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  1. Brown is a shell of himself, Purifoy has brought nothing. Chuma is content to defer to anyone. Anfernee has lost whatever he had. Harper can't carry us every night. Someone on this teamneeds to get upset. Dunbar and Harper look like they want to win. The rest , meh.
  2. For as much 'experience ' as this team has we play very stupid. We're a middling tournament team bounced in 1st or second round.
  3. When Chuma puts the ball on the floor and drives we're a much better team
  4. It isn't the officiating. We have no one that is stepping up. Chuma seems content to dribble once then pass it. Stupid high risk passes.
  5. Worst we've looked all year. Sloppy.
  6. http://www.espn.com/nba/draft/bestavailable Not an AU player in the top 100. Kind of surprised.
  7. 92AU

    Men vs UAB

    The game, the pressure is never too big for him. That's a rare quality.
  8. 92AU

    Men vs UAB

    Whatever "it" is. Jared Harper has it in spades. No doubt he'll get a shot in the league.
  9. The idiot still doesn't know how many games he played in. "I think he played in six". Then says it's not like he stopped playing. Yes that's exactly what happened. What a boob.
  10. 92AU

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Nothing more than my opinion seeing all parties involved play. Just like 99.999% of everyone on here.
  11. 92AU

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I'd take BN's leadership skills over JS's already. We aren't doing jack squat next year anyway. IMO, Bo will be the starting QB next year KB or not.
  12. 92AU

    Auburn is the new Tenn

    Clemson plays in a garbage conference. They can consistently win 9-10 without even trying. Hell AU may have had a chance to win that conference this year. Now, it appears they are dominant and recruiting explodes because they want to play for a winner.
  13. Great coaching huh, maybe if all our RBs transfer they'll all get in the league. Funny how bama and ga can have their second and third string RBs actually stay on the team, contribute and still get to the NFL.
  14. Do you really think jibunor, truesdale, Miller, newkirk are all going to be playing the NFL. Because all the others are.
  15. Yeah RT wasn't good enough to play at AU but he's good enough to play in the NFL. Gus failed RT and it is a glaring example of why highly rated RBs no longer look our way