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  1. I would like to hear about some of these guys. Unfamiliar with all of them.
  2. I would probably consider him a well known part of Auburn lore, but maybe it's just because he is one of my favorite Tigers ever. Will Herring. Just Auburn football incarnate.
  3. Fullwood and Agee are pretty sung. The three of them are always talked about as rivaling the backfield combo of Caddy/Brown.
  4. Prosch and Roberts are great choices.
  5. Demond is a great choice. Thought I included Clark.
  6. Bro are you alright? This list was not a personal attack on you.
  7. I bet you're fun at parties. Bottom line is O-Lineman are ALWAYS forgotten unless they win a major award, play on a national title team, or have a long, decorated pro career. Want to test the barometer for what makes a guy unsung? Ask an average Auburn fan in 20 years if they know who Marcus McNeill is. 95% will say no. These are the types of players I am talking about.
  8. This could be a fun thread. Maybe bring up some fond memories and names you haven't heard in a while. We all have our favorite AU players. Most are legends that every Auburn fan is familiar with. But everybody also has their favorite lesser known, unsung players who made an impact. Name 'em here. I will list a whole team, but feel free to just list a few players. Keep in mind, I am under 30 so my range is limited. QB - Brandon Cox, Jonathan Wallace RB - Brad Lester, Fred Beasley, Carl Stewart, Eric Smith, Corey Grant WR - Anthony Mix, Tim Carter, Terrell Zachery, Quan Bray, Ricardo Louis TE - Cooper Wallace, Gabe McKenzie OL - Ben Nowland, Ryan Pugh, Marcus McNeil, Lee Ziemba DL - Bret Eddins, Jimmy Brumbaugh, TJ Jackson, Josh Thompson, Corey Lemonier, Gabe Wright LB - Dontarrius Thomas, Karibi Dede, Eltoro Freeman, Josh Bynes, Cass McKinzy DB - Eric Brock, Jerraud Powers, Rudy Ford, Robensen Therezie, Josh Holsey Special Teams - Tristan Davis, Craig Sanders, Steven Clark
  9. What strikes me about Coach G is he seems to motivate with negativity. May not sound like a big deal but it is. It's the difference between playing to win (for a positive) vs. playing NOT to lose (trying to avoid a negative). I think there have actually been studies done that show positively motivated athletes perform better than negative ones (it's common sense, but I think there's actual science on it now).
  10. He came in in 2013. I don't think RG deserves credit for catching Dee at the tail end. However, it may have been RG that got him to the next level. Who knows?
  11. Disclaimer: the previous post is not cupcakery. I believe in coaching kids hard, especially in the trenches. But if that's all you do, kids will build up a tolerance and tune you out.
  12. I love Coach G. Think he is a great recruiter. I just wonder sometimes about his actual coaching abilities. I know that sounds insane, but hear me out. The guys who have been successful under G were huge recruits coming out of high school. Lawson, Mon Adams, Jeff Holland, Nick Coe, Marlon Davidson, Derrick Brown. These guys were solid and improved while they were here, but none of them by leaps and bounds. None of them became game changer caliber like a Nick Fairley or Q. Groves (arguably Holland was close in 2017). We have also yet to see Coach G take a nobody and make them a somebody. It all leads me to believe the guy isn't a great developer. And I wonder if the drill sergeant stuff is a factor. Ass chewing is fine. But I think the forever-disappointed stuff brings negative energy. I've noticed whenever Coach G or his linemen are quoted in an article, it always sounds like they are all in trouble. "Marlon hasn't been listening to G. Moultry knows better than what he has been doing. Big Kat needs to come on." Etc. Always heard that with Byron. Wouldn't trade Coach G. And don't blame him for Byron being a bust. But I feel like G's style may need some updating to elevate these kids' level of play.
  13. It just wasn't meant to be. But oh what could have been...
  14. We are actually Top 15. ESPN just trying to needlessly show its stupidity by listing Yale, Princeton, Mt. Union, NDSU, and Harvard.