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  1. Gus never comes out flat against Arkansas. This is his vendetta game. Remember a couple years ago when we beat a RANKED piggy team 56-3? This is personal, and we will stomp them Saturday.
  2. Are we still going to change fonts though? That idea I'm all for. Copperplate was great but it's past time for a new font.
  3. Giving Anthony Schwartz only one touch at Florida is INFURIATING. You know why, aside from the obvious? Because it's something ONLY Gus Malzahn would do. Only Gus could be so obsessed with the nuances of his scheme that he wouldn't get the ball to one of the most dangerous players in America. He is so backward about basic, common sense strategy. Get the ball to your best players!
  4. Praying bird!!! I know God will take care of James. So sorry y'all are having to deal with such a tough condition. Praying for quick healing and for James to make a full recovery as fast as possible.
  5. The exam in freezing cold Lake Martin was UN. BEARABLE.
  6. Am I wrong or didn't there used to be guys like @passthebiscuits who would share great inside info?
  7. Pretty much renders a football forum useless then.
  8. Hey Coach! Just wanted to offer a word of encouragement. No need to get so upset over a single comment from some moron. People tune into your insight every week. It's a main feature of this board. Don't let one jackass ruin that. I would say that'd be pretty squarely a win for the jackass if you quit. Let his comment roll off your back and laugh at it. WDE!
  9. This was not meant to be an incendiary thread. Seriously, just any info from the insiders would be cool, doesn't have to be anti-Gus.
  10. But we're just as talented as the teams we're facing. You guys act like we're rebuilding or something. We have three games against LSU, UGA, and Bama coming up. To lose all three would be a huge failure. Our schedule is tough, but our talent can absolutely play with anyone. We should NOT have 4 losses this season.
  11. Wonder what Steven's deal is. Far as I know, I haven't pissed off anyone in the Scuba community. I took Scuba at Auburn. We dove in the Olympic Pool once a week.
  12. I know we have some people with connections to the program, to varying degrees. Would love to see some inside info on the state of the program. What do you guys think after 6 games? What are you hearing? How's the team's morale? Coaching rumors? Booster reaction to the UF loss? Is there frustration over personnel usage among players (Joey, Schwartz, etc.)? Just any tidbits, leave them here!
  13. Why'd the thread title get changed? Not mad, genuinely curious.
  14. For sure, but still worth highlighting. And for those saying he won't be around senior year, he could very well break these records as a junior.
  15. Through a season and a half, Seth has 47 receptions for 902 yards and 10 TDs. His career has just started and he is already climbing the list of AU school records. Seth is currently 61st all-time in receptions. Tied with the likes of Rusty Williams and Stacy Danley. He is 32nd all-time in yards. For reference, Robert Baker is 33rd, Duke is 34th, Quan Bray is 36th, and Tim Carter is 37th. He is tied with Rod Smith at 17th for TDs. Insanely enough, he has already scored more than legends like Courtney Taylor, Devin Aromashodu, and Ryan Davis. Right now, Seth is averaging around 4 catches, 70 yards, and a TD per game. I actually think his receptions will go up as he and Bo develop more chemistry. So let's assume Seth averages 5 catches per game the rest of the season, and continues his 17.5 avg. YPC. Let's also assume he won't average a full touchdown per game (although it'd be amazing if he could!) This estimation would have Seth finish the year with 56 receptions for 980 yards and 10 TDs. Seth would move into a tie with Frank Sanders for 5th on the all-time TD list (with 15), just behind Ryan Davis in yardage (with just over 1500), and tie him with Sammie Coates for receptions (82). He is currently on pace to be Auburn's first ever 3000 yard receiver, its second receiver with 20+ TDs, and even challenge Terry Beasley's record of 29 touchdowns. Just something fun to track. Seth has as much pro-potential as any Auburn receiver to ever play the game. Can't wait to see what he and Bo can do.