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  1. Beating. Alabama. Is. Not. Enough.
  2. Someone take a look at this and explain to me how we're just a perpetual 8-5 program. Look at this money and steady program ascension and convince me we shouldn't demand more. Auburn has all the tools right now to win and win big. Consistently. By Tom Green | Auburn’s athletics department reported a record revenue and an increased profit to the NCAA for the 2018-19 fiscal year. The department recorded more than $152.4 million in revenue and nearly $13.2 million in profit for the fiscal year, according to a copy of the university’s annual NCAA financial report obtained Thursday by through a Freedom of Information Act open-records request. The total revenue for the fiscal year reported by Auburn was $152,455,416, which represents an increase of nearly $5 million year over year and the highest revenue total in program history. It’s the sixth straight year that Auburn has seen an increase in overall revenue in the athletics department, according to records. That record revenue also helped the department turn an increased profit margin over the last year, with the program reporting $13,194,705 in profit for the 2018-19 fiscal year. That’s a year-over-year increase of more than $5.3 million. Auburn athletics reported a profit of more than $7.8 million during the previous fiscal year. The nearly $13.2 million operating surplus is the department’s fourth-highest since 2006. It also represented the fifth straight year that Auburn’s athletics department turned a profit following a loss of $13.6 million during the 2013-14 fiscal year. Year Total revenue Total expenses Surplus/deficit 2018-19 $152,455,416 $139,260,711 $13,194,705 2017-18 $147,620,569 $139,798,191 $7,822,378 2016-17 $147,511,034 $132,885,979 $14,625,055 2015-16 $140,070,593 $124,864,399 $15,206,194 2014-15 $124,657,247 $115,498,047 $9,159,200 2013-14 $113,716,004 $127,340,380 $(13,624,376) 2012-13 $103,680,609 $104,546,603 $(865,994) 2011-12 $105,951,253 $97,128,835 $8,822,418 2010-11 $103,982,441 $100,497,784 $3,484,657 2009-10 $92,611,558 $90,908,902 $1,702,656 2008-09 $87,001,413 $85,480,343 $1,521,070 2007-08 $89,311,824 $69,841,200 $19,470,624 2006-07 $81,799,266 $68,910,465 $12,888,801 2005-06 $66,599,925 $63,249,119 $3,350,806 Auburn reported $31,925,504 in ticket sales over the last year, which was a decrease from the 2017-18 fiscal year, when the department collected $33,213,941 in ticket sales. It also collected $1,848,192 in direct institutional support, as well as $5,933,996 in student fees, the former a slight decrease and the latter a slight increase from the previous year. The department also saw $35,173,363 in contributions, which was a decrease of more than $400,000 year over year. It collected $4,318,000 in guaranteed money accrued from participation in away games, which was a significant increase from the $44,000 it collected in that category the year prior. Auburn also earned $40,147,569 in media rights, as well as $13,508,859 combined in NCAA and conference distributions (included bowl game revenue distributions). The program collected $9,667,679 in royalties, licensing and advertising for the 2018-19 fiscal year, as well as $6,204,662 in “other operating revenue.” Among the department’s expenses for the last year were $4,125,450 in guaranteed money to visiting programs and $27,722,793 in coaching salaries, both of which represented a year-over-year increase of approximately $237,000 and $1.5 million, respectively. Auburn also saw its severance expenses -- money owed to past administration and coaches -- decrease from $2,932,576 during the 2017-18 fiscal year to just $284,873 in 2018-19. The department spent $2,188,165 on recruiting, which represented an increase of approximately $100,000 year over year. The football team accounted for $955,898 of the department’s recruiting expenditures, which was down from $1,081,836 the year prior. Men’s basketball, meanwhile, saw its recruiting expenses increase from $79,837 in 2017-18 to $196,200 in 2018-19.
  3. If the offense flows we win 10 games and Gus doesn't go anywhere.
  4. Malzahn's quote was "I am very excited for Chad to run OUR offense here at Auburn." Telling, to me.
  5. I've talked about it before, but my biggest gripe with Gus is he coaches scared. He exudes fear. He doesn't try to win, he tries not to lose. So everything he does on the field is rooted in cowardice. He is petrified of Bo getting hurt. I can't stand it.
