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  1. Jones Field

    Criticism from Stidham's Camp

    You should read Marcello’s latest...he may have as many fingers pointed back at him.
  2. Jones Field

    Where is the problem

    That is horrible line play, not just physically but also with assignments. Maybe time for A 3rd option at center.
  3. Jones Field

    Stidham's Accuracy

    No coach, but that looks like a poor route combo form that sill shot. 4 guys all in the same area and the 5th is close as well. Maybe it was a down/distance thing. Either way, he is not playing well.
  4. Jones Field

    Kam and Sal considered leaving as well

    Honestly, I am not sure either would be a big loss.
  5. Jones Field

    Post-Arkansas -- Coordinators Speak

    I think the quote was that we will probably lose our jobs over this. The O has been average, but the D has given up some crucial plays as well. Both units should be pissed.
  6. Jones Field

    Post-Arkansas -- Coordinators Speak

    He was bitching at big cat for giving them a first down...and he was right to do it. Not sure who pissed in Steele’s cornflakes. I think it is interesting that CL said that coaches were “real” with the players at practice today. What the hell does that mean?
  7. Jones Field

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    This game scares me. Classic letdown game. Ark can’t win, but it may be closer than we like.
  8. Jones Field

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs LSU

    Good stuff. I just played high school ball and have only coached youth football. We taught basic zone blocking skills. When I saw that front the first thing I thought was down block and pull....and I ain’t that smart! You would think highly paid coaches would try something different up front.
  9. Jones Field

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs LSU

    Interesting topic on the D front. So how do you counter it?
  10. Jones Field

    Attendance ... AU vs. LSU

    It was brutal yesterday. Ticket prices are an issue. I spent 500 just to get in the door, another 100 on game day. Not counting gas and other expenses. I forgot the 40 bucks to park. This was for a family of four. It’s jsut not cost effective to go to every home game. The parking/tailgate experience has gotten worse than when I started going to games in the late 90s. Back then, it was first come first serve. I couldn’t help but notice all of the green space going unused yesterday. It’s killed the experience IMO for the average tailgater.