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  1. Auburn Kev

    Zach Smith twitter war with Hermann

    Police release thousands of documents in Zach and Courtney Smith domestic violence case
  2. Auburn Kev

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood

    Yeah how can a coaching staff that has the fastest player in college football and another one who's in the top five & have no clue of how to use them properly. Auburn has shown a total inability to utilize them in space. Auburn could have an offense as dynamic as Oklahoma's, if they just would commit themselves to implementing it. That means bringing in the right offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach. And having a head coach who will let them do their job without constantly interfering. Why recruit all of these quality wide receivers if you're not going to take advantage of their skill set and coach them to improve their skill set.
  3. Auburn Kev

    Who replaces Chip?

  4. Auburn Kev

    Who replaces Chip?

    Tee Martin's name keeps coming up in this thread but is there any evidence that Tee Martin has ever developed a quarterback at the collegiate level? He was wide receiver coach and offensive coordinator at USC but not the QB coach. So why all of a sudden should he be able to to coach and develop a quarterback?
  5. Auburn Kev

    Dontavius Russell accepts invite to SR Bowl!

    Possibility still open for an invite.
  6. Auburn Kev

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    After watching Martin's extended playing time against Liberty University, it appeared to me that his body was not physically ready to play SEC football. He needs to spend more time in the weight room; build up his body and get in better shape.
  7. Auburn Kev

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Highlight Video
  8. Auburn Kev

    Freshmen All-SEC - Boobie Whitlow & Seth Williams

    He is classified as a Sophomore.
  9. Auburn Kev

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Apologies, I did not realize that I had posted in the 2020 Recruit Thread. Also, I meant to mention Okie, Texas, Miami and others having offered.
  10. Auburn Kev

    Freshmen All-SEC - Boobie Whitlow & Seth Williams

    Here is the complete All Freshmen Team OFFENSE QB — Justin Fields, Georgia RB — JaTarvious Whitlow, Auburn; Tyler Badie, Missouri*; JaShaun Corbin, Texas A&M* WR — Jaylen Waddle, Alabama; Seth Williams, Auburn TE — Daniel Parker, Missouri OL — Isaiah Wilson, Georgia; Cade Mays, Georgia; Dylan Wonnum, South Carolina; Ben Brown, Ole Miss AP — JaShaun Corbin, Texas A&M DEFENSE DL — Jordan Davis, Georgia; Phidarian Mathis, Alabama; Bobby Brown, Texas A&M; Tyree Johnson, Texas A&M LB — Dimitri Moore, Vanderbilt; Jacquez Jones, Ole Miss*; Eyabi Anoma, Alabama*; DeAndre Square, Kentucky* DB — Patrick Surtain II, Alabama; Bryce Thompson, Tennessee; Jaycee Horn, South Carolina; Trey Dean III, Florida SPECIAL TEAMS PK — Seth Small, Texas A&M P — Jake Camarda, Georgia RS — JaShaun Corbin, Texas A&M * — indicates a tie Source
  11. Auburn Kev

    Propst in the SEC

  12. Auburn Kev

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Any info on this player? Has received offers from several P5 Schools. Butler Bio