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  1. I still won't ever forget. First game of 2010 - Arkansas State. I had seats high in the student section, little bit left of the center of the goal posts. Cam was warming up down in the endzone. You ever have a moment where you get a sense you are about to really witness or go through something special? I remember looking down at Cam and internally making note of the moment. "Remember this point in time, take a look at Cam before he starts his journey." Something along those lines. It's corny but I promise it's true. I just had a sense the dude was going to forever change Auburn and
  2. Please find somebody else to obsess over. I'm not gonna reciprocate. You get so butthurt because a stranger disagrees with you about sports on the internet and then follow them around to every thread making 10,000 subtweets. If you and @DAG can't stand my opinions, then do us all a favor and don't read my posts. Idk what you get out of being vindictive on a football forum, but don't involve me.
  3. I disagree. Judge things strictly by what they are and its applicatiom. Separate the idea from its originator. Social justice warriors are using this "original sin" ideology to such an extreme that statues of George Washington and Abe Lincoln are being torn down. The far left wants to "Abolish the Police" and prisons because of the claim that they are institutions that evolved from slave patrols. It's lunacy. You can't even begin to make an argument that the modern day use of the EC is remotely racist. So its origins have no relevance. This is just a woke tactic to destroy things you don'
  4. The origin of an idea does not necessarily invalidate its intrinsic value. That's a woke, childish approach to try to do away with everything over 10 years old. 1 in 4 in Ancient Greek society was a slave. I guess that invalidates the advent of democracy and makes democracy inherently racist? Throw it out too!
  5. Oh no! I don't have a random forum poster's validation! 😢😢😢
  6. Oh man. Perfect example. P E R F E C T.
  7. This is an insufferable position to take in a debate, but a sign of the times. People just straight up refuse to accept nuanced ideas. Every statement a person makes has to be so ridiculously black or white, or else it's "contradictory". You aren't attempting to conversate, you're playing a Twitter-game where you sift through the weeds of a statement in an effort to find something that will invalidate the author. Skip Bayless? If you're tuning in to Skip and Shannon, that explains your outlook on sports debate. Let me oversimplify my points to your liking. 1. Jalen Hurts was a very l
  8. This is such a nonsensical take. Colt and Jalen were completely different? COMPLETELY different? Really? Your assertion is that Colt McCoy was not a mobile QB. If you want to talk numbers, let's talk relevant numbers. Colt McCoy had over 1500 yards rushing as a QB in college. Do you realize how few QBs rush for that many yards? Especially in a mid 00's spread - before RPOs, widespread use of the QB read, and the modern no-huddle. He gained more career yards than elite mobile QBs or recent memory such as Dennis Dixon, Kyler Murray, and even Michael Vick. And Colt tacked 20 touchdowns
  9. Imagine thinking that you could actually talk football comparisons by using obscure players. "Yeah Bo really reminds me of the backup at Delaware State. Or my Uncle Jimmy when he played JUCO."
  10. Correct. Because you (and others, to be fair) can't comprehend that comparing similarities isn't a greater than/lesser than statement. This thread got way off the rails due to strawmanning. The initial point was we used Bo saturday like Kiffin used Hurts. Interested to see if that's our identity going forward. This was never about saying Bo was better than Jalen. He isn't. I do think they can be used similarly.
  11. Oh I read it. You lost me at stats. You don't use stats to compare physical ability and play style. Stats reflect your coach, his philosophy, your conference, your teammates' talent, hell, even the era in which you play. CJ Uzomah is comparable to Kyle Pitts of Florida, in terms of being long, lean tight ends with good hands and receiver type athleticism. But their stats couldn't be more different, because one plays for a competent coach who knows how to pass, the other played for Gus.
  12. Cool. Contribute more to a highly subjective conversation than just disagreement next time.
  13. Normal human beings can compare things that aren't identical. It's kind of the point. We have to use reference because no two people are alike. Football fans compare play styles of players that aren't even remotely on the same level of ability or accomplishment. I can watch a JV game and point out how a kid's stride is like Darren McFadden or how another is built like Darrel Revis. In my opinion, Bo is similar to Colt in size, muscle build, athleticism, speed, and the scheme he plays in. Their delivery is even a bit similar. If you don't agree, more power to ya!
  14. Problem is Bo never steps into a throw. It's hard to tell where he is going with it.
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