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  1. Boy I hope so. Then all eyes would suddenly turn to their mentor.
  2. Pat is definitely an AU first name.
  3. Davis is for sure an Auburn last name.
  4. You know how sometimes schools have player names that seem to be a recurring theme? Like Jefferson at LSU or Bailey at UGA. We just hired Cornelius Williams as our WR coach. Which is a very Auburn-sounding name. Seth Williams. Carnell Williams. T-Will. Rusty Williams. William Andrews. Willie Anderson. Will Herring. If you could make up the most Auburn name possible, what would it be? My submissions: 1. Jay Williams. 2. Bo Beasley. 3. Cam Campbell.
  5. Bro what? Our entire DB group is BACK!!! Monday, McCreary are for sure back. As of right now, Sherwood hasn't declared either. Also all our young talent is a year older - Pritchett, Simpson. The only guy we lost is Tutt, which may be addition by subtraction
  6. 6-5 in an ALL CONFERENCE SCHEDULE in a PANDEMIC. We would have won 8 or 9 this year under normal circumstances, and our schedule sets up better next year. We should absolutely win 8 games. That should be the expectation. The cupboard isn't bare. This isn't a total rebuild.
  7. Okay but it still needs to get built. There is a ticking clock.
  8. Kids are flying all over the place. Seems like we're the only school in the country that hasn't reeled in a transfer since the postseason began. I haven't even heard of any leads or attempts. Not complaining. Just curious as to what's up?
  9. Wtfffff I am sorry, this is weird.
  10. What's your source? I am very skeptical. This would be unnecessarily suicidal by the NCAA. I don't think they will retract the immediate eligibility.
  11. Most of us are unfamiliar with the new staff additions Harsin is bringing to the Plains. We know the names, but not really what the coaches are all about. So I thought I'd make a thread with a grading system for these guys. Those of you who have knowledge of these coaches, please use the scale below to grade their individual skills, and tell us why they grade the way they do. Coach: ____________ Overall: A+ through F- Experience: A+ through F- Recruiting: A+ through F- Player Development: A+ through F- Specialty: _____________ Weaknesses: _____________
  12. Again. We aren't discussing whiteface. So I don't even care about the point. Whataboutism is really played out.
  13. Whiteface doesn't have a historical connotation. It's not 1 to 1. So I don't get what point you are going for. I'm not particularly comfortable with Whiteface either, but it's not the same as blackface.
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