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  1. Yes. I understand exactly how much big donors are worth. My point was that when you make 10 MM a year and are worth 100MM-200MM+ yourself you are not in awe of 500+. It’s changed from 25 years ago significantly.
  2. This use to be the case but not so much anymore. The salaries of todays top coaches puts them in a similar league to many of the big donors. When a coach is making 7-10MM a year they tend not to take too much outside advice. there was a time that worked. The game behind the game has changed. Show me a school where the head coach is in full control and you will see a successful program. Time to wake up and understand the game has changed before the hole is dug so deep you never recover.
  3. There in lies the issue. The leadership has to get the money 👍🏼 Before they make a decision. And the only way the money is ALL IN is if they will continue to have influence. Unfortunately, Auburns debt to coaches that are no longer on staff is larger than any school in the nation. Someone has to pay that bill. Those someone’s have leverage to stay in power as long as that debt exits. Unless a new bank account comes on board or the leadership stands up to the old school nothing will change. Someone has to stand up and do the right thing for the long term success of the program.
  4. Let’s meet at Sonic and I will spill the tea🤣🤣🤣
  5. Haha. Not the type of “player” I was referring but that’s funny. 🤣
  6. Yes. I am kind of lost how this one could have slipped through the cracks with no inside leverage. Would love to know how that happened and why some believe so.
  7. You left out a couple. Miles, Meyer, Chizik (I had too!!!) All with Titles. Could be a couple others…😉
  8. Don’t think for a second Harsin was not backed by a major “player”. I will just leave it at that.
  9. Ran into an old acquaintance today at a business luncheon in Bham and got some very interesting information that confirms my theory on the power structure within the program. This individual was a top 5 “supporter” of the program in the 90s. He is no longer on that level today but he knows everyone inside the power grab. Some of you who may have some connections or network at Auburn may can connect some dots. First, I think we all can agree Auburn has made some head scratching hires the last 15+ years but it was not because some big names were not interested. At least 3 elite top 10 coaches reached out during the last three hirings and expressed their interest in the opening. All three had the same concern of the rumored power struggle outside the locker room. The names I heard would shock some here, unfortunately for the program they were all told there was a set way Auburn did things and that system was not going to change anytime soon. Obviously, all passed on the opening. One of which was a active NFL coach at the time, played for a title and would have been a recruiting giant. Fast forward to this week. Auburn was contacted after the game Saturday and informed two very prominent coaches had an interest if they were looking to make any changes. One is active today as a head coach and one has been a head coach and currently weighing his options. Either one of these would immediately put us back in the conversation and solve our recruiting struggles. Both expressed they would only be interested if they garnered exclusive decisions making for the program and were guaranteed 5+ years. Of course there is no opening today and no formal search committee but there is big time interest from some home run hires already at week 4. I was told, if Auburn looks to make a change this year, we will know buy the next hire if the leadership has finally decided to break the system and go a different direction or if the good ole boy network stayed in place and they select another middle tier coach with some potential or limited success and extra baggage to come on board. I guess we will see how things play out.
  10. I live a mile from the school and attend every game and can confirm this as TRUE!
  11. Now I know your an actual alumni and not sidewalk fan. 🤣
  12. Builder Disciplinarian Personality CEO Mindset Loyalty You give me those 4 and I think we can build around that for success!
  13. A bad loss and it could happen overnight. A losing season and it will happen before 2023. If he can somehow grab lightning in a bottle and turn things around with pixie dust and smoke and mirrors to finish with 9 wins he could earn himself 1 more year.
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