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  1. Auburn Kev

    One missing piece on defense

    I believe you are thinking of Sam Mills who was 5'9". Played in the Pro Bowl several times and made All-Pro once.
  2. Auburn Kev

    2019 Transfer Portal Thread

    Maybe Gus can hire you to evaluate JUCO linemen. You can be responsible for Arizona JUCO prospects.
  3. Auburn Kev

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    Good place to start Link
  4. Auburn Kev

    Late NSD Predictions Thread

    Why drop Pickens from 90 to 75%? Curious
  5. Auburn Kev

    41.3 Million from SEC revenue

    This is damn ridiculous; you pay someone that retires severance pay? His $540k annual pension was not enough? Auburn University Athletic department has $3 million to flush down a toilet? sev·er·ance Dictionary result for severance /ˈsev(ə)rəns/ noun noun: severance; plural noun: severances the action of ending a connection or relationship. "the severance and disestablishment of the Irish Church" the state of being separated or cut off. "she works on the feeling of severance, of being deprived of her mother" dismissal or discharge from employment. "employees were offered severance terms"