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  1. UCF had speed. You can play with anybody if you have speed. I doubt Minnesota has anything akin to that UCF team. Probably a better version of last season's Purdue.
  2. You missed the point of the thread.
  3. Their D is and has been bad for a while.
  4. That guy's stat is honestly one of the worst I have ever seen to support an argument. It's so fantastic. "Even though Arkansas finished 2-10, they led a ranked Texas A&M team in the 3rd quarter of a game one time. So. There."
  5. lolololol "Dude, Rick Porcello had a great year on the mound. Even though he had a 5.5 ERA, he had a shutout going at SOME point during every single game he pitched!"
  6. In the age of the internet, most of us don't have nuanced views on things. Whether it's politics, sports, whatever - people are so all-or-nothing and dogmatic. Two weeks ago the board was in unison that Gus had to go. Now it's in unison that Gus is the future and his detractors must go. Maybe the answer, like most things in life, is a middle ground? Gus' win over the Turds was fantastic. It salvaged a season. He showed some of the ingenuity that reminded us all how uniquely brilliant he can be. It was a big victory and every last one of us should savor it, no doubt about it. But sixty minutes doesn't absolve Gus from everything he has done or failed to do over the past 7 seasons. This year, he has shown this offense won't work without major adjustments to the playbook, the staff, and/or the play calling responsibilities. We still have serious O-Line and development issues. And we are still just a pathetic 7-14 against our rivals under Gus. So how about we congratulate Gus and the team for this Iron Bowl classic, cheer for them with all our hearts going into 2020, but not be so bipolar as to take all the heat off Gus. In 2020, he should still be coaching for his job. His 8th season is not a rebuilding year. We need results. Let's root for Gus to get those results, and be prepared to hold him accountable if he doesn't.
  7. Wasn't Dye the PRIMARY meddler in the Tubbs years? Tubbs banned the guy from the complex, no?
  8. Momma you can't listen to people like him. In any way. You can't be motivated to prove them wrong. There are millions of football fans for each of the major schools, like Auburn, and a lot of nuts among them. Don't pay them any mind and make whatever decision is best for Shaun.
  9. I could see us getting as high as #7 or #8. I think Oregon will beat Utah, sending them plummeting. Oklahoma will stomp Baylor, and OSU will stomp Wisky.
  10. I think LSU is a lock. Us, Bammer, Florida, and Texas? And their only potential loss would be the #4.
  11. I would say both of those are pretty likely to happen, too.
  12. Ironically I solely played football in high school. There is so much pressure. That is what I think is different from every other sport. You have to mentally prepare for it because you get so few opportunities to play. Herm Edwards said it's the only sport where like 90% is practice and 10% is play. I mean I was a three year starter, so my entire career spanned only about 30 nights. We would have guys who would throw up before every game because the pressure was so intense to do well in these small windows. Some of our players also repeat mantras like "it's a marathon not a sprint". I would disagree in football. Basketball, baseball, soccer? Yes. Football? No. You have a lot less space to run, so you better go as hard and fast as you can. Doesn't mean you'll be perfect, and doesn't mean you give up if you lose a game, but perfection is the goal.
  13. Exactly! "Nobody Cares! Work Harder!"
  14. You're talking about micro, I am talking about macro. I don't think our players need to think their margin of error is large. I don't think they need to be worried about the CFP picture. I think they need to take one game at a time, one challenge at a time, and expect to win every time. There are psychological implications, even if they are subtle or in the subconscious, that can fester. Like I said earlier, a task is only difficult for those who aren't prepared for it. By constantly telling the team "we play the toughest schedule in America", especially in the wake of losses, it implies we can't realistically be expected to win them all. When we lose, I don't want them to shrug and say "What do you expect? We play the toughest schedule in America". They should be thinking that they have to get better and have to acclimate. Let's have our guys focused on getting better and feeling like they can win 'em all regardless of who is on the schedule.
  15. I don't. And I think he will be fired for it. But even though I am angry I am rooting for him because he is our coach. Sidenote: Gus has never tried to put in a real passing game. Ever.