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  1. Just as an addendum, Steele's philosophy is still very good in modern day football. He refuses to allow long touchdowns. I can't remember the last 50+ yard touchdown against us. I think he believes in eliminating big plays and getting stingy around the redzone, where it's way easier to defend. We force a lot of field goal tries and make a lot of stops. Problem is, we never get those game swinging turnovers.
  2. Yes. The in-phase man coverage that's basically DBs playing tag with receivers puts their back turned to the football. Impossible to intercept without a deflection. I'm a firm believer that a zone blitz scheme is the best in football. A lot easier to play defense when all 11 guys are watching the football.
  3. And rushing straight up the field, past the QB, to the goal posts.
  4. T.D. needs to look in the mirror. Dadgum, kid. I had to reread several times to make sure he wasn't talking about himself here.
  5. I agree wholeheartedly there. That's his biggest downfall. He's a gameplan architect. If the plan he has doesn't work, we are GOING to lose. If it does, we'll beat teams like Arkansas 56-3. Infuriating.
  6. But bro, someone DID say that. 91 said that. His examples of Gus choking were 4, 6, and 9 point first half leads. I was addressing that. I agree that a lead late in a game is huge. Who wouldn't? But I was addressing 91's resume of Gus choking.
  7. Yeah, you're not speaking within the context of the conversation. We are discussing the weird belief that some on here have that ANY lead at ANY point in an athletic contest means you have a win secured. To lose that lead is "choking". Ludicrous. Teams jump out with first drive TD's or an early 5-6 point lead in basketball all the time, then go onto get trounced. Because the other team was better, not because they "choked".
  8. You consider these blowouts??? What barometer are you people using?
  9. With the no huddle and high powered offenses, leads in football mean less now than they ever have. TAMU blew a 34 point third quarter lead a couple years ago. I honestly don't understand the people on here arguing that a lead at any point in a football game means you have it in the bag.
  10. Would be a huge loss. Can't let him go. I focused on him against Purdue, and he is a very, very good player. Best Buck we have. Miles ahead of Moultry and Big Kat.
  11. A lead in any organized sport other than soccer means very little. That is all.
  12. Right. It sounds like we were, in absolutely no way, a position to win. What is miraculous is Clemson let us hang around. If anyone was choking it was them.
  13. I've seen a lot on this forum but 91's choke-job resume is something to truly behold.
  14. Remember last year when the Citadel choked at Alabama?