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  1. Finebaum thinks with the lawyer representing the family and the waiver based upon the racism, fields will win and be eligible to play immediately. He also said OU or OSU. If they want him, I don’t see how we have a chance really. Unless we tell him exactly what we told Cam back in 2010.
  2. Couldn’t start a new thread on this so I decided to ask here. Any chance we get Justin Fields? I think he’d look great in orange and blue. And we would all be like “Who’s Kelly Bryant?”
  3. “It’s a real challenge “ Chiz is puts it so nicely. Translation: Get ready to watch a big ole dumpster fire
  4. Thanks for this info. How well was the teams seasons corresponding to the hire that year or the year after? No doubt some of those names went on to be great coaches later when they got more experience under their belt, but how well did their team do that first or first couple of years?
  5. Lawd I been getting a few of these messages. Look, I said best of luck to him and wish him all the best. If he can get it done ill be the first to tip my hat to him. Im just saying at 28 , he couldnt have had a great deal of experience. Im a 40 year resident of Auburn and Im not alone as a skeptic. You cant blame us for thinking this way. Kirby Smart was no old and he is doing great job. Im just amazed is all. Take it easy. And you are correct, I dont pay attention to pro ball on purpose.. So i could have missed some up and coming coaching staff names.
  6. You got to be kidding me.... Just speechless. I.... just forget it. I give up trying.... Best of luck to him....I wish he and Bo the Best: WDE. I got to quit worrying and let it be. It’s killing my blood pressure and anxiety. I’m still hoping Stoops is a for real thing for 2020.
  7. He only thought UF and The Buckeyes stress gave him headaches, Auburns likely to kill him.
  8. Hes not coming here... Come on no team wants to bring added controversy. Especially on the level he had. Sometimes I wonder why we even start treads on these things.
  9. Yep, Cam would have looked bad with the holes in that O-line.. totally not all his fault. he did not have someone to develop his potential. We tried forcing him to adapt a system he was not made for instead of utilizing his talents. I bet he is also kicking himself for ever coming. Bryant would do well here under Gus's system but why should he come either if we dont get our O-line fixed. Our O-line is the issue. We lost them all to the pros last year and didnt consider depth years ago. Something Elite coaches can seem to do. We just pay the Elite price for sub-par performance.
  10. Been hearing news about Freeze and Bryant a good bit on the radio. I’m not getting my hopes up but if we could land those two and some O lineman it could make it an interesting 2019 at very least. Might could recover the fan base and build faith in potential future recruiting at least to start to build something.
  11. Also of note on they very last play after A&M had to come out of the locker room and back for one last play. Did anyone notice only 3 D lineman were able to penetrate their O-line and sack the QB in style. 3..... I wish they played like this every down. I know motivation was a key, but those three guys charged through that line like a knife through butter. It was such a sweet ending to a ridiculous call.... It was great revenge for that horrible pass interference call when there was no contact between the players.... just air. Looked like the same O-crew from the LSU game.
  12. Adjustments in the 4th are better then none at all I suppose. This game was proof why you never leave until the very end. So many so called fans didn't even see the excitement. BTW that was me that shouted "That's My Brother" for the veteran they showed on the Jumbo screen in the fourth. What an exciting ending and a great start to the best tail gate yet this year.
  13. I dont know why, but I feel this way also. For some reason, I feel like they will find away to win now that its too late and take us back to the B'ham bowl again. ... yay
  14. Did you guys see how different Schwarts made the whole tempo???? Bench Stidham and put in Malik with Schwarts and we have a Poster Gus offense.... Boy Schwarts is fast.
  15. I’m just mad that those TN tickets I got for $300 after the WA win won’t be worth $25 now....