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  1. probably wont be any info until late next month or early may
  2. cdc said vaccinated people no longer have to go by restrictions like six foot apart and masks, so i think the chances of full capacity just went up
  3. https://strangeandgreatstateofalabama755539042.wordpress.com/2020/12/23/what-is-the-ceiling-for-harsin-in-first-year-as-tigers-head-coach/ i agree no reason to expect no less than eight/nine wins next season even if it is too early, Harsin had twelve wins in his first season at Boise 15 and this year are the only two times hes had less than 10 wins
  4. according to Caldwells column "the reports of coaches being told what assistants they could and couldnt fire or hire were false! Napier and Clark were never offered the job, Napier had discussions with Auburn but an offer was never made Clarked called Auburn himself but was never considered to be a candidate. Venables was a legit candidate but he decided over the weekend to stay at clemson. Harsin was the most impressive candidate when it came to interviews Ron on 247 is now trying to spin it as to why Harsin got the nod over Steele
  5. folks on tates forum saying auburn has interviewed freeze its on the TOS section
  6. when do we interview Samford head coach Chris Hatcher
  7. no one is reporting it yet though i wouldnt read much into it at this point
  8. Penn State is currently in downward spiral all he said was he looks for Franklins name to pop up he doesnt expect him to get an offer, he is saying you'll possibly hear the Franklin interviewed and that will be that, he said the same thing about Muschamp last week he doesnt expect it to go further than an interview
  9. to clarify JBoy said he thinks Franklins name will be mentioned, similar to what he said about Muschamp last week basically hes saying you will likely here Franklin and or Muschamp interviewed but he doesnt expect it to go further than an interview with either
  10. he said he looks for his name to pop up doesnt think he will be a candidate its similar to what he said about muschamp
  11. might as well brace probably not gonna have an announcement till sunday or after the bowl game at this point, fwiw i like them taking their time
  12. people keep saying clark has withdrawn his name but no one has reported it yet, not saying i dont expect him to if he cant pick his staff but perhaps we should hold our taters
  13. warblogle is gloating on twitter about everything thats happening with the other candidates he'll probably be doing jumping jacks outside KS house if Steele is named HC
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