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  1. KnightTiger

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    they have a pretty good looking schedule most likely will be undefeated when we play them . same can be said Mississippi state we may be the better team when we play them near the end of September. but based on their schedule they will most likely be 4-0 by then
  2. KnightTiger

    Oregon - 1st game of 2019 season

    we actually have a losing record against Tulane in football might as well mark that one down as a loss too
  3. KnightTiger

    Oregon - 1st game of 2019 season

    hold up partner I think Gus deserves to be fired as much as anyone but I will never hope we lose just so we can fire someone
  4. KnightTiger

    Oregon - 1st game of 2019 season

    cox is/was a senior unless he was injured last year and applied for a medical redshirt he wont be here in August
  5. KnightTiger

    ***Music City Bowl — Game Thread***

    honestly I hope we continue on our current hot streak in this game and win. but I also hope by some miracle that this young man Tyler Trent beats his cancer ive lost several friends and family to cancer and I hate to see someone in the prime of their life diagnosed with it
  6. KnightTiger

    Music City Score Prediction

    31-28 Auburn
  7. KnightTiger

    UAB bowl game

    was having a discussion with someone the other day and we both agreed if Clark can keep UAB on its current path then there is a strong chance UAB could become a permanent non-conference opponent for Auburn and Alabama kind of like the series both had with Southern Miss and Georgia Tech
  8. KnightTiger

    Dream Conference Realignment

    I would add both Oklahoma schools but if we could only have one of the Oklahoma schools or couldn't have either then i'd say go with one/two out of this group UNC/Duke/Kansas can you imagine how exciting basketball would be in the conference if Kentucky had to play atleast two of the teams in bold every year? that said I don't see us adding UNC or Duke if we ever go to a 16 team conference we will most likely aim for Texas and atleast one or both of the Oklahoma schools. also correct me if im wrong but UNC and Duke would most likely be a package deal correct? I read somewhere that the ACC commissioner is an UNC grad and isn't too fond of seeing the UNC/Duke rivalry possibly broken up with conference re-alignment
  9. KnightTiger

    6-6 next year

    6 win sound too generous look for 4-8/5-7 at best losses to Oregon. Florida. Georgia. bama. LSU. A&M. and atleast one of the Mississippi schools!
  10. KnightTiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    he appears to be an insider like Phil. Marcello. Tate . etc don't know how good his sources are though
  11. KnightTiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    this is embarrassing you know all of our rivals are laughing their asses off at the mess taking place here right now! next year is currently shaping up to be 2012 bad even if Gus is retained
  12. KnightTiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    i'm wondering same thing
  13. KnightTiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    looks like Gus wont be hiring Hugh Freeze as it looks like he's about to accept Tennessee's OC position
  14. KnightTiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    gus will most likely be back I think if he was gonna be let go it would've been announced by now
  15. KnightTiger

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    someone on twitter said the coaches were called back from recruiting don't know where they saw that at though cant find it. if true that would be a sign of someone about to be axed correct?