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  1. All I can guarantee you is Bo Nix will not redshirt.
  2. Don't get this take.
  3. Nothing I saw in the spring game suggested he had pre-snap read problems. What stuck out to me was the freeze play. Bo rolled to his right with literally no blockers. Eyes downfield entire time. Throws across his body to find Stove in a window. That is a play a lot of seniors can't make.
  4. Just watched A-Day. I'm sold. Joey is going to be harrrrd to stop as a runner. Which will alleviate the pressure for him to be precise through the air, much the same way it alleviated Nick Marshall. Bo Nix looks unreal. He is a gamer. He is poised. He is creative. He is accurate. He is fearless. We have something extremely special with him. I don't know who will start, but I imagine they both will play. No doubt that Bo is ready.
  5. That's like saying everybody breaks the speed limit. True. But some go 5 over, some go 10 over, some go 80 in a 35. Schools do not all cheat equally.
  6. Here is something you can bank on in relation to QB: the backup will play. If Joey starts, Bo will still get 5-10 plays a game I suspect. Same for Joey, especially on short yardage downs when a power read is needed. Gus loves, and I mean LOVES, to have packages for backup QBs. Much like Jeremy Johnson throughout his career, and Kodi Burns QBing some in 09-10. He also loves having multiple guys on the field who can throw it. Double passes are like crack to him. And as loyal as Gus is (to a fault sometimes) he can't neglect both guys. Both will play. Could be the most Gus has ever split snaps.
  7. Excluding current NFL players, gimme: Ziemba, Kodi Burns, Prechae, Jimmy Brumbaugh, T-Will, Darvin, Tre Smith, Damon Duvall, Robert Johnson, Eltoro, Walter Mcfadden, Ben Tate, Zac Etheridge, Brad Lester, King Dunlap, Marcus McNeil, Will Herring, TAKEO, Rudi Johnson, Jerraud Powers, Cassanova McKinzy, TJ Jackson, Karibi Dede, T-Zach, Carl Stewart, Tristan Davis, Rod Smith, Brandon Jacobs, Kevin Greene (yes, he would play), Ben Grubbs, Wes Byrum, Quan Bray, Trovon Reed, Rob Pate, Dameyune, The Irons bros, Neil Caudle, Trotter, Emory Blake... did I miss anybody?
  8. Love the idea but idk about the rosters. Get Auburn greats, even if they aren't in great shape. I'm sure Harry Adams is in stellar shape, but I'm not too amped about seeing a guy who never registered a stat and quit to run track after a year.
  9. That's a good point, but if they go live we would see who bails too quick and who stands tall to make those progressions.
  10. Excited about McClain and Joiner. Two physical freaks.
  11. Even guys like Chizik and Gus, who have really crapped the bed at times, I love as people. I'm rooting for anybody in orange and blue. But critiquing how they do on a ball field is not personal. Criticism is not an attack.
  12. No, negative commentary about athletes' athletic performance is not personal. Thanks for attending my TED talk.
  13. Faster, in better shape, taller, more agile, better hands, more versatile? ES might be a better blocker, but just look at footage from both of them.
  14. Just difference of opinion I guess, but I don't think the dire straits thing is that bad. Nor is pointing out Malik is a side armer. What's wrong with negative commentary as long as it's pertaining to our guys as athletes and not unwarranted personal attacks on them as human beings? It's a sports forum.
  15. Joiner could be a fun weapon to have. People forget how GREAT Eric Smith was at H Back in 2009. Joiner is much more athletic and has much more potential.