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  1. Muschamp bridge is burnt hopefully
  2. I think it mostly because of his reputation of something big happening and then when it doesn’t he rarely gives an explanation as to why it did or didn’t happen But to be honest I trust Phillip Marshall’s sources more than I trust half the folks on message boards im already waiting for the annual. “ my friend told my dad, who told my third grade English teacher who is a season ticket holder that we are going to hire Rhett lashlee as the next hc” threads on half a dozen auburn boards
  3. Anyone in attendance get fired up after seeing it last night prior to kickoff, Will always was one my favorites to wear an Auburn jersey
  4. Yep we got our asses handed to us by Florida twice that season classic tubs i will hand it to Tubs he may have had a reputation of laying eggs in games against Georgia, Georgia tech, arky, etc but he owned bama when he was here prior to 2008 his record against them was 7-2 as Auburn HC with only losses being 99 and 01
  5. I could see it being atleast similar to 09 maybe going out on a huge limb but if we are undefeated heading into Athens I don’t see us losing that game
  6. Last year was our first losing season since 2012 i decided to go back and look at both of our last two losing seasons 2008 5-7 followed up by an 8 win season in 09 and a championship season in 2010 2012 3-9 followed up by a championship season in 2013 if you go by those statistics this will either be an 8 win season followed by a championship season in 23 or 24 or it will be a championship season this year only difference is everyone pretty much knew we were going to be good in 09, 10 and 13 but the question was how good this year it’s hard to tell if we will be good or worse
  7. cubelic said on his morning show he thinks harsin likely stays now
  8. and he will have to win almost immediately
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Auburn_Tigers_football_team just in case it gets edited back before anyone reads it here is a copy September 3 12:00PM Mercer* Jordan–Hare Stadium Auburn, AL ESPN W 35-21 24,512 September 10 12:00PM San Jose State* Jordan–Hare Stadium Auburn, AL FOX W 21-14 21,651 September 17 3:30 PM Penn State* Jordan–Hare Stadium Auburn, AL SECN W 42-3 September 24 11:00AM Missouri Jordan–Hare Stadium Auburn, AL SECN W 35-28 0 October 1 2:30PM LSU Jordan–Hare Stadium Auburn, AL (rivalry) SECN L 21-49 25,000 October 8 7:35PM at Georgia Sanford Stadium Athens, GA (Deep South's Oldest Rivalry) W 21-7 October 15 2:30 PM CST at Ole Miss Vaught–Hemingway Stadium Oxford, MS (rivalry) SECN W 56-49 35,756 October 29 11:00 AM CST Arkansas Jordan–Hare Stadium Auburn, AL W 56-7 November 5 6:30PM CST at Mississippi State Davis Wade Stadium Starkville, MS CBS W 63-56 65,000 November 12 730pm Texas A&M Jordan–Hare Stadium Auburn, AL CBS W 35-28 222,222 November 19 Western Kentucky* Jordan–Hare Stadium Auburn, AL SECN W 21-7 63,636 November 26 630PM CST at Alabama Bryant–Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, AL (Iron Bowl) ESPN W 21-14 222,521 that said whomever you are any chance you can use your time machine to get me some good powerball numbers? 2022 Auburn Tigers football team - Wikipedia.url
  10. in a way too early projection http://strangeandgreatstateofalabama755539042.wordpress.com/2022/01/12/way-too-early-2022-auburn-football-schedule-prediction/
  11. okay then........ Urine cures COVID, Christopher Key, recently arrested Alabama anti-vaxxer, falsely claims – THE STRANGE AND GREAT STATE OF AL.url
  12. https://strangeandgreatstateofalabama755539042.wordpress.com/2021/12/28/who-would-win-in-a-fight-between-a-cougar-and-tiger/
  13. hopefully not this one https://strangeandgreatstateofalabama755539042.wordpress.com/2021/12/22/auburn-forgetful-meeting-with-houston-in-the-bluebonnet-bowl/ https://strangeandgreatstateofalabama755539042.wordpress.com/2021/12/22/the-year-auburn-thrashed-houston-and-won-a-national-championship/
  14. i know who the new OC is going to be
  15. http://strangeandgreatstateofalabama755539042.wordpress.com/2021/11/29/harsin-knows-time-is-fleeting-with-auburn-football/
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