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  1. Auburn 17, LSU 16 this series is noted for crazy moments i dont see this year being any different
  2. rumor im seeing on a few auburn boards is that the following would be top three to replace Gus whenever a change is made Billy Napier Mario Cristobal Matt Campbell IMO if that rumor is true and if they fire Gus this year i think they hire Napier or promote from within with Steele or Garner if they want Campbell or Cristobal i think they'll wait till next year and hope both are still available
  3. we were competitive with our rivals when Tuberville. Dye etc were hear we had a better postseason record as well hell chizik was 3-0 in postseason gus is 2-5
  4. to me this game is more dangerous than usual for Auburn if you look thru O&B glasses then sure we should win this one as it appears this game plays into our strength possibly beat LSU next week and be either 3-3 or 4-2 heading into the bye week However if you take O&B glasses off does it play into our strengths? are we really the better team on paper? if you look at our first four games we are fortunate not to be 1-3 or perhaps even 0-4 depending on whether or not you think Kentucky had the TD before halftime it feels like the game whe
  5. im guessing the reason some are writing LSU as a win is due to their D performance in their two losses but how do we know they wont have it figured out by the time we play them next week @ Ole Miss - L LSU - L @ Mississippi State - L Tennessee - W @ Alabama - L Texas A&M - L that would put us at 3-7 i honestly see only one more win i dont see us beating both mississippi schools on the road if we beat either i feel almost confident in saying both may have their coming out party against us if we get one more win i think its Tennessee
  6. i cant read most of his stuff cause i'm not a subscriber but his latest piece reads "Auburn football future depends on leadership, unity" dont want to sound like a gloomer but when auburn beat writers or insiders start saying stuff like that usually a sign stuff is going on behind the scenes
  7. i have us losing 35-17 which sounds a little more accurate last two times we lost in oxford 08 and 12 we were in it until ole miss eventually wore our D down from being on the field majority of the game i agree i think we'll find the endzone atleast once maybe twice but the fact that we could only muster two field goals against south carolina in the second half is something of an issue itself
  8. only time we scored 30 so far this season was against Arky 30-28 on a game winning FG and that was only because a judgement call went in our favor i just told someone we only scored two field goals in the second half this past saturday against an average team no reason to think we are automatically gonna boat race someone 58-17 no matter how bad the opposing D is
  9. Line is slowly shifting towards Ole Miss it is now Auburn-3 i love my Tigers but can't say i blame for folks for leaning towards Ole Miss until i see real improvement no reason for me to believe we should be favored Gus & Chad if y'all by chance read these forums my definition of improvement doesnt mean Pass, Pass, Pass, before bringing Tank in on 2nd and 23 or 3rd and 25 only to settle for Field Goals and Punts
  10. thats what i'm thinking we're gonna need our D to hold them to a low scoring type game need it to be 24-21, 17-10 etc late in the game if they are able to match us score for score 7-7 14-14 21-21 it'll be a long day
  11. Auburn 17, Ole Miss 35 post game interview with mr. double bubble/waffle house fan boy is nothing but the same ole "We will get butter" "Good week of practice"
  12. shootout doesnt work to our advantage IMO i think we should and will find the endzone a couple of times. but arkansas. south carolina and georgia all had little to no trouble finding holes and space against our D that at the moment isnt a good indication facing a team like ole miss that is built to match us points by points
  13. yes but i was referring to most recent which was 08 and 12 we lost to vandy and ole miss both those two years i believe if we somehow had vandy on the schedule this year it would be a sure sign of gus fate
  14. 21.5 isnt too bad for it to happen this year assuming rumors are true about the money being there i've also heard rumors about it being there but have also heard folks want to put money towards facilities and other needs unless gus just shows signs of losing the team
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