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  1. Not if they don’t show progress in implementing that plan. Let’s say I am hired to build someone a house. I can have a great plan all drawn up, but if I gather bad materials, hire bad workers, and the frame looks wrong as the construction begins - the person who hired me would be crazy to let me see it through to completion. We’re last in the SEC in recruiting and have gone steadily downhill as a team since Harsin’s arrival. He isn’t the guy. Time to part ways.
  2. Wowowowowowow. And even signed it at the bottom.
  3. I wouldn’t take Malzahn back AT ALL. Harsin sucking doesn’t make Gus’ deficiencies any less bad. Auburn deserves MUCH better than its last two coaches.
  4. Cristobal looks bad, Sark looks bad, Jimbo has been a disappointment, Freeman is the first ND coach to lose his first 3 games, Napier is the first UF coach to lose to UK and UT since 1955, Mel Tucker might be a dud, Tony Elliot is struggling, Venables is losing to K State… Lot of these guys will figure it out. Some won’t. Maybe MOST won’t. Point is a lot of other teams are dealing with coaching duds, too. It wasn’t a terrible idea to try Harsin because there’s really no such thing as a sure-fire coaching candidate. All that said, I’m ready for a new coach. Hopefully, we get it right this time.
  5. Does google-translate do “drunk”?
  6. 2004 was the result of a steady process of securing solid talent and developing it into elite talent. It wasn’t a fluke. 2002 was a good season. 2003 got off to a horrible start but was by no means a bad year. 2004 we finally broke through. 2005 was same as 2003. 2006 was a great year that could have been a natty. Tubbs was a great coach. He had the program competing year in and year out. Had he recruited as hard as he needed to, he’d still be here with a couple national titles by now. The 2010 team was 90% his guys. The 2004 team is as legitimate a national title team as any in history. He just didn’t have the passion or drive to keep up with Saban. Still, I want a Tubberville type coach in terms of stability and capability of teams. One thing you have to say about every single one of Tubbs’ teams (except his last) - they could beat ANYBODY on any given week. We haven’t had that since him. And that’s a mark of a good program.
  7. I mean, we won. It wasn’t worse than last week getting beat by 30 at home.
  8. Well. Halfway there. But that LSU win looks completely impossible now.
  9. True. But realistically we lost every phase of the game last week and still haven’t forced a single turnover through 3 games. It can’t realistically get much worse.
  10. I don’t think it’s likely but it’s also not crazy. LSU looked extremely beatable in the opener. Missouri isn’t good. And we legitimately couldn’t play worse than we did against PSU. We could certainly recreate that level of turrible, but we won’t surpass it. So at least we’ve seen what the floor looks like.
  11. I get what you’re saying but we had a team a half away from the CFP (2017). I would say that wouldn’t be possible in a program off the rails. If you’re omitting lightning-in-a-bottle years, then our program has been off the rails since 2006.
  12. Pretty obvious. We need to find an AD and don’t need to rush that process. The AD hire is just as crucial as the HC hire.
  13. Just realized “Kansas tiger” and “Maryland tiger” - two new accounts agreeing with each other 🤔
  14. Nothing softer than someone who takes sports predictions personally. No matter how bad you want Auburn to win, it will have no affect on their level of play. We aren’t on the team or in the locker room. I’ll never get why some of you try to police negative opinions or predictions.
  15. I’ve been an Auburn fan long enough to expect the unexpected. The expected is for us to lose one or both of the next two. But with them both being at home against very beatable teams, I think there’s a good chance we find a way to win them. I’ll always root for Auburn to win. No matter what. And that’s what I’ll do Saturday and beyond. But it does seem like this may put us in a precarious spot. We can’t, nor should we, fire a 4-1 coach. But the writing is on the wall. Or maybe going 4-1 would be exactly what we need. Maybe it calms the coaching change demands for a while, giving us time to hire an AD first. Regardless, I think it’ll be very hard for this team to make a bowl. I think Harsin needs 8 wins to survive. Even if he gets these next two, the last four are going to be tough to find.
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