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  1. Beenjammin

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (Texas A&M)

    Also of note on they very last play after A&M had to come out of the locker room and back for one last play. Did anyone notice only 3 D lineman were able to penetrate their O-line and sack the QB in style. 3..... I wish they played like this every down. I know motivation was a key, but those three guys charged through that line like a knife through butter. It was such a sweet ending to a ridiculous call.... It was great revenge for that horrible pass interference call when there was no contact between the players.... just air. Looked like the same O-crew from the LSU game.
  2. Beenjammin

    Upon Further Review -Texas A&M Game

    Adjustments in the 4th are better then none at all I suppose. This game was proof why you never leave until the very end. So many so called fans didn't even see the excitement. BTW that was me that shouted "That's My Brother" for the veteran they showed on the Jumbo screen in the fourth. What an exciting ending and a great start to the best tail gate yet this year.
  3. Beenjammin

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    I dont know why, but I feel this way also. For some reason, I feel like they will find away to win now that its too late and take us back to the B'ham bowl again. ... yay
  4. Beenjammin

    Tennessee Game Report Card

    Did you guys see how different Schwarts made the whole tempo???? Bench Stidham and put in Malik with Schwarts and we have a Poster Gus offense.... Boy Schwarts is fast.
  5. Beenjammin

    It's just a game

    I’m just mad that those TN tickets I got for $300 after the WA win won’t be worth $25 now....
  6. Beenjammin

    It's just a game

    I understand the OP trying to be an optimistic good sport, but to many of us Auburn Natives and locals, it’s about the money this coach was paid. It’s about non-AU people making judgments calls involving millions of school dollars for this result. I agree with the disappointment and anger. I wanted him gone even after we beat GA and Bama last year. There is a huge disconnect with our offense. I personally know some of our starters that are upset with coaches and have expressed it verbally. Believe me, they are frustrated over the calls too. It’s easier to accept this loss if our school had not paid this so called coach so much money. Such a waste of Auburn money and squandered talent. If we play our best and lose to a good team... fine, but when announcers are laughing at our O-line and saying Chip needs to help them out... it’s embarrassing.
  7. Beenjammin

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant

    +1 here. if we got him, fatten up Whitlow a bit, and get a coupe of big boys to open some holes it would be like 2013 all over again, except better
  8. When I saw the rain at the end of the 1st. I gathered the kids up and we left. So I missed a good bit of everything after the mid second qtr. I was disappointed buy the offensive play at that point also. I would like to see more plays to him in the future. I still feel this was how FL St. beat us in 2013. The kept hitting the same receiver that was a good ft taller then our defender using short passes. Not hail marys.
  9. Beenjammin

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    Im right there with you on this guy. 1st TD of 2018 and is wide open the rest of the time. Even when he is covered, hes still taller then anyone trying to cover him. Just throw it high. This could be 10 yards every play. How does J.B miss him out there!! Hes nearly 7 ft tall!!
  10. I would like to know why we don't throw the ball to Sal Canella more. He is a foot taller then most guys out there with arms as long as I am tall. J.S. could throw short passes way high and this guy could be making some great plays. Just like the the first TD against WA.... Not to mention he is wide open in almost every play it seems. I wish he would score a huge TD, rip his helmet off and head bang to an air guitar with that hair of his.