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  1. LSU with Myles Brennan is still gonna be a very good football team. Id add that under the L column ( hate to say) given the time we play them in 20 unless our new O line coach and OC can make some magic happen.
  2. Poor outback. They banked on us winning with the blooming onions and now have to dish out the coconut shrimp. Bet they were not betting on that
  3. Was not the same team that played in the iron bowl. Gophers definitely were the better team and the officials didn’t do us any favors. sure saw a great deal of smiling exchanges from PJ and the side line officials. play calling decisions were dreadful. I hope our new OC can do a better job.
  4. Up the middle, up the middle, in the dirt, punt..... gus lost us another one. Offensive moron.
  5. They making us look bad. We got to pick it up in the second half. The noon game game curse.
  6. Does this mean Chandler will be headed to AU as well to compete for QB in the future?
  7. please no. we use to alway get paired up with them and get beat
  8. Wow 250k. I didn’t realize this was our third violation. I was thinking 50k. Still we made that in Concessions Saturday. I hope the shrubs are not damaged to badly but have to roll my eyes at the colleges kids walking around town with pieces of it as they were heading into the bars Saturday night. Why take our own hedges? I thought we only did this in Athens.
  9. I’m hearing Minnesota in the outback bowl this morning in Orlando. That would be interesting. Make a quick pit stop at Disney with the kids while we’re at it.
  10. Crazy scoring game. Back and forth. Just when I thought we had a leg up. They run a kick off back or hit their WR on the first play. My hat goes to Carlson. I saw him the other day at the park and he was such a nice guy to my family. He was spot on and could not have won without him. best part was playing the one second Sabin fit on the jumbo screen. But my complaint of the evening was they would not show any replays. What was up with the replay booth not showing anything? We stormed the field in 2013, but agreed this was not the same and just watched this one. Always a wonderful feeling beating those clowns
  11. Hes 24 for crying out loud.. Never understood his age being a big deal. Still a baby to me... Nix is 18 and called a baby and Cord is 24 and called an old man... that s a 6 year spread which is pretty normal college term. if 24 is old then im ancient....
  12. And we still were so close to winning each of them.
  13. I agree there will be tons of holdings and Au will get penalized from them.. Bama is immune it seems. Refs are terrified of Sabin.
  14. What is this ??? looks like we have been infiltrated by A Bama fan here. The only way this makes sense. US(Bama in this case) Them(Auburn) or someone didn’t take their lithium this morning.
  15. Just seeing the forecast Monday. Looks like another rainy game for the iron bowl. Samford looked miserable from TV. I tip my hat to everyone who braved the weather in the stands. I hope non of our guys get sick this week