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  1. Oh yeah. That's definitely why people are upset 🙄
  2. Fantastic. Do you want to list what you had for lunch or something else as equally useless?
  3. I just think about us playing Oklahoma. Drums up the same emotions as our trip to Missouri a couple years ago. There's just nothing there for me. I don't know any OU or Missouri fans. There's no history. There's no bragging rights at stake. No connection.
  4. I'll still watch and root for our Tigers, obviously. But it's going to be a major change. One that may zap a lot of my passion for the game.
  5. Just an opinion. To me, with Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC - just the concept of that idea, much less it actually happening - it signals the end of college football. Now, of course there is still literally going to be college football. There *will* always be some form of American universities competing on the grid iron. But the pillars that made college football different and fascinating are gone. College football has always been about proximity and history. It's the only major American sport (or global sport, really) that combines the popularity of pro sports with localized com
  6. I reeeeeeally wouldn't be calling anyone selfish if in the next sentence you frame *not* killing a fetus as "being forced to give birth".
  7. If Notre Dame doesn't join one of these super conferences they should be barred from a playoff spot until they do. I feel for mid-majors that can't get in. ND's continued independence and special treatment is just dumb at this point.
  8. This is exactly the problem. Covid ISNT polio, the mumps, or a deadly virus to young healthy people. It isn't. The science has proven this beyond a shred of doubt. People take experimental cancer treatments when they are terminal and have nothing to lose. That's what I don't get about this argument. You guys act like young, healthy children are actually at risk. They aren't. At all. And from their perspective, it's unnecessary to take an experimental vaccine they don't need.
  9. Could you list the #1 method mentioned in that article for reaching herd immunity for me?
  10. The only practical read for your suggestions is mandatory vaccination. That's also literally the only other thing that could be done at this point to ensure raising the rate. Many people are advocating for that.
  11. It's arrogance like this that turns people off. And hey, if you're a believer in passive societal responsibility, you're technically killing people by botching the vaccine pitch so badly. Riddle me this. If there's *no* scientific reason to fear the longterm effects of a vaccine, then why do some vaccines take years, decades even, and grueling, multi-stage trials to vet before they are released for public use?
  12. False. Absolutely false. And the main idea that I've been speaking on in this thread. Nobody is at risk other than those who choose to be at risk. From an ethical standpoint, the covid vaccine is now no different than the flu vaccine. Get it for your own protection if you feel the need. But it isn't about protecting others anymore. With the advent of the vaccine, the responsibility to protect ourselves passes to us all individually.
  13. Ronald Reagan: "The problem with our liberal friends isn't that they're ignorant. It's that they know so many things that aren't so."
  14. Not if it turns out to be the next asbestos in 40 years, and a bunch of kids that got it without needing to die from it. There is clearly a model available for people scared of covid - get the vaccine. Those who aren't scared, are consenting to any results they may suffer. There is no argument at this point for "the good of society". If you believe in the vaccine, like I do, then you believe all who want to be protected are. And save the immunocompromised argument. That ground has already been covered.
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