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  1. I was really encouraged after today. Chuma, Anfernee and Harper all in early foul trouble and Mizz is hot from 3 the whole game. Horace should be our center over Wiley ,even when healthy and is so underrated. I think the whole season changed when Horace took the hard foul earlier in the year and immediately bounced up with his head split open. That's guts and fight. He just makes the pace of play frenetic with his activity and AU plays well in a frenetic pace. Javon continues to earn minutes getting to the basket and drawing fouls. Danjel with his best game having to come in early for Chuma. It was his unselfish play and hustle that really stood out and he even started to score a little. Malik and Samir are making a nice rotation. The moment doesn't seem to big for either as they are making big plays in crunch time. We're in a good spot. Love BP interviews.
  2. We may win this game but there is no way beat bama, msu, tenn. no way this team makes the tournament. They look like it wouldn't bother them either.
  3. For as much "experience " as this team has we're dumb as a bag of rocks. I won't mind one bit when Bryce Brown leaves. Overrated on both ends.
  4. People saying SC was a bad match up for us need to take a look around the SEC. every team is a bad match up for us. We're soft and not that bright.
  5. Well this team has shown it can play with the best and get beat by any team in the SEC. going to be hard just to make the tournament.
  6. Routed by a team that is barely.500. Can't see us making the tournament playing like this
  7. We don't look like we'll make the tournament. Something is very very wrong with this team
  8. Get ready Blackstock. You're going to have to play with the fools we have playing
  9. Yeah but it's aggressive. It's what we've been wanting.
  10. Brown is a shell of himself, Purifoy has brought nothing. Chuma is content to defer to anyone. Anfernee has lost whatever he had. Harper can't carry us every night. Someone on this teamneeds to get upset. Dunbar and Harper look like they want to win. The rest , meh.
  11. For as much 'experience ' as this team has we play very stupid. We're a middling tournament team bounced in 1st or second round.
  12. When Chuma puts the ball on the floor and drives we're a much better team
  13. It isn't the officiating. We have no one that is stepping up. Chuma seems content to dribble once then pass it. Stupid high risk passes.