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  1. UT, a program that has been mired in mediocrity (at best) signed two plug and play 5* Tackles, while Grimes/Gus landed no difference makers (with all due respect and love for the guys that did choose to become AU Tigers) over the last two recruiting cycles. It just blows my mind. Pappoe wanted to play with his buddy, 5* Wayna Morris, an obvious position of great need, but Gus/Grimes could barely get Morris to look at AU. When was the last time UTK was relevant in the SEC? When was the last time AU played in the SECC/NC? Games are won or lost in the trenches. One my greatest fears is that we will become the 'new' UT. While every other top tier program consistently recruits OL, Malzahn, Hand, and especially Grimes, aimlessly scramble in futility. Put Grimes on the same bus out of town with Announce Simmons as our new OL coach, or send the jet to Provo and bring back Ryan Pugh. Something has to be done.
  2. IMO, Grimes should've already been canned. If we don't land Henry and Bell today, I don't see any way that Gus can justify/rationalize his staying. Cut Grimes tomorrow and announce that Simmons has moved from off the field to the new OL coach. Simmons starts blanketing OL recruits across the country, vs. nail biting for 3*'s after Gus/Grimes whiffed on 20+ OL offers.
  3. No coach with any legitimate experience is getting on the Gus Bus. Personally, I vote Ray J Harbert for OC so that he can experience first hand his return on investment.
  4. I’m on full on meltdown. I’ve followed aufamily for awhile but never thought I’d post. Stay silent, we’re Auburn, things will get better. No. Having been part of AU since I was a freshman in 1985, I’m done with the football program until SIGNIFICANT changes are made. My soul is crushed. I’ve let this fiasco, in which I have Zero control, destroy a part of me. Whether that’s Gus or Gus and Leath, just do it already. I’m confident our current assistant coaches would do a better job without Malzahn’s totalitarianism. Negotiating down his payout and living another year in misery is not the answer. How are we going to be any better next year with no talent in the trenches? Leath and Gus are on the verge of destroying Auburn football. Honestly, right now I’d rather be Ole Miss, where at least we’d have an excuse. Instead, we’re be lapped by uga, a&m, lsu, and uat. Now, we’re being outrecruited by utk. That means players would rather go to a program that’s done nothing in 20 years, other than embarrass us at home this season, than go to a program that won the SECC in 2013 and played in it in 2017. Make the pain go away. Give me some shred of hope, please.
  5. I prayed last year that we would go after Mike Norvall at Memphis and try to keep Kevin Steele and the D coaches in tact. Using arky to drive up Malzhan’s “value” was insane. I was miserable before the season, knowing that we’d just given a crackpot a $49M deal. How much worse would this season have been with Norvall at AU and Gus in Fayetteville? The argument that we would have lost recruits is a not worth the damage done by extending his contract and making him one of the top 5 highest paid coaches in football. Fast forward a year after the Malzahn/Sexton fleecing, and we’re in the same predicament, only significantly poorer and miserable. The $49M contract set AU back for years.