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  1. Pretty impressive how clueless he is with damn near 40 years of experience “recording scholarship numbers”.
  2. I can promise you I’ve studied our recruiting history far more than you have, and the caliber of those players we’ve signed. You seem to not understand the difference between “depth” and “numbers”, which means any attempted conversation further with you about this is futile in the first place. Your only two options are as follows: 1. Continue believing everyone else is wrong and you’re right, and then be shocked/annoyed/victimized/etc. when everyone throws it in your face as we all watch our 2020 OL be a disaster. 2. Consider the strong possibility you’re very, very wrong here.
  3. Lost hard @ “all message board members can do is count numbers”. No, that’s actually not all we can do. Some of us have common sense, can make inferences based on obvious indicators and study our recruiting history so we can know a little bit about those players within our 4-deep. Your misunderstanding of the difference between “depth” and “numbers” is mystifying for a grown man.
  4. Sorry, but I’m in professional sales for a living and I understand how to read verbal and nonverbal cues, and not be blindsided on big deals. But I’m also not paid $7MM/yr not at all appropriate here and will not be tolerated
  5. Yeah, guys. Let’s all absolve the middle-aged man being paid $7MM/yr to recruit HS players and put all the fault of how things went down on an 18-yr old kid about to make the biggest decision of his life. Especially when he made the right one. I love our fanbase.
  6. Any relevant programs in that group? Or just the s***ty ones... Kinda speaks volumes.
  7. And he didn’t have to deal with Saban to win titles most of his career. When he did, it didn’t end well for him.
  8. How am I reaching? Gus has proven himself time and time again to be completely oblivious and clueless to what seems obvious to most normal human beings.
  9. Grimes is really ruining our entire program from the inside out. Dude repels both recruits AND current players on the roster. The level at which he sucks at his job, while still being the 4th highest paid in the country for his position, is actually impressive at this point.
  10. Gus deserves to get raked as well, since he’s either too dense to sniff out bull**** like this (again) or he doesn’t garner enough respect from other coaches and recruits to avoid situations like this. At the end of the day, missing on Pickens is Gus’s fault.
  11. Welcome to the recruiting of elite players who are torn on their decisions and can literally go anywhere they want. If we don’t wanna deal with these situations, we probably should give up on recruiting elite studs.
  12. Lol, Creed Hero Seth Williams caught like 10 passes against legit comp this year. He’s not a factor at this point.
  13. Lol @ anyone in this thread mad at Pickens for not volunteering to be the next wasted elite WR under the abomination that is Gus Malzahn. The kid actually has a future in football now. Everyone here should be happy for him and remember Auburn is about the players, not the coaches. The coaches aren’t loyal to Auburn outside of the egregious paychecks they manipulate our amateur BOD to give them. Im very happy for GP and look forward to great things from him in the future.
  14. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but your whole epersona is a troll, right? The things you post aren’t meant to be taken seriously or literally, correct?