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  1. if anything this seasons is looking like a mix of 2011/2015 early indications "IF" we go to a bowl it'll be in legion field against an AAC team i know yuck but who knows
  2. i saw some on message boards saying bring back gus yesterday, didnt we have to depend on a onside kick to beat utah state when gus was our oc? and didnt we need ovetime to beat jsu with gus as head coach? to think gus wouldve had more smooth sailing yesterday is laughable
  3. warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr eagle https://strangeandgreatstateofalabama755539042.wordpress.com/2021/08/30/auburn-fans-to-get-official-first-look-at-harsin-era-next-week/
  4. https://www.ajc.com/sports/georgia-bulldogs/no-covid-19-mandates-planned-for-georgias-sanford-stadium/S445H2CKVBBAZEBEVTABCUTEUQ/ Karthik Venkataraman @WBIRKarthik · 4h
  5. greene said there has been no discussions about proof of vaccines that leads me to think likely wont be any at Auburn. tennessee saying they wont require any Karthik Venkataraman @WBIRKarthik · 3h I’ve been told from someone with Tennessee Athletics that fans will not need proof of
  6. all sports forums in general have gotten bad lately i try to stay off of most of them because of how bad all the bickering has gotten over pointless arguements, this one seems to be following in that trajectory as well unfortunately
  7. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2021/08/ad-allen-greene-auburn-still-plans-full-capacity-tailgating-for-football-this-season.html
  8. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2021/08/ad-allen-greene-auburn-still-plans-full-capacity-tailgating-for-football-this-season.html
  9. Browsing this thread while sitting in movie theatre waiting on movie to start all I can say is........Wow i thought scout forums and tiger droppings forums were bad when it comes to bickering back and forth but yall are giving them a run for their money tonight with this thread C'mon guys let's Pray Coach Harsin and whomever else had to quarantine pulls through this quickly so we can enjoy some football in two weeks. War Eagle God Bless Stay Safe
  10. How many on here are going to the first home? i know i am September 4th cant come quick enough. Warrrrrrrrrr Eagle
  11. im thinking 7-5 but i could see us upsetting somebody to get 8 possibly 9. i also found this a few days ago on social media https://strangeandgreatstateofalabama755539042.wordpress.com/2021/08/04/history-says-auburn-should-beat-alabama-or-georgia-in-harsins-first-season/
  12. i think we can possibly pull an upset or two and get 7 possibly 8 wins. penn state game will tell alot https://strangeandgreatstateofalabama755539042.wordpress.com/2021/07/27/official-2021-auburn-football-schedule-breakdown/
  13. a friend of mine posted this on facebook yesterday i agree if you want to get vaccinated then do it. but sop since blaming those who dont This may get me in FB jail for a couple of days and if it does.....so be it. But yesterday's comments blaming the unvaccinated by our states Governor Kay Ivey were the main reason folks are refusing to take the vaccine. Everybody is blaming each other and that's whats causing the whole mess I am 29 years old soon to be 30 this December I have been to movie theatre ever since they reopened in Alabama last y
  14. A little surprised they haven't tried to make Oklahoma drag them along Both are tied together thru legislature just like ole miss and state, Virginia tech and Virginia. Us and bammer. And I think unc and nc state are tied together thru legislature as well......
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