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  1. AUght2win

    The first time I worried about Gus as our HC...

    I could be wrong. Maybe he genuinely wanted that car, and if so, good gor him. But Gus said he never even pictured himself driving a sports car. It tells me the guy lost sight of who he was. Got a bit of the bighead. We all agree that Gus used to be THE offensive mastermind. I think he has lost what made him great over the years.
  2. AUght2win

    The first time I worried about Gus as our HC...

    Point is, I don't think a car like that is Gus' dream car. I think Gus' REAL dream car is a 1996 Buick Roadmaster.
  3. Was when he bought the sports car. It really struck me as super weird for a guy like him: a Waffle House loving, humble, nerd. It screamed "I am changing myself because I have no idea how to be an SEC head coach."
  4. AUght2win

    Are You Still Glad We Beat LSU in 2016?

    I'm always happy when Auburn wins. I was there and thrilled that day. I'm still glad it happened. Had it not, Auburn would've been rebuilding last year and again lost to UGA/Bama. We would be in the midst of 8 straight losses to both. Which would've become 10 this year. That would be slightly more miserable than where we are now. Now what I'm NOT glad about is President Leath's extension.
  5. AUght2win

    Was a Barfield offense this bad?

    My Dad and Uncle have been going to games for years, including through the Barfield era. It's my understanding that Barfield had great offenses, actually. But historically bad defense.
  6. AUght2win

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    I don't understand some fans. The perception we started the season with was false. We aren't that team. And realistically, you can't expect Auburn to suddenly live up to that billing in game 7. Again, if you are currently watching this team and even THINKING they are supposed to lool like UGA or Bama, you are delusional. We have talent. Gus is at fault for them not living up to it. It sucks and I wish we weren't in this situation. But we are.
  7. AUght2win

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Then what do you expect? Why mention UGA snd Bama? We aren't even close to them.
  8. AUght2win

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Have you ever seen a secondary play worse on 3rd and long in a single game?
  9. AUght2win

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    If Stidham doesn't return next season, it'll mean he grad transferred. He is not going to the NFL anytime soon.
  10. AUght2win

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    If what you wanted to see this week was an Auburn team currently capable of competing with UGA and Bama, YOU are the overly optimistic one. Did you watch us play last week? We are at ground zero. If we are going to compete in the amen corner, it's going to take significant week to week growth. I want to see us grow this week.
  11. AUght2win

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Disagree. This is the best our offense has looked since Washington. There wasn't going to be a magic light switch that took us from what we saw in Starkville last week to back to being elite like we were in the amen corner last year. We are taking steps forward, which is what I wanted to see in this game. Nearly 300 yards of offense in a half. Just 2 stupid picks.
  12. AUght2win

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    First half impressions for me are overall good. Playcalling is so much better. Schwartz scored on an intermediate route! It WAS a terrible playcall to bring back the double reverse pass, though. Secondary has been an unpleasant surprise.
  13. AUght2win


    Hey Rand I thought you were a conscientious objector to this thread.
  14. AUght2win


    I hope for his sake that he has a realist in his camp. There is absolutely no way with his play this year he gets drafted any higher than a 6th or 7th round pick at the moment. And that's based purely on potential. This isn't a slump. The guy has been exposed for lack of pocket presence. Unless he fixes it, he won't go high.
  15. AUght2win


    We know the talent is there, but his head isn't right now.