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  1. I doubt anyone see's the play chart other than the OC, not even the HC. The HC may have input such as I want 60% runs on first down, but the play chart is the OC's game notes, how he wants to flow the game. No other coach would need this. The position coaches would only need to know all of the plays in the package for the game, formation personnel, and assignments. I wouldn't think knowing the OC's 20 play options for 2nd and 5 - 8 would add much positive value.
  2. Zac confirmed it was TJ who was asked to burn his redshirt late against Arky on today's Locked On pod.
  3. Also TJ is the only one who didn't play against Arkansas.
  4. We don't know if the player actually entered the game or not. I checked the cumulative stats and TJ, Jay Fair, M'ba, and Asante are all Harsin recruits who've played in 4-5 games this year. Based on the parent calling Zac, I would guess it was TJ's dad.
  5. Considering it's NAIA, he get's another 2 yours of NAIA eligibility since he only competed for 2 at AU. This is likely why he's listed as a junior, and I assume means he was never an active athlete at WIU.
  6. Falcons release former second-round pick Marlon Davidson https://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-falcons/falcons-release-former-second-round-pick-marlon-davidson/NSRWSR7CBRBHLF3I2JTKNJF2UI/
  7. By the way, I tuned into the Bama aTm game week before last, and who do I see gracing the sidelines all decked out in crimson? Ol' Corn...bread. Apparently Nicky accepted him into the coaches rehabilitation clinic.
  8. Former 5-star OT about to hit the portal. He may come with some baggage seeing that he was dismissed from Wisconsin, but hopefully he's a target for AU. I wonder if Harsin knows his status for next-year how he handles these types of situations. Hopefully all the heads we've added to the recruiting staff keeps prospects like this on our radar. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story?id=34789417&_slug_=wisconsin-ot-logan-brown-dismissed-football-team
  9. Georgia Tech hires J Batt from Alabama as new athletic director Georgia Tech has hired Alabama executive deputy athletic director J Batt as its new athletic director, a person familiar with the situation confirmed to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Batt has been at Alabama since 2017 and has been heavily involved in revenue generation as well as having oversight of several areas of internal operations, according to his bio on the Alabama athletics website. Batt succeeds Todd Stansbury, who was dismissed after six years Sept. 26 along with football coach Geoff Collins. Batt emerged as the top candidate of a search that was completed in about 2-1/2 weeks, an unusually quick turnaround for an AD hire. Tech President Ángel Cabrera and interim AD Frank Neville, who led the search with assistance from Parker Executive Search, valued a strong background in football and evidently put a premium on Batt’s time with the most successful program over the past 10-plus years. Batt, who played soccer for North Carolina and was a part of its 2001 national championship team, will be in the athletic director chair for the first time in his career. He is said to be an administrator with vast potential, but will have a big decision on his plate as soon as he arrives. The primary reason for why Cabrera and Neville wanted to complete the AD search quickly was to give the new AD time to evaluate the football team and make a hire of a full-time coach to replace Collins. Having been at Alabama since 2017, Batt likely knows Tech interim coach Brent Key, who has led the Yellow Jackets to back-to-back wins since being promoted, and certainly can get an in-depth assessment from Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban. Key was Alabama’s offensive line coach from 2016-18 before coming to Tech. Alabama has another potential candidate on its staff in offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien, who was on the staffs of Tech coaches George O’Leary and Chan Gailey. Undoubtedly, Batt’s fundraising experience – he oversaw the implementation of a 10-year, $600 million capital campaign – met the approval of Cabrera and Neville. Tech operates one of the smaller budgets in the ACC, both overall and for football, finished the last fiscal year with a reserve fund in a $12.1 million deficit and is slated to spend more than $13 million of its $105 million budget on debt service. At the Sept. 27 news conference introducing Neville and Key, Cabrera said that “I am committed to doing anything that needs to happen to return our program to the place where it belongs – among the best in our conference, among the best programs in our country” and also that he was focused on equipping the new AD “with whatever resources they need to turn this program around.” Tech has long been accustomed to trying to make more out of less. The hire of an administrator from an athletic department that likely isn’t pinching pennies may speak to Cabrera putting action behind his words. In the 2021 fiscal year, according to the Knight-Newhouse College Athletics Database, Tech’s athletics budget was $86.2 million, with $19.9 million spent on football. Alabama’s budget was $179.8 million, with $59.5 million going to football – nearly triple Tech’s spending. Alabama, of course, received significantly more revenue through ESPN’s television contract with the SEC than did Tech through the ACC’s contract with the network and averaged almost 99,000 fans per home game at Bryant-Denny Stadium last year. Tech, meanwhile, averaged 37,733, 55th in FBS, its lowest average since 1989. The story will be updated.
  10. I like Bo out west. It's given me a reason to stay up and watch midnight football.
  11. Hello GA territory! Didn't think we'd sniff it
  12. ...and it begins. Who the hell on this staff keeps thinking our TE should be running the ball.
  13. 65 just decided not to even try and make a block on that 3rd down
  14. He was sitting anyways... I guess with this approach at least he gets the year back. Making this public though is interesting, or telling, or something
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