around this time last year that rods death was also announced. rods death was actually announced a week earlier. but scary that both occurred almost in the same time frame
  9. eagles nest ticket package is available now on website four hundred bucks per seat all seven home games restricted to upper deck only I think i'll stick with individual they'll be on sale towards late june
  10. sec approved student athletes returning to campus next month
  11. I hate quoting other boards! . but on mississippi states 247 forum they are saying Fulmer is the only guy not wanting to allow players back on campus June 1
  12. Gogue said in an admissions greeting video we will have classes this fall and football this fall
  13. Alabama is rumored to be replacing USC with TCU for their 2020 opener should California colleges not be allowed to reopen in time for the season! im guessing Clemson will be announced as our potential replacement for Alcorn State any day now!
  14. I think if that were to happen a lot of colleges would choose not to field football teams or a lot of players on teams would choose to sit out! college players feed off the energy from the fanbase especially the student section! as to paying for games on PPV I don't even pay for VOD when it comes to movies. im not paying PPV for CFB IMO around early-mid July NCAA officials will come out and say CFB will start on time! has been delayed. or has been cancelled! this is where I place the percentage at this point Delayed 85% Cancelled 65% Start on time 30%