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  1. Thank You Pruitt for waiting till 3rd down to throw
  2. We are lucky UT is trying to run the ball
  3. Yes I know. Read your post as it was a clip in tackle box. Thats why I asked about chop block because it generally happens between the tackles.
  4. Was it chop block? My understanding there is no such thing as a clip behind the line. Has that rule changed?
  5. If you substitute he holds the ball until the other team gets their subs on the field and off
  6. This will not likely go over well with most but I am not impressed at all with KBs coaching our WRs. He can recruit but beyond that I dont see much.
  7. He has to be trying to bait you. No one can be that clueless.
  8. Good news is we are out gaining them in yards. Bad news is we have 45 yards rushing. Smh
  9. They wont bring them out until the 30 minute all clear. Then will likely have 5-10 more minutes to get loose again.
  10. Based on how long they have been in the lockeroom. Has been done in two games already this year. One last week.