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  1. I don’t know much about basketball, so someone explain to me why KD just gets to be as reckless and ineffective as possible with 0 consequences.
  2. I disagree. 337 yards passing against LSU 24-33 for 285 against Ole Miss 108 yards rushing 2 TDs against MSU 127 yards rushing 2 TDs against Bama Those are flashes of elite play against SEC competition. Now at times, he looked absolutely dreadful. But for a freshman to have games like that, with a bad supporting cast and bad coaching scheme, it says he’s got legit talent. I think if used the right way, he could be just as effective as Nick Marshall. Or at least close to it.
  3. I’d say so, yeah. I expect most pundits to pick us for 6 wins.
  4. I actually believe the opposite. Harsin did the least you could with this program. We are better than the past two years’ record.
  5. Why not? They’re replacing their school passing record holder, their top receiver, and an irreplaceable HC. Not to mention we almost beat them with an interim in Starkville. Playing them in JHS in 23 I love our odds.
  6. I expect us to have an overall better team than Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Miss State from the jump. All three of those programs are clearly trending the wrong way.
  7. With so many ebbs and flows to the college football offseason now, the outlook for a season can change drastically throughout the year. I’ll give a prediction now, then probably revisit after more portal arrivals, spring, etc. 12/30/22: 8 wins not counting the bowl. We were better than 5 wins this past year and we have a much easier schedule in 23. UMass, Cal, Samford, Miss State, Vandy, and NM State should all be pretty bankable wins. Then we’ll take 2 from this group: LSU, TAMU, Ole Miss, and Arkansas. With a QB and a few more pieces we could easily get to 9.
  8. Hartman is going to be an NFL QB. At one point he was an upper round projection. If we get him, he’s better than any QB in the portal - Leary and McCall included.
  9. Yes. “You see, he is paid $6 million to make these decisions, while most people on this board don't know the first thing about coaching. ” And I don’t think you know what “skin in the game” means. That means collateral or something to lose. Like being ruined if things go wrong. That’s the farthest thing from how to describe college coaching contracts. These coaches have most of their money guaranteed up front. Most SEC coaches, like Freeze, are already millionaires several times over. And they certainly aren’t going to have their already-made millions taken AWAY. It’s even more of an argument as to why some of these vastly overpaid coaches bomb so badly - it doesn’t matter if they lose out. They’re already set. Terrible logic on your part.
  10. I actually like the hire but can we PLEASE stop using the “well, _____ is paid millions of dollars so I think it’s safe to assume they know what they’re doing.” How much was Bryan Harsin paid again? Salary does not equate to competency.
  11. Well that’s just it - a very bad team has needs that far outweigh the RB position. Usually the first RB goes in the high 20s to a team that just made a deep playoff run and has the luxury of being able to take a back. So it’s usually late 1st at the earliest for a RB.
  12. No back is likely going in the 1st round. They don’t draft them that high anymore. Last 1st or early 2nd is usually when the best RB goes. Last year no RB went in round 1.
  13. In any other NFL era he would be but not in 2022.
  14. What exactly needs to happen for us to get the bid?
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