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  1. Just curious if our staff is pursuing him at all, or if there us any interest on Arch's part. Kid seems to be visiting everywhere in the region.
  2. Almost positive that every single player with eligibility last year has the option to extend their playing career one more year, regardless. Bo could technically start at Auburn for 5 full seasons.
  3. Just so wildly wrong. The most successful team in college football, Alabama, has one of the least supportive and hyper critical fan bases in the country. Their student section is so piss-poor they have to incentivize kids to come and stay at the games. Nutty take.
  4. Lot of scrutiny on Harsin's recruiting so far, and that's fair. But let's appreciate the recruiting he did in the transfer portal, and how he selectively filled several holes immediately. - Marcus Harris had a tremendous game at Arkansas and is getting better each week. - Leota is one of our best pass rushers. 4 sacks and 7 TFL. - Kauffman has been a versatile addition to the secondary, getting a ton of snaps. - TJ Finley saved our season and has pushed Bo to another level. Hopefully he sticks around. - Demetris Robertson has been a good role-player in a debilitated
  5. Can't tell you how many signing day interviews I've heard where kids say "Ultimately, my choice came down to where I felt the online forums had the most positive energy."
  6. Unless you can tell me next month's lotto numbers, verifying your foreknowledge of the future, you should find another term to use instead of "truth". Nobody here knows what's going to happen. And unlike actual players, our attitude toward the remainder of our games won't make any difference. Some people are just contrarians. That, or they're jealous of others' ability to discuss possibilities without an emotional breakdown if those possibilities don't come to fruition. It's a football forum. Let people talk.
  7. Our guys are becoming better football players, too. Not just better at their roles in a very limited system, like with Malzahn. That's what true coaching is. Not just teaching someone how to do an oddly specific task. It's refining their entire game, mentally and athletically, so that they can actually go out and have the freedom to make plays, and win match-ups. I hope that makes sense. Trying to explain the difference in pigeon-hole task improvement versus making someone better, top-to-bottom. Harsin is creating playmakers who can compete. Malzahn was training guys to do one task in an
  8. Glad you can keep our eyes on the prize, coach.
  9. I posted that all scenarios require us beating Alabama.
  10. Kiffin is still a goofy human being who is going to do goofy things. How many times do guys like him and Ed O have to flame out before people understand that's who they are? Kiffin may beat us this year, but not sold at all on him making OM a contender or him as the next big HC (considering Tennessee, the Raiders, and USC all thought the same thing).
  11. Why do people post stuff like this? This is a message board for fans. It isn't the locker room.
  12. Fortunately none of us play or coach, so we don't have to.
  13. I don't think we lose out regardless. I think 7 wins is now the floor. Ole Miss, TAMU, and Alabama are anybody's guess.
  14. Bump in honor of today's 71 yard house call.
  15. Absolutely crucial win today for the division race. We are now legitimate contenders for Atlanta. Looking at the big picture, we are carrying enormous momentum into a much needed bye. Our two toughest remaining opponents are at home. Everyone on the schedule is very beatable, and with our only SEC loss being to an East opponent, we technically lead the West. We're in such a good spot, that we could realistically survive one more loss and still win the West. This kind of scenario hasn't been plausible since the Tubberville days. There are three options. In all scenarios, we have
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