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  1. When people claim that I always wonder if they think it's also normal for to try to screw inanimate objects since dogs will do it.
  2. We also know that a similar percentage of people are and probably always have been psychopaths. Around 2-3%. So that means that psychopathy is normal? EDIT: And before you try, no, I am not comparing gays to psychopaths. Clearly what I am doing is taking your reasoning and inserting another group that fits the same criteria you are using to "prove" that homosexuality is normal, namely, that it has always been around. If that criteria is all that is necessary to prove normalcy, there are a whole lot of groups that are currently classified as being abnormal that are in fact normal.
  3. Please do. I am interested in how medical facts may be spun as "bizarre."
  4. Exactly how does history and common sense tell us that? I understand how "science" supposedly tells us that. Unlike many who opine on the subject, I've done a bit of looking into the "research" that supposedly caused the scientific community to reverse its previous opinion that homosexuality was abnormal. It's not very impressive. A lot of self-describing surveys and the like. So my opinion is that the shift was a social one, not a scientific one, but I'd be happy to look at whatever research you'd like to offer that I might not know about that makes a strong case for homosexual
  5. I know you are, but what am I? (Did I do that right?)
  6. You didn't understand the post. That's not my fault and being aggressive about it doesn't cover your mistake. If not being vaccinated is as dangerous to other people as many (including many here say), what's the logical reasoning for this being a "fantasy?" I can't think of any other thing that people are not punished by law for doing that is as dangerous to others as people say this is. So why is this one thing laughable, but, say, driving without having proven competence in the form of getting a license taken for granted?
  7. No, it's a hypothetical. That they don't currently exist is the point.
  8. Again, I think you either didn't read what I wrote or don't believe it and just didn't say so. It's o.k., you won't hurt my feelings if you disagree with me, and I would rather have someone say, "I see what you wrote there and I think you're wrong because of X, Y, and Z." We might both learn something in that scenario, and although there are definitely subjects that I post confidently about (maybe too confidently...nobody's perfect), if someone can show me a flaw in my thinking I will listen. It's got to be a reasoned response, though. Not just, "That's dumb." Bt posting the same thin
  9. The only thing I would say to that is that whoever wrote that article is still using the 11 million number that I thought was replaced by the Yale study which estimated almost twice that number of illegals. That is a big enough discrepancy to throw those percentages way off depending upon which numbers are closer to being correct.
  10. The military yes, schools and colleges had exemptions that pretty much anyone could exercise with the exception of a small handful of states. But as others have pointed out, those are not true mandates, they are conditions for certain circumstances. You could choose to not join the military or choose to homeschool.
  11. I apologize if I came off as a ranting partisan; that was not my intention. But that issue seems like a blatant contradiction to me. And I'm not sure it's just a few thousand. No one really knows, but since the Yale study estimates over 21 million illegals living in the country, I would think we'd have to be talking about hundreds of thousands a year.
  12. Your last sentence above is quite ironic given everything that comes before it. You spent an entire paragraph setting up a straw man caricature of conservatives arguing in bad faith and cruelly scapegoating a helpless group of people because they can't pick on the group they would really prefer to pick on, then wonder why we can't not make everything an us and them battle. Gee, I don't know. I will help you with the trans issue and why it matters to conservatives. There are two reasons: 1. As I have posted before, ignoring biology endangers girls and women. If you really n
  13. Yes, I said it was a light overview, not an actual analysis. The problem with economics is that it is sharply divided along partisan lines. I'm sure for every conservative economist I can find who disagrees with Biden's economic agenda you can find a liberal one. So time will tell; experts won't. As for the border, you do NOT think that the more unvaccinated people we have, the more Americans are at serious risk? That's basically what you just said. It's interesting to me that doing the things that supposedly endanger others with regard to COVID are sacrosanct...unless
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