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  1. True or false: players that transfer after spring are likely doing so after seeing they aren't going to play at their current schools? There were a lot of high quality, proven starters that transferred in the last month or two. But why would that caliber player go through spring practice and THEN transfer? I feel like it's false hope to think we'll get any quality linemen now.
  2. Let's be real. Programs are evaluated by the Big 3. - Baseball made the last Omaha (2019) - Basketball made the last Final 4 (2019) - Football made a change after making it clear mediocrity is unacceptable. Big new football-only facility on the way. I'd say we are actually trending up into a great direction overall. Just a down year.
  3. Odds at LSU may look a looooooot better if Orgeron is canned. That would instantly cause an implosion on that situation.
  4. These darkhorse years usually have a catalyst win - a hard fought, splash victory against a big time opponent that kicks us into a different gear. In 2013 it was at #7 TAMU (game 7). In 2010 it's really a 2 game stretch. The 65 point game against #12 Arkansas is my vote (game 7), but the next week against #6 LSU cemented that we were a team of destiny. In 2004 it was early - week 3 against #5 LSU. This year, looking at the slate, the catalyst won't be PSU or LSU - too early and not ranked high enough. It'll have to be UGA. Problem is, our schedule doesn't set us up to win that
  5. Technically yes. But he he got carries as a single back a lot. So not really. Heath was versatile and a lot more than a traditional fullback role.
  6. Carl was very good. Another guy that had runningback type skills
  7. Yes!! Forgot about him. Sorry my bad. I misread your first post as "Brandon Jacobs".
  8. No, that was Jake Slaughter. He was a helluva fullback. With a helluva name.
  9. Heath was more of a runningback though. Idk that Jay had more than a touch or two his entire career. But he was on the field almost every snap. He was an elite blocker.
  10. Bro Jay Prosch was one of the best fullbacks at the college level I've ever seen. Arguably the last true fullback to play the game. JJ isn't anywhere close to him rn. No disrespect to JJ.
  11. I wouldn't call JJ a weapon yet. Impressive specimen that has a lot of potential. But just a very underutilized freshman last year.
  12. Could be wishful thinking but no way does Brandon Frazier not hold some type of starting role. May be an H-Back or slot hybrid. But a 6'7, athletic tight end for Bobo? Yeah he is gonna play.
  13. In 2003, Sporting News picked us #1 preseason the year prior and everybody else had us Top 10. AP we were 6th. When we flopped, sportswriters just shrugged and figured this Auburn group was a bunch of duds.
  14. 17th in the AP Preseason. Pretty disrespectful for all the talent we had returning.
  15. I've got screengrabs but idk how to post pics within posts anymore.
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