  6. Every run in a Gus Malzahn offense should have a read aspect to it. It used to. I can't remember Marshall giving many straight-dives during his two years. I am fine to just give the ball if we are running a big sweep or something, but for the life of me I can't figure out why Gus at least doesn't make those wasted first down dives into a read.
  7. Yeah we definitely have the deepest stable of backs behind him I can remember since Caddy, Ronnie, and Brandon. Just need the line to open some holes. Give a legit run threat to help. It's kind of insane Gus asked a true freshman to throw the ball 50 times against Georgia. Gus also HAS to stop treating Bo like he's porcelain. He's a running QB. Trying to make him strictly a pocket passer is insane. It's football. Kids get hurt sometimes. You gotta play your game though. Bo needs to run the read more this season.
  8. Bo just needs a solid QB coach. I agree that having to be "the guy" like Mahomes or Lamar can make you great. I am very interested to see what Bo does next season. Our line just needs to be at least average. That's all I can realistically hope for, and even that may be unrealistic.
  9. I'm a devout Christian and I do think people need to be careful not to make it sound like their success in a game is because God loves them more than their opponent. Hey, I don't know everything, but my interpretation of the Bible (and just experience in life) doesn't lead me to believe the victory always goes to the most righteous. I also don't think that's what Chizik meant. I think the intention is to give glory and thanks for the opportunity and the ability to experience those special moments.
  10. Difference is I think Dabo genuinely isn't a cornball. At least it seems that way to me. He is sincere and a man of faith, which Chiz was too and should be commended for. But just look at that pic @dyehardfanAU just posted. A man who wears that has no awareness of the human world.
  11. Doing it in conjunction with a 1300 yard rusher is pretty impressive. McCallebb added 500 on the ground. Fannin and T-Zach had about 700 all purpose yards a piece, too. Malzahn utilized everyone that year and it was fun to watch.
  12. Chiz deserves credit for the natty for sure. I love him as a man, and I know he truly loves Auburn. But I do have to say, I always thought he lacked awareness. He came off as a goofy cornball. I was on campus at the time. I even tried out to walk on. So I kept a close eye on the Chiz. The corny slogans. The terrible, matching outfits and hummer limos on the recruiting trail. I just remember thinking "there's no way his players can take him seriously".
  13. In retrospect, did you or the people around the program see the fall coming? Could you guys see it start to get off the rails before it actually did? There were always whispers at that time that Dyer was a problem. Like a diet version of what Antonio Brown was in Pittsburgh.
  14. I just flat disagree. Nine of the thirteen teams we faced finished with winning records. One was an undefeated national champion. Tate rushed for 1300 yards. Darvin finished 3 yards shy of 1000 and Todd broke the single season TD pass record. We were 17th overall in offense nationally. It was a very good offense.
  15. Big difference. 2009 was very good within context. In 2008 we went 5-7 while averaging just 17 points a game. One of our 5 wins was the infamous 3-2 game. Tony Franklin was fired in the middle of the season in a total fiasco, as Tubbs tried to convert a downhill run scheme to the air raid. That 2008 offense was the worst perhaps in Auburn history. Even 2012 averaged more points per game. So within that context, the offense in 2009 was outstanding. They averaged 33 points a game (almost double the previous year) with pretty well the exact same players! 49 against Mississippi State, 41 against West Virginia, 26 in Knoxville, 33 against a ranked Ole Miss team, 24 in Athens, 21 against maybe the best defense Saban has ever had, and 38 in a bowl game win. The 2009 offense was very good and there really isn't an argument you can make otherwise.
  16. The defense Chizik put on the field really was atrocious. Like how can the guy who coaches Dansby, Dontarrius Thomas, Herring, T-Will, etc. think Jake Holland and Kris Frost were acceptable linebackers.
  17. Malzahn absolutely coaches worse in second halfs. He has his script, starts hot (sometimes) but then clenches up and has no answer for adjustments.
  18. Also I do think 1983 is a special special year. Obviously not as much as 2010 because as luck would have it we were the undisputed champs. But I checked out the 1983 numbers the other day, that team was legit.
