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  1. And the one thing we are all forgetting is Nick Coe is not a DT. Not BUILT like a DT. Not VIOLENT like a DT. He is strong, athletic, long but not a DT.
  2. Honey, do you know how substitution packages work?
  3. People don't realize the detriment that practicing out of position (or at multiple positions) can have. I am sure the majority of the spring, offseason, and preseason camp were devoted to getting Nick ready to play more inside. So no wonder his production fell off. No wonder his head wasn't right. Bottomline, the coaches did not put him in a position to succeed. But he should have been an adult and had a conversation with them about it.
  4. Coe never started at DT. Truesdell and Brown were 1st string. Here is the depth chart for Oregon. They should have left him alone at buck. He was never going to be better than Truesdell inside, and Big Kat was never going to be better than him at Buck.
  5. Look I am certainly open to believe Nick shares some guilt. But let's think about this reasonably. Nick has been a starter for a few years and never had an issue. He even turned down the NFL to come back last year. What's more plausible as to why he suddenly became a problem? A. Nick Coe suddenly gained an attitude out of nowhere for no reason. Which resulted in his benching. B. Nick Coe was benched as he describes due to positional experimentation, and he got an attitude afterward. C'mon y'all. The explanation that he "got benched because he just suddenly didn't act right" makes no sense.
  6. So Big Kat and Moultry are better???
  7. Uh no not really. Coe was benched after being a very productive starter and top draft prospect due to his level of play at Buck end. To suddenly move him and bench him SHOULD mess with his head. It isn't right. He was screwed over and got an attitude about it. It's really that simple.
  8. Don't you think he should have been left alone at Buck? Do you think he is worse than TD and Big Kat? He was rightfully pissed.
  9. I think coaches get enamored with the "idea" of what players could be. Not what they are or who they continually prove themselves to be. Coaches see the athleticism and try forcing them bloom. So they give them tons of chances and PT, hoping the "light will come on", and it doesn't. I think that's what happened here. Big Kat and TD both have had tremendous hype around them since setting foot on campus. They aren't the first. Ex: trying to force Trovon Reed (at WR), Tommy Trott, and DeAngelo Benton.
  10. Only really bad mistake Steele has made since he has been at Auburn. Sure, move Coe if he's holding up Jeff Holland or Quentin Groves. But you put him on the shelf for TD and Big Kat? Yeeeeeesh. Nick should have said something, though. Says he never even approached Garner or Steele.
  11. The title got changed??? Lololol c'monnnn fellas lighten up. It should AT LEAST have Notre Dame in the title.
  12. Are there any other major programs we have never faced?
  13. I do not get this joke. Nor do I wish to.
  14. ND was arrogant. In their defense, I think they've been humbled quite a bit since then. By 96 or whenever that game was, they still had the taste of national domination. But the BCS era proved that Notre Dame's days as a perennial top 5 power were over. If the game were held today, I imagine they'd walk to Shreveport to play us. Honestly, I think ND will slowly go the way of the service acadmies. They, along with Army/Navy, once took advantage of a niche recruiting pitch to reel in top talent. The service academies in the early half of the 20th century were just where the nation's finest and toughest young men went. ND once had the market cornered on Catholic athletes. Now, neither is true.
  15. My friend, that was NO accident. People are gonna come here with that burning desire in their heart, and then channel it into passionate emails to our fearless leader Comrade Greene.