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  1. Would you at least agree last year was the weakest we’ve been at WR since 2008? Then it’s just a matter of whether or not you think we got better this off-season. Sure, anything could happen. We aren’t fortune tellers. But on paper it’s a really bad room.
  2. I mean it kind of does though. That play wasn’t a fluke. Kid was a freak.
  3. Disagree about the true freshmen but your other points are true. True freshmen receivers typically don’t make big splashes unless they are otherworldly.
  4. When this happened I was so excited for his future. Another waste.
  5. They definitely weren’t trash. Davis was a discipline case and NCM’s career was botched, but he had some big moments. But regardless, young or old, talent is still talent. We don’t have much on campus currently at WR.
  6. No. Evaluate the position. Last year we had tons of drops, nobody with size, and nobody who can take the top off. Now we lose the best playmaker from the bunch in Kobe and the best deep threat (IF you can even consider Robertson that). Last year was the worst the room has been since 2008 and it got less talented this off-season.
  7. It’s still not as bad as the current room. We had Duke in 2015 at least going into the season. Ricardo actually had a great year, and we had reliable, experienced guys like Marcus Davis and Melvin Ray to contribute. Any of those guys would be our current WR1. 2016 was indeed a flop. But the room was chock full of talent. Two five stars in Nate Craig Myers and Kyle Davis. Slayton, Ryan Davis, and Stove contributed. Marcus Davis and Stevens were the vets. On paper, the 2021 room is extremely bad. It was an issue even before we lost Kobe.
  8. Yes. The worst. Easily. The receivers room was dreadful last year and lost two of their top three pass catchers without adding any stud recruits or transfers. The better question is how on earth do you think otherwise? Shedrick Jackson does not have any SEC caliber attributes, from speed to hands to size, and would not start anywhere else in the conference outside of maybe Vanderbilt. Javarrius is 5’8 160 pounds. Nobody else has even registered a catch. Look, I don’t know why some of you guys feel the need to argue with every single observation. But this just is what it is.
  9. There have been lots of receivers that would be OUR WR1.
  10. This is brilliant, start to finish. Harsin genuinely seems to be trying to change, but the arrogance and ignorant decisions he made prior to the near-firing were so severe that it’s going to be tough to salvage things. If the current Harsin arrived December 2020, we might be in a totally different position. I’m rooting for him but I wouldn’t put money on him surviving much longer.
  11. We have a couple guys on the roster, Javarius and Dawson, that could be serviceable. But you’re correct it’s the worst the receiver room has been since 2008. Anybody remember that year offensively?
  12. Funny thing is they did pretty well last year in the portal. But things have been a disaster offensively since we somehow let the ULL wideout slip away.
  13. Maybe you’re right. Idk how the inner workings of recruiting portal guys works. But as you said earlier all we seem to get is homesick Alabama kids. We may need to change some tactics.
  14. We need starting receivers and starting OL. While DL depth helps, starting positions take precedence. But even if we don’t pull anymore DL, I have confidence that with Jaylon Jones, Marcus Harris, Leota, Hall, Wooden, Brooks, M’Ba, and Zykevious we will mix and match to always have studs on the field along the line.
  15. Idk if you saw but the UM guy has never registered a catch. Not a bad pull but definitely doesn’t solve the WR problem.
  16. Can we actually, though? How many times did we completely strike out this past spring? Maybe we should narrow down our targets to a handful and put the full weight of the staff on them.
  17. Wooden is SEC caliber anywhere on the line. And it’s clear Brooks is already an SEC caliber athlete. So we are really 4 deep there.
  18. Harsin will not make it to next year with the current offense, is my point. Worry about next year, next year. He has to pull out all the stops to survive and I just don’t see this offense scoring any points. If he can do both and bring in edge guys while also bringing in WR/OL, that’s fine. But seems we struggle in the portal as it is, so I would focus all my efforts on offensive guys.
  19. You honestly think they aren’t going to use Wooden and some of the other interior guys at Edge? Again, the defense may be a house of cards but at least it’s on its feet. The offense does not have SEC caliber starters at several positions. It’s going to be just like last year - solid D but horrible offense - unless we shore up vital areas.
  20. If Harsin wants to use those precious transfer spots in depth for 23, he can do so at his own peril. He has to find a way to win 7-8 games to survive past the last week in November. I’d prioritize getting playmakers and blockers for an anemic offense, rather than stack depth behind stud edge rushers.
  21. I don’t know wtf you’re trying to say. Especially since it flies in the face of your unconditional Harsin ass-kissing. I’m actually saying I think Harsin’s current setup could appeal to a guy with NFL aspirations. You’re just being a contrarian ass, I guess.
  22. Three SEC caliber edge guys for a two-starter position. How many SEC caliber receivers and O-linemen do we have? Both those positions will need more depth than the Edge.
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