  19. Look at Tubbs though. Or Bowden. Circumstances beyond any of their control prevented them from a natty. Same with Dye in 1983. I just don't like the idea of judging people by national titles. Because college football has never had a true national champion, and it may never have one. This sport is so uniquely stupid in its subjectivity.
  20. Watching him throw in that Clemson game was impressive. He could chuck it and had no hesitation in doing so.
  21. "There" isn't a real place. College national titles are entirely dependent on luck and the opinions of newspaper employees. Dye sustained success probably better than any Auburn coach in history.
  22. I think what fascinates me so much about this game is that how it impacted both programs and both coaches. It was Dabo's first really big win. And Chizik's career would go on an unprecedented decline. If Auburn had held on, maybe 2012 doesn't happen the way it does. Of course, that means 2013 doesn't either. But winning cures a ton of problems. Just take a look at the Steelers and Antonio Brown. When you win, locker room problems just tend not to happen as much. After all, everybody is happy and there is no dissension. If Auburn wins this game, we would still beat FAU and a top 10 USC in Columbia. We would be 5-0, our streak would be at 22, and there would undoubtedly be buzz of a repeat title run. Barrett Trotter would likely stay in place as the starter, and in hindsight he may be the most overlooked Auburn QB in a long time. This young team would have had more time to grow up, and perhaps they gel. Maybe nothing could have stop Gene's total loss of the locker room. Maybe this would have just postponed the inevitable. Who knows? All I know is that looking back, this game ended up being historic.
  23. Malzahn started to make too-cute calls on 3rd and short, despite Clemson having no answer for Dyer. Auburn tried to mount a comeback with 9 minutes left in the 4th. Ample time! But on 2nd and Goal Trotter threw an interception. That was all she wrote. Clemson would hold the ball for the entire 9+ remaining minutes. Ball game. Streak over. The beginning of the end for Gene Chizik.
  24. Then, it all collapsed. The defense had a very strange performance. Now, we all remember how atrocious the tackling was on these early 2010's Auburn defenses. But Auburn wasn't swiss cheese in this game. They just couldn't stop a third down to save their life. As posted above, Clemson started 2/5 on third down. They would end the game 14/18! You heard that right. Clemson converted 12 of their last 13 third downs. That might be a record. What's worse, three of these conversions were touchdowns. All three were 3rd and 6 or longer. Allen catches a touchdown on 3rd and goal from the 6. Sammy Watkins turns a curl into a 65 yard score on 3rd and 6. Tahj Boyd throws a 19 yard TD strike to Watkins on 3rd and 9. This odd combination of being good on the first 2 downs, and terrible on the money down, resulted in Auburn's roaring offense being sidelined. The time of possession would end up being won by Clemson 36:15 to 23:45, which is bad enough. But Clemson possessed the ball for over 22 minutes of the second half. Yikes.
  25. Trotter got off to a really good start. As did Michael Dyer. Dyer would have one of his last really good games in an Auburn uniform this afternoon. The game plan also featured a heavy dose of Travante Stallworth and redshirt freshman Trovon Reed. It was a youth movement for sure on this team. I forgot JUST how young we were. Tre Mason even got some touches, as this was his true freshman year. Weirdly enough, Emory Blake only had one catch (albeit for a touchdown) and Lutz had none. The Malzahn oddities would start to show in this game. Defensively we came out on fire. Tahj Boyd could do nothing. We had a lot of guys back in the secondary like T'Bell, Neiko Thorpe, Chris Davis, Demetruce McNeal, and more. Lemonier was a solid pass rusher, but other than him and maybe Daren Bates, our front 7 were really bad. Gabe Wright was still just a freshman, and other players in the rotation included Craig Sanders, Jeff Whitaker, Jake Holland, and Kris Frost. This team was young, and their experience would pay off in a few years for the magical 2013 season. But regardless, Auburn was on their way to a 600 yard performance, a dominating win in a hostile environment, and a statement to the world (and to the team itself) that they weren't going anywhere after 2010. Also, we were going to get our win streak to 20, and our streak over Clemson to 